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T£ R R A f> I N 



I C^dlt 









Business Manager 



Published by Undergraduates 
Maryland • College Park, Maryland 

U n i \ e r s i t y of 
19 5 6 Edition 


A century is a long time. Time for lots of growing. 
A hundred years has seen Maryland grow from a 
few buildings and a lot of land to an educational 
colossus with a proud record of scholarship and 
research. Proud to share in this heritage, prouder 
still to present a record of that growth, this is 


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■.\>' .;:,-, 


At iiiu;ht n'cryday walkwiiys lahr dii the 
(ippcoraucp of a snowy while wonderland. 





Managing Edifor 


Chief Photographer 




Editorial Assistant 


Business Manager 


Associate Editor 


Associate Editor 


Associate Editor 

Staff: Photographers, Vic Holm, Bob Wilson, Bob Lapham; Seniors, Joan Faye, Pat Hartgroves, 
Vicky Clark; Layout, Roger V^olff, Jan Davidson, Arthur Shultz, Glory Slone, Evelyn Budnick; 
Engravings, Edward Covahey; Sports, Charles Rayman, Hal Burdett, Curt Prins, Dave Halliday; 
Organ/zot/ons, Jane Eble, Phyllis Turner; Honors, Linda Parker, Janice Funk; Drama and 
Music, Pat Callahan, Janet Wolfe; Sororities, Kate Williams; Fraternities, Gary Schreiner; 
Residences, Bill Kaufman; Circulation, Tom Morgan; Feafures, Carol Plumhoff, Shelby Davis. 

riic truinpfl blows 
u> (IS Id lie raid our 
I i-ult'tinial year. 


A dminislratinn 22 

Jr ealures B2 

flclivitiES 72 

Athletics 188 

Ilesidences 240 

G eninrs 310 


./// iiiiiliii^ iioii' iL'flioiHis visitinw til Din iiiiiiIjii.s tin.', did 
ceiiletiiiial year — come along for a trip over llir hill. 

Over the Many Miles 

This is Maryland 

Oiier till' liilh and iwer llie yciirs Minylaud students still lontiuiir tn nit jycsh paths on tin- road lo Iii;j^lin li'inuiii!. 

Over the Hill 

One liundied years' liistmy has not chaiit^ed the daily picture nj students hurrying up tlie lull on the it'iiy to class. 

Mrnylaiid Inidilirjii holds thai the uuwHling 
cord musi yield n kiss lo lirr bt'au in llir lufinrl. 


nee upon a time is the way all good stories start. For the University 
of Maryland, once upon a time means a hundred years ago. Look around. This is 
your University, spread out before you in pictures as it is spread over the hills, 
over the Parkway, over the continents. A pictorial trip through her environs is a 
trip through varied settings. First stop. College Park. A typical small college 
town, the serenity of rolling hills a sharp contrast with the hustle and bustle of a 
great university. There are so many traditions, so many memories to hold on to. 
The thousands of couples who have held hands in the tunnel, the changing scenes 
that have grown up around Rossborough Inn. The mud and the rain that are 
almost a tradition in themselves, the old dorms, a study in brick and ivy, the 
sweeping modernity of the new Coliseum. A hundred years full of traditions, 
renewed as each year adds its chapter. 

Mdiylnnd sludnits, past and present, rlierisli the honored tradition of penny wishing nt the Rossborough Inn ivell. 


Siiiiw Diillnics llif ('.li(ij>(r\ (dIoiii/iI in i liit<-i hire. 

Tfilialrrrn Hull iihi'iiys srciits to he I In- (tillrding 

Till- rixid i),'i't llir lininri Inhcs mi ii iinr iijijifininii r ii\ thr liiinl) lii^lils shim- on llir snow-coxiered greeuery. 

Stately (U'(jigiau buildi)ig\ with xcliitc (ohimns tlint bespeak a genial atmosphere preside at Maryland. 

There are so many scenes: the vast stillness of the stands during the week, the 
Mall quiet and empty between classes, and then the sudden crowd of figures 
hurrying to their next class, stopping for a moment to catch up on conversa- 
tion. Snow and lamplight on the dorms, sun and green and dust as the seasons 
change. Basically, the University is people. Each individual adds something 
special to the flavor of the University, takes something special from it. Some 
people live here, eat here, party here on weekends. Many more don't, and each 
day the parking lots fill and then empty out as the day ends. All this is a part 
of Maryland, as she starts to build on the tradition of tomorrow. Here, where 
thousands have shared in the search for educational maturity, the future is big 
and bright and beautiful. Maryland is an educational youngster who is still 
feeling her "Cheerios"; a setting for quite a production. 


Over the Parkway 

L \A\ you need for the second chapter of our story is a car, a bus ticket, or 
a talented thumb, and you are travehng over the Parkway to the professional 
schools in Baltimore. Somehow, in the crowded hubbub of city streets, there is 
less of a campus atmosphere. Those studying here realize they are involved in a 
serious business, for here are formed the legal minds, the answers to scientific 
curiosities; the professional men of tomorrow. The Hospital and the Medical 
School form a hub in the center of the city; they are the core of this University, 
and in research and medical service, the Medical School and the Hospital have 
a record of outstanding service and scientific achievement to the state. 

All iirridl i'icw of thr I'niTi'isily of A/^nv/"'"/ v Bnlliniayr mIiodIs hxalrd llinl\ inlniilcs. j>/irk-,fii\ liiiir. fiDiii 
Ihr Collctic Park cninpus. 

I I 

The second branch to sprout on the hundred yeai' old 
tree of learning at Maryland Unix'frsitx — the Medical 

Future doctors and student 
nurses learn the delicate 
procedures of operating. 


Silfiiif rri<itis suprrinc ii.s llir lanr law slu- 
(It'iil spruds nil rxini lioin prrpiiii^ joy tlw 
1)11) I- \ 11)11. 

Ovfi llii- yciii.s. tin- iiirii of laii' picluxd lirrr liovr Irfl 
a )■(■( Ditl of dislhiguislird scn'icr foi shilc mid rouiilry. 

/■'uliirr pliiirimii isis drh'c inln iirw 
l\pr\ 1)1 di)it^.\ and iiirdii iiiis. 

Denial .sliidciits iitakc use of uiodeni facililies and c(jH)pinent available to them — the jiatieuls woe not piovidedl 

The professional schools are a part of Maryland, yet each one is distinct and 
different. There are Httle differences: white shirts and ties are much more in 
evidence, and there is a notable scarcity of girls. Each has its own social life, its 
own professional fraternities. Yet each school shares in the tradition of service 
and study. Whether in the law library, a pharmacy lab, taking a cigarette break 
outside, or discussing a diagnostic problem between classes, the students here 
work hard. Then a whole new world opens up, and new terms, new techniques 
are studied until they suddenly become a natural part of every-day routine. 
Somehow everything fits into place, with the reaUzation that the years spent 
here have a purpose. 

These students are aptly learning the King's English in 
the strictest sense at their Bushy Park, England, classroom. 

I'lnops puss in icc'ifw j(ii I'rrsidrnl tikiny, (..uvcrnoi Mikcldin and other Miiixhind dignitaries. 


Over the Continents 


very story should have a chapter full of mystery and adventure, 
spiced lightly with a touch of the exotic. For the University of Maryland, Never- 
Never land is the University overseas. Take any tramp steamer, any handy plane, 
or sit back in an active imagination and transport yourself to any corner of the 
world; there you will find an extension of the University. And though the classes 
overseas seem remote, they are run from home base, and Dr. Elkins, presiding 
over graduation in Munich, brought a touch of home. 

Munich iludnils auuill vcccipl oj their diplomas as Dr. Elhins conducts his first overseas graduation exercise. 


riicsc sludrnls in Tripoli littiiilly 
\ir llir liandwritiug on the wdU. 

On every continent there is a touch of Maryland. In desert classrooms and army 
hospitals, men study at Maryland overseas. A hundred years ago a handful 
studied at College Park; today, fifteen thousand study from College Park to 
Greenland. Thus the Maryland story is a trip through a hundred years of growth, 
and a journc\' through Maryland is literal!}' an odyssey over the hills, over the 
Parkway, over the continents. 


University student explains 
building procedures to 
(urioiis natives of Tripoli. 

Under any circunislancc tli/il 
can prevail, education finds 
a means to reach the student. 

(ireenliind'.s weather doesn't 
chill these studious minds. 

From the annual Homecoming celebration to the 
ROTC Day in the spring, Maryland is making new tra- 
ditions and rekindling old ones. Our school days are 
enlivened by these activities that add that special some- 
thing to the routine schedule of classes. Carnivals, Min- 
strel Shows, and May Day are all an integral part of 
campus living. If we could glance back over the years, 
we would undoubtedly find that the Class of 1 856 held, 
with us, in highest esteem these traditions that have 
come to be regarded as the Maryland way of life. 











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.«\iiN*r« : <'ii}-;"'"r«r' 


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libJ^Sfcl ^ 


J >■ 

lypiciil Krc'shmaii (.oupk. Pat Smith and IMiil 
Schvvai 1/ (iiul classes lelaxiiij; alter Iu( lii wcik. 

A riiliiii- ()(Ii((i, 1)111 now. a rallui nnliappv ic(iiiil. 

So, you \vant to be 

enthusiastic neophytes face the perils 

"Kxc use inc. please." Pardon nic." Tin sonv. 
bill \()u'ic sianclingon my shoelace." Ihcse and 
oilier |)lnases were typical of the unending activ- 
ities ol I'lLshiuan Oricmaiion Week. Lines, lull 
classes and sheer contusion are |)robablv best 
related lo registration — a dav set aside to iriis- 
iraie all siiidenis, Ireshnien and senic^rs alike. 

llie average freshman was ready to c]iiit and 
gel a job when he found iliai liis schedule con- 
tained H\e eight o'clocks ami a lour to six lab: 
while others belie\ed a prize should be offered 
as an incentive lo ihe less eager students. How- 

a student . . . 

of orientation week 

e\er. HatteriniJ pictures were taken of each stu- 
dent, black and gold beanies complete with 
instructions on their proper use were dis- 
tributed, and everyone had an opportunity to 
endow the University with a neat siuii of money. 
Higliliuhting the week of exams, tours, and 
meetings, was the Freshman Mixer topped off 
with the annoinicemenl of Pat Smith and Phil 
Schwartz as "Typical Freshman Couple". This 
was the perfect climax for a ne\'er-to-be-relived 
week of fun, frolic, and fatigue. 

i 1 





^' '.'V ' --^ 

# ' •■ il ■• 


"By the Light of the Sihery Lanterns", the new fresh- 
men class meet and mix :ii the traditional Terrate Daiue. 

"Where do I go Irom here?" 
question confused students. 

( ioiiiiji oiiiisf ai lis luiulii, ti'adu'is \ ie \viili siiidents. 

_ f^ 

■( live iiic ill, II oil I sdl I slior . . .' \'.imh\ 1 1 li .u I, di isscil in In i lui iis i ol Ic'lalc 

Week of Decision 

formal rushing introduces new coeds to sorority life. 

" l\iisliiii;^". a week ol Inn .ind c\( lUiiiciil. il \()ii 
disregard bleary eyes and aching Uti . . . 

Il is liierall\ a "rush" to s(nuc/c' siu h Ixnir 
i^eois luxuries as hrcailuiiL; and caliii'^ into a 
licaxy sclicdule ol sororiiy huu lions. 

Hul would Se|)lcini)t 1 he (lie saiiu' wiliioui 
this spaikliUL; wcik (ksii;ned \n (hallen^e ihc 
wits and stamina ol coeds.' 

in s|)itt' ol the lali;^ue. its nicniorics remain 
\ i\ id U) all who eiuer into i-sush Week. 

Willi; Dins; I'liiii; . . . (uiis rush Oiicuuil si\lc. 

'Oil my! Am I ii'iiily as iin|>()i i.ini ;is ,ill ihis?' 

Mid Term Mix 

greeks celebrate semester break 

FcbriKiry rcmisiraiion week may ha\x' its pillalls, 
biu Iraternity men can always be dejiended 
upon U) brighten uj) s]Mriis wilh die annual 
Interfraternily Ball. 

The newly opened ballroom of the Sheraton 
Park Hotel coupled with the music ol (Claude 
Thornhill produced the backgroinul for the 
1956 evening of dancing and socializing. Dur- 
ing intermission, dancers crowded about the 
stage to await the ccjveted Hillcxk Award which 
was presented to Sigma Chi for activity leader- 

This function is a social must for all who ^\ear 
the badges of Maryland Greek organizations 
and, we might add, anxiously awaited by the 
female portion of the campus. 

CJaii'i -ivasie C:1;ukIc TliornliiU's niiisir! 

Willi juslidahk- pride, ihe picsideni of Sis^ma Chi displays ihc Hillock Tiophy which his Irauiniiv won. 


IradiiioiKil icil roses lot ilu hramiim Pledge Queen. 

Pledges Debut 

autumn leaves fall as greeks whirl 

\ini(l sun omuliuf^s of iiuiimin leaves aiul fall 
(Iccoiaiioiis. ilie Paiiliellenic Council opened the 
Maryland social season uiili ils annual Pledge 
1 )aii( c. 

()iu' 1)1 ihe l)ii; niouienis ol ihe evening was 
ilie presentation ol a newlv initiated auaid to 
lionoi ilie outstanding sororily on eain|)us. Delia 
(.annua receixed tlie "Soiority ol the ^'eal■" 
ti()|)liy iioni Delta I au Delta iraierniiy. 

Kx( itenient was replaced by suspense as. one 
l)\ one. tlu- (andidates lor Pledge Queen weie 
escoiti-d down the aisle leadinn to the leal be- 
decked ilnone. Raien Habicli. i e|)iesentini; 
\l|)lia Delta Pi. was crowned tlie IMedge Queen 
ol I!)"),") I)v Roger Keith, Kditoi ol tiie Didiiioiift- 
lidih. Caiol .Sehallei ol Delta Delia Delia and 
.\dele .Sparks ol Kappa ,\lpha Theia were 
chosen the princesses in the (iiieen's com t. 

Long alter the pressed corsages wither, tiiis 
dance will i)e leinendjered. 

The irophy for the "OiilslaiKliiii; Soioi il\ ol lIu \v.n". awarded to Delia (.ainiiK!. receives main adiiiii int; -;laii(es. 

1 ^-MS?9&^^P^^i9 

-^^■^SLr^- ■■■^ ij^: 

The National Symphony Orchestra takes a break to absorb Eddie Condon's ja// inlcrpietation ol Scheherazade. 

Should We Rock or Relax 

two worlds of music collide in a novel jazz versus classics concert 

If variety is the spice of life, Maryland music 
lovers reall)' lixed the night of the Jazz verstis 
Classics concert! 

Eddie Condon and friends competed \\'ith the 
National Syinphony Orchestra in a program 

designed to please the tastes of all music fans. 
Featuring Bobby Hackett on the trimipet, the 
j^rogram combined symphonic arrangements 
and their jazz interpretations. 

The "Sainis" Ijieak loose in an iiiiproiniu jam session. 

A mellow mood 

Sandwich bfjauls. biillois. and lense excitement combine as students await the final resuhs of the S. G. A. elections. 

\c-\\ Miiini' iiKK liiiics ... so easv, \c-l so ( omplu aiiil. 

Pull That Lever 


it's an old idea, but a new method 

Willi ilu- liiM si'.;n^ i>l spriii'.;. i .inii)aii;iiini; lor 
( aiiipiis cite lioiis l)(.;.;iiis \\\\h Ijii^lu |)()slcrs and 
iaj;s (lisiiil)uic'il oxfi (,mi|)Us. .k (ompanicd l)y 
ilu' usual iarj.;()n. 

During ihc evenings. (aiii|).ii'4nirs .md oii- 
lixikcfs cheer iluit l.i\nrius .IS i.n |).n.idis w iiid 
l)\ dl (lonns, li.iKiiiily and sorority iioiises. 

W'luii die \oiing dale arrixes. iioi)efid olliiers 
and liieir sii|)|)()rters swarm to die (eiiiral |)oil 
ing ImjoiIis io ctsi iluii hallois. Politic .d jiariies 
\ ir willi c.K li odui lor sc.iis on ilic S. (.. A. 

Smiling constituents gayly discuss the party's fate. 

A loyal campus citizen steps forth to cast his vote. 

Chilly campaigners rebuff muggy weather with a fire. 

Executive Council with a variety of colorful 
sandwich boards and Hyers. For added conveni- 
ence, the "straight ticket'" voter is supplied with 
a complete slate of candidates. 

Climaxing the hectic week are the final re- 
turns, watched intently by all interested parties. 
The chemistry lecture room is amazingly trans- 
formed into the most popular spot on campus. 

To the victors goes a banquet, after which the 
new executives assume the responsibilities of 
cam|)us leaders. 


^BT'inM ~ "ri * -J* * 

. ?■' 




^>; ^ .7' 

H i! 


*V 11 ill •'*,■■'■■• ir^P'r^'^ 

Sonllirin IkIUs .111(1 soiiilxr hl.ukl.ucs ciiliaiur llu K A (oiili il)ulioii lo llic Hoiiicconiiiig float Ijl'igatk'. 


Si\ poiiils moi e I or oui side un I.d \ lu h i ■^l.ll)ll^ll( s .i new \i l.ii ii n < ( i.isi ( . .i 1 1 . i ^ 1 1, i m i u nii; n i mil 

I'idikI I (I I I pills I II list lilt' Mai \ hind hhu k and ,i;i>lil in I )( li.i ( I JDiiuToniini; l.iwn dti oral ion. 

A massive floral crown completes the regal costume of a glowing queen. 

Traditionally Yours, "The Terps" 

homecoming theme reviews one hundred years of university history 

Saturday afternoon thront^s of alums and stu- 
dents flocked to Byrd Stadium to \vitness the 
annual Homecoming game between Maryland's 
"Terrapins " and the "Gamecocks" from South 
Carolina. Although played with intermittent 
sho^vers, the spirit of the cheering section for the 
Terps was not dampened. The highlight of the 
game's festi\'ities was the crowning of this year's 
Homecoming Queen, Ruth Peterson, by Presi- 
dent Elkins. 

Enthusiastically following the theme "Tradi- 
tionally Yours", fraternities, sororities, and 
dorms plunged into feverish work to complete 
their floats and house decorations in time for 
judging. The talented winners ^vere announced 
during the game. 

The cro-wning point of the day ^\'as the annual 
Homecoming Dance where alums and students 
swayed to the music of the Sauter-Finnegan 
orchestra in a "Traditionally Yours" atmosphere. 


Sii uniiniiii; iniiisiiels ;nc<jiii])iiii\ ilu' i|Ufen's loyal tour. 

An 189() .u''"' loiiiiratulaics a I!)")") (iiicen witli a kiss. 

and we review a week of 

frolic and fatigue 

W'hal a week! The boinl) Icll wluii \\c (lisc()\- 
crcd that the first roiiiul ol hour exams was 
scheduled for the fi\e days jnecedijig Hoineconi- 
in^r. . . . Reineinl)er ilie liarasscd faces of siii- 
deiits (lraL;niiij^ ilieiiiselxes lioiii exam to exam 
and tlieii dashing back to their residences or the 
armory to |jiit in work hoins on decorations? 

Remendjer the Friday night \ igils over pre- 
( ions floats and the sidtr\- "mist" that renuned 
the crispness from the crepe paper on Saliutla)' 

And no one will forget the prc-game prome- 
nade of the cpiecn candidates and the expectant 
hush before the finalists were announced. 

It we may echo our o\\n words, "wliat a week!" 

I wonder wliith scraulus 

niDic. Ilif 

ilif (oai or ihc Ixardr 

Phi Delta Tlieta's nienacing terrapin features "Tex" Tatum in the colorful pre-,t;raiiu paiatlc ol Irateniiix IId.iIs. 

)bviou,sIv, we scored! 

The onlv time that Carolina came close to Maryland. 

It uas Dixie iiii^hi all llic u;i\ as soii^s liDiii llic Old Smilh ladialt-tl ih,U (iilaiii spai k ol liospilalitv. 

I he I luhlx 1 iwosoiiK-. I i|) and lap. iiiinstui la\oi iics. 

or Dixie Revived 

KA Minstrel salutes southland 

!■ iiic rtainiiR'nt — Soiiilurii si\lc---is a s])i'( i,ili\ 
III those- ol' ( '.oiikdtiaics. the RW. l"oi iliiriy- 
ii\c \cars ilicir iiiinsiicl men Ikuc romped 
adoss ihc C'cnlral Aiulilorium sta^r in ihc KA 
("oiloii Picker's Review. 

l>la( k ia((.(l end iiKH and the l\a|)|)a \l|)ha 
(horns |)nlled audiiiues oui ol ihai |)re-exam 
shmi|) willi Dixii' soni;s and du n own hrand ol 
niinsiicl hnmonr. 

A railroad station in i\\r lu-.iri ol die deep 
sonili sii ihc siaL;t' loi ilu' second .11 1 a \ariet\ 
show ieaiurini; the l\ A veision ol the Kiukeltes. 
lip and Tap Hubble and comedians i;alore to 
loiind out the annual re\ lew ol C.oidederaie 
Innnoui . . . 

Cllioiiis-line ciities add iciiiinine charm lo ihe cast with their bright smiles and precision footwork. 

Well, shut my mouth and call me Stardust! 

Backstage transformation from frat-man to blackface. 

I'lL-gamc fi'siivilics inrliukd colorliil lloat parade. 

*" \ , 

Sunland Sojourn 

orange bowl hopes lure terps 

()r;ini;c- juice iiiul siiiisliiiiL- on New ^'cal s day 
^|)cllc•(l Miami Ikacli Ki Idv.iI Icnapiii rooters 
wlio iraxcled Soiilli loi tlic second Orange lioul 
game lor the Universily <jI Maryland. 

riie scene lor llie game Avas sei wiien die 
( heerleaders and Rand nKMubers arrived on tiic 
train and he^an pre ;^anie (erenionies. Pep- 
rallies were never more eniluisiaslieally re- 
cei\ed. and wild exeilemeni seemed lo be die 
aim of all the I erp supporiers. 

Wiuii die i)ig da\ came, [\\l- learn look the 
field against inighiv Oklahoma. .\ game well 
played was Iiighliglued during hall-lime by ihe 
spcdaciilai activities surrounding die crowning 
ol die Orange Bowl ()iieen. 

The game ended and. wiiii it. die trip lo vaca- 
tion land. .\s tliev hoarded liain. bus. and car. 
Maryland students expressed high hc)i)es for 
another round trip to Miami next vear. 

Iliiiul practice lakes on new 
enthusiasm undei- Miami sim. 

Marylanti's Reel and Wliiie Rand enters the half-time show with fancy stepping to 'Rock Aroiiiic! ■'■ ( ' > 

Hall-tinie featured Maryland and Oklahoma bands with added sparkle provided by Orange Bowl queens. 

Maryland administrators caught during a strategic play. 

Terptown pastime super\ised by interested kibitzers. 


The fiiiiiic looks glum 
loi this (loup iiicniber. 

Limber Showmen 

agility plus skill equals a good show 

licjuiKin^ bodicN ;iiul iniraciilous balance are 
very common sis^hts when Maryland's (iymkana 
i>r()U|) f^ocs into aciioii. I lie dub. open lo all 
siudcnls. is rcnoun in ihis pari oi llu' (oiintry. 
Skilllul lumbling, iram|K)linc work and preci- 
sion jui^^lin^ acts make an cni<)\al)lc' evening's 

As one ol liieir projei is. C.ymkana bei;an giv- 
ing Friday night perlormaiues at the high sc hools 
in the area last NoMinber. Sue i ess h.l^ lollowed 
ihein ill their shows during the C.hrisl- 
mas h()lida\s, and the lnii'^. h.ird hours ol |)rac- 
liic- tile grou|)s pui in will assure' .idded success 
next \ear. 


She flies through the aii with the greatest of ease, this fearless young miss — does she know it's a long way down? 

Object in view — a dramatic scene by our 
fun loving Gymkana clowns. 

This Way, Folks 

for fun and frolic — the carnival 

All 1 ii;lii iolks. step ri'^iii up and n\ \<)ur liu k at 
liittiuL; liic prcuy largclsl This way lo ihc great- 
est Showboat this side ol tlu- Mississi|)|)i. (let 
mail icd! 

Ill CSC well' the ciiii(iiiL; calls whith mox'ccl 
ir)(H) Inn seekers to (onirihiite to the ('ampus 
(llicst at the ioiiith animal Sophomore Clanii\al. 

.\(.R lor the lomih siraighl vear won the 
tropin lor the ouisianding booth. !)(' shared 
laiiicls with the \(iRs hi iiiaking the knotty 
S|)ine the "best" ai the ("aniival. With its bar 
room entertainmenl. this booth alone look in 
o\er .SliSO. 

Alter the ('ainixal. an elated ("ainpiis C^hcst 
Committee liappih amioitiiccd that proceeds 
Irom the C'arnixal and c ontribiitions had netted 
over .SIOOO tor the worthy cause. 

l)i) IJUN "sliakv. latilc. aiul loil" in liiniilad, loo"' 

■f)li. von (ouliln'l iiil liic sidr cil ;i liaiii . . ." call llu'sc pie spaltcicd AOI'i's as .iiuillui (usioiiui misses. 

ligly Man Dave Rudinw ZB I", and Pliyllis Sanuielson. ;vhose sorority Phi 
Sigma Sigma sponsored him, recei\e APO trophy trom Gene Kogathe. 

Mad scientist brews weird mixime ol 
snake poison and cats' eyes at Horror 

Amlicv .\i 

( ()l(nl(h^ (low IIS IH1\ 

I.e\in, Mis:> Maiylaiid I9J(). iis niniier-ii]) Sarah Abplaiialp smiks a])pi()\al. 

\ iiiDincni of ffsta<\ lot the iicwix aiiiioimrccl (piceii. 

Juniors Present 

dancing rages through the ages 

A t;mi|nis n.uliiion ca^crh awaiicd b\ all upiicr- 
(lassinci) is ihc Junior I'roni gi\cn in honor of 
I Ik- sfiiiors. 

Dtcoralin^ the Armory this year wxrc hlaik 
and s^old silliout'ltfs poriraviiii; ])o|)ulai- daiucs 
honi ilu' ('harksion lo modern swim;, (^arrvint; 
oiii ilus iluine was |olum\ lon^; and his 
ortlifsira who (a|)li\alt'd llu'crowd wnh a wide 
selection ol ohi huorites and c m niii hits. 

Ihe (limax lo tliis exeiun^ ol soli iij^hts and 
smooth nuisi( was ilu- (rownim; ol Miss Nhn\- 
land. [ikK Ia'viii, .nid hir nmniisii|), lilccii 
ShanscA ,ind Sarah Al)|)lanal|). i Ikim n hv .Sanuiel 
(-oldw\n. Ilollywood mo\ ie prodnct-r. As a 
saliue to the ni'w (jueen and iu'r (onrt. (onples 
joined in ilu I'lomenade led b\ ilu (lass presi- 
dents and iluir dales. 

Hollywood's Samuel Goldwyn selected 
Miss Maryland and runners-iip. 

Miss Judy Le\in, Miss Maryland of 195(), was the noted prodiuii s ihoi(c. 

{liniul.'> and sriiiuis Inl In (hiss hiei;ii(li\ pionuiKule aiouiul llu- Ainioix id llu- inuMc dI |iilinii\ l.onj;. 

r..iiulli .1(1(1 1 iiiii; louiul A willinj; aiiili- 

(IK ( III M.ll \ l.liul ll(>|)Sl('l>. 


Suspense mounts prior to the 
big event for queen hopeful 

President Elkins extends a \vord of (T),.,.|inr; and a handshake to each Junior Prom guest. 


A liappv Mav Queen. Caimcii (.iu\;ii,i. pauses iii lioiu <>i liei liuuni <<iuil helme leading (he picxessiou. 


May Festivities 

a queen reviews her loving court 

With "pomp and circumstance," a glowing May 
Day (jucen surveyed her loyal subjects. En- 
thusiastic audiences on the crowded Mall hailed 
her as llic outstanding senior woman and ap- 
plauded the Plantation Pageant given in her 
honor. The Plantation theme was reflected in 
the colonial structures surrounding the Mall, 
and by the entertainment \vhich included solo 
performances and gala dancing around the May 

An annual tribute by the Junior Class to the 
graduating seniors, the May Day festivities con- 
cluded ^silh the tapping of junior women for 
Mortar Board. A tea given in honor of the ne^v 
members in the historical setting of the Ross- 
borough Inn climaxed the oldest unbroken tra- 
dition on the Maryland campus. 

May Day Chairman Pat Killingsworth crowns the 
choice of Maryland's junior women. Carmen Guevara. 

Mortar Board taps another surprised Junior amid shrieks of delight and approving applause. 

Dtan Smith of Arts iiiid ,S( iciues 
|)i('Miiis ;i key to new horizons. 

I'lc-sitlciil I.I kins ( onli I s ;i I'li.l). (Iri;u ( ii|)i)ii ( .i lu i :il ( .1 utiil lu I . Sii|)U iiu C.diihii.iikIi i ol \ II led Im ( ( \ in !• ui<i|)c. 

1/1 iiH 


H^HLJ^^^^^^B ^^1' 






* / 

Candidates for degrees, clad in caps and gowns, anxiously await the eventful moment in the Activities Building. 

Tomorrow and Tomorrow . . . 

so many new fields to conquer 

Graduation. . . . The goal that seemed so dis- 
tant to lis as freshmen has suddenly appeared. 
We ha\'e emerged from the humble \v'earers of 
the black and gold beanie to the proud Avearers 
of the mortar board as we assail om" diploma in 
the impressive atmosphere of our new colisemn. 

These ioin" plentiful years ha\e left to us a 
foundation of knowledge, strengthened by fiui 
and friends, on which to build oiu- futmes. Yes, 
our goal is reached, but many more lie ahead. 
We will not forget these foin- important years as 
we leave to build a new life. 




•'4.. ^^fl ^-^ 




72 "Of, 

2- -^^-'^.^ 







SGA meets every Tuesday night. 

Sometimes the meetings are dull. 

Sometimes tempers flare. 

That's the way it goes. 

Yet the work gets done. 

The same thing holds true for AWS, 

and for Men's League. 

These groups represent 

some nine thousand undergraduates. 

Student government is many things. 

It can be government in name only. 

These three groups have worked 

consistently to make it government 

in the truest sense of the word. 

In a large measure, they are succeeding 

in acting as a potent force 

for the betterment of student interests. 


First row. It'll /« riii^lil: D.iw Rudow. I rcusmcr; liimc', \i(c I'lrsiiliiil; (luiilc-. \\ kk.iKl. I'uviilinl: llcnciK Siiihbs. Sciicl.m. 
SrniiKl riiir: Hi>v\iii<l Millir; |(ri\ llartilagi-n; lom Lcstallcci: I'ai Killiiii;s\\iii ili; Saiidia Sovvdcr; Aiiii.i k<;il(iN: Sliiikv Maiihews; 
Mary I.c Hiulo; Ralph (;i()>l)\: Dale Jai\is; l-.d Gaiill. 


the hub of collegiate activity 

As seventeen members meet once a week to hasli 
out the plans and piohleins ol almost se\en 
liioiisaiid sludents. ihe Siiukiu ( io\ei"nmenl 
Association acts as ilu' iimsi powtiliil voicf slu- 
dents ha\e in llic luiulinninn ol ihc I nixersity. 
While laJjoiiiii; to draw up a new consiiiu- 
lion. SCiA clliciently eanied out its may projects 
wliidi iiu hided Kresinnan Orientation. Home- 
cm iiini;. and Spi inn \Vi.'ck. I his \cai a mw Pub- 
lic Kilaiions ( 'oiinniliee pro\ idid ( loser tontat t 
111! S( . A will) siudiius and |)ul)li( ai ions. 

(111. n Its WKk.iiil, I'll sidi III 1)1 S(. \. 

Seems to be a money matter ... to gi\c or not to f^i\e, that is tiie perpetual qiiesti 

1 here's a lot ol work aheatl 
lor Charlie and Bo, but they 
still niana|a;c to kee|3 ]jleasant 


Ursl roif, lejl lo right: KIlic I rbaii; Hcll\ Dt-Mello: l.tslcv Ncwniair. Billic Jean Lore: jaiic IJciiiictt. Sctoiul tour IVail (.old; Judilli 
Spencer. Iieasiiici; Haihaia Rolhman. Senclarv; I'al (Callahan. \icc I'rcsitlent: Miss Julia Billings. Advisor: Anna Karavaiigelos. 
I'lesidenl; Joan Cihrislianson: Janiie Ailhoiise. Third roic: Patricia Kiiif;: t.eiicviexc Miimlcpiil: Rita Soloniowit/; Gloria Mugiiev/a; 
Karen Hart; tvelui Hoiscv; I'al McGralh; Edilh Shaffer; Uotlv I)elane\. 

Lady Legislators 

AWS governs women students 

Assoc i.iitd W'oiiiin SiikUiiIs is ilu- cofil <_;()\tTn 
iii^ h()(l\ on (.iiii|)iis. lis (liici pinpost' is ilu- 
( oordin.ii ion ol .h .kU iiiu . six and ( 
iulivilics iiiidfr scll-iiuuU' and mloncd laws. 
Kvcry woman siiidtiil. upon cnrolliiRiii. .iiiio- 
iiKiticilh l)t( onus a iiuiiiht lol AWS. 

Ilu- (oiiipUx work ol limning \\\'S is 
handled l>y ilic Kxcnili\c Couiicil. composed ol 
.\\\'.S olJKcrs. doiinilor\' |)i"Csiilcnls. and (lass 
rc|)i cscniai i\ cs. )udi(ial lioard. Rt'siikiKc 
(loiiiuil. and .\ca(lcmi( Moard arc under iis 
diicc lion. 

l)(s|)iic its keen inleresl in tliem, .WV.S is not 
limited lo dorm a(ti\ilies. (lampus jjiojeds in 
(hide the ' l)i.i; sisier" and I)aydod).;er |)i()grams. 
and ilu- Regional (.oiuenlion. 

AniKi Kaiavaiigeios, Picsidi-iH of .Vssocialed Woincii 


h'iit.1 row, It'll lo liglil: Dick Steiii; Geoi<;e Giavasis, \'icc I'lCMclent; Dale jai\is. I'lcsiilciit; Joii DiiMoiid, ,Seciclai\; jniin Dmscs. 
Treasurer; Charles Peterson. Second row: George Clendeiiiii; Dick Uhler; i5ob Weiss; Joel Ruliensteiii; Ed Reilly; Richard Shiiinirk; 
Eric Khu. 

Dale Jarvis, Picsideni of Men's Lcaoiie. 

Males Exclusively 

men legislate self government 

"You tan only goxcrn men by servin,^ ihcni. " 
This could easily be ihe motto of Men's League. 
Divided into two representative sections, the 
Executive Coimcil and Dorm Coimcil, Men's 
League assiunes the dual responsibility of estab- 
lishing and admini-stering regulations h)r the 
male poptdation. 

The Men's League, ^vorking with the Associ- 
ated Women's Students, sponsored some very 
successful inter-dorm desserts this year. They 
also sponsored "No-Shave Week" witli a 
"Women-Pay-All" dance at the end. This year, 
for the first time, Men's League presented cups 
to the men nominated for Who's Who Among 
Students in Anwriciui Colleges (ind Universities. 


Sheepskin Bound 

in their futures-cap and gown 

Mixed cmoiioiis, ninniii^ the s>anuit froin nos- 
talgia lo ^Icc. ivijil) ihc Icclint^s ol ihnw ncar- 
inj4 the c ulmitiation ol lour vcais ol iiU(.nsi\c 
( oiuciiiraiioii in the iiiuliilinlinous [jhascs ol 
(ollc^c lilc. 

No pause lo rclrcsh in this linal vcar i)ack.c-(l 
with intci \ ie\\s. wcildiii^ plans and celcbralioiis. 
Our Centennial seniors arc selling their caps for 
opportunity unlimited' 

//M/ iii.r, li\l hi ih^lil: i'liMillii I'llniiiii. llisKH i.iii: Kiiiuii Trail- 
Ici. Sc(itlar\; Hull) Hnihakci. \i<c I'lisidcin: Jaiici lUdiloUll. 
rrcasiiifi; Bfll\ DcMcllo. WS'S Reprcsenlalivc: loni I.escalkel. 
I'rcsidciil. SitiiikI row: Dick Stein. Mens League Re|)ieseiiiali\e; 
l)a\iil I'hifelder, Sgt. at Arms. 

\ i(\ic\v of the ]):iM is hkiiIc by ihe Riaclualcs of the future as tluii (onii ihiii inn k. iIu- (inniiniMl (iKhiaiion 

For some funiois and Seniors this was the first opportunity to meet the Administration and Class Officers. 

First rorr, Icfl li> rinhl: Ginger Miles. Historian; Gail Blum, AWS 
Representative. SiTDiid row: Ronnie Stiibin, Sgl. at Anns: Kate 
Williams, .Secretary; Jcriy Harldagen, President: John .Slramski, 
Vice President. 

One Step A^vay 

new senior status just in sight 

Junior year is an impressive year, full of activi- 
lics and the feeling of beini^ in ihe swing of 
things. Suddenly you can talk kno\vingly of a 
major, and all your coiu'ses riui to three figtires. 
Yoti knots' all the people, and with an air of 
casualness hand out advice to lost freshmen. 

Your class makes a definite contribution to 
Maryland tradition. "Miss Maryland" is 
crowned at the Junior Prom, and junior Avomen 
present May Day, \vhere Mortar Board tapping 
and the crowning of May Queen take place. 


Beanie Wearers 

they have new worlds to conquer 

Sail I rated wiili iwo seiiusifis ol Mar\l;m(l cx- 
|)L'iiL-ii(c, llif luiuiL- 'gradual 111',; i la^^ (il I'.'.')'.' is 
now prepared lo laiiiic li iis c aixxr as upper dass- 
iiitii. With a Ircsh spirit ilicv lca\c Ijchind the 
"lirsis" ol college life . . . ilie liisi Homecoining 
game. Inst teiiii paper, lust Dean's slips, class 
prom and hrsl laslc ol campus |x)lilics . . . hap|)y 
to be relic\ed of the tag ol "Frosh". 

Fir\l row: |<ic MimcIou. Mch^ I.cajjiU' Rcpnsi'iilalivc. Stroiiil row. Irfl lo 
rinlil: Shclildii l)aj;un. Sgi. a( Anns; |;ukk- DuMais, Scciclaiy; Howard 

Miller, I'usiiUiil: lotii [Miitll. \ iit- I'icsliUiii. 

Midway Markers 

two years behind — and two to go 

Kxiral 1-xira! The .Sophomore Xeuslelter. a 
new addition to <ampiis public at ions. Ii'aiured 
news ol (lass and individual aclixilies. Alter 
planning Freshman Orientation for the Class of 
I!' I'.), the Sophomores, looking for more res|)oii 
sibility. a((e|)ie<l ilu' Soph ('.niiixal .is a class 
project loi ilu iiisi lime, f iii\ eighlers and liieir 
dales ( lima\c<l liie \cai at the Sopii Prom. 

First row, Irjl lo linlil: llanc\ C;i>|)|)ill. S^;!. al .\lln^; Itaihai.i 
(.lassi-r, llistiitiaii; l.csU'v Newman. .\\\S Rcpicscnialixc. Snoiut 
row: Jdfi Ktiliciisicin, .Mens l.raf;i>i' Rc|>ir>enlali\c; \cin(Pii 
BiiKK^. I'lcsidrnl; I'm (hcimIi, Sciii'laiN; )iiih I aKKail, ru'a<tiiii'i. 

Russell B. Allen, Chairman, Student Life Committee. 

Decision Makers 

they form the poUcy for clubs 

Granting charters to various organizations, 
clubs, and societies on campus, inspecting 
dormitories, providing students with full or 
part-time ^vork, and being responsible for health 
and sanitary conditions on campus are duties 
performed by the Student Life Committee. 

Heading the committee is Professor Rtissell li. 
Allen ^vho ^vorks ^vith other members dra\vn 
from the faculty. This committee acts as an 
intermediary between students and administra- 
tion, and as ad\isor for all extra-ctirricular 

The S.L.C. continues to provide a medium 
throtigh \vhich students may derive fulfillment 
in their university careers. 

/(■// id )i^/(/.- Mrs. Riiih liiilucll; Dr. Frederick OcMar; Dr. \'enion Rralil; Mr. l):ile |;ii\is: Dr. liiriiKiii Rridscrs; Dean Adele St:im|); 
Mr. Robert Carev; Mr. Russell 15. .Mien, Chairman; Mr. Robert James: Dean James Rcid; Dr. Joseph Mallick: Dr. Klleii Harve\: Miss 
.Anna Kara\angelos; Dr. Warren L. Stransbaiigh. 


Administration is never an easy job regardless of 
whether one is concerned with a small agricultural 
college such as the Maryland of one hundred years ago 
or with the expanding campus of the University today. 
The president and those other administrators whose 
job is to establish and carry out policy join with 
faculty and students in guiding Maryland's destiny. 
It is their responsibility to look to the future and 
to build on the past. Our progress in the next one 
hundred years should reflect this farsightedness. 



Disliiijimsliiil M Ik. 1.11 .iiul I iiivtisil) I'ltsiilciil, Dk. W ii m ,x I I I i Kl\^ \\i(Pii';lii\ Imij; ,iu .iilcil iiiiiov.ilions. 


Prexy Jets Plans 

past dreams now^ become realities 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, during his first busy year 
as President of Maryland University, lias made 
great strides towards his ultimate goals. Being 
a Rhodes scholar and an eight letter athlete, he 
has succeeded in correlating education and 
extra-curricular activities in their proper per- 
spective. Evidence of his progress lies in the 
new library which will become a reality ^vithin 
the year. 

If the President's jet piloting is any indica- 
tion of the speed ^sith ^shich he will increase 
Maryland's scholastic standing, then a new berth 
in education's "top ten" must be prepared in 
ecjual haste. 

Acting as Dr. Elkins' right hand man in the 
capacity of Administrative Assistant is Dr. Albin 
O. Kuhn. A newcomer on campus, he is like- 
wise faced ^s'ith the problem of blending Mary- 
land traditions with sound basic policy. 

Dr. Albin O. Kuhn, Special Assistant to President 
Elkins, has been of invaluable assistance in his first year. 

Maryland's Dr. Elkins slows clown Ironi his jet propelled activities to take time out to IK a helicopici. 



Slildriil lldlllli 

ISiisinciS and Finaiiif 





I IX.AR 1 . 1 ().\l. 
Dean of Stuilenis 

A Versatile Family 

ideal foundation for presidents 

I'o tlic Adininisu.ii ion. honi ihc sec i iiarics to 
tlic Dciiiis. [alls the- ((iiii|)k'X task ol (ItNclopin.i; 
the lint her m'owih ol tin- cAcr-cxpaiKlinti; Uni- 
versity. It is liiis L;roii|) who i ooidiiiaics all the 
activities ol the Unixcisiiv lioiii i cL^isiraiion to 
graduation. Kat li siiulcnl is alkctcd l)\ tlu' 
|)()li( its \\hi( h they originate. 

riiis hcehi\ e of ac li\ it\ is nsponsiljle lor sm h 
diverse activities as the distrii)nt ion ol I'niver- 
sit\' hinds, the maintenance ol student health, 
the coord ion ol I niv ei siiv pidjjicatioiis. and 
tiie diicction ol the Iniversitv iihraiv svstein. 

II VKV I V I Mil It R 

HOW \RI) ROV I I St Vl> 
/ thunir\ 

(.1 OUC.I () VM 111 K 


They Set Policy 

this "big eleven" calls the signals 

Heading the government of the University is the 
Board of Regents, ^vhose ele\'en appointees form 
the policies that gtiide the progress of the school. 
All the members, appointed for nine-year terms, 
have had careers ^vhich emphasize the values of 
education and research. 

As President of the University, Dr. Elkins 
assumes the position of Executive Officer, while 
William P. Cole is Chairman. The Board also 
comprises the Maryland State Board of Agri- 

The ^vork of the Board of Regents is reflected 
in the continuous growth of the University, 
both physically and academically. 

|UDC;F. WH.I.IAM 1'. COLE, Chnirman 

Irfl III rii^lit: Mr. Edward F. Holler; Dr. T. B. Symoiis; Mr. Edmond S. Burke; Mr. C. Ewing Tiiltle; .Mr. Harry H. Nuttle. Treasurer; 
Mr. B. Herbert Brown, .Secretary; judge William P. Cole, Jr.. Chainirin; Dr. Wilson H. Elkins; Mrs. (ohn L. Whitehiirst, Vice Chairman; 
[)i. I.ciuis E. Kaplan; Mr. Charles P. McCormick; Mr. Enos S. Stockbridge. 



MISS )l I.I A 1U1.I.1NC;S 

Sliiilint Cuviiinneiit Advisor 

\IKS K I lU 1 W I 1.1 

SiK ml Dm/ III! 

l\u\liiiil Driiii til WOinrti 

MISS M \K(. \RI ( I \MI SON 

liiuilrni, llilIU Dliiiloi 

MIS.S ADll.l II SI Wll' 
Di-mi (ij \\ iiiiiin 

Coed Councilors 

expert guidance in a day's work 

Adclf n. Staiiii). l)c:in dI Woiikii on ihr \hii\- 
liind (ainpiis. lias Intn ilic louiultr ol many 
oii^aiii/ations and nailiiions. 1 lu' \Ia\ Dav 
( cU'hratioii was iiiiiiali'd l)\ Dian S(ain|i who is 
also rL'spoiisihlc Im llir loiiiuliii;.^ ol llu' lota! 
(liaplcrs ol \l|)lia l.ainlxla Delia and Moilai 
Board. rhroni;h lui illoris. a siroiii; and snc 
(isslnl \sso(ialion ol WOini n SiiuUnis lias 
(■\(il\(d 111 a( 1 as ilu' noM-rninn l)od\ loi c o;'ds. 

Idin \ti\ ( a|)al)li assisianis Ik1|) Miss.Siain|) 
in luT main dniits. I lusi iiulndc- ilic toordi- 
nai Ion ol soi iai ,ii 1 i\ ii iis. llii' supii \ ision ol all 
women's lionsinn. and ilic spoiisoi iii'.; ol niim 
I'lons M ii\ itics on ( anions. 


Male Monitors 

they direct men's activities 

Guardian of campus budgets and state finances, 
Geary F. Eppley, Dean of Men, has played an 
integral part in the growth of the university. 
Both in administrative work and through his 
contact with sttidents, he has been a part of 
Maryland for thirty-three years. Dean Eppley's 
many activities range from the very pleasant 
duty of jtidging feminine pultritude to those of 
being the Chairman of the Athletic Council and 
a member of the Student Life Committee. 

As Stutlent Welfare Director, Dean Eppley is 
concerned ^vith student activities outside the 
classroom as well as within. He also serves as 
an ad\'isor to the president and to variotis 
department heads. 

Since Dean Eppley's job co\ers such a large 
and diverse area, he needs an able assistant to 
help him. This position is capably filled by Mr. 
Doyle Royal ^vhose range of activities goes from 
being director of men's residences to being 
Coach of the tennis team. Mr. Royal assumes 
part ol Dean Eppley's large responsibility for 
the maintenance of campus housing, food, and 
health facilities. Through the coordinating 
abilities of these two men, the ever increasing 
scope of camptis activities is kept in smooth rtm- 
niiiii condition. 

MR. GEARY F. EPPLEY, Dran of Men 

Assistant Dean of Men 

Cienlennial plans comprised imicli ol Dean Eppley's and Mr. Doyle Royal's time this spring. 

Advisor to Grads 

he plans the advanced courses 

DR. RONAi.i) HAMioRi). Dtaii ol llic Cxiaclualc 
School, is chairman ol ihc I 'uiversity's program 
ol achaiucd icscanh. Huiii^ been alhlialcd 
with the lJni\trsitv lor o\cr iwcinv-lixc years. 
he is ^vc■ll ac (|uaintc(l with ilic probkins sur- 
rounding the admission ot graduate siudeiiis 
and those concerned \\ith llie rcs|)onsii)ilit\ lor 
course reciuiremenis. It is he who also has the 
final approxal on all graduate work. 1 he grad- 
uate school, with fifty-one different departments. 
i.s the .second largest unit ol the University. 

Faculty Guardian 

the grade givers' guide 

DR. it.\R<)i 1) R. (Ol 1 1 R\r\N lias served , IS Dean ol 
the FaculiN since I !•!(). C'oordinaling the aca- 
demic |)roi;ram at the I'liiversity of Maryland, 
Dean ('.otlerman is responsible loi m.uu phases 
of our a( ademii lile \\ hie h iiu hide the ptiblica- 
lion of college calalcjgs, the scheduling oi classes 
.111(1 room assignments, and the administration 
nl the various student aid programs. During his 
iliiit\ lime \eais ol ser\ice lor ihe Unixersity 
ol \l.ii\l,ind. Dean (lotterman has .dso proven 
Ills .il)ilii\ .IS publu lel.itioiis man. 


Loyal Alumni 

they still aid after graduation 

The Alumni Association under the direction of 
Mr. Da\'id L. Brigham. Executive Secretary, has 
coordinated most of the plans for the centennial 
celebrations this year. Our alinnni group is a 
vital part of the tmiversity fusing graduates into 
a strong supporting body. 

Representatives from the Baltimore and Col- 
lege Park campuses compose a general council, 
which governs the Altunni Association and pub- 
lishes the magazine MarylinitL 

The Alumni Association has effected a closer 
felloAvship among the students and graduates 
and has developed a mutually beneficial rela- 
tionship between the Uni\'ersity and the people 
of the state. 

MR. DAVID L, BRIGHAM. Executive Secretary 

First roil', left to riglit: Mr. Paul MulliniN; Miss Virginia TruiU; Mr. Da\id ISii;.;liaiii. LxLLUtnc- StiiLlan; .Mr. lunik Block. \ice I'resi- 
ilent; Mr. Homer Remsberg, President; Dr. Wilson Elkins: Mrs. Mary Dennis; Miss Sarah .Morris; Mrs. \VilIi3m Kricher; Miss Flora 
Strccl. Second roir: Mr. Frank Black; Dr. William Trail; Mr. Kenneth Reiblich; Mr. Elluooil Nicholas; Dr. Laurence Leggitt; Mr. 
C;lavton Re\nolcls; Mr. Chester Ward: Dr. Harry Levin; Dr. A. E. Goldstein: Mr. Samuel Raichlcn. I'liird row: .Mr. Stantoid Hoff; 
Mr. William Iriplett; Mr. Charles Ellinger; Mr. James Stevens; .Mr. Sam Silber; Mr. Ralph Share; Mr. C. \'. Koons. 

Ever aware that a large part of a student's education 
comes from his participation in extracurricular activ- 
ities, the University of Maryland from its earliest days 
has always supplied a fund of worth-while activities. 
From practice with the Red and White Band, the 
student can race to the Journalism building, which 
houses the student publications, or to a UT production. 
All phases of college life are represented on our 
campus from its religious aspects to its most carefree. 
The only prerequisite to join in is interest and time. 

''A .■'. 





AlDRl-.V MCOI.Ol Ills 

Here it is! Yoiw Centennial Tcnul)/!!. one hun- 
ilrcd years ol ])r() crannnc'd into two short 

VV'liat makes a good yearbook? Many things 
contributed to this Knished piodiicf. activities, 
traditions, classes, facidty, but most ol alk you, 
the students. 

First came the insjnrations and ideas wlii(h 
re(juired moulding into copy and organi/ation. 
Pictures to be scheduled, deadlines that arri\e(l 
loo soon, and last iiiinule details that ine\ital)ly 
sneaked ii|) ke])l ligiils in the V'dh//;/// ollue 

burning late as Ijiains and ly|x\\riters clicked, 
Caedii niiisi be given to our editor-in-chief. 
Audrey, who iJiodded \\'earv staff members for 
ingenious ideas, and to business manager, 
"Scrooge" Lescalleet, who is still counting dol- 
lars in his skc|) insuad ol the comeiuional 
sheep. .\ vote ol tiianks goes to the other night 
owls who also contributed their time and energy. 
Our job finished, we can now sit back and 
exhale .1 lew sighs ol icliel. We hope this i)ubli- 
cation will ineci with \oui appioxal and prox idc 
man\ l,istiii>' iiRiiiories ol \ni\y l'ni\ersit\. 


1K)Y1) M\n\RV 

Moiifi'^inf^ i.dilor 

Adiniuislmlivf Aisislant 

lUl 1 k \l I \l \\N 

lit'sulfiiiei hdilni 


Spoih Editor 

I I \ I ) \ PARKER 

lliiii'iKiiirs Editor 

Terrapin staff members pause a nionuiu liom their busy schedule to take a break, party style, tor punch and rookies. 

Willi an eye for art these busy 
members of lay-out staff work 
endless hours. 

J \M I lil.l 
Oijianhalioiis l.ditdi 

Music and Drama Julila 


Siiiiois Kdilo) 


Siirnritifs l-.ilitor 


fiaUiriiiii \ I tliiiii 

Ml. Claiey. fa(ull\ adxisoi. 
kcc|)s shai |) \val( li loi ci loi s.'s j'ci iliis inilcx ImiNluil and mil ol ilic wav. 



Associate Editor 

Associate Editor 

Associate Editor 

Pioxeii proverb: 
lour heads are bet- 
ter than one. 

I'D C:0\'AHF.Y 

Ent^rai'ino-s Editor 


Ea\out Editor 


Cirr iilulioii Editor 




I'lihlishing a {ampiis ])a|)cr ihai \\ill a|)|)t'al to 
llic \ast and \aric(l bac k^iouiuls ol ils readers is 
a chalKiiniiin and rcs])()nsil)lc' jol). 

DiiiDioinllxii li a( ( ()in|)lis!u's tliis end while 
( reatiii^ lor it sell a repinai ion as an in lor ma live, 
interest int; and ainnsinn |)id)li( at ion. 

Always siri\ in^ lo meet its ne\er-endinn di-ad 
lines, llie ind.usirions stall spends nian\ loni; 
hours ponndiii'.^ Ly|jc\vriters. writ inn headlines, 
and ( o|)\ readiiiL; articles in ordei lo pnhlish a 
papei dial \\ dl |ile.ise I erplow n. 

|-icn/ied stall nieiidxis hea\e a si'j,h ol reliel 
when the Inii-.hed piodiui (onus oil ilu' press. 
The it jol) is I oinplctc . . . will, noi (piite. Wot k 
on loinoi low's issue is jtisl l)ei;innini;. 

c;i..\iRr wooiKN 

I'liesda) MtifKiging i.diloi 

(;\K\n \ l>ARK 
\\'((liir\il(i\ Mdiiiii^i)!" Eililoi 

1 1 KK^ |t W I I k 

MKKrV Wl I/I I. 

hriiln\ Mtina^iiif^ l-'.tliltti 



- 1^ 

HI I, I. M \c l)t)NALD 
/SiisiiiOii Maiiaiier 


Ailvcrtisiu!! Manager 

to '" to'- 

Look, Mickey, we can add one more club news block after all. 


Features Editor 




Co/)y liflitar 

nWK 1 AVl.OR 

Co/))' Editor 

Co/))i Editor 

How many ads do you plan lo run this issue? 



















|Ltj. ,' - 



R M.i'H c;R()sin 

Feiiliires F.tlilor 

(OklNM l.ilHJKI 
l-'rtiliiyt's i.dilttr 

Mil. 1. 11. R.\1L.\ 
Features F.clilor 

I 1 1 1 \ 1 1 \ II I i I \ \ 
ittihnts /.ililni 

^ \\l KIDIil 1 111 R(.l R 
Xcu's Editor 

1) \\ I II Ml 11) \1 
.Vcii's Fililor 

There ikait was so imu Ii ai l ion .is I liiii sdax's D'unnoudlxK k "cls down lo Inisiiirss so I hex i an ni.iki llir l.isi lieadliiic. 




NeuK Editor 

-^ *>,-», 



News Editor 

Can \\c gel ihc complete story on this lor the I'riilay issue? 


Sports Editoi 


Sjyorls Editor 


Sports Editor 




Copy Editor 



F.iiilor ill Chiff 


Kn<)\\ii as the ciinpiis luiiiior inai;a/iiR'. tlu' Old 
Line never (ails to liil "ye olcle univcrsiiy ' when 
s])irits arc low. Tliis ainitsinn publication is 
chuck-liiU ol nuiiicioiis jokes, cartoons, and 
literarv <;enis, eithei original or lileiied Iroin 
similar inat^a/ines ol other colle.a^es. 

\hhotiL;h the in ijoi pinpose ol the Old Line 
is to lilt the heaits ol the siudeiu body, readers 
may also enjo\ meaty features on more sober 
aspec ts ol campus lile. 

A seciion ol the University comprises the 
staff — ranging Ironi novice authors, poet 
laureates, j^hoto fiends, to just plain jokers. The 
conglomeiation ol these lieierogcneous back- 
grounds |)roduce>- a i)ri/e package of Free Stale 


Miiiifii^iiiil /-.flitfii 


flu^iiir^'i Mdlul^Zf'^ 



Associate Editor 

Associate Editor 


Associate Editor 

Old Lint- cohorts s^et sneak prc\ iew of spicv editorial as the presses are readied lo roll ofl another issue. 


Everyone lias an i)ii!;nial louili ul luinun lo sui;<^fsi for Icatuir (<)|)\ in ilu- Inial (>l<l l.iiii- nl ilu- year. 

STAN II \^ Ml •> 

I) \\ I 11 \l I ll>\S 

.lssi\ltlilt I-.illlnl 

11 \KI( \K \ I lot k 

All I .lil.i, 


The M-Book is the upper classmen's voice of 
welcome to the Freshmen, extentling to them a 
helping hand and assisting them over their big- 
gest hiUTlles, the first fe^v weeks a\vay from 
home. Betu'een its green covers is stored a wealth 
of knowledge. Each phase of campus life is sum- 
marized to give the confused and harassed new- 
comers a pictine of life on the Maryland campus. 
Work for the M-Book begins as the academic 
year closes. While other Terps are basking in 
the Sim, the staff members \vork feverishly in 
order to greet the new class with their Fresh- 
man "Bible". 



Fir\l rmi\ Irjl In righl: Sandra Sowdei ; Mary Claire Harrison; Kate Waters: Bobbie Oodd; C;lory Sloane; Pat Callalian. Second rmo: 
Ilmin Ooiibroll; Andrew McLaiighbn; Jerry Jewler; Mike Blake; Ted Metzler; Kd Clantt; Curt Prins, 

Iiiiiiciic parts piovt- to l)t' "old sinll" ki \'i( IIdIi 

lo Hoi) Wilson. pKiiire takiiit> is a sii ious hiisiiR-ss. 

|oliii KidiUi ilis|)la\s a lew ol his |jliol<>j;iaijlis. 

Smile, Please 

camera kings lend talents 

WIkh .1 list ol ilif inosi li;iiiii(l imii on i.iin|)us 
is c<)in|jilc(l, Vic Holm. Bob Wilson, and John 
I- ithlcr arc ccriaiii to be neat the lop. 1 hcsc arc 
ihc Icllous voii can sec (lashini,; niailly aroiuul at 
just .iboiii ,in\ Mai Aland c\cnt. .Sludcnls clamor 
lot tlicii attcniion .ind |)iir|)oscl\ si.nid in their 
line ol inc. Who arc these busy, popular boysr 
I he Old I nir, 'rrrrapiu . Didnionilhuch. and 
M Bool; i.m till \oii. lor Vie. Hob and John are 
the- (anipiis publications' ph()i()}rra])hcrs. 

Ik-sides snappin.; their cameras at all Innc- 
lioiis at odd limes and iiniisiial places, these 
|)hoto kin,i;s are j;ivcn the honoi ol posinj^ and 
ph{)lonraphin,n all campus (|uccns. 


First row, left lo riiilil: Roljcil linicc; Allied Crowcll; Dr. Jolin Frederick, Cliaii irraii; Cliailes Wickaid; Ralph Ciosln; Uoiiald Maley. 
Second row: Dr. John Robinson; Mr. George Batka. 

Publications Committee 


The Committee on Student Publications and 
Communications serves as a general policy board 
for the lour student publications and WMUC. 
The committee, as established this year by the 
University Facility Senate, consists of eight 
faculty members and two students who do not 
hold salaried positions on any of the publica- 
tions or WMUC. 

Sub-connnittees, consisting of editor, business 
manager, faculty adviser, and a chairman ap- 
pointed by the connnittee chairman, enable each 
publication to inform the main committee on 
technical o|jerations and make recommendations 
for changes in general policy. The sub-commit- 
tees gi\e editors and business managers a larger 
voice in directing their respective publications 
and help establish liaison between faculty and 




There is a certain glamor in creation. 

There is a certain aura 

about those lucky people 

who Iiave that special something 

called talent. 

Yet talent isn't everything. 

The people with greasepaint 

on their faces, the kids who spend 

extra hoiu's rehearsing for chorus 

or painting sets or giving 

student concerts 

sometimes aren't any more talented 

than you or I. 

A combination of love 

for what they are doing 

and willingness to work make them 

part of creative life at Maryland. 


]'olpone ^oi's down fur ilir cmint niter an iinsiirrrssfiil nllciiij)/ lo seduce a lovely \oHng mniden of Venice. 

'Here's to a life oj f^aicly. and the Deiil lake I olpone." 


by Ben Jonson 

\\ii\(a Kenneth Zaicswil/ 

\m\n»ie FredcTick nnlUim 

I'ollorr Lee Clark 

Coiviiio George Ueci 

(.11 II ilia Rliia Mcinielstein 

Ciilidiilia JancI Shipk-v 

XsMMid \i\ Ills sl\ in.MiM-n.inl \Iiim ,i. 1 1 .iU\ \'nl- 
|>iiiir (■cii|>lc)\N llu- I.Kliis i>l .1 Kiiiaivv;iiui- ion 
hilriKr Ml. Ml ill llciiinj; his .m|n.iiMlan(i's of ihcii 
Hdlil. While .nnassinn ihe ueallh of ihe rilv 
|i(i|)iil,iic. he leiKiis ilhiess .mil gi.ileful devolion. 
OiiK .111 eviiliiii; tomlioom Mene is (a|i.iMe ol 
hiiM^iiiK ihe |>lol lo ihe loiegioiiiul anil llu 
(nl|)iils lo their jnst |>iniishnienl. 



Piiipoyliug rniirein and dn'ollDii. Volpone'.s victim lawyer appears oblivious of his host's cruel conniving. 

It's no laughing matter ns 
Leone puts over his point. 


Bj 1 



few" ' 


^ ^s 

^v — "7T-::v-- "^^^f 

:^ ^^ 

_u22^ku>' " ' V- ' " 

// i\ (I <!^ti'(il (Hid glurioun day in llir Itnnl ii\ MissitiKky as llir idle jxior hccoinc the idle rich. 

I fidi (if i^old i.s llir siih]C(l <ii Oij'.v urs^cul iuijuiiy. 

iriniani J\ainbow 

by E. Harburg and Fred Saidy 

liiiiini Ml liiiii>naii Frederick l);ill:iiii 

Shiniiii Ml I iiiiivfi^nii \iiii Williains 

II n.<,/v Miiliniify Roherl Milli 

O;; (icorse \':i! Hccv 

Iiivli l.iii^liin bUiiiliHi wfll wiili till- pcilidi*. t>l 
the l.iii(.is(i( Siale iil Missj|u(k\ sets (lie tone of 
.1 (lcl!L;lir III! iniiieiU, Melotlies like "OliI 
Devil MiMin .inil llcnv \ie I hiiiiis III (■loeea 
\Iiiii.i, iiileis|ieiseil wiili llie .iiiliiv <>l ihe 
le|n<'( li.tiiii < )^ leiul .1 hiital liatk^ioiiiul In llie 
liiiililiii.; loiii.iiue 1)1 \\'(i<hI\ Maluiiiev ami 
Sli.iiiin Ml I iiiiei);aii. 


"Sure, and 'twill be sornethin' 
grandish ," says mischiex'oiis Og. 

With the blessing of fiiiian Mcdlouergan, Iirland and Missiltu ky air iiuiird as Stiaiou and IVoody are married. 

1 1 kIiiii' Iii-i hivf. Iiiliii (liiiK (w I he Xfiv Yfin i>i. 



by Philip Barry 

I II I ill Srioii Ciarolc Nicincisci 

/ iuilii Sriou Rlica Mci mclstiiii 

liihiiux Case Dave Singleton 

I'.ilirard Srliiii Lee Clark 

■' I (> cdiildiiii oi Mol III ((iiir<>] Ml. " is the qucs- 
lion enanuircd |()liini\ Case must answer. Torn 
between the lU-inands of fiancee Julia's wealthy 
latlici anil his own lifelong dream of "living" 
while he has \oiiih. he finds an inulerslandiMg 
lOMfidanle in |iiilenlial sister in-law Linda. Mean 
while. Linda hides her oun lo\e for Case until 
Julia's indillrieiKe sets her Irec. 

r.nihillri ril h\ liri liiinih'', nil) i (/u')ir<<s. I.iriilii \i-fl:\ loinliiil ivilli it pinly in ho rliildhood playrnotn. 

FAiery party must harie some 
lighlhcarlcd enlcrluinnicnl. 

7 know (I i^ood lliiiig u'hcii I see it." Joyce proudly tells Iter sister. 

'Bill, I waui lo live, really live, while I have youth." is Jolmny's plea to the unimpressed Mr. Setou. 

II ihlihiiy Jiilni's urtj^i'iil plcds pcrsttadc Coiijur WOnitin to <^iii)il Iniii InniKituly if lii\ lulciiih ii ' is jdillijiil. 

riif hiilli mill hiiinni'^ nf li/nhinii Allen's ii>ihli <liilil i\ l/ir Mihinl n\ unit h Inntiil j>tii\f) inid sliiiiii\ ilrhnlr. 










*^r >^v~ ■-- '^^^^ 




^1 ^ ^^^^^^Ht 





H ^^^"H 





f» V& 








Juliii'i unpcluuus dciiiuiisliatio}! uf ilrcngtli clcinly shuu's tlnil he iiic(ui.\ in couiiin^ Binhain Allen. 

The lotiers await their romance's snrrou'fiil eonchision. 

by Richardson and Berney 

]i,]in Gcdigc Val Heer 

It/nhnrn I lien S;ini Stack 

//«)(/,■ \hiii l$ar.-i(T 

I'Karhry Haggler W. \ . Ciladnion 

,\f ,^. I Urn N'onna Zciu'il/ 

Mr. Allen I'lcil Appleslciii 

MisroHiinc is the icsiilt that Fate has to olFci 
when \\'it(hl)0\ John begs Coujiit Man and 
Conjin- Woman to change liim into a human 
being. The coaxing of lellow witches hiils to 
dissnade |olin from man\ing llic uaxuaiil 
Uarbaia Allen. .She, too. faces lelnle fiom hei 
motinlain dew thinking famil\. I heir attempts 
to sever tlie pair restill in a tiagii Iniale. 



^Jfarrior's Ilusbantl 

by Julian Thompson 

Hippolyta Rill. I Mci nuKliiii 

Sapiens C:hi isin|)lui I .iiki- 
.lK/iope \iiri W illiaiiis 

Theseus Dave Siiiglclon 

Coincdv is the unavoidable result when f^lrdli 
Mealing fiieek warriors iinade the Ama/oiiiaii 
(|ueeTidoin where men are s((iiiied, I he ladies, 
who manage to appeal most attia(ti\e in theii 
armor, aie at liisi ui\fliM<hing. .\s long as iheii 
opposition empln\s the ladies of swoid and 
shield the\ leiiiain stalwart, hut when Cupid 
leleases his (alal allows the lo\el\ uaniois are 
sw illly subjugated. 

I(cl;in(l, I'x riiiii<l;i iitul ilic A/dics ;i\v:tii((l aiisiotis I'liixeisiix I lii:iiic plavns as ilicv lioarded .\ii Force planes. 

Audiences the world over applaud Amazon antics. 

A soloist performs for Iceland television fans. 

.Spears and shields are not the ^veapons which ilismay the cold hearted .Amazons. 


University Theatre 

Ursl i(tu\ tifl t(i rij^lil: Ivchii liiiiliiick; Rnhci la ll.ilni; \\\\a \1)1 aiuou ii/; I IKii Sik M.iivIi: ll.iili.ii.i s.i|>|i(i vliiii: Jiiilv S|)cm(i'i; 
Nikcv /c-iawit/; Adiiciiiic Al)k'iiiaii. Srroitl row: (laiolr \\ iiikki : Ciaiolc (iliaiiiison: I'lnllis .SainiK'lM>ii: l.ainic SoIIInIi: l)a\c .Siiis-lclon: 
Rhea Mciinalslcin; Mason C.otlnifll; Frances Stan; NDnna Knawcr: Ann Williams; Ann \crnii!lii)n. Third mic; Marc\ C:h;nnl>cis; 
I,\nn (:ha(lsc\: Salla\ Dallam; |an« Armacoil; ki isiipplui I aikc: Rnlicii \lilli; Diik \\ iiiv: Samml Waddcll: Diiiiil \Ik-II: Ohcii 
R>an: Ann Rohin; Doiodu Mtici; Barbara Powell. 

I'liivcrsky 1 healer lilciall) showed Us i.ileiils lo ihe woild tins \eai 
when iweiilv-five of its mciiil)ers I)oar(le(l a M iliiarv Air I raiisjxiri plane 
to l)ei;iii a iiioiiih loii;^ ciitertaiiiiii'^ loin ol ilie A/ores. Bermuda, and 

.Su((ess at home, as well as al)rf)a(l. \\as loinided on i siri\ini^ h)r 
perleclion. loi those in Iront ol i^laiiii'.^ looili^lus it me, ml perleciion 
r)f lines and mo\c-ment. lo ihost' hthind tlu' hi;.; lid (Uitain it miMiu 
|)(il((tioii ol liimnn and sris. ixii ompeiisi- lor man\ ttdious hours ol 
|)re|)aration was i^leaned liom the w hoklu ai tid applause ol capaiiiv 


It isii'i olRii thai l'iii\ersiiv iluatie nicnibcrs find time to relax and lorgel that "the show must go on. 

Hoius of back stage working, painting, and planning make footlight successes possil)le 


First violins: Nancv Hogan; Reliecca Smith: Michael Komesanik; Suni.i Ruumm; Doris Oslxmie: Ahiia I'oiiii liilil: William Islici- 

wood. Second violim: Mar(ia Fox; Haiiv Nithipoiiik; I'ctcr CJlasc: Ki)l)til I'.milK; Charles I'aiuDll: Dorolhx liimi|i. //.)/((; NaiUA 

Kliol; Haskell Man iiisoii: Louise l'a\ler; l)a\iil Biiicluik. linUitii illii: Su/aiiue Hood; (hesier Wood; \\illi;mi C.ollmaiin: Unite 

Wellhoni; Homer I Iridi. Ctinltahass: Ro/aiine C;ax;iiiaiij;li; Kllswoilli Hiig^s; l);iiia Mason; Willis I'lusioc; \onn;in liAiiie. Fliilr: 

l.eoii Smilh; )oliii Saiulhetk; \ intent I'fisierei . Obor: Kdith Stimson; Haibaia Oitkie. CtarimI: Caiolvn t;ook; John Siopa; Mario 

I'lisleiei; Aulinr lUniian/ai. lUissaon: Roherl Dawson; Robeit Johnson. Flinch horn: Phillip Hooks; Hugh Henderson; Leslie 
Lcnfest. '/'rnMipe/: .Miles Cowdres; i:dw;ird O' I oole. Iinnihonc: 1 honias liig;iie; Iklh; Walp; Dana Mason. Hiit ii-ision: Cecil 
Martin: Thomas Shipley; Samuel .Adams. 

University Orchestra 

The University Orchesira, iiiulu ilu diixt lion ol Mr. Bryce Jorden, has 
as its purpose llie study and perloniiaiue ol serious orchestral repertoire. 
In addition in iis own winui :ind spring concerts, the orchestr;i :i(({)in- 
panies \ari()Us oihci groups in the presentation ol thiii pro 
grams. (iniKiiis ilu oiiglumi the year Ic.uuicd giicsi pcrjoi niaiucs. snt li 
as \ iohi soloist. Haskell Maninson. luul liu' WDiiun \ Cllioius. 

.Membership in the rni\ersii\ Orchesira is (omposcd ol siudents 
Ironi pracliially e\ery held ol study represented on the lampus. 
Facidty and sialf members also lend iheir talents to the successful pro- 
gram ol this ;uii\f group. 

1 02 

Chapel Choir 

A vital part of Maryland tradition, the Chapel Choir, under the direc- 
tion of Mr. Fague Springinan, maintained a busy schedule conducive 
to all campus religiotis groups. 

Highlighting the Christmas season was the Choir's annual rendition 
of Handel's The Messiah. For the first time in its history, the group 
presented a Palm Sunday concert, featuring Ne^v York, soloists and an 
ancient harpsicord. Accompanied by the United States Marine Band, 
they sang on a coast to coast broadcast for Memorial Day Services at 
Arlington Cemetery. Hymns sung by the choir enriched Homecoming 
Chapel Services and Conmiencement Exercises. 

First rmc, left to riglil: Patricia Baislcv; C.wvnneth joiics; Dan Johnson. \icc President: lictkv Sparknian. .Setreiarv; Ricliard 
.\ntlerson, President; Bernadine Betls; loni Caiioon. Trcasmer; Bettv Spani;lei ; Margaret Madison. Second nnr: Clare .\iello; Sara 
Cronin: Maureen Caiilinii: Carol Ritliardson; Karen lUridi; Frances Hnntle\; Marilsn \aiisc; Bctt\ Seibert: Martha Tliomas. Tliiril 
roir: Helen BiKkini^liani: Iris Leibowit/: Mcdora Graves: Irma Salter: Arlvn Shcnelelt: Remington: Penny Wood: \'icki 
Plaster. Fourth roir: Llo)d Eismeier; Charles Exerline; Craig Lundberg; Fiancis Palms; Eric Khii; Douglas Mook; Levin Fishell; 
Robert Martin. 


Women's Chorus 

Kaili season ol the school year was incloilinush iisliLTcd in l)\ the 
Women's Cliorus \villi Miss I.onisc C. Pa\ki ilircdin^. Acconipanicil 
by an har|)isl Inmi llic Xational Ssniplionx ( )rt lu'stra, ilic i^rou)) hiv^li- 
lighted Christmas festivities with perlormaiuis s|)()ns()ic(l \)\ ilie Asso- 
ciated Women Suidenls and Sinma Alpha 1- jjsilon. In addition lo iheir 
aiimial eonceil at the Xa\al A(adem\. ihe chmus presented a spring 
program witli the l'ni\ersit\ Orchestra. 

Setting a new pieccdeni, the- Women's Chorus sponsored a ('oniposi 
tion A^vard lor conipostrs throtighoiit Anuiiia. Ihe ihoral woik. 
designetl espeeialh ioi women's xoices, will be premieied dtn ing the 
coming year. 


i / 




1^ (> '■■■ 


lust )<;u', /(// lo iif^hl. M.1111CCI1 t,d».iHls; Silvi Niilamlii ; M.iiv C.iilliitl; (.«Miiu-lli I(i:i<s; \l.ii\ H(i«tiisiiiu-. I'iis<ill;i l).i\is; \iiiiii.i 
Rixd. Srciind row: Maiiaii Uiivoc; »rll\ Miiinon: Pallida C.iillon. Sc(ic-lai\; Ri-hcica S|iaikiii.m. I'irsi.liMl; llriii.i<linr IliUs. \ in- 
I'icsidriit; IU-ll\ SpaiiKlci. Ircasiiici: [oan (astcla/o: Anna Aiic-c. Tliiiil row: Malum Wcai; (aila ll.iiiin; \lllu-.i l-.nlis; .M.iii.i kiiil/; 
Kli/abclh HalsiccI; Susan Fic\; Nano Nichols: I'aiila Caulk; Naomi Caskc\; Ciarol Mvcis; (.aiolc IUi/li\; I'aliiria Ciaiic. 


Men's Glee Club 

Versalilily is the keynote cjI pro^rainining lor the Men's Glee Club 
under the direction ol Mr. Fague Springman. Glee Club voices 
heralded the dedication of the new Activities Building, and Maryland 
Centennial celebrations ^vere enriched by their choral presentations. On 
Memorial Day, in accordance ^vith annual custom, the group sang for 
services at Arlington National Cemetery. A spring concert was also a 
vital jjart of their busy schedule, finalcd in June by participation in 
graduation activities. 

In addition to collegiate activities, the Men's Glee Club presented 
progi'ams for several elides and altruistic organizations. 

First row. Icfl In iii^lil: Fiaiuis I'alms; Jack Wcslbiook; lul C;aim. Piesitlciu; Ritliard Aiulcrsen. \'icc I'lcsidciil; William lialscr; 
Harvey Coppel. Second row: Sieve Rolumbari; Ralph Quiiin: I'aiil Sle\en.s; Cieorge Tinimeriiiaii: Richard Saill; Paul Baiimi;arleii; 
Ernest Kessell; Donald Mover; Buster Coakley; Thomas Scrivener. 


first row, lilt la rij^lil: Mr. Hciidcrson: dcialil Hanimoiul: Mar^it- {.atcs: Ucll\ Raviioi: jiuK l.cwiv; 1$. J. Sliibbs; |()aii lliihl>c'l: 
Naiicv N\slroiii; Khoiula Fi>lc; Rdlaiul Suaiult. Sriaiiil nnr: Maigic Clark: Toki I'.iulo: ha\c l.ifl)man: Bcr\l laiiibson: liniMuk 
Totli; I.fii CIcvcIaiul; I <iiii Hoiist; I'd I.\iuli: liob Kanis: Ccoif^c- Clciulciiin: (iidic Rlioads; loin Fuj^atc; Claii-iuc MtKcii/ic: Diiaiic 
Phillips. Tliird nnr: \'i Furman; Bill (ItM'laiul: Hari\ Mcirvinaii; Joe Col: l)a\e Kiiiklfi; I.erov Uurliier: .Stan M;irks: Rnss l)a\is: 
Ritliard Hill: Uoh I.indsa\: |anR's Nichols: Kilcn I'adtUxk: Kil Kniincc. Fouilii rinv: Riiliard .Siri-ft: Don Wcsst-I: Rox Hullnian: 
lU-llN ( oopcr: Fngt-nc l-.llioll: Anihonv !)f I hoinas: |an\cs .\olan<l; James No\oln\: Hill Rndasill: Harcid Simpson: Sam .\(tams: 
i'aii! Doiihlf. /•;///! rinv: I'hill Hooks: |ohM Sapicnlc: .\l Fasf: Bill I'allcison: Owens Cornell: James Mniphv: Frank Nowatk: 
Hcilx-il Mallheus: Bill Jovveis: Fd 0'Tt)ole: Fslhci Wolfnij-er: Jndith Habick. Sixth row: Bill Parks: Biiiee Heibeil: Joe Delpo: 
Fied(l\ Fiuehlick; liill Johnson: I,o\is IVirgo: (.eoi^e Rodie: Dave M:ilson: Hood Cieisbcil: Nan<\ (■loinaini: Fdilh Siinisoii: Kalli\ 
Baine. Sexifiilh rtnr: Barbar:i Diikie: Roben Downev; Fred Sh:dei : Bob Dresihler: Bell\ C.iw. Sieen Wesierberg: Paid Weckessci; 
Dennis Browning: Pal Mel/: |ohn Faiiell: Roberl Benner: Pal King, lii^lilh inw: Heib l.e\eiisiein: John Rippin^ale: Jaik Sliailsis; 
Caroline Cook: Charles Phillips: M:iiilMi Sandeis; lorn Shipiiv: Chailes KniHhl: Waller Solle\: Cb:iiles Dnnn. .\iiilli mjr; Tom 
Ri/ei: (.eoige Kea(l\: Don Ciirlis: (.;ii\ Benlield: Fred Buniei: Al lle\ser: F.d Finrmons: Bill Finagin: Jaik Krisoll. 

The Red and White Band 

W'lullur iikikIuii^ iiilo a (lowiUd looiU.ill si.uliimi ;il liallliiiif. or 
accoiiipaiiyinj^ llic crouniiij; ol ihc May (^iiccii. the L iiivcrsiiy liaiul is a 
f()(al |M)iiit ol campus interest. No t>^imc is (niitc (oiiipktc wilhout the 
lamiliar Red and W'liite. and e\crv asseml)lv is mi idled 1)V its presence. 
Ill addilion to ^la'_^ill^ live li.ill liiiu' shows .iiul p,irii( ip.iiin;^ in ( )iaiigc 
liowl aciiviiies. ilic IkiikI played loi ilu RKlskin-C»iani"s pri) lootball 
game and |)ro\i(!i(l music for the sound iiatk of ihc Athletic Depart- 
nienl's "Footljall 1 lii^ldi^iils of I !).').'>." Dmini; the spring; semester 
concert work was |)aramoiint. .\ series of indoor concerts was inaugu- 
rated as well as the liadilional oiiidooi pi (i.;i .iiiis. 


E\en Florida l)ieL/cs Tail to dissuade ilu- dillii^tnt band as it perfects a roiiliiie. 

Gala beach parties relax a tired band 
and augment ever-deepening Florida 

The Red and White struts through 
Miami with spirited \ ictory tunes. 



Every campus has its Men of Distinction. 

Women too. 

Colloquially known as Big Wheels. 

Technically, they are the members 

of the numerous organizations on campus 

which honor students 

for scholarship, activities, 

outstanding contribution 

to life at Maryland. 

They wear the keys that are symbolic 

of extra work, extra hom^s, 

extra achievement. 

They are the students 

who have gotten the most out of being here. 

And their contributions 

help make more out of Maryland. 

For this we honor them. 


Mortar Board 

I uiiior woiiR'ii wiili a wi ord ol sc-r\ k i' and kacl- 
crshi[). and an oxci-all a\Liage ol 2.7 or above 
cadi year are selected as members ol Mortar 
l')oai(i. riiis lionoraiA . wliidi laps its members 
on Ma\ l)a\. is die highesl recogiiiiion iliat a 
Maryland locd (an receive. 

\ few ol die a( li\iiics this \car indudid die 
inauguraiion ol die lirsi Big .Sister program lor 
davdodging women. Mnms were also sold at 
Homecoming. .\ "Sniariy I'arly" was given for 
all Avomen students with a 3.2 over-all average 
lo sponsor leadership and scholarship. 

Htn Ixna Drini 
I)(>i()lli\ Dcliincx 
Bill hiiiii Dodd 
/ill) huxi lux I; 
llhcild (iicciihcig 
. I iiii'i ]n((jiirtl(' 
. I iiHii Kindi'iuigclos 
I'fih i( Ifi Killiiig.sjt'orlli 
I'lilvK Id King 
Rlica Mcniiflslriii 
Imlilh I'clciMiii 
Doiollix Williiniis 







Omicron Delta Kappa 

To become a ineniber of Oinicron Delta Kappa, 
a national men's leadership honor society, is the 
highest a^vard for men on campus. In order to 
be invited to become a member, a man must 
have sho^vn exceptional ability in some field of 
collegiate activity, he must possess high scholar- 

ship, character, initiative, and leadership 

Winter tapping is traditionally held at llie 
Omicron Delta Kappa banquet. Frequently, 
outstanding facility members are made honor- 
ary members. 

1 ii()\T \s sHiri I ^ i)A\iD si\(,i r I ()\ 


|i I I s srss\r \\ cHXRirs wkkxrh charlis wicktk 


Who's Who 

l.f:i(It'rshi|). s( li()l;irslii|). and 
scT\ i{ f to ilif ( i>niiiiiiiiil\ .11 1(1 
.school arr ihc (|ualilics winch 
represcni thosr < hosi'ii to 
]\'li()'s ll'lio . ImoiK^ Si )iilciils 
ill .1 merit III! Collcij^cs hikI 

Early in liic- .S|)iiii^ a (oni- 
iiiiuee ( oiiiposed oi sclcc led 
^iiukntsaiid lac ull\ iiicinhcis 
undertakes the ti-eiiKiidoiis 
task oi iioiniiiaiiiin ihirly 
(anipus leadeis lot' leco'^iii- 
lioii ill this honoraiy. 

An annual |iul)lic.uion 
sponsored 1)\ this soc iely 
lists ( olleL!,iale iiieinhc is, jire- 
sciuiii,^ inloinialion coii- 
ccrniii'.^ theii indixidnal ac- 
( oni|)lisliiiicnts. \s a lin ihei 
benelil. this |jui)lic at ion aids 
studc-iits in jol) plac eiiieiU 
hflore and alter '■! adiial ion. 

Brtirc Bcrlage 

llryhcrl Hrnhdlwr 
jfionic ('.(U roll 
liiirhin/i Dddil 
Eliza he ill I:hiuitljiell 
I'liul Erkcl 
lihcilii Crcciihcrg 
. I linn JiK (jiicl Ic 
Dull' fnn'is 
Woiilrll jnliiisoii 
Min\ .III nil Kiiiinangelos 
I'lih II III Killingsifiu ill 
I'inil / .iiiiiln lilt's 
I lii)iini\ Lfsi iilli't'l 
Rlii'ii Mn iiifhifni 
. I iiihi'Y Xittiloiiflis 
lint ml Pill It III lit) 
jiiililli Pfli'isini 
('.III nil- 1 I'liillijis 
Diii'iii Riiilini' 
I liiiillils Sliljilfx 
I )ii\iil Sniglflini 
Sanihd Siraulfi 
Bci'nh Sliihh.s 
I itlfs Siiwiiiiin 
Will III III ] Villi; rr 
C.liti ill's Wit luirtl 
C.litnlt's Wither 
C.ftilin Wootls 
Dinnlliy Willitinis 


t-iiit row, lefl to riglU: liarlxua Fiock: 15arl):iia Dodd; Frances Schoenberg; Dolores Gambino; Marlene Sandler; Carol Funk: l.\la- 
Norris Erb; Elaine Coover. Second row: Ann Myrd Rothcnhoefer; Dorothy Williams; Marelta Long; Rhea Mcrniclstein: Barbara 
Baker; [anics Reid. I'residcnt; Priscilla Pilgrim; Anne Wiederhold; Ann Russell; Joy Dobrovolny; Shirley Read. Third rnui: Phillip 
Moudou; Dax'id Murray; Bill Courtney; William Neal; Martin Burdick; Louis Isaacson; Franklin Hayden; Mich;icl Kudick; Jerry 
Cannin; I'aiil Imholl; [Mnics Pickett; William Zeleny; John Brehm; Larry DeShazer; James Simms; James Gouge; Jyri Kork. 




Dedication to the unity and democracy of edu- 
cation are the objectives of Phi Kappa Phi. 
Students in the upper tenth of those graduating 
in the senior class and from the graduate school 
are eligible. They are tapped in their senior 
year and continue the policy of stimulating 
scholarship. A one hiurdred dollar scholarship 
is presented to the gradtiating senior member 
with the highest average who is planning to con- 
tinue graduate work here. 


r> ^ 


Juil lira. /<(/ /() rifihl: Roncr (:ini\; Rulitil Johnson; Hiigli .Sigf;ins; I'ctc Ik-mcy; Charles Kirk. Sfioiid luw: 
C:harlcs Warner; Ahiii l.iithrin;inn; Joseph MiCann. Seciel;irs; I honias Murphy. President; Kniil .Skraliek, 
Iieasurei; Sam Wood; Richard Julen; Fred Winner. I'liiid row: Scolt Nissle\: Willi;ini Shuhnan; W.irren 
Honlo\an; Ri(h;iid Iliown; Howard Whilloik; Douglas Keeler; I)a\id Bernian; Rohert K;irns; Roberi 
M;ushc<k: Xiigil Marsh: laurcmc Holler; Miihael Welch; llurwell I'owell; lonis Isainson; l\er<-ll Wade 

Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Lambda 

.\ prolfssional Iralcrnily lor chemistry and 
( lu'inical ctigiiiccriiig majors on campus, .\lph.i 
Chi .Sigma's a(li\itics ran^c from panics and 
other ,so( ial I II IK I inns 1(1 1 he sponsoring of entcr- 
laining k( lures in iii;iu\ liclds ol science. High 
(III its lisi ol luiK lions is ilic h'atcrnil\'s prcscii 
lalion ol an award lo ihc graduating 
chemistry majoi or (hciiiical engineer ^^•ho has 
mainiained the hi''hesi scholarship. Memher 

shi|) 1 eijuii eiiienls nicludc a 
( heinisli'V. 

:..) a\eia''e in 

.Alpha I,ami)da Delia, .i ii.ii schnlasiic 
honoraiA'. laps liesimieii woiihii who have at- 
tained a .S.") scholastic axerage during tluii 
Ireshman \ear. The motto of the organi/ation is 
Intellectual Living", i heir pin is a miniaime 
re])resentation ol the lamed Lamp ol RnowL 
edge. Members are ac i i\ e lor one \ear onl\ . I he 
members sponsor vaiious social Imutions 
throughout the \ear. and also aid Mortar Hoard 
in llie sellinii ol Mums.ii I loiiu'c omiii'j. 

Fhsl row, lift lo right: Wviw Spanijlei ; Johainia Miiilin. luiisniei; M.n joile I'ersion. I'lesidenl; M.irjie (..lies. \i(e I'resideiU; Naiu\ 
.Sliced, .Serrclar\ ; Kay Sininions. Siioiiil rmr: .Meld:i Henrv; Kleanoi Mc\earr\: ShirlcN Simnis; Dorolln I hornlliuaile: Rulli (irecn 
lierg; Ndrina Reed; Rexanne Holfnian: F.llen Weinslein; [eaii I5ia\; N'ani\ lee Sn\der; Flcanor Rnss; \liee I.ove: Cviiihi;! I'iper 

First row, left to right: Richard l>a\is; |cisl|)Ii /.i|)c)in(_k\ ; C.i.niigL- Huitli; Rolnu I'.iikci, Ritli.iul Han 1111^1011; t.cDige Timmerman; 
Charles Pettit; Hubert Bohck: Hai\cv Ciilhert; John Ham. Second row: Nelson Kulda; Paul Laiiibrides; N. Nieminen; Donald Weber, 
Secretary; Sherwin F.strin, \'icc President; Oeorge Acree, President: Robert Hall. Treasurer; Robert Dalzell; Samuel Riddlcbarger; 
Iio\d Madai\; Carl English. Tliiril row: RaNniond Curtiss: Donald Clrecn; Hu7/ lirown; John Jarrett; Gilbert Petrina; David Foruiuil; 
Charlie Corder; Charlie Bowler; William Hollmeycr; Paid Fisher; Ronald Lvmi; .Mfredo Bravo; Leroy Browne; William Laban/; 
William Dorn; John Wright; Robert (JinUlu-r: Riciiard Juten; Paul Hower; Marvin Long. 

Arnold Air Society 

National Officers of Arnold Air Society 

The Arnold Air Society as an honorary society 
recognizes the outstanding advanced AF"ROTC 
cadets. The society's 'svorthwhile purposes in- 
clude promoting the Air Force as a means of 
National defense and ci'eating imity and cili- 
ciency among the AFROTC cadets. 

At the National Conclave in 19.55 cadets from 
Maryland were elected to all the National Offi- 
cer Positions of Arnold Air. During the year, 
officers have formulated the policy for the IGfi 
squadrons throughout the country. 

First roie. left to right: Paul Lambrides. National Executive 
Officer; Gilbert Petrina. National Commander; Donald Weber, 
National Information and Services Officer. Second row: Raymond 
Curtiss. National Operations Officer; William HofTme\er. Na- 
tional .Adjutant Recorder: Da\id Forward. National Comptroller. 




i » 

*!• t\ 

liisl iiiir, hit hi iiij^hl: DoimIcI \.i>.h; Rithaid Kli\; William nulling; Ronalil Fllis; DdiiaUl Whilin.iii; Hiiuanl Rch.uh; |cisi.'|)h Kelly; 
C.liflon Rail. Siioiiil i<);r: C;harlcs Cllagcll; RaMiuiiul Hollaiul; Roheit Rce<l\; Roualil SlicpU'i; llujjli Aiulicu. Ciaplain: Julia Mmidy. 
Coiiipaiiv Alltel: Ronalil Palmer. Ciommandinji Olliicr; Riiliaid DonnclK; I'hilip Shade: |ames .Sinder: Ban\ C.astrnck. Thinl row: 
William While: David Hodges; F.uj»eue Rowiiie: Kveietl .\Ioone\ham; Paul liicdman: Wallei Miller; Ronald Kicudci: Ridiard Raker; 
laias C'.harchalis: John Rippiiigale; Wa\ne Jersin; \oruon Hvsou. fointli loxc: William Maiek; Richard Mariin: (.leuu I.insen- 
ma\ci; Josepli .Sdnvarl/: I)a\id Rush; Kdward Reilly: Charles (ilcbas; Ihomas Kellv; Riuie (lallathei; Jim Quiqlcx; Cailei Dooley. 
Fifth iiiif: Rithanl l)a\is; )ack \o//o; Julian Willon; Richard .Single; .\hah ('.onle\ ; Robert Tice; Joel Sereboff; Richard Morgan; 
MiiM lUomlsworth; Nelson Dornv. 

Pershing Rifle Beta Alpha Psi 

Membership of the Naiional .Society ot Pershing 
Rilles is (hiefiy comijosed of fresliinen and 
so|)h<)niores who would be in basic RO'FC^ f)ut 
join Pershing Rilles to become more proHcienl 
in |)recision and trick drills. 1 he puipose ol 
Pushing Rilles is lo develop bellci un<lcisi;nul- 
ing ol llu' niililary iniliati\c and lc;idciship in 
the Al-RO i C;. 

The company iinnislus ilic oliu i;il (olor 
gnaid lor R()r(" Iniulions, ;dl home loolhall 
games ;nid parli( ipaics in \l ilil;n \ l)a\ cac li M;i\ . 

In I'J.SC) Hela .Mpha Psi ^\•as founded on the 
Maryland campus as a national accoimting 
honorary fraternity. To be eligible for member- 
ship a student must be a jiuiior with a 3..") mini- 
minn scholasiic average in accounting and ha\e 
a '5.0 oxerall average. He must also submit a 
one-thousand word research paper and pass a 
lour hour written examination. 

Beta Alpha Psi has served the l'ni\ersiiv bv 
i)ringiiig ouisumding men in accouniing lo the 
( ;imi)Us as sijcakers. 

/•in/ roil', /(■/( t(i liiilit: |(ii\ Mil'ikc; Kiiliaid I'li/cild jiiliMc (luni\, Iumsuui; llnlnil Wiikie. I'lisidtni ; Wood 
row Jenkins. Seiielar\; Mike Daskal.ikis; l)i, Howaiil Wiighl. \ iie Piesideiu; Michael Miller. S'crom/ loie: |anies Phlll; 
Mi<li;iel Sullivan; Russell Davis; llliiidge lluilbut; Ridiaiil Rowell; Rolieii i'eais'.ui; I'aiil Ciiliis; i'cler Ciillis: 

Cli.iuiiii'x llcisbeig; C:<iMl\ri Xiil.iinl, |.iiiii s I'likiii; |iiM|ili Kiihiuski, 

Beta Gamma 

The Alpha chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was 
established at the University of Maryland in 

Men and women students in the field of busi- 
ness administration are re^varded for their char- 
acter and high scholarship with membership in 
this national honorary. 

The promotion and advancement of educa- 
tion ill the arts and sciences of business is one 
(A the purposes of this society. Members also 
strive to impro\'e the conduct of business opera- 

First mu>, left tn ligltl: Richard Petzold; Prof. James Reid; Dr. 
Allan Fisher; James Pickcit. Seroncl row: Michael Sullivan; John 
Cherrik: Elbridge Hurlbuf. 

Delta Sigma Pi 

Delta Sigma Pi. a national business fraternity for 
men, was established on the Maryland campus 
in 1950. Its high aims are to encourage scholar- 
ship, to provide social activity and mutual ad- 
vancements for its members. 

The activities of the Gamma Sigma chapter 
include monthly professional dinners with guest 
speakers from business or government. The 
chapter also holds an annual foimders day ban- 
cjuet, a biennial formal initiation dance and 
various other social and professional functions. 

First row, left to right: Richard Baradel; Mike Daskalakis; Cius Liakos; Ronald Fouiuaiiie; Robert Coiise; William Hahn; Ben Hill. 
Second roxv: Boyd Madary: Dr. Allan Cook, Advisor; Richard Furney. Vice President; John Cherrix, President; Ted Metzler, Vice 
President; Robert Harrison. Treasnrei; John Cialiardo; Joseph Kotowski. Secretary. Third roiv: William Cwiek; Chauncey Hersberg; 
.Mexander Tnrnbtill; Stanley Calloway; Wallace Downey; Walter Beatichamp; Richard Watt; C^harles Bovnton; William Bryant; 
Walter Fadeley; Carroll Kite; Bob Yager; Shainion Cline; Sam Forsht. 

r -'f*. V 1- :V «t i; V < 

|!S8*i t^\ 

P f!BpP 31 

//j\/ iii;f. Icfl III riiilil: IstlKT Rtid: Bol)l)ic Dean; Hcililiit- DotUi: Rheila (JifCiibcis: Ann Andrews; Mary Hoslctllcr. Second roic: 
kale Williams; liaiikie Siiioenherj;; I"\cl\n Biiilnick: Klaine l-.cser\. Treasurer; Marts Jackson. President; Nanrv Anirini. Sceretarx: Spieinian; Iiail);ii;i Stephens; Rita Soloinou it/; Joy Cosgrine. Third mjc; Ilarhara Kio<k; I'aid;i Salganik; Maigie Hoone; Carol 
Lake; l-.llen (Larson; |();in C.astela/n: Shiilcy Matthews; lloreiue Hiscr; Fa\c Canter; Ddtix Williams; Joyce Sehacfer; I-ileen Urown. 


Soioritv wonicn who have made outsiaiuling 
coiilributions lo ilieir iiulixichial i^roups. have 
junior slaiuling and ha\c niainlained an overall 
average of 2.3 are tajjped by Diamond semiannu- 
ally in ihe fall and at ihc .Spring Interiralernity 
sing. Each .sorority can select those women Irom 
its membership every year. 

During the past year the members ushered for 
the ODR men's fashion show, University theater 
productions, concerts, and other service projects 
tor ihc I Diversity. 

Pi Alpiia Xi 

Pi Alpha Xi, a national honorary composed ol 
students majoring in Kloric uliurc inul Orna 
mental Horiit uliurc. was established at the Uni- 
versity of Maryland in 1919. Qualilication for 
membership is based entirely upon .i high 
scholastic average. 

The activities of this group include regtilar 
meetings, some of which arc open to the jjidjlic. 
featming oiustantling speakers. This year an 
expert from the Department of Agriculture pre- 
sentcil a t;dk al)out his nip lo tlie Orient. 

First row, left to rij^lit: Conra<l Link. Advisor; Daniel Dorscv. Secretary; Robert Grant. President; David Tag. \'ice President; 
Hariiko Ishiyania; Anna Hemming. Srrond row: Tom Calioon; Wallv Harden; William Hash; Richard Mollett; Bernard MagN;unen: 
Barry Carr; )ohn Vmhcrson: Harold f.reen. 

Kappa Kappa Psi 

Kappa Kappa Psi, a national music honorary, 
recently established a chapter on the Maryland 
campus in 1955. This honorary recognizes men 
students ^vho have sho\\'n outstanding participa- 
tion in the University Band. The ptn-pose is to 
assist the director and student oHicers of the Band 
and to promote interest in this organization. 


l-irsi iniu, left to right: Austin Rhoads, Treasurer; Albert Tase, Vice Presi- 
dent: Robert Dreclisler, President; Gerald Hammond. Secretary. Second row: 
Robert Benner; Wilfred Frochlich; Russell Uavis; Bob Karns; James Cleve- 
land; Fom Shipley; Tom Fugate. 

National Collegiate Players 

The National Collegiate Players recognize the 
very best in the various phases of Uni\ersity 
Theater and honor them ^\'ith membership in 
their society. To become a member, besides 
being top notch in some phase of the theater, a 

student must also have a 2.0 scholastic average. 
In this organization members work to gain ex- 
perience and recognition. The Maryland chap- 
ter was established in 1947, with many NCP 
alumni having achieved professional success. 

first rOii'. left In rii^ht: Carole 
Chaimson; Pin His Samuelson; 
Rhea Mermclslcin, Secretarv. 
Rila Greenberg, President; 
Dave .Singleton. Vice Presi- 
dent; Laurie Sollish; Sam 

■irsl row, left to ne,hl: Martha Lonj;. lieasurer: Dorothy Williams. President; Barbara Dodd, Vice President, \ irgiiiia Cough. Secrc- 
arv. Second row: Ami Rolhenhoclcr: Jcaii WelnK; Icamie Fiaiitz: Charles McKcowii: Jane Crow, \(lvisor; Nirjjhiia Hollowa\: Ruth r.nsor. 


I arv 

Omicron Nu 

The honor society of Home Economics, Omicron 

Nil, ciKouraji;es leadersliip, sc holaishi]) and rc- 
.scarch, .Membership is linnicd lo ilic l()|) |)cr- 
ccnt of the senior class and the top twelve per- 
cent of the junior class. The outstanding coeds 
are tapped twice a year either in the classroom or 
at leas given lor this pmpose. A banc]uct is given 
in honor of new members after spring initiation. 

Pi Delta Epsilon 

Pi Delta Epsilon, a naiional fiaierniu, litMiors 
students who have made outstanding c()niril)u 
tions to the field of journalism. To become a 
member, a student must be a junior who has 
given exceptional service toward a publication 
for two years or held a major position on a publi- 
cation staff for two semesters. 

This year a social was sponsored by Pi Delt to 
introduce members of all publication stalls to 
tile new Public atioiis ("lonmiitiec. 

First row, left lo right: Hal lliiulcil: liiihlie llickford; |caii Spencer: Aii(lir\ Nudloudis; .Adele Chidakel; Barliara Dodd; Terry 
Einswcller. Second row: Bill Hollaiid; Ntal Diitgin; Dick Park; Jim (.aiiit\: \ ii Holm. President; Har\e\ Casliarl;in, \'icc Presldcnl; 
Boh Cidin; Bob Beighlol; Stan Harrison; George Barthel. 

First roil', left to rigid: Fieil Mailiii. I'lesideiu; kcimclh rmiiei. \'ite Presicleiu; Maigavet I'owell. Secietaiv 1 rcas- 
iirer; Dr. Warren Johnson, Advisor: F.leanor Janiszeuski. Second row: Betty Ives; Annette Dapp; Dorothy Hamberg; 
Flossv Clapham; F.llen Ferguson; Mary Lncas; I'enny Wood; Dorothv Donovan. 

Phi Alpha Epsilon i.s a honorary organization 
for the College of Physical Education, Recrea- 
tion, Health and Physical Therapy. To be eligi- 
ble for membership a Jimior student must have 
a 2.7 overall scholastic average and a 3.1 average 
in his major. Also he or she mtist have an objec- 
tive rating approval faom the staff and factilty, as 
^vell as from the members of the honorary. 

Meetings with guest speakers are often open 
to the entire college. 

Psi Chi 

The national psychology honorary Psi Chi ^vas 
established on the Maryland camptis in 1955. 
This society is open to psychology students ^vho 
have shoAvn outstanding achievement in their 
scholarship and to graduates and factdty mem- 

The ptirpose of Psi Chi is For the ad\'ance- 
ment of psychology as a science and to give 
further edticational benefits to members. 

Group projects and addresses by gtiest speak- 
ers during the year are the main activities. 

Phi Alpha 

First row, left to right: Phit Welsh, Treasurer; 
Homer Figler. President; Ross Sherman. Faculty 
Advisor; Richard Gonzalez; Frederick Cohen; 
Janet Baldwin; John Lesser; Forrest Fryer. 

Sigma Alpha Omicron 

Hnl row, left lo n^j^ld. M.ii\ Ai lIl^UlJl ili\ ; .N.iia\ Ki.ll\. Allelic Friciliium; Grelchcti Click. Secuiul ton-: John Moiclli; M;ii\ Rust;; 
Hilda Willis: Aivev Sanders; Patricia Herbert: Thomas Cook. 

Sigma Al|jha Oiniiion, a professional Bacteri- 
ology society, was louiulcd on the Marylaiul 
campus in \[)'I!'i. .McnilKisliip rt(|uircincnts in- 
clude junior or senior slandin^ with a L'.'i 
overall academic a\erage. .Studcius nuisi also 
lia\e t()ni])lcled a mininuun oi iwche cicdus in 
Ijat lei iolo^) courses. 

Because of a season o I uluu snowl.ills, ,i iiuni- 
Ijcr ot appoinlnicnis lor pic unes liad lo l)c- can 
celed and c onscciucniK ilic following meinhevs 

who arc noi shown in ihc .d)o\c pic lure liope 
nexi year liolds more siarrv and snow-tree eve- 
nings: Joan .\dains; Mary Armsworthy, Secre- 
iiiv: Robert Brauni)er: Martin namu/: Hilda 
('hn; Aim ('ook: Marv Fdson: l)i;mc l\.nis: 
|aii!cs laulkc-; I'aii ic ia 1 it rl)cri. \'ic c ricsidcnt ; 
Dr. Norman I.allci. lac iih\ \d\ isor; Al\ in 
I.a/cn; \lai\ Mackiniosh; (.iculun \Iaiiews, 
I'lcsidcnl; \'iii;inia Miles: Bail)ai,i Milkr: Josc- 
ijlnnc Owens: Rii;i Sho\\alicr; \l\ion Wuiget. 

I oo 

/■(is/ (Oil', /('// to right: Steve Kolumban; Kenneth Krach; Jerry Hartdagen, President; Barry Wiseman, Secretary; Jerry Schlimm, 
I'resident; I'at Duvall, Secretary; Kate Waters; Marilyn Hess. Second row: Katherine Duckett; Audrey Boyer; Kathryn Nimmo; 
Anne Cannon; Marylyn Bmns; Roberta Haber; Marilyn Jarvis, Historian. 

Phi Chi Theta Phi Eta Si^ma 

Phi Clhi TheLa, a national Business Women's 
Professional Fraternity, was established at the 
University of Maryland in 195,'). Sttidents are 
tapped for membership on the basis of leader- 
ship, college average and capabilities. 

The piupose of Phi Chi Theta is to promote 
the catise of higher business education and train- 
ing for -ivomen, and to foster high ideals for 
Vvomen in btisiness careers. 

Activities included outside speakers and joint 
meetings with the Washington alumnae. 

Phi Eta Sigma, a scholastic honorary for fresh- 
men men, acts as a service organization for the 
University and encoiuages high scholarship for 
all. A member remains active in Phi Eta Sigma 
throughout his entire college career and may be 
recognized by his gold key. 

The organization sponsors the Studenl- 
Factilty coffee hoius, distribiues pamphlets on 
ho^v to sttidy to freshmen and holds social func- 
tions with Alpha Lambda Delta, fieshmen 
women's scholastic honorary. 

First row, left to rigfit: Steve Kolinnban; Kenneth Krach; Jerry Hartdagen, President; Barry Wiseman, Secretary; Jerry Schlimm. 
Treasurer; Donald Da\is. Second row: John Gentry; Donald Boyle; John Talcott; Raymond Mulligan; Terrell HoUiday; Anihonv 
Schmid. )r.; Norman Roland; Willott Saxberg. 

tiiil tuw, left lu lijil'l: jolui ll.iics: l.air\ l.aikiii; Cliailcs Johnson. I'lcsklciu; Uonalil Wilxi. liisl Spi.: Donald Monlano; Ciliailis 
Bowler. Second roir: Ruiz Biown; Ra\ Ciiiiiss; I.airy Loikwooil; |anics I'litl; William Noah Janus Hiowtr. Robert Hciincrl; GIIIkmi 

Scabbard and 

Fir\l row.UfI to riglil: Sall\ Riihiii; | K.<llci man. I'lcsiilpnl; 
I'alrlcia (.arncr: .Xndrieniie Abk-inan. Srroiiil loir: \Ial^ll,l 
Oslirinc; jane l-.blf. .Man (ilick; Hainia IVlriisliansky. 


r^ o 


MLnil)Lis ol .S(al)l);ml and Blai If are selected for 
their oulslamlini; kadi rsln|), LllKiLiiiA. loNalty 
and ltll()\\slii|). This, the highest niilitary honor- 
ary on cain|)iis. was oigani/ed at Maryland in 
1922. lis purposr is to Inrthcr the military 
adixilies ol ihi' iiiihiar\ dcpaniiiciii on llie 
(ani|nis. Mcinhn s lot the next year are selected 
at an annually organi/ed drill program. 

.Vctivities ol Seahbard and Blade inehules its 
sponsorship of the Military Hall, and the presen- 
tation ol a wicath at the romi) ol tiu' I'nknown 

Sigma Alpha Eta 

Sigma .\lpiia Kta, a Speeili and Hearing .Society, 
was established on the Maryland campus in 
l*.l.").S. Speed) |).ithology majors aspiring lor 
memi)ershi|) must lia\e a 2.r» o\erall and a .S.O 
a\erage in thiir m.ijor. 

Dm inn 'hi ve.ii the society iias aided Prince 
deorge's C'onnix with the (ai|)p!e ( 'liildreii's 
dri\e to raisi Imuis. |(iini iiuit in'.^s witli other 
( iiihs wei e also p.iM ol tliiii piogi.nus. 


Fi)sl low. hit In lie,!!!: William Kenncih: Ricluiid Tolh; Cliailes Witkard; Joseph Honick; Or. Carter Bryan; William McDonald: 
Donald Benson; Donald Ikirkholder. SccdiiiI row: James Smith; Joseph Bvrne; Harold I.aiilh; John Travieso; F.duard Bo\er; Kd\v;ird 
Gantt; Samnel Riddlebarger; Michael Ciiocondo. fhiid roic: Jesse Friedman; Jerome Jeweler; Karle Faick; Ralph C;rosl)\ ; Kduard 
Hcvman; John Shinholser; Dietrich Smith; Bnrton Borort; Prof. Alfred Danegger. Fotirlh row: Gerard Hiuley; Edgar Davis; George 
Cloggin: Matthew Booker; Thomas Mullin; John Collins; Harold Burdett; William Redman. 

Sigma Delta Chi Tau Beta Pi 

The professional Journalism fraternity for men, 
Sigma Delta Chi, each year recognizes outstand- 
ing Maryland students and graduates. Above 
average in their scholastic ^vork, members 
strive for high standards in the field of journal- 

This year, Sigma Delta Chi has published the 
Alumni News as well as playing hosts at the 
Publications booth at the Centennial. 

Twice a year, Tau Beta Pi taps outstanding 
undergraduate;, m the College of Engineering. 
The national honorary engineering fraternity 
considers only those \\'ho ha\'e attained a high 
scholastic average and ^vho ha\'e been active in 
campus activities. Juniors with a 3.0 overall are 
eligible. Students who have showai exceptional 
ability are taken in diuing the fall semester of 
their junior year as "honor juniors." 

F/)-.W row. Irfl lo riahi: Lawrence O'Neill; Russell Allen, Advisor; James Gouge. President; Martin Burdick. Vice President: Lawrence 
Hodgins, Advisor; ' Jides Snssnian, Secretary. Second row: Kric Khu; John Tomasello; David Minray; Jyri Kork; Bergen Brown; 
Kciuiclh How:nd; Robert Hurlbrink, Treasurer. 



Basically, a university 

is an institution of higher learning. 

The library, the professors, the bookstores, 

the students— 

these are the focal points. 

Progress in research and experimentation 

is basic. 

Beneath all the activities and excitement 

these things make Maryland a university. 

More and more the academic aspect 

of the university is being stressed. 

And as the excitement of academic growth 


the University is making 

an ever-growing contribution 

to the intellectual life of the state 

and the country. 


Froiii ilic Aniioiy i'> ilic Ixmlcvaril — (li:isiiii; a 

N'oi iuiiil)li(l woids bill ilic plionciif 
al|)lKil)il is used lo li'sl ditiioii in ilic 
tainpiis ( liiiii. 

Into the Classroom . . . 

students follow their search for knowledge 


mv lc\ 

\^ao o)l:>a 

New careers are begun in a cultural vein as future Cellinis sculpt a 


Irowth through educational experiences — this the University of 
Maryland has in common with all of the other institutions of higher learning 
throughout the world. With the merger of the Maryland Medical College and 
the Maryland Agricultural College in 1920 the University of Maryland was 
born, and today it extends many miles around the world into five of the seven 

Here on the College Park campus nine colleges have arisen from a strong 
and rich heritage of one hundred years. 


Francis Scoit Kc\ Ihill 
College of Alls and Scioirc.s 



rom a modest number of 49 students in 1918, the College of Arts and 
Sciences has soared to an enrollment of over 2400 students. To provide its grad- 
uates with a liberal education which will enable them to deal intelligently with 
all problems that will confront them is the main objective of this college. 

A few deft strokes of the brush bring a life-like (jualiiv to ran\nsses in ilie (rcati\e painting class. 


Deafi of the College of Arts and Sciences 

College of 

Arts and Sciences 

Freshmen gain new insight into the city 
government from a G and P instructor. 

Many heated hoius are spent over bunsen burners in the Chemistry laboratory to obser\e proven chemical reactions. 

le* pij 

4. J 

1 ,lll.ik-lln ILill 

College of Business (iiid 
Piihlii AdtninislralidU 

|. I ri;i:m \.\ i'm.k 

l>i nil III the (.'.iillc'^e 

iij liiisi iii^s mill 

I'll hill III III I iiisti iilinii 

College of Business and 

Public Administration 

M:mi|)Ml:iiini; ilic k(\ Ijoiiids ol xarioiis marhincs. those siuikiiis ])H])arc to trade tlassrooiiis Im hiisiiuss dIIkcs. 




\ »: - ^-^i ^ S- 

Statistics becoinc less ol a iiiystciy ami more ol a possibiliiv lo those- who knoAV the mastic t(Jiicli ol the cakiilatoi. 


ith the budding of the College of Commerce and Business Admin- 
istration in 1923 as a result of needs realized in this field after World War I, our 
present college of Business and Public Administration was finally created in 1942. 
This college represents the largest of the University's professional schools. 

That extra speed and a((^l^a(^' oaiiicd through typing class drills will mean better positions alter graduation. 

College of Education 

Skinner Building 

College of Education 

i.on c (liK at ion class pi o\cs that gTou|) ])lamiiiit;( uaics infoi niati\c- atmosphere. 

Inchisirial F.chiration j)ro\os thai it is kec])ing with the times as it displavs mndeiii mrihods ol icachii 


Dean of tlw College of Education 

After years of continuous struggle to establish a program for the training of 
teachers, the College of Education became a reality in 1920. As the years passed, 
this college added to its academic offerings and instituted new services to the 
state. Through earnest endeavors they have kept pace with the ever advancing 
frontiers of education. 

Eager little fingers show true self-expression is not merely confined to oil paintings of the old masters. 

College of 

DriD) II j I he College 
of /'.ugiiirering 

Culling ;iiul heiulinj; inciallic 
slic'ils ail- llic tasks at hand. 

I lit- stion<;isi iiKials an sliapcil to ilic dcsiicd lorms l)v imiicaic madiiiRs iiiaiiiu'd l)v aspiiinj; ciigiiiccTS. 

Two stiiclcnts attenijji to regulate ami record lrei|iieiuies iviih ihe use ol an oscilloscope and oilici iiisii ini\enls. 

The College of Engineering has its roots in the first curriculum offered by the 
Maryland Agricultural College in 1859. From a small, one-man beginning, the 
college has grown to embrace five accredited departments. As a result of his 
sincere interest, Glenn L, Martin has donated towards the present four spacious 
buildings which house this college. 

Stress and tension are checked 
today by the newest devices. 

Engineering Building 
College of Engineeriyig 

College of 
Home Economics 


Dean of the C.ullcgr oj Home Economics 

The Act of 1916 expanding the Maryland State College of Agriculture to include 
coeds paved the way for the establishment of the College of Home Economics. 
From one curriculum in 1918 and only a few students, this college has advanced 
to include over 500 students majoring in nine varied and related fields of Home 

li liKilic Idiiii hut will ii III ihci;iil.' I Ik'sc chess tksi^iRis liDpc so as iln-y stsinli Idi Dioi's sidci of fashion. 






Spring house cleaning goes on daily at the practice house designed for girls to meet ihe problems ul housekeeping. 

A window display on campus may be 
seen by downtown shoppers some day. 

Margaret Brent Hall 
Collegf of Home Economics 

College of Special and 
Continuation Studies 


Drau of the 

College of Special (Did 

Ciiiillninilimi SI II (lies 

With the creation of the College of Special and Continuation Studies in 1947, the 
number of the University's colleges and schools rose to fifteen. The Overseas 
Program has expanded to include over 13,000 students. This college provides 
higher educational opportunities to students throughout the world. 

Milii.iiv pi'i'sDiiiu'I sit;n up 
loi i\ll;i lioiiis ;in(l Ixxiks 
in I '. ol M .11 ilir I'l iiuinoii. 

College of 
Military Science 


Dean of the College of 
Military Scieure 

Quite a change has taken place for the boys in blue since the days of the Mary- 
land Agricultural College of 1 8 5 6. Graduates in the curricula of Military AflFairs 
or Military Science now receive B.S. degrees as well as their commissions in the 
Air Force. 

The poiiucT sliu^vs Alaska, once "Seward's Folly", is toiisidcrcil a sUategit air locale. 

I , mi; I"":" 



Uniii oj I he College of I'hyiical Education, 
Rrcrration and Health 

College of 
Physical Education, 
and Health 

Students who desired to major in Physical Education were enrolled in the Col- 
lege of Education prior to 1949. Since that date a separate college has existed 
which today offers a diversity of curricula ranging from a program of required 
courses to physical therapy. 

Sliuleni .\(ii\ili('s Iiuil(lin.i; 
CnUriic of I'hysidd i.dnca- 
tioii. l{ri)i<ilion iind llriillh 

"Come on. drop through!! . . . 
Whew!! . . . Those varsity players 
make it look so easy!" 

The girls are learning that the 
graceful movements of modern 
dance "don't come easy either." 

Getting the ball o\er the net is 
imjjortant. of course, but it's 
really "teamwork" that counts. 

(.()RI)()\ M. CAIRNS 

l)(iiii (ij llic College 
"/ . ti:,) i( nil me 


.he academic story begins with the development of the Maryland 
Agricultural College in 18 56. One hundred years of progressive planning has 
established practices which have contributed invaluable information to this ever 
changing industry — Agriculture. Today, this college symbolizes ad\'ancement 
and development in the state. 

I'.Mii lowl lircDiiic x\( iL;lil ( (iiis( ions :is ;i |K)||Iii\ lali woikci iii.ikfs piiiodii (lucks on ilicl iisulls 

College of Agriculture 

Symons Hall 
College of Agriculture 

Dairy science students learn 
techniques of making America's 
favorite dessert — ice cream. 

^/ ...lii 

Blue ribbons for these lal and 
healthy hogs is the ]jrediction of 
atlniiring would-ijc judges. 




Sometimes it gets to be too much. 

One more meeting, one more set of minutes 

to be typed, or people to be called, or 

agendas to be planned, 

and you feel you'll be ready to call it quits. 

Somehow you never do. 

And the backdrops get painted, and 

it snows the weekend 

of the ski club trip, 

and a record crowd shows up 

for the student chamber music concert. 

Each group working, each organization, 

provides a place for someone's 


And the record of their activities 

is very much a part 

of the whole that is this university. 

ACCOL'N I IN(. (It li lii^i ,()!(•. Irjl In niihl: RusmII D.ivi--; |iihM (;liciii\: |;i(k lull/: Kliiicr \niiigioii; CluiaiKC-v Her/berg. 
Siroiid loir; Rohiii lUiiiui; |()sc-|)li Kolo^ski; I'rcMoii liislcv; Mkliacl Daskalakis. \ i<c I'lcviiltiii; jdhii Wagiur. I'rcsidcnl: Robcrl 
CfMik; Howaril Wii'-lil. \(hiM)i: Robert I'caison. Third rmr: William Robertson: joliii Reiiili:iiil: Cli:iil(s S»eeiic\; Ronald 
Koiiniaiiie; [aines lUsl : WilliiiiN K|>e\: llumloic l(e( kci : \\:illci Kirk: Vinold I'iiutiv: (.ilbcil Dilkiuki hi , 

Campus Calculators 

accounting club learns how to apply principles 

Financiers of Farming 

agricultural economists analyze business angle 

\(.kl( I 1 I I Kl 1(()\()\I1(S (11 II. //M/ )i>,r. hil In ii'^hl: link Welinu: (laiiiiic Rieilei ; Lawience I'lillen: Rolieil Minoi. 
Seciiiul xni-: (.baias; I'aiil I'ollcnberger. Advisoi; |amcs roiintaiii. I'residenl; |iiliiis ). Csorba. Scrrelar\; Ri(b:nil Corrigan. 

Iicasurer: Woodrou (.reenwood. Tliird riiw: jidio Crisiiddo: liiiice Mann:irelli: Jobn Ia\loi; Jobii (.Inn; I-rcdcriik (.ra\: Karl 
Millei: l)i>M:dd Hiiikcll: 1. lines I'cleis. 


Future Agrarian Leaders Assemble 

ag council coordinates activities in the college of agriculture 

AGRICULTURAL STLtDENT COUNCIL. First roi,i, /,/( to right: Robert Parker; Ronald Jones, President; James Smith, Secretary; 
Mac Remsberg, \'ice President. Second row: Richard Wellon; Ronald Wade; Joe Zoller. 



r n ^ 


\l I'llA I'HI OMIX.A. fir\l rinc, left to right: Charles Graf: Ra\iiuiiid Hi)llaiul: Hill MacDonakl: 1 homas Hiiisoii; Jim Scanlan: 
Mari.ckiala Satisli: I)a\iil Kai}pc. Second rnu': Ted Melzler: Kd Rcillv; Ritluud I'restoii: Marchal Fuller. \'ice President: Dennis 
I elilanc. President; (iene Kovateli. Treasincr: MidiacI Palchan. .Secretar\; Peter Ker/el. Third row: Michael Welch; John laUoll; 
Patrick Rvan: l)a\id Schiebel: Wendell Redmond; Hriuc Mohn; Francis Palms: Lee Roper; Max Ride; C;harles Wise; Patrick 
Mihiiiis; Call HoIImkhi: Warren Hrockell: P:inl Wel)lHi; lliomas Delanev. 

Willingly They Serve 

APO sponsors book store and 'ugly man' contest 

Tune Sets to W3EAX 

amateur radio enthusiasts broadcast in old gym 

AM \ I 11 R RADIO W:!1-,A\. /'ir^l row. Irfl lo right: Carl liernliaidl . Treasiuer; Vnion I lioiii. \ ice Presidenl: Jim Cioiige. Piesident; 

)o\ l)(il)i(>M)ln\ . Se(iel;ir\; William Hook. Second nnr: Kil«;iiil ( \iiniiM \lillii; Roli.-ii Sniilh; Niilo \ieminen. .\thisor: 

Staide\ ll;irrell; Pete Maitine/: I'd Kiidiarski; Don Whiting. 


AMERICAN INSTITITK OF C;HKMK:AL ENGINEKKS. First roif. left to rii:,!!!: Roser Ciiirv; Tyler Hailsing: Cciald Xcikirk; 
Louis Hack; Fred Witmer; William Shulniaii. Second roiv: Charles Warner; John Bobik; Michael Welsh, Secretar); Janice Kelly. Presi- 
dent; Robert Marsheck, Ireasiner: Lawrence Holter, \'ice President: John Soltis; Ralph Elliott. Third row: Shui Toiig Hiii; Robert 
O'Hara; Robert Johnson; John Garpstas; Richaid Mills; James Widenm\er; David Berman; Bob Karns; Pete Berney. Edward .\dams; 
Edwin Maiist: .Sam Wood; \'irgil Marsh; Hugh Siggins. 

Test Tubes Unlimited 

chem engineers become familiar with their field 

Making the Sparks Fly 

AIEEIRE relates electrical and radio engineering 

Donald \Villim; Bergen Brown; Philip Dickinson; Gilbert Flcisher: James Wh\l)rew; Hassan Cihandoiir; Charles Crickman. Second 
r(jw: Glemi Skaggs; H. W. Price; |ides .Siissman; )im Cioiige. Joint Chaiiman; Thomas Li; .Stephen \()iich; L. J. Hodgins; Stan Hames; 
William Headrick; Eric Rlni. Tliirii row: Donalil C^arruth; Robert Maitel; keinielh Howard. Jr.; CicrakI Friedman; Lawrence O'Neil. 
\'icc I'resident; ^'nng Ming Chen; Robert Smith; Walter Marable; Riihard Smith: Carl Koch: ,\llan Lowe; Marcus Uhler; Martin 
.Segal: Ridiard ( astle. Ircasiirci ; Flank Fialkawski. 

AMIRICiAN Rl'.l) t;RO.S.S. Hut row, /<■// lu tight: ticaiior Hardy; licllie Kiibaiik: IslImi I.iiiionoll; I'aliiiia Ciimiicc-K; I'aliiiia 
I'inMiall: Jail Sltiiiinillcr; liaibaia Black. Second roiv: I'.llcii Adams; Joan I.udcwi^; Helen Si. Julin: PaU\ .Myers; Florence Hisei. 
I'lesidenl; .Maiy C;laiie Harrison; Barbara liaker; Beth Me/cy; F.thcl Gardner; Medora C.ra\cs. Third row: Marcia Ruelilei; 
jancl Ciirliss; Karen Kiel/; Rnih Hotlinian; Barbara .Mk; Joan Lc Beau; Caroline Cricker; Betty May O'Brien; Nancy Joy; Babs I'ike; 
I'Inllis liiriici; SliiiU\ C.orkraii: I'.ii Hovis. 

For the Sake of Charity 

red cross holds blood drives and entertains 

Surveying the Future 

engineering developments are studied by ASCE 

AMERICAN .SOCII IV OF (:i\II. K\GINF:KRS. Firsl row. Ifft lo ritilit: I lioiiias Monn; Imm.iii Fiasiei; I.lo\d Reed: J.iims Mcl.ill; 
Al Spinel; .Mfied Siiii|jsciii; |(]lin /.aniostnv; \'in<enl Kii;ik};'>; \Villi;iiii Bi/n/ouski; Slii.iil Anderson. Sfaiml kjii.' I'liili|> Moiidoii; 
Rnn;ild \\'eisj;ei liei ; Ridiaid I.awrie; Nelson Kiild:i. I'lesidenl; Freileiick Slepheiis. \i<e I'lesidenl; (iieio Meniles: Bn// Fiillei: (.erald 
Sililiimii. lUMsmei; |o;in l;iile. Se(ietai\; [esse leailiei; Roheil Siiiii; linn: \ andeuk Hasseiipeliei . I hint n>;r. Wallei 
I'ei/old: Kiloli Kninlil: Ridiaid Price; |olni InsNiii)"; Si;in Simmons: Fiedeiick Bollliorsl; Rubinsiein; James Maniol; Robeil 
\Iillei; Russell l);nis: l';iiil .Manoiikian: (.eoige B;irnes; |ose \endiell; Frederick Rojjeis; Roilnev Revla. l-otirth row: l-nieii<k loth; 
Briue Robison; Kenneth Iroxell; l)a\id Mniias; Stanley (ircen; James Willson; |;uk Flo\d; |iiiiiin Noland; |.iiiiis \iiii: Mollis 
Ruiill; I ni;eiie Stalllngs; I errell Hollid;i\; I);nid McFvos; U'Ninan Williams, 

AMl.RICA.V SOCllKTY OF MI-.CHANICAL KNC.INKKR.S. fifsl row. It'll l,i lii^lil: liuloicl Kcnneih; Joliii Waldo; Gait Boueii; John 
lomasello: (;eoige Coibin; Douglas Davis. St'iand row: David Spangenbeig: Bmliaii Hakioglii; Waller Kser; John Klein, Treasurer; 
Dennis Hanley. President; Addison Eyier, Advisor; Frank Picha; Donald Berlaii; Clarence Reynolds. Third row: Melvin Glaeser; 
George Rank: William Labanz; George limiuerniaii; Gordon Greenspun; Warner Hord; John Harrison; Kruce Duncan: Donald 
\'itale; James Warner; F^dward Morrison; Lyndon Cox; Clyde Tharpe; Leo Pearson; William Walke. 

Masters of Mechanics 

mechanical engineers hear panel discussions 

Grounded Girls in Blue 

ROTC squadrons sponsor coed in angel flight 

ANGEL FLIGHT. First rou\ lejl lo right: .Sally Tolson; Barbara Bums; Gale Perr\ ; Belty Laisen. President; Sibyl RIak; Evelyn 
Rauch. Second row: Tina Fragale; Jeanne Roy; Eleanor Hardy; Ga)le Minion; Marjorie Jones; |aLi|neliiie DuMars. Third row: Diane 
Sanders; Betty Moore; Toni Frv: Ruth Peterson; Doroth\ linslev; Nancy Smith; Leslev Neuinan; tiaroi Isaacson, fourth nnc: SalK 
Smith; Lois Lindgren; Joy .McGuire; Bels\ Crowell; Joanie Hubbell; .\Iickev Scullv; \'i Furman: Julia Moodv; Kalli\ Mooie: |uliet 
Elliot; .^dele Sparkes; Pat Kelle\; |une Riddle; Captain Maurice Ciibson. 

^ f^ r^ vrn o 

1^ r\ 



AQl'ALIN'KRS. First row, left lo ri^lil: Howard Hciieson: lid K\U-; I rank Laj;iia; \ \l.i//iil 
r<nr: Shirlev Rush; Carole Gcmenv; Mary Riii;^: Scarlclt \i)iis; Saia W citilx'rg: Helen Mm (ocik; M 
Helix Cair: ilavliara I liomsen: \i I'uniiaii. 'I'liiiil xnr: Nan<\ Hoiisioii: Joan Drake: Maillia Miiellei: 
ShiileN Sinnns; MarsUn Unrr: Amelia I lioinas: Marion Miller; Nanivlee R.iulinus; liinkv \are\. 
\nne Dill; I'.il Diesser: |oan Sloj;nei ; (.lori;i l'i;ilesi: Rnlh WMie; Ka\ Sinnnnns; Aliie !.o\c; M.iil 

Underwater Rhythms 

aqualiners swim in their yearly spring show 

.1: H.ii I is<»n I 
ar\ I leanoi ( 

Kllen Kirhv ; 

l-tnirlh loif: 
\ I'ein; |ean 

.i\ iiif^stone. Second 
(lok; Anila Sea ton; 
Barbara Anderson; 

I'alii<i;i I'allisicr; 

I del: (.ail Smilli. 

Keen Eyed Cattle Judges 

livestock contests are held by block and bridle 

Iil.()(.K AM) URIDIl-. (1,115. liisl i.-i.'. /c// to right: IMane Arnold; l.i kriiker: Nanev Sears. Scrrclarv; Barbara Hiiiilcr: Sall\ 
Itink; i'aliiiia ()uinl>\; Ailine ireadwas; Dorolln Rodie. Sinmil roir: (.eori;e Hod;;es; (Charles Hnnle\; I'elor l)ra\er; l.ouis Waile. 
I'lesidenl: \f;nslin Icinande/: W :m ren Ho\er; (.eorge Rodie; Arlhnr C.aipenler. 

CAL\'F.RT DKBAIF. SOCIETY. First rnu', left to right: Stewart KrinsHelil; Willnir Hockci smith. Vice President; Beatrice Fiks; 
Herbert Russell (;illis, Advisor: Miss Annette Monroe. .Uivisor; .Anne L\don: Susan Cohen. .Secretary. Second roic: Ralli Tnrian; John 
Goodwin; liinton lioroll; Robert Watkins; Hinhan Hakiogin; Ed Tilfey; Bert Sugar; Alok C.nha. President; Morris Rogers; Frederick 
Seelinan; Ben Dornian; [ohn Straniski. Treasurer. 

Arguing Just for Fun 

calvert debaters travel far to prove their point 

Many Significant Pauses 

chess club players echo 'check-mate' for hours 

CHESS CLITB. First rmo, left tn nV/i/; Joseph Bernhardt: Dong Mook; Howard Whitlock. 'I'reasnrer; Moon Cha. President; John 
Wall. Jr.. Vice President: Mike Sthtiliiian; Leon Mehin. Second row: Paid Indioll; Erwin .Segal; Dottie X'arnadore; Richard Dale; 
Terrell Hollidas: I lionias Finih. 


Chest Allocates Campus Donations 

many charities benefit from the annual campus chest drive 

( WIPI s ( III s I I ' ■: . > ,'.. mh/wmiv.iii ( nlicii. li.iili.ii.i li(i(k; ( .111.1 ( I I.I nils. ill. IWiu /inker: .\\\\s Roil/. ■riCiiMin-i : Mi« 

liih.i Hiilin)->. AcImsoi ; C,i>sn Woods. ( h;; |.iiii(i- KiMslii. \>-<iti.ili- Chan in. m. Siinnii uw: |n.m \iI.miiv; I'al (mII.i1i.iii. M.iiv I'al 
CohcM ,\iiclicu Coliiiiilia: lU-vcrU Rcibci; Doiolln H\eis; Jaiiic Kbic. Sccician. 


CHILDHOOD EDUCATION CLUB. First row, Icfl to right: |ac(|iielyii Bioiison; Rita (iieenstouc; MoUie Yoim)>: CmiMMiur KuMlc\; 
Nancy Walton; jean Roelnle; Suzainie Willis. Second roii'; Fave Canter; Lvnti Diibiiisky; Phyllis C^aplan: jean .Scott; |(ian Ksscx, 
President; Joan .Shields, Secretary; Esther Turk. Vice President; Ethel Schuman; Merle Sue Bank; Elaine [ones. Third row: Barl);ira 
Wright; Carolyn Crcvelins;; Caiol Richardson; Mary Ennnans; Iris Leibowitz; Irnia Sahin; Miss Edna McNanghton. .Advisor; Dotty 
Kordcs; Diane Schindler; Sue .\itkeii; Caiohn Kraus; Nancy Gessner; Carolyn Mc\'earry. 

Three R's to Teach 

childhood ed members plan for primary teaching 

Farming with a Heart 

happy homes and healthy crops are 4-H goals 

COLLEGI.ATE IH C:LliB. First rote, Irft to rinht: Marv Pat Smith; Bcltv Rhoderick; \'irginia Shipwav; jane Riniifiold; Louise 
Kricker; Nancy Mason; C^arol Sweeney. Second row: Marv Gli>ltelt\; Shirley Corkran; Merle Howes, .Advisor; Eleanor Smith. Secretary; 
Charles Coale. \'ice President; Norman Smith. Piesident; Doiothv Jones, \'ice President; Peggv Pfclferkorn, Trcasmer: Marv Lou 
Sinith; .Arline Treadwa\. Third rote: Shirley (aoss; Dorothy Roche. Richard Piigh; George Roche; Henry C:omeg\s; Meredith Howard; 
Richard Johnston; Joe Zoller; Bob Cornuall; Frank Walbert; Clifford Hartley; .Arthur Carpenter; Dessic Mae Biiser; Anita King; 
Carmen Chianittini. 

1).\1R\ S( II.NC I , Inst line. Iifl In fi'^lil: |.u k sluk; W.ilni Kins(\; \iinnii; Doii.ild Dilg; Uill I'luicll; R.i\ M<(,.iiilc\. 
Sfiontl rinr: Rohcii l);i\is: \\a\iif |u1imm)Ii; Cahiii l:ibl(i; )(isc|)li Ddujjliii l\ ; l);ni(l K.iiiiv; lilnai Hannaii: l)a\i(l Hiaiiniiig; 
GcoinL' Heck. 

Pasteurs of Today 

dairy science club prints journal and finds jobs 

Transportation Co-Op 

commuters trade problems in day dodgers club 

I).\^■I)()l)(;l•.RS. Ursl row, lf\t In linlil: Marpi I iihslnn: (hark-nc l.aiiil); Sii/aniic laxloi: l-lainc rails; Kalhlccii Han\. Siriniil 
xnr: I'al (.it-rsdr. Aliic Ring. Ircasiiiei; Kiwiii Scj;al. \'icc I'lcsUlciit: I'carl (ioUl, I'nsidcnl: l.duisc Marliii. Rrcoidiiif; Sr<ifi;nA: 
.Ma\iiic Uovfi, Concspoiuling .Seciclaiy; Ka\ Maiding; I'at Ia\i(i. Tliiid rmr: I i-d Kanhn;in: \kl Mndniik: lioli l-.gglcslon; Itill 
(iaircll; rii<>in;is Sdivncr; Ocoigc Knnton; Charles I'cliisim. 


Informal Mealtimes for Boarders 

dining hall staff shares fun at D club parties during the year 

"D" CLUB. First row, left to right: Doris Fleming: Leonice Watts; Ruth Elisor: Marilyn McCall; Jo Ann Brocato; Nancv Smith, 
Secretary: Samuel Adams, President: Rosemary Long, Treasurer; Roland Suanson, \'ice President; Donna Fae Covev: Betiv Wineman; 
Jane Ringgold; Marilyn \'anse: Pat Mowbray: Robinson Lappin, Ad\isor. Sccoiul roii': Da\id Wineman; Anita King; Eli/abeth Lee 
Cooper: Maril)n Howenstcin; Martha Evans; Eleanor Smith; Ralph I'pdike; Marchal Fuller; James Rampello; Helena Day; Dick 
Hough; Tony Waligorski; Ccrald Hannnond; Charles Smith; Mike I'ownsend. Tliird row: Ken Groiier; Ralph Wigger; Charlie 
McKenna; Richard Wirlh; Philip Cileason; John McGirr; Theodore Rvbka: William Odgers, Jr.; John Esworth\: Dennis Monroe; 
CJeorge Chios; Charles McGee; James Widciinncr: Lewis Corl; Sleen Wcsterberg; John Shreye. Fourth rou': Tom Aidala; Donald 
Quidas; William Finagin: Dawson .4halt; Karl Benson; Leslie Waddell; Robert Bailev: Deryck Wright: Joe Yienger; John Sharp: 
Bob Carey; Robert Fowler; Fred Hanson; Wayne Hough; Joseph Ziminerman; Samuel Waddeil; Mike Carpenter, 

m^!e^ ■ l^^^^-'^t'^itfMM^ 




II lA i^ll 

Brewing Better Foods 

FIT visits plants to observe food processing 

I I CHNOI.CK.Y. First ro»: 
I'll In riiihl: !■ . I'. Walls; 
Kolicil I'aikci. I'lcsidcnl. 
Sirniiil nnr: Ronald Ham- 
lord; I'ali'uia I'allisier, Scr- 
H'larv; |ost|)li Hciison, \'icc 
riisidcMi; John \loorc-, Salah 
l);ii house. 

Allons Enfants de la?? 

french club meetings include films and lectures 

FRKNCH C.I.IJK. Fint nnr. It-fl la rij^lil: I'aii! Iiiiholl; Ficd Kalin: M.n\ Haihaia Niilmls; NaiKv Noll; Riiic K;i«alr<; M;iiiiiti- I'lassc. 
\dvisor. Sironil nw: Uctl\ Uiown;' Shirlcv Kdwards: l'iis(ill;i Wiiiici; Maiv lllfii Si:irki-\; Donald Rogiis; Mlilon Sine; i;(Miicll 
SIooiIk'Ci; l'alri<ia I'ounall: li.nli.iia Moocis; l\c kioiiij^iiil: l':miii Mcial. 


FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA. I-iist imr, Icjt In rii^hl: Arthur Ahalt. Advisor; John Mott, Ucasurci; IJmcr Cooper, Scirccary; 
Milton Webster. I'lesideiit: Daniel Lindsey, \'ice President: Palmer Hopkins, Advisor. Second row: Theodoie Mint/; Fred Besley; 
Henry Comegvs; Lewis Smith; John Hntchins; .\iidry Sha\ncr; Charles Beck; Don Martin; James Peters; 15en Good; James Smith; 
Richard Pugh; James Pope. 

Farmers' Social Set 

FFA banquet honors young farmers' sweetheart 

Report Card Experts 

future teachers examine the profession 

firsi row. Icjl lo right: \'icky Clark; 
IJcrnie Mackey, \'ice President; Mary 
Louise Bowman. President; Betty 
/.ticker. Secretary; June Riddle, 
Treasurer. Seroiul roxc: Dottv Mum- 
loid: Irma Salim; Marcia Renbaum; 
.\rlys Rcit/; Ooiolhy Byers; Caiolvn 
McVearry; .\nna Jacquettc; Thomas 

(.()\ I KWII- N I \\l) I'OI.I'IirS run. Fim row. U-H to ngln: lam Wasscrmaii: I'al Sluui; Clciiii Hailcii. \ lu- I'loiilciit; 
Ridiard Siciii. I'lcsidciit; lUvi-ih \aii Shkc. Sc-ciclar\; Hill Ha\iiiaii. Seanul rnw: Harrv Mi lailaiid; Robcn Hcimcil; Donald Moore; 
(.f<>ij;c loni; nciiin \\ liillurd: Mailv Mto/inski; Kmiald Hall; Sheldon I'lCss. 

Backbone of Parties 

top government officials address G and P club 

Acrobats Become Envoys 

gymkana troupe entertains here and abroad 

(.VMK.WA. first row. Irfl to rifilil: Riilli WcUli; I.cali Mac Rasin; Julia MoihIx; janiic Hiciissc; Nano Nii-Koii: ji-an Sroii; Mai\ 
Rii|ii-ii. Si-ioiitl roll'.- Chci Willi'ii: Siaplci Shit-Ids: Soiiin M(Rt-n/it; l)oii\ (iaics: MaiKic [ont-s. St-iii-iar\: Diik Hc-ini/. I'n-Niilciii: 
Doak Walkt-r; I'aul liukc-i. Third row: I'aul Siinim-is. Diii-doi; Siaii {olliii-.: I ukt- 1I<i\vmiI: Don \Sai;iu-i. \iii- I'li-iidt-iil: Itoh 
Phillips; jiin llomk: Si<-<k Hiiiik. [u-asiiiei. 

HOiVfF. liCONOMKs (M IV /in/ imr. hjl h, iii^lil: |iiin Ruklk; M.u^.iui Diiiiciii; l'.iii\ \iiiii |.i(ks(,ii; |iili.iinu licaltie; VVantiil 
Blown; Joan Le Heau; Darleiie Haiiiack; Louise Kiickei: \iiginia Lee Shaw; Anna Wallemnci. Siioiul rate: Ruth I'cleison; Joanne 
Cloopei; Dorothy Roche; Diane Yoinig; Caroline Rrickei; Kathy Riuegei. Secietaiy-Tieasniei ; Dotty Williams. I'lesidcnl; Rale 
Williams, \'ice President; Shirley Matthews; Nancy Gourley; Miss Nancy Mearig. Adyisor: Jean Wehrly; Jo McLelland. Third row: 
Patricia jarrell; Ann Rothcnhocfer; Nancy Deyilbiss; Marilyn Cross; Elaine Martin; Joy VVohltarth; Mary Ellen McMahon; Ginny 
Miller; Julie Maish; Mainccn Burns; Lois lirinike; Lynn Piopf; Doiothy Jones; Annie Laurie Carter; Margaret Johnson; Julia Carr. 
Foiirlh rinf: Mae Seward; Barbara Stephens; Sandra Sowder; Patricia Pallister; Arline rrea(lw:iy; Peggy Gillespie; I'atda Sloat; Delorcs 
Larson; Betsy Mooers; Betsy Taft; Janice Craig; Linda Paiker; Nancy Miller; Peggy Gross; Jane Allender; Jeanne Erant/; Nancy 
Caiol Force; Phyllis Osborn; Jeanne Hauck. 

Flavor \vith Ingenuity 

guests inform liome ec majors of new methods 

Vocational Instructors 

lEA reviews new ways of teaching the trades 

INDUSTRIAL EDUCAriON ASSOC;iA IION, I-irsl ruw, Icfl to right: William McSpadden; Erancis Eranipton; Donald Rammcrcr; 
Charles Sonnnerkamp; Paul Mancliak; Robert Smith. Second row: Wesley .\shle\: Lauience f:ampbcll; Gerald Hammond, Trcastner; 
Ernest Ressell. President; Carl Schramm, Vice President; John Mann, .Secretary; Jack Berge; C;eorge Rline. Third row: Robert 
Cainning; Oryille Ueming; Robert Kccne; Wesley Baynes; Carl Gohr; Chester Blackford; Claude Bassler; James Benfer; Thomas 
Fleming; George Wu; Stanley Collins; Walton Smilh; .•\llfed Liedtke; George Lipkey. 


f: r 







rNsrin n or \i ron \r n 

(..\I. M.II'.NCK. fiiM mi,'. Irfl 
III lif^hl: Hcihcrl Hiiiilcr: 
(:h:irlcs SioiiIIcm; .Si:inlc'\ I'is/kiii; 
( li;iilfs |<>liiis<iii. S<((>inl xiw: 
lliino Hiirii: [m! Kink: KdwaKl 
Wodil; r(iiiiic\ ()\<lii;i: (;c()r);c 
Ma^nos. Advisor. 

Stress and Strain Men 

IAS acquaints men with careers in aeronautics 

Global Membership 

friends and fun are aims of the international club 

INTFRNATION \l. CI.l'U. /■im/ nnr. IrtI In rijihl: Rilii McIaon: K;uila \ ;ihissi: I'al Hoiiiaila\: Mait>aicl Malliis: Aliiia I llil. 
Si((itiil iir.r: (auilc Saiilo: (icialdiiic Maiihlimis: Ralli rurian, \itc I'rcsidciil: |<)lciif;c"r. Trcasuicr; I'cdoii I)imiliiadi-s. I'lisi 
dcnl: (.l<iiia \Iiij;iK-i/a. .Sf<rclar\ ; Aiiila Siwlll: Irc-d Kahii: (oiiiiiic liraiidoii: S\l\ia l.csst-i. Tliiril r<nr: MMiia Caslio; (icorgc I'liid; 
l'ii( Klni: Allaio: Kalavcl I'cdossiair. Kdiiald Moiilioiiic: lied llridi^crs: Kidiard SioU: limhaii ilakioKhi: Alok (iidia: Coiistuiilinc 
I [ili\iiiii>\ : \ lassios \alassis: Michael /iippis; Aiiiuli I'laiillila: Haiiittd Na/. 

INDEPENDENT STUDENTS ASSOCIATION, first row, left to right: Barbara Arnold; Ken Heeter, Treasurer: Mary Weyland, Secre- 
tary; John Joyce, Vice President; Ralph Crosby, President; Sybil Renee Tash; Virginia Hill; Mrs. Bernice Arnold. Second roio: Gary 
Clendenin; Robert Scogna; Jay Wistcr; Gerald Glaize; Leonard Dunklin; Charles Ames; Mary Ann Linscott; Glenn Rowland Taylor; 
James Latham; James Nicholson; Bruce Brough; Roger Coonrod. 

Independents Unite 

many meet and all are welcome at ISA functions 

Sport for Self Defense 

holds and falls are mastered by the judo club 

JUDO CLUB. First row. left to iiV/i/; 
Vinccnl Marchetti; Charles Lonias. 
I'resident; Robert Mallalieu; Paul 
Branch. Second row: Jack VVeiner; 
N'iclor Crawford; Thomas Moore. 

I.Ol ISA I'ARSONS MRSrXC. (.I.lli. //m/ ifm\ Irll In right: JeaiiinMiR- M(( nniiUk: Joan CiDsiiell; Nina liiiiglorl: Jean Biav: Ann 
Skoda: rilicii klciii; Vmimiic Whiun; Ril;i Malliiilt: Icanne I'iciM J'aic kail/rl. Srrotid ri)w: Rosa Rotlciilu'ija;; jane Ringgold; 
I.iuilli' I,indsa\: Anne lUainclt. Stdclaiv; jcannillc And)ro/ak; Maigarct Ha\cs. Advisor; Kleanor Harclv; (.\iuliia l'i|)<i; S;Midra 
I,a( lKiril\; |iancni' Sowers; Shiiie\ Howard; K\e Kron^ard; [anc Hilenian. 'I'liiiil roir: Margi leil\sli\M; M:n\ Inn ( (iiiielius: Anne 
Roljiii; kaien Hahidi; Jovec Leek; Clarol Mailin: I'laiues Huntley; |unc Webei ; Klaine Dili/; \;ino Siiiiih: l'ej;i;\ I i//ell; Sliiilev 
Siinnis; Rulh I.aniherl; Bclty Marshall; S\l\ia Kelh; June Cioisiuli; Charlolle Kunkel. 

Tender Loving Care 

prospective nurses join louisa parsons club 

Collective Bargaining 

marketing experts get their start on the campus 

M\RM \M) \I\kkl I l\(, ASSOCIA I l()\. /in; iiiw, Iffl In lit^ht: I.awuiue \\ ilkins; Wallei lailele\. I'lesidenl; Waller Ue.iu 
iliaiii|i. \ii( I'uMikiii; (.us l.iakos. Iieasnrei. Scamtl mw: Dean |;nnes Reiil; (leKilil Davis: Roheii Silnnel/ei; Allien WaUenlieig: 
Ri(liaid l.nnneiling: Dr. Allen Cook. 

MR. AND MRS. CLUB. First rou\ left to right: Carl Carlson; Nancy Carlson; Dottie W'einkam; George \V'einkam. \'ice President; 
Cieralil .Shirley. President; jeryl Lynne Shirley:, Janice Shirley; Linda Mondon; Pat Mondon; Philip Mondon, Trea.surer. Second roiL<: 
Fred .Schclm; Dixie Schelni; William Hood; Rita Hood; Bartiis Spicer; Patricia Spicer; Loretta Marshall, Secretary; Robert Marsliall; 
PInlHs .\llen; John .Allen; Dot Hanlev; Don Han!c\; Kc\in Hanlev. 

They've Said 'I Do' 

couples compare notes in the mr. and mrs. club 

Cultivating Prize Plants 

plant industry tries to improve growth conditions 

left to riglil: Henry ,Auth; Chuck Har- 
ris; George Hodges; Richard .Vndeiseri. 
Second roic: Milton Bhmc; Paul 
.Schiike, .Secretary-Treasurer; Renick 
Williatns; John Jarrett. I'resident; Rus- 
sell Brown, .Advisor. 

I'ROIMI.I.l- R ('.MB. lirsl rotr, lijl la liiilil: Waller C'.laik; Towiies Dawson. .Advisor: Ooiiald I'otlci. I'icsidcnl; 1 
\itc rrcsidcnl; .Mbt-rt I.odue: Ruhaid I- iiimciliiip. Srroiid rmv: Charles Fraleigh; Max Dc-x; josopli Moiicvlniii; 
Charles Nan; Daniel Nonvil/; l'liili|> .Sieel; Willi. im (.l.icliiKiii. 

Skyways for Highways 

transportation is first concern of propeller club 

.eo (avanaiiKh. 
I lioiiias Hell; 

Leisure on Horseback 

riding club offers chance to enter horse show 

RIDING Cl.rn. rirsl 

Kiic. hll III rifihl: Slar 
\ i / 1; i r fl : I-. d \i a r d 
K li 1 1 \ . Ii easii i ei : 
I'lnllis llellin. I'lcsi 
deiil: |u(h I ail all. Sei 
ielar\; Dailene NeM- 
ler. Siiiiiiil roil'; Lewis 
Siiiiih: Itol) MiClung: 
I'.il Fleslei: Doltv 
M II iiifiird : Sii/a nne 
\ I I e II : I h II Ml 3 s 
I a\loi : Man ( an. 


Steeped in a Century of Traditions 

Rossborough, oldest club, gives dances in winter and spring 

ROSSBOROUGH CLUB. First row, left to right: Gloria Weigel; Darlene Harnack; Nancy Stevens; Carolyn Sallran; Elaine Ecsery; 
Sylvia Kelly; Ginger Miles; Roni Grace; Luci Martin. Second row: George Harrison; Boyd Bounds; Don Berlau; Garrett Allvater; 
James Pretlyman; Charles Hogg; Bob Croland, Third ruio: (Jeorge Hutton; Larry Acker; Bruce Austensen; Chuck Knight. Foiirlli 
rozo: Gordon Gill; Andy Bicniek; Graham Holland; William Bright. 


SC)(.U)1,()(.^ l-ii\t ii>u\ li-jl to tiiilil: \(liKiM \l(l(i()i\; Ddiij; Mocik: Maitiii Mro/iiiski; Doiialil Davis; l.aurciiii- Wilkiiis. 
SfKiiid iiiw: Mai\ Alkf Davis; Aluc C.oniads; I'liii Iijiiis, AdvisDi; Rtheica Sparkiiiaii. I'rcsidciit; Samuel Suls, X'iic I'lcsiilciil; 
William (.ailowaN. licasiirci: Shiricv I.iisl)\. Sciuiaiv; \ ir};iiiia (.roiiiii. Thiiil nnr: Hciin ('.oopcr; Andy Shelling: (.loiia Uaniahei; 
IkvciK Rcihci: DiaiiiR' Haiualiaii: Tatiiiia Rid);\v;i\: Audi Richardson; Mis. Ht'iiiiic Arnold; (!ar<il /ics; Snc I'oialka; .S\l)il Sic'scl; 
l.\la Nonis I il>: {'.itiiiia I .<•(■ (olliin: (haiUs Hanis: William Ilall. 

Counselors at Large 

human relations are interest of sociology club 

Spanish Town U of M 

latin american culture is presented Spanish club 

SrWISII (1.1 I!, liisl tiiw. liji Id liiilil: .\aii(M- ll;inri: I'cail (.old; Aniir (.1 .iiidii(( i; lliUii Sinlio<ki: DaiUiii- Nisllci; Man KlliMI 
Si;iiki\; l.ois lii(>;idluirsl. Sriiind iini': ISo/h;nia Irosl; M;miiii'I S;m Cabiiio; Ronald (■allo\\a\. \ iic riisidiiit; Anionio Koilii);uc'/, 

Inasinci; Dolores (.ainliino. I'icsidcnl; |. K. Ncmcs; Mrs. (.laiicla Nciius. Advisoi; Miss .\nn Noilon. .\d\isoi; .\nnr W iiilciliold. 

I'liitil imr: Ramon Nct-a; Ncslor Dclgado; I'lank Bniikci: riiili|i l'as(|ii,diiio. |i.; Hi\an I'oslman; AlcjaiKlio /ampiiii: di'mnc Jams; 
\ inic llainalian; Dianiic ilainalian; |osi'|>li \V(';i\t'i: IIkikIhu Uiniis: \i>\)!,v (:;isiillo; (.oidon Sialloiil; RoIki I l'a\nc; I'clionio 
Pcic/: !• tM i(|nc l*;iri;i. 

SAC Builds Up Spirit for Sports 

card sections for boosters are organized by SAC 

S runi'.NT AC; ri\ rriES COMMIT'I Ki:, First xnclejt til riglil: Karen Rasimisseii; Kale Waters: C.ill Clhadsey; Naiicye Haf^cr; Plnllis 
Saimiclson; I'e^gN Cillespie; Paula Sloal; Karen Bergslronr/jane Workman. Setoiul loic; Barbara Bechtoldt; Barrv Wiseman; jane 
kearns: TliomasMullin. Treasurer: |errv Sidle. President: Jim Schoociatt, \'ice President; Cissy Woods. Corresponding .Secretar\: 
Morton Libo\ ; |o McLelland; Barbara Jark. Tliiil riiw: Thomas Nicliols: Joseph Clonstante: David Liebiiran: Kaye Nichols: C;ale 
lalknast: Mar\ ' Lou Gosorn; Marihn Hess; Miriam Feldman; Rosemary Nisonger; Kilty Kelley: Janet Curtiss; Gerald Hammond; 
Laii\ Wilkins; George Kline; Tom Morrison. 


II KRM'IN SKI (1.1 11. /ii.s/ iii,i\ l(jl Id i7_i;/i/; .Man 1l;i C) (oiiiicll; l.laiiic Guile; i':ils\ Mill; Jdmo Suiinpiicr; I'al I'aiilof; Mai\ 
I Ills; liailiai;i IIimiIIcc; I.auia MiCiimiis; I'.li/ahcth Duiukfi; Aliie Mi(;innis; Nancy While; liiiibaia Jack; SalK Tolson. StTotid row: 
l)i;iiK' .Sanders; liarhara Wall: Sliiile\ Howaiil; Deborah Cluile; MaiiKii Gocl/; Jiiilv Wilson; 15aili;na .\nileison. SecrelaiA; David 
(.lanl. \'icc riesident; )anies lloiiik. I'lesiilenl; Nancv L;iilil; Nancy Joy; .Marie (.onii; .Xniliene Riihanlson; ,\nna Caofl; Hclly 
Rnssell; Nan(\ .Stone. ThinI toir: |oan .\(lanis; 1 liomas Miillin; Haiiv Kclchunr. Diik Ro<kuell; Ra\nioiul Mc<;rec\e\; Wa\ne 
\liUie;iil; [aN Wall/; Sieve XSadyka; lleiinanii Wannei Janregj;; Roben Rile\; James (.r;i\; Roberl llo\d; Wiinei Mueller; Rallaele 
(.ulalo; Ciliailes Hauls; Sydney I'cveiiev; Robert Marlowe; Slcuait Biishoiig; l.ouis Giangei; Robeil Iieeboin; Jean Wasson; 
X'iigiiiia Croniii; Gary Schreinel; Robert Dolzell. 

Daredevils on Slopes 

weekend mountain trips highlight ski club activity 

Modern Pathfinders 

terp hikers follow old trails and search for new 

IIKKM'IN ll<\ll (II 1'. Iir.'.l tiiii-. Ii-fl Id lifihl: I'.ciil.i Sclil.iiic. Man \\ him iibiii ;;: |iiliiis (s(iib;i. I'lcsidenl ; Sue k.nslens. 
Secietary; Diik Roikwell. 1 ie;isiner; Maretia Loiig. Scaiiiil imr: James lininuiin: |,llm■^ llmnk; Willi. ini /rli lu : Dun Wills; I Imei 
('.oopei; Maijoiie Win;iiU; I'atrida Heibeil; John Giini; .\ll:ni I hoiiias; Kric Klui. 

UNITED STATES AIR FORC;E INSIl 1 U I E OF FECHNOLOGV. first row. left to right: Ferrer Regni; Woodrou Aljboll; Jdliii 
DuCote; Adele Ball; Marcus Todaro; John Keegan; Ray Wolf. Scrojif/ rmu: Thomas Mounts; Lloyd Sunderland; Donald Hawkes; 
Woodrow Jenkins; Sherman Wantz; Earl Dickey; Robert Kaurin; Gilbert Brandon; Howard Conkey. 

Postponed Education 

air force members in college meet in USAFIT 

Prescriptions for Pets 

vets of tomorrow discuss animal cures of today 

VI-riERINARV SCIENCE CLUB. row. left to riglit: Teresa Koelber; Dorothy Roche; Howard Fader, Vice President; Spencer 
Sircctt, President; Amos Palmer, Secretary; Charles Cassidx ; Irene Schaffer; Arline Treadway. Second row: Brian Hurley; Major W. L. 
Wallcnslein. Advisor; James Sperry, .\dvisor; James McC.rumb; John Gross; James Moullhrop; Donald Broivn; Rich;ird Johnston; 
Richard Hough; William Durling; Audry Shawyer; Truitt Brinsfield, Jr.; Bruce Morley; William Patterson; Arthur Carpenter. 

Disc jockeys Don, Nancy, and Herb 
jHill la\oiitc records for ihcir shows. 

Monitor at Maryland 

WMUC gives students chance to air the news 

Cloinplclc piograni lislinj^s arc 
compiled weekly at the station. 

WMIC. Hi\l loir. Irfl In rinlil: l';ii Ciallahaii; Don D.m-; Hill ll.ilin; 1 il \\nnlu; Hiili Kiuh.ikci; (.civIkmii Krkvl; I\<1\m \\ .ulk-inh. 
Si-ioiiil roir: Naiic\ Mason; .Sid .Siissman; (;e<)rge Hiagau; Holi (.iiuiIkm; Oiiillii- Haipi'i; Wall lluiisi.: Riiliaid SpolsHiMid; Jaik 
ItcnMlc'ii: |ii(' .SwalFord. 

WO.MI'N S I'ROH-.VSIONAL CM li OK PHYSICAL EDUCATION. First loir. tell lo right: Bonnie .McC:;iu; Mary Mike Rnpert: |nlia 
Moody; Moody: Mary Eleanor Cook; Penny Nethken. Second row: Annette Dapp; Pallie Berr\; Margaret Powell, \'ite President; 
Freda Martin, President; Mary Lncas, Secretary; Joy Cosgrove. Third row: \'icki Lncas; Judy Wilson; Helen Mary Cook; Evelyn 
Horsey; Joan Scott; Marie Deming; Eleanor Janiszewski; Carol Adams; Libby Roberts; Mary Joan Atkinson; Beverly Armsworthy. 

Grooming for Olympics 

PE majors will teach hygiene and recreation 

Tournament Planners 

WRA provides intramural sports for coeds 

WOMEN'S REC;REAT10N ASS0C:IATI0N. First row, Irjt to riglit: Liz Torossian; Leslie Millenson; tiarol Adams: H;nric Ncal; 
Margaret Pouell; Scarlett X'oris. Srcojid rozf: Ciaroline Kricker; Carolyn iMcVearry, Treasmcr; Anne Wiedcrhold, Recording Sec- 
retary; Judy Peterson, President; Barbara Headlee. Vice President; Ellen Ooslerling, Corresponding .Secretary; Beverly Young: Micki 
Pumpian. Tliird row: Dolores DePierro; Jean Brown; \'icki Lucas; Janet Clurtiss; Sherry Hilbish; Muriel Rubin; Pat Rosetta; Joan 
Fleming; Joanne Linduska: Sue Willis. 

STl'UENT RlXK.IOl S C;()rN(;iI.. fiisl row. left to right: I'aiil Ktkcl, I'rcsidciU; J.incl Ciiiliss; Nancy liliol; lic\cily Reibci; 
George Ktiiie. Second row: Ralpli I \aiis; Ksmoiul Lyons; John Janiicy; Laiiy Wilkins; Ficil I'lyboii; I'ete Gillis. 




Inlcr-lailh harmony is stressed by tlie Studenl 
Rcli<4i()us ("<nin(il. ^\•hi(h is composed ol the 
picsidciu ami one other representatixe from 
each religions orgTinization. Bi-moiiilil\ meet- 
ings coordinate religions acii\iiy on campus. 
Advised by the Re\crcnd Mr. James Bard, this 
gTon|) plans jMograms lor all denominations. \ 
rece|)tion is gi\en eacli vear lo enal)le new stn- 
(UiHs (o meet ilie Nations chaplains. I'his year 
l.cnien \cspcr serxices in llie main clia|)el in- 
c Inded a |)resenlalion ol "Si. Matthew's Passion" 
bv die I'liiversitv Choir. Thecotnuil also sjion- 
soied l-ireside ("hais in ilie women's residences 
.nid a loiuiii ol seixice prolessions. 


UAI'lIST STUDKNT I'NIOX. First rmc, li-fl to righl: Charles Ames; Dorothy Tiiisley; Howard R\an: Janice Craig: Glenn laylor; 
Ruth Riffe. Second roir: Howard Rees. Advisor; Stephen Riedesel; Don Boyle; Frank Carman; Ann Stockett, \'ice President; Al 
Kalbfleisch, J'rcsident; \'irginia Stanley. Secretary-Treasurer; Ted Biggs; Mary Woster; William Hash. 

Baptist Students 

Through the Baptist Student Union, students 
learn to relate daily life to the Church. Mem- 
bers worship together at noon each day and meet 
monthly to hear guest speakers. A formal 
Christmas banquet and retreats in the spring 
and fall complete the club's activity calendar. 

Canterbury Club 

Religious and social guidance for Episcopal stu- 
dents is the goal of the Canterbin-y Cltib. The 
club's ptirpose is threefold — worship, fellow- 
ship, and service. Guest speakers and joint 
meetings with other clubs highlight Wednesday 
night meetings. 

CANTERBl'RV ASSOCIATION. First row, left to right: Rae Mitchell. Corresponding Secretary; Calvin Spencer, Vice President; 
Ralph Kvans. President; Rov. William Real. Chaplain; Richard Scott, Treasurer: Robin Gribbon, Recording Secretary; Miss Ellen 
P'.richsen. .Assistant to Chaplain. Second rnxc: Barrie Neal: Lonnie Nixon: Kathy Lee: Marian Briscoe: Patricia Whipp; Romaine 
Brown; jovce Schaefer: Roselia Henderson; |ulia Burroughs: Lani De\'aughn. Third row: Dennis Collier; .Andrew Dallsiream; Bill 
MacDonald: Richard Wesi: Gordon (iill; Bill Chamlierlin; Roger F.dmonds; .August Peters: Ted Mct/ler. 

r 1 


MARW.AM) ( llklSIIW I I 1.1 OWSIIII'. /in/ inu. I,\l hi iioltl: Hauikii; Diin.ilil Woollcx: J.incl Slii|)lc\. (.111 ri.s|)i)n(liMU 
SccicniiM RiiIkii HoikIci. I'lisiikiii: lku\ his. Riioidiiif; SccretiiiA; Hill Dostcr, I ic;iMirci: Maiilui Kritksoii; Harhara Niiifjanl. 
Sicdiid rmr: Hill I'rilihard; (allu C^alhouii; I'lullis Osboiii; Marilyn Howciistcin: Hill I-.schniann; Alice Hfislt-i; Maicia (Jrecii; 
Rosalie Maddox. I'liirit rotr: I'ctei I.oi/eaii\: Dean Miller: (liailcs BallcK; Midiael I.illlctoii; Stuail Russell. 

Christian Fello\vship Christian Science 

Religion wiih no |).irii(iilai laiili niiphasi/i'il is 
ihe central thtiiic ol ilu- Maryland Chrisiian 
F'cll()^\■shi)). a non-denominational grouj) which 
is a part ol ihc National IntcrA'arsitv Christian 
I'(il()\\shi|). \\'(tki\ loniial nu'flini;s arc held 
in ihc (lha|Kl and speakers arc I'lilfrtaiiu'd ai 
inlormal uailuiiniis. 

Lessons \\'riii(.'n and read i)\ ihe siudi'iils are a 
major \>:n[ ol the liuirsdaN nieelini;s ol the 
Cihrisiian Science Or^ani/ation. A lectine is 
sponsored and a reading room maintained in the 
lil)iar\. This nation-wide organi/ation l)rings 
('hristian .Science siudenis (loser loijeiher on 
Ihe Mar\land ('anions. 

( IIKISIIW s( II \( I OkC, \\l/ \ I l()\ liisl riiu-. tifl Id lijihl: Saiidia ( auil H<i\: DaMu Hchiui: J.ukii Kiii^. rusuleni: 
Mai\ H.insoii; |()aii Diake: Mai^arel Price: (ieoigia Wolfe. Siroiitl rotr: I'elei Houie \li>ielaiul. lie.isuiei: D.nid (.laul. .Se<relar\; 
leiiell Holliilav; ]ii\ (.ai\ (.lii\ei: |amcs Shanks, .\dxisoi; Rohei I WcxkI: Rax Riveia. 

HTLLEL FOi;\DATIO\. Fi)\l imr. Icfl In iiiilil: CMlviii Hamburger, Ireasurei: Diane Voffee. Secretary; Rabbi Meyer Greci\l)eig; 
jerr) Sussnian, \'ice President: Rita Soiomowil/,. Sc<f)nd ruw: Barbara All<: Carole Gilmor: Ruth Sherman; Sam Wasserman; Mary 
Lee Hudes; Adrienne Ableman: Zena Applestein. 

Hillel Foundation 

Lutheran Students 

The Hillel Foundation provides a cultural, 
social, and religious center for all Jewish stu- 
dents. Led by Rabbi Meyer Cireenberg, business 
is carried on by t^vo representatixes from each 
Jewish organization, but everyone is urged to 
participate in activities. .Annually Hillel pro- 
duces a Skit Night, 

The lAUheran Student Association works to 
integrate academic life xvith Christian faith for 
Lutheran students on campus, A program of 
xvorship, study, and services is carried on to fid- 
fill this goal, .Among their projects are a day- 
dodger lunclieon and Bible study sessions with 
the Canterbiny Chdi, 

LinHF.RAN STimKNT ASSOC;iA TIOX. F'nsI rmc. Ii-fl la riglil: Paul Frank; Frederick Moehle; Martin Cadmus; Jim Recher; 
Hradley Mettce; Eu;4eiie Young; Willoll Saxbcrj;. SckiikI nnr: '[ndilh Knobla; Elaine Diel/; Miss Bettv Jane Schmick, Counselor; 
Barbara Fund, .Secretar\; Ste\e Kolumban. I'rcsidcnl; Doroiln Demin.n; Aija Li\ins; \Va\nc Richtcr; Wallv Lord. Treasurer; I.Io\(l 
Kismcicr; Rev. Mr. Otto Reimherr, Pastor. I'liird imr: |aiic Hilcmaii; Rol)in Carter; Megan Siehler; Leoma Naughlon; Helen Buck; 
Marcia Biiehler; Karen Riely; Sliirle\ Wachter; Crctthcn Feldm;in; C;arol Colvin; Mavgol Wear; |oan Lc Beau; Rosalie Maddox; 
Helen Buckingham. Foiirlli lotr: Robert Baile; |iihn CJeorg; Or\ille Deming; Lee Roper; William Krueger; CJordon Barker; Clarence 
Lu(h ; Burton C:;Miiegic; Walter Beriiigcr; Lester Olinger; Bettv Seibcrt. 

VKWMAN CiUH. First rim . left to n^lit: )oan Admiis; Dolores c;;iml)iiio; Dinah Brown: C.aroKn lU-allic. Serotiii rmc: Mikt- Ruddy; 
Sybil Klak; Falhcr lepc; Pfle Ciillis; Jiiliannc ISeattie. Third rmv: George Kline; Bill Case; Dick DonnclK; Paul Ciillis: X'icioi Pcpe; 
Dave Halliday: Tom Jarrcll. 

NeAvman Club 

Rclii^ion and recreation arc sliarcd by Calholii 
students ill the N'cuinan CHiib. Throughout the 
vcar religious activities include mission week, a 
Coiiiniunion breakfast, and daily masses. Some 
of the club's social functions are a picnic, a 
mixer, the Snowball Dance in the armory, and 
monthly dances at the women's tield house. 

Wesley Foundation 

Methodist students come together to worshij) 
and make new friends at meetings of the Wesley 
P'oinidation, a national organization. The uni- 
versity chapter, directed bv Dr. William Smith, 
holds two annual retreats and supports mission- 
ary work among overseas colleges through a 
student fimd. 

WF.STMINSTF.R FOUNDATION. First rmr, left to riglit: Jerry I.iddel: Rkliard GifToril; Robert Bonder; Jerrold Rousli; Richard 
Troche; John Ambersoii. Second row: Julia Marsli; Jane Koetheu; Gerald Loper. Vice President; Hill Kschmann, President; Maiilyn 
Morton, Secretary-Treasurei ; Pat Hornaday; Margaret Ann Gilbert; Karen Hart. Third row: Ellen Paddock; June Riddle; Judy 
Faggarl; Marilyn F.rickson; Jan Eckel: Alice Heisler; Betsy Taft; Sandy Reynolds; Marcia Green; Joyce Ebersol; Elibabeth Halsted; 
Maryan McFraland. Fouilh roie: Hugh Hiuisinger; Paid Eckel; Renick Williams; Bob Cornwall. 

Westminster Foundation 

Guided by the Reverend Mr. Jesse W. Myers, 
the Westminster Foimdation brings the Presby- 
terian ministry to all areas of campus life. In 
addition to bi-monthly meetings, students are 
offered o|)portunities for sinnmer service. This 
summer, students will s|)end time in Arizona 
and work on a Navajo Indian Reservation. 

The Christmas presentation of Handel's "Messiah", 
hy Chapel Choir members, stirs a capacity audience. 


Dr. I'rii-iii 1,1 ihr l',(i< l,-iiniu'^\ Drjiinlinciil ciiliiiilf^ (lisinjci hint iiirdni. 

I'lhiiviiilrl lltihl IS /;r;»y iisrd in i oiiiIik linii '"'"' ixj),! iiiii-ii Is In drhiniiiu- llir sl,ihilil\ of h/idniiil orrosos. 

Tyopical dtseust'), wt'it' itiuDii^ tlir gvcalest liandicups oj World War II; in the cxpcriuicnt being rondiu led 
a diagnostic test is being run to determine the presence oj inunitnizing antibodies against these deadly viruses. 

Behind the Scenes 

progress in the malting 

/-*)■. Anaslas oj the Zoology Drpa) I iiiciil 
is examining a bat for germ carrying tuhs 
and miles. 

Frujtisot Kdiiiii'ii and ullifi infinhtn.s oj llw (ieu^talihy Drfjinlimnl of llir ('.ollcii^t' of lil'A lUf l)ii\\ iinifi iiiiikiiit^. 


e are all familiar with the usual functionings of a University, but 
what do we know about the activity behind the scenes? Here at the College 
Park Campus and in Baltimore extensive research is being carried on. For 
instance, Dr. Pelczar of the Bacteriology Department, an Associate Referee of 
the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists, is currently conducting tests 
to determine the value of disinfectants as part of a study by the Chemical Spe- 
cialties Manufacturing Association. 

7'lir i^iadiiiilr srininnr In 
111(11 lull II ii is l)l(iiiiiiiii^ a 
nrw type sini'<-\. 

The Department of Business Administration is at present conducting surveys 
and giving consultations to the state and nation through the Bureau of Busi- 
ness and Economic Research and the Bureau of Governmental Research. 

At Baltimore, the School of Medicine has at its disposal a unique device 
capable of replacing a patient's heart and lungs during surgery. Other modern 
inventions for detecting and treating diseases being used include the electro- 
encephalograph, a brain wave detector, and the electrocardiograph for heartbeat. 

Modern day science has produced a inachnie to replace the heart and luw^ o/ 
a patient while he is undergoing critical surgery in these areas. 

This young lady is experimenting 
xiiitli arleiy tissue in the Warburg 
Apparatus for disease-combatting drugs. 


./ ) ii(lii)-iMiliij)c niiK lime is hrniii 
iiscil In ••liiilx iilandiilin ilisi'iisi's. 

Miniilf hiiiiii n'lii'i's (int he 
(Iflrdid. iiiciiMiii'il . iititl 
irioiilitl li\ llii\ fin hi) 
ciK rj)liiili)ii^yiij>li 111(11 Iniir. 

htfuiihiiilic.s ill lirinl hriil aiii easily be 
(li\i DVfiril llnnii'j^li ii\r of •,>c<li)r rli'clro- 
( iiidii>i'iiiiii\. 

Eight years' cxpciiinriihiliou willi (n'l'ijffl nini- lias rrsiilli'd in (iddilimuil iiilonnnlioii flniliiio n'llli 
cancer research. 


.n the field of Pharmacology research is being done to discover why blood 
vessels which nourish the coronary artery constrict and diminish nourishment 
to the heart. And amazing discoveries have been made in Histology for cancer 
study. After eight years' intensified breeding, mice have been produced that 
are twice the normal size. These over-fed rodents have the same tendencies 
towards cancer as do obese people. 

Progress is being made at Maryland! 


A keen competitive spirit has been the byword of Mary- 
land sportsmen since the first institution of athletics on 
the Maryland campus. Since the very first football 
team took the field, many improvements have been 
made in the way of equipment and facilities. Maryland 
has played hard this year and has come out with a very 
credible record. With all the innovations the quality 
of fine sportsmanship has been retained from the very 
beginning. A hundred years little changes school spirit 
which will remain after each year's team becomes history. 

t f » 


■ ^ f " ^ j^ 










,10_71 «..7e_i2 44 43_33,2 30,50 80 52 32 « « 45 . W 70 1 

^^ ::itAliSQi^l^,iUliji^^ ri dttJ^tuA 


Athletic Council 

The Aihlt.ti( ('oiiiH il (il ilu' Cnixcrsiiv ol Mar\- 
1,111(1. ( oiiipriscd ol ci'j,lu persons, all members 
ol ihc hicuiiv will) ihc cxcc])ii()n of the Sliulcm 
(icnermiRiii Assoiialion |)resi(lem. is estab- 
lished lo maintain the insiiiuiion's athletic 
|)()ii( ies. 

Mtiiihers ol ihe ('oiiiu il arc selected from all 
|)liascs ol ciuka\or wiiluii ilie I'liixersilN' so that 
all iiiinlil ha\e c(iual repiesciuation. Kadi is 
also ( hose 11 lor his apprec ialioii ol aihkiic s. and 
his desire ioseee\er\ lonii ol a(ii\it\ improNed 
at Maryland. 

In Cfear\ I-. l-.pple\. Dean ol .Men. ihe (".oim- 
( il has as its (liainnan a man who lias been 
(oiiiie(te<l with the I'liixersitv since his nnder- 
'■raduate da\s. 











1m ^k 

• k ' 

. ^. ^Hl 


( Ol |osl I'M WlllKosl 

1)K I KM s 1 ( ()K^ 

|)K 1 \( K 1 \IU K 

hi \\ I \MI s Kl III 

l\l I \ M \1 

( II \RI I s \\ K k \K|i 

I '.Ml 



Some oi the lop lerp Icllenncn arc niembers of 
the "M" Club. The club holds meetings every 
five -^veeks and has as guest speakers many 
j:)rominent area sportsmen. 

Chief function of the club is to bring together 
the leaders from all phases of athletic acti\'ity 
and have them discuss ideas for the betterment 
of the University's athletic progi-am. 

The "M" Club is also the sponsor of many lop 
campus attractions such as the Alumni-Varsity 
Winter Sports Night and the Alinnni-Varsity 
Football game held each spring. 

Through the efforts of the Club the Alumni- 
Varsity grid game has been established as a 
Maryland tradition. 

First rmr. Ii-fl la )ig/(/,- Julius Tolsou; W. I'erc Roberts; Rounic Sliock. Secretary; Hill Smitli, Treasurer; Roncx C:arr(ill. I'reskleul; 
\'iiice Palunibd. \'ice President; Douakl Kaninierer; Bci\le C;olieu. Scamtl rnw: Roger Coouroii; I5ill Haiick; Howard Kramer; Cliuek 
Reynolds; Robert Moran. |r.: pnues HcnncsscN; Mar Rciiisbeig; (.eorge Reiner; Doug l';nks; [oe\ Madden; Rolierl Weiss: Manx Parks. 



l-ooth(iU CoikIi (iiuI Athletic Director 

Athletic Staff 

fill! latum. Maiylands head loolball (oach. 
oversees ihe liiixersiiv's ever iiureasiii'4 athletic 

II. Bill ton Shi|)k\ is \.Uc senior iiieiiiher ol 
ihe rci|) ('oacii stall. ha\ in-.; just (oiiipleted Ids 
."iL'nd season as leader ol the lei'i) diamond nine. 

)a( k l-"al)er and \1 lleai^x ha\e been the lop 
men loi ilie si ic kmcn lor \\ ell oxer a decade. 

11. A. ■Bud" Millikaii exptrieiued anoilicr 
lioi aiid(()ld season with liie Terp iioopslers. 
Doyle Roval, the onlv two-sport eoach at the Uni- 
\ersiiy. experienced fine seasons in soccer and 

Frank (aoniii and his golfers. Kehoe and his 
mercuric sprinters, and .Sully Krouse and his 
i^rapplers. all made their ])resence knoxsn in 
.AC'.C com I )et it ion. 

M/Sgt. Oliff hel[)ed his marksmen shoot 
straight, while Hill C'obey slated the opponents 
and Joe Blair spent long hours extolling the 
feats of our fabulous Terps. 

)()! lU \IR 
Athltlir Piililii il\ l)n, ,1,. 

nil. I conrv 

( ,1'fittutilr Manai^rr 

1)1 kl UMil- 

//,,;,; 1 unn, , 









; i: 



Golf Coach 


Lacrosse Cnacji 


Lacrosse Co-Coach 


Track Coach 

Wrestling Coach 


Basketball Coach 


Rijle Coach 


Tcnnis-Socccr Coach 


liascball Coach 



■vw^ Ip^mr^ 

■• « 

l.ill III ritilil: kale \\ illi.iiiis; I'Inllis 
I'oiMiall; S:ill\ Millci; Janet Joilv 
IIiimI; .\iulii-\ Nifoloiiclis. Caplaiii: I'al 
Hoover; Judy I.cviii. Co-captain; Uail)ai;i 
Haker; Naiicv Antrim. 

Big Reds' Spark 

cheerleaders rouse rooters 

Mai)l;uul icjotcrs can always ctninl tjii ciuluisi- 
astic leadership from their cheerleaders. Thev 
loUow liie ie;ims liirou^houi the seasons ;in(l 
lead Terp fans in songs and riieers lor our 
■■.\lnia Mater." When this ,<;r<)ii|) j^oes into 
action uiiii their megaphones and pom-poms, 
spirit hits a hi<;h ])oinl! 

I'loni pi|) r.iUics to \hv ( )r;mne Howl, tliesi' 
not-so-silent partners of the teams whipped up 
ilie enlhiisi;ism of the crowds and (haneled it 
into ferocious yells lor Marylanil's "Big Reil." 

All set? l,(t\ .1(1(1 ili.ii l.ivi idiK lulovMi ID ilu- i;ill\! 


Chcx-iins; ,sc|uad encourages "Big Red' 
witli cntliusiastic send-off rally. 

Taking a cue from 

an excited little 


Whipping up Orange Bowl rooting sends our cheering squad gals soaring in the air with spirit. 





p ^ •■'■-' 

Much of the action 

takes place on the sideHnes. 

That is where the tension hits, 

and faces reflect the strain of excitement. 

Games are won and lost on the sidelines, 

and every man on the bench knows it. 

So they wait and watch. 

On the field, 

hours of practice and planning 

are put to the test. 

The crowds are a part of this excitement, 

and the cheers and color 

of thousands of spectators 

form a backdrop 

for the action on the field. 

All this is a part of the game: 

the game is a part of Maryland. 


' -o^* 

12 44 43 33 32 JOiJO W 52 


H>\l row. It'll In rij^lil: Kmiik I anihiirclln: Mike Saiuliiskv; Houic Dare: HcuiiiiH: l.Miii Ikinhuil: |(>liii Mcniiks: loiii Sclcp; 
Dave Nils/: Jim Parsons: Kd \crfb: Hub I'cIU-hi iiii: Bill \V;ilkcr: I'tcd I ullai: Diik Burpee; Russ Diiiiiis; liiii Khiiii: Bob l.aii(»licry: 
A! Whailon; Joe I.a//aiiiio: )a<k Davis. Sciond taw: Charlie Kidiinaii: Ralph Hawkins: MaioM Mull: Ron Alliev; Sian I'olvanski: 
Augie Waibel: (.corgc Kolarac Jean Waters: Jim Skarda: (harlie Wiiker; Joe I'on/o: Diik I'orler; Wilbei M:iin; Niik DcC'icco; 
(.ene Dvson: Bol) Snclu; I. eland I.eibold; Don llealv. iliirii uiw: Di(k Bitlnei; I'liil I'eilo; Bob RusevKaii: Bob C-rilhlli: Robert 
Robeils: Donald l.a\ene; |irn Hodjjes: I oni M\crs: John \I<\iikei: Ireil I'elrella: |a(k Healv: l':il Bovle; [im Dean: Ihuibie Markee: 
111 (;ooke. Iinirlh rnw: Bill Sieppe: (iorbett KLerin: Bob Alexander; Itill Martin: John Iritsch: lied llaniilton; Bill liirnei: Bill 
BnrHh: Bill Komlo: loin Stell: l)i(k Weber: I';inl lonetii: Bill |ohnslone: (.ns lerii. Ullli inw: Duke \\\ie. Head Irainei: Baiu 
(.fildbeii^: Roj-er (.over: |a\ Bn<kle\. Managers: Warren C.eise. Assistant (.oacb: Head Coach Jim laliim: Knimctt Check; liill Do\ell; 
l-ddie league: loinm\ Moni: Bob Waid; Ed Kensler; Fred La\iiiaii, Assistant Coaches; John Lacey, Assistant Trainer; Dick Parro; 
Jack Duckins: Mart) Kanlman. Man:igcrs. 

1955 Conference Champs 

Ii was .tiKiilici undclcalc'd season ioi |iiii I ii iiiii 
and Maryland in M).")."). I'lu' I ci ps swcj)! tlnoii^li 
a iiij^^cd stlu-dnk- wliitli iiuludcd a loni^li 
slriij^^k- with ii)|) r.inkfd I ('.LA. and panics 
will) siK h u|)stt iiiindcd uaiiisas lia\l<)i. l.Sl . 
and (ilcnison. 

Dcspiic the loss of ihc cntiie I','.") I stariiii'.; 
backlicld, llit 1 erps ucie al)U' to show Iiir- oliin 
sive power all year. I he stall c amc up with main 
capable re|)lacenients thai hid ilu nam in the 
Number One position lor most ol die (ainpaii;n 
before settling for ihe third place linish. 

Bob l'ellei;rini, exervbodv's All -Amei it a. 
will loll.!.; 1)1' icnieinbeicd 1)\ 1 it p fans lot Ids 
speitainlai delensi\i' pla\ in the middii ul the 

liiK'. 1)1)1) moll' ih.iii rdled \])v hill at a position, 
(ciiin. thai was entirely new lo him before the 
si, 11 1 ul ihe season, l-ddie \'ereb. halfback stand- 
on i. made a serious hid lor the I 'in\ i'rsit\ s scor- 
ing ittoiil. lie linished tlu' siasuii second to 
rCll's |im .Swink lor National seorini; honors. 
Ill ilu ()ranL;e Bowl loss. Wreh was one ol ihc 
lew In ps lo shine in ihc f loi id.i sunshine. 1 lis 
lonn 1 im that ended on ilu ()kl,ih()ma len vaid 
line was the hi;.4liliL;hi ol ilii- ^ame lot 1 erp 

Ihe I er|)s will he shootin;.; hi:;h next \ear. 
and with a revamped (o.uhini; stall, \\ill bear 
w.itc hinjf. 


Football Coaches 

Head Coach Jim Tatum led llic Terps to an 
undefeated year, tonipiling a 10-1 mark and a 
Number Three ranking in Nationwide polls. 

Assisting Tatiun in the coaching assignments 
were a staff of proven men, all former Tatum 

Tommy Mont, one of the all-time three-sport 
athletes in the University's history, has assisted 
Tatimi since 1 9!j 1 , after serving as Number Two 
Quarterback on the Washinoton Redskins, be- 
hind Slingin" Sammy Baugh. 

Bob Ward, t\\'o-time All-America ^vhile at 
Maryland; Whitey Dovell, freshman coach; 
Warren Geise, end and backfield coach; Eddie 
Teague and Emmett Cheek, who shared the 
scouting duties, and Ed Kensler, filling the 
\acancy left by Jack Hennemier, rotmded out 
the well-manned staff. 

3^ . 

JIM TATUM, Head Fnolhall Coach 





fi)) liiicmiii down 1 ii^cr i|iiai iii liack. 

58lh Year-No 225 


September 18. 1955 

Terps Nip Missouri in Opener, 13-12 

M.nyliind icctixtd a haiKiwiiii; bapiisin ol (irc 
in iis ()|)<.nin,n halllc aj^aiiisl MisMUiri as ilicy 
slaved oH a .second hall I iiicr iall\ lo win l)\ 
llie Ixirest ol inar^ins. I .">■ 1 L'. 

liie 1 erps, wlio had irounced Missouri in 
llieir 19r)4 meeting 74-13. scored in liie In si 
(|uarier on a (i l-yard marc h. Ii was tapped b\ I.d 
Vereb's 1 1-yard spurt oxer lelt guard. Hob 
I.aughery. who did most of the poini-alter- 
loudidoun tries all season, kicked the point that 
won the game lor ihe Terrapins. 

.\ blo( ked punl ga\e .\lar\land its setond 
scoring opportunity on the Tiger's .'<(>. With a 
lirsl down on the -!(), (Quarterback Frank Tant- 
biirello threw the Inst Terp toiuhdown pass to 
Fnd Bill Walker. 

Tiie Tigers rallied courageously in ihc second 
hall. .\ |)ass interception ga\e ihem a first down 
on the Liner 2't. Jim Hunter pin bed to .Somiv 
Stringer lor the lirsl toiuhdown. The P. AT. 
was missed. The Tigers went (i'.l \ards lot iluii 
second score, but again the conversion ir\ was 
missed. Tatum and the Terps kit Missomi 
ihanklul the "loot " was still in h)olball. 

(!()a(h aiui l'ii|)il. i'cllii;iiiii. air sideline viewers. 


78»h Year-No. 338 WASHIN( 

;T0N post and times herald Sunday, September 25, 1955 

Maryland Upsets 

UCLA, 7-0; Vereb Stars 

Oh a soggy rain.swept field, Ed Vereb took a 
pitchout from Frank Taniburello and raced 17 
yards to break a scoreless deadlock and give 
Maryland a 7-0 victory over Red Sanders' highly 
touted UCLA's Bears. 

Before the largest crowd ever to see a football 
game in the Washington area (46,000) the 
Terps th^varted a second cjiiarter scoring bid by 
the UCLANs. Led by their brilliant tailback 
Ronnie Knox the UCLANs moved by air to the 
three-yard line. On second do^v^ fidlback Doug 
Peters pliuige to the one before Bob Pellegrini 
made the "tackle of the year." The rugged All- 
America forced Peters to fumble, and Gene 
Dyson recovered for Maryland. It was then that 
UCLA realized ho^v tough the Terrapin line 
coidd be. The UCLANs were held to a minus 
21 yards rushing. 

After it was all over Sanders made his way 
through a frenzied crowd to Terp Coach Jim 
Tatum and said, "We were beaten by a majestic 

LICLA guard threw Back Ed Vereb for loss on this play. 

Vereb leaves three frustrated UCIL.A Bruins behind as he dashes foi- pay din in Maryland's 7-0 win. 

i.iiici Kiul liill \\;ilkcr i ides 
a Hayloi Bear, 1 cxas-style. 

34lh Y»or-No 167 


October 2, 1955 

Terps Trounce Bears, 20-6 

All ihc louclnlowiis in MarNhiiul's 2i)-C) w in oxer 
ihc Baylor Bears ai Waco, I cxas, were the rcsull 
ol its airanii. wliidi liad hfi'ii unused unlil lliis 

Frank Taniburtllo threw two oi the ID 
heaves, his first traveling 30 yards into the wait- 
ing arms of Knd Russ Dennis, who iiad mo\ed 
behind the Baylor secondary. The second 
I ambo scoring pass came ironi onh loin- \ards 
out and ca])|)ed a iom th (|u.irtc r niaic h alter an 
intei( epiioii In II diback l)a\c- Nus/. 

It was Nils/ wiio passed lor tlie Terps other 
score. Da\e showed tiie record Baylor Stadium 
(lowd ol :V,).0(l() tliat Maryland had i)lentv oi 
depth when he look a pitchoiu Iroin Lynn 
Beightol and threw a rumiing i)ass to hallbaek 
Howie Date wiio was standing all alone in the 
cornel ol tlie end /one. 

The Terps siaiwari deleiise was a |)iimary 
reason lot the liiial score, as it intercepted li\e 
|)asses. two ol which wcic turned into loueh- 

\ II ill ol H;i\|()|- l'ic:iis (iiisc in mi Nils/. iVip ll.illl>.i(k. \\Iii> scis s^iil loi IVixIni i_;,);il ;i|i(i .1 ])ii(li-mil. 



Ed Vereb, Maryland's Mr. Touchclowii ol I'Jjj, is slopped after a fi\c-yard pickup iliroiioh llie "W'ake Forest defense. 

70lh Year-No. 437 


October 9, 1955 

Maryland Slams Deacons, 28-7 

Maryland outclassed Wake Forest's Deacon's, 
28-7, before 18,000 home fans in its first Atlantic 
Coast Conference game. 

The Terps scored three times in the first half, 
all from within the one-yard stripe on drives by 
Frank Taniburello, Fred Hamilton, and Eddie 

The first time the Terrapins received the ball, 
they moved to a score, going 75 yards in 1 .S plays. 
The drive took nearly eight minutes in all. 

Early in the second (piarter, Lyini Beightol 
guided tlie Terps to pay dirt after Jack Healy 
look a Deacon punt on their 48 and moved to 
the 37. Reightol then passed to 'Vereb who 
j3ulled in the pass ^vith a nice over-the-shoulder 
catch before stepping out of bounds on the six. 

Line plunges by Healy moved the ball to the 
final yard-marker ^vhere Vereb completed the 
inarch by jolting over for the score. 

Ihe first-stringers had the ball during seven 
series of downs and crossed the Wake Forest line 
four of these times, getting s^veet revenge for 
the l<»r)4 13-13 lie. 

Back Harold Hull finds himself surrounded by Deacons. 


1 '1.-..-. 

■l.-.lh \...i >... Til 

IX III! \M \. 

1 . MMI \l l> 

II. t.>l..'r Kp. 




'th Car( 




Carolina's lar-IlicU iiui |iin I alum and liis 
Icrps cm isioiiini; an iipscl. I>ul inslcad saw 
Maiylaiul coiuc out oi ils dflciisivc sluU and 
(I ush the home team. L'.'i 7. 

1 atum. wlio will <;uidc tlic Chapel Hill l)oys 
wlien next liie two sc|iiads meet, watched a line 
all-star |)eiiormaiue hv Maivland's Kd \'eieb 
who scored thrice and passed to another tally, 
lakint; |)ari in all Liner scorini; lor the atlernoon. 

iWiie \'erel) look scoring pitchoiits trom 
Irank lanibiirello. On one other occasion lie 
mo\ed into "ikiilah Land " \ ia a handoff assist 
irom lamlx). 

It was alter another I'andxi pitchoul that 
C'o-caplain Vereb passed to Howie Dare lor 
Mar\lands other score. 

lamlnirello. wlio i;uide<l tiie Terrapins to all 
their touchdowns, was \ i(tim ol Carolina's stor- 
ing play in the third (|uarter. He dropped bai k 
to pass from his 3."> and Far Heel center Jim 
Jones tore ihrou;^!) the line, stole the ball irom 
Tainbo, and ran unmolested lor the Tl). 

Maryland's mighty defense threw back every 
other scoring chance Nortii Carolina mounted. 

i'oiK lulowii — Kil W'ItI) lacks up anoilur six-pniiufr. 

'I U(> ^liic-lrnncicd I ailucls hall I lowic Dare-, Mai \ laud hallli.ii k. Iicloic he ( ,iii pi.iiKc. as |iin I'.ii s()iis(SL') looks on. 

85lli Viai No. 126 


(Iclobcr 23, 19S.> 

Md. Crushes Orangemen, 34-13 

Maryland's Terps made short Avork of ihc 
spirited Orangemen from Syracuse, thtnnping 
tliem 34-13. 

The Orange \vere confident after a victory 
over the highly touted Army eleven, btit backs 
Ed Vereb, Phil Perlo and Jack Healy upset any 
dreams they might have nurtured. 

The Terps scored t^vice in the first quarter. 
Perlo ripped through tackle for the first touch- 
doAvn and Bob Laughrey made the conversion. 

Minutes later a pass from Vereb to End Russ 
Dennis made the score 13-0. This time Perlo did 
the honors and Maryland Avas ahead by 14 

During the afternoon Syracuse managed to 
score twice, on a pass play covering 22 yards, and 
a fourth-quarter two-yard sneak into the end 
zone. HoAvever the Terps had the game well 
vmder wraps by that time. 

Tatum used his first stringers sparingly din- 
ing the second half. Vereb scored early in the 
third period from the three, and Healy a little 
later from the seven. 

The Terps left Syracuse a very handy winner 
in a game that lifted them to number one rank- 
ing in the nation's grid polls. 

Tnj}: IMiil Pti lo.Tiip fullback, carries a Syracuse lineman. 

Bolluni: Gene Alclerion gels set to pounce on Syracuse End. 


All-.\nifrica Center liob I'ellegi iiii 
Iialis Cainecock l)a( k. 

79th Yeor-No 156 


Oclober 30, 1955 

Terps Top S.C, 27-0; Vereb Does It! 

K(l Vcrcb, Maryland's haid-runnini; liallhack 
anil co-captain, scl an Ailantic Coast Clonlcrciuc 
scoring record as the Icrps won. 27-0. o\cr 
-South Carolina before a College Park Home- 
( oniinn ( rowd ol L'M.OOO. 

Vereb's touchdown runs of three, 10 and !!• 
vards gave the IS^-poiind senior Ironi Pitts- 
burgh. Pa. (i() points l(jr the season. This topped 
the f)ld mark of 34 shared by foin^ players. 

I'.d tarried I.'! liims lot 1 1 1 \ards. (()in|)leti'(l 
a pass lor I .") yards, ,nid inumpted a C>aiiie((Kk 
aerial lor a ;52-\ard retiun. 

Mar\land scored die Inst time it got the ball, 
with X'ereb ending a ,")'.t-v.nd mkikIi with a three- 
yard touchdown run. 

With Quarterback L\ini Ueightol in com- 
mand, the Ter])s moved ,")3 yards in eiglit plays 
lor their second iirst-cjuarter touchdo^vn. "fhe 
pavoll ])lay was a I Ovard pass from Daxe Nus/ 
to 1 iowie Date, 

Vereb added die oilui Maixland scoies in the 
iliiid and loiiiih <|uaricrs. Marvland gained 
L' l',> yards on the ground and had a toi.d olii use 
oi ;^liO \ards lor the afternoon. 

Terp forward wall ol (.eiK- Alilui loii (jl ) , Al Wli.n idh (77) , Rdii AiIu'n (lil ) , aiulllill liimei (SS) rush Ciaro- 
liiia piimcr. 


5- / '^ 

'^^ ^s»^fc^^-^/r^ 



November 6, 1955 

Maryland Drops Dogged LSU, 


Maryland coupled touchdo^vn di-ives of 56 and 
53 yards -with a strong defensive effort and out- 
lasted Lousiana State, 13-0, before a crowd of 
28,000 at Byrd Stadium. 

The Terps opened the second quarter by 
launching a 56-yard scoring drive, capped by a 
31 -yard pass from Quarterback Frank Tambu- 
rello to Halfback Jack Healy. 

Healy took Tambmello's pass over the middle 
on the Tiger 15 and raced away from would-be 
tacklers to score the first touchdo^vn of the game. 
The drive consisted of ten plays. 

With six miniues gone in the second half, 
Maryland pushed the ball across the LSU goal 

again. The running of Halfbacks Ed Vereb and 
Healy and Fullback Phil Perlo, plus a pass from 
Tamburello to End Jim Parsons advanced the 
ball do^vn to the Tiger four. 

The payoff came \vhen Vereb took a handoff 
and tore off right tackle for the touchdown. 

Bob Laughery, \vho booted the first Terp 
extra point, attempted the placement, but it was 
blocked by LSU's Dur^vood Graham. 

The Tigers, paced by Tackle Earl Leggett, 
halted t^vo other Maryland scoring threats. One 
^vas stopped on the LSU 17 and the other was 
halted on the Tiger five. 

Terp Fullback Phil Perlo crashes through a bi;.; Imli in ilu ISC l()rA\:ir(l wall lor a liisi dnww 



V <*< 





Maiyliirul Halll);i<k llaiolcl Mull is siiiotiui eil Icji no gain l)\ iluic biiilv Clenison linesmen at ligeis home lair. 

55lh Year-No II 


November 13, 1955 

Terps Skin That Tiger, 25-7 

Maryliiiid ichoiindcd lioin a two loiu lidown. 
lirst-liall <lcii( it lo i()|)|)k' Clcmson. 'I'}-\2, at 
("Ifinson, SX'... btliiiul llif (|uarui hackini; ol 
L)im Ikii^hlol and ihc niniiiii^ ol Kddic \'cicl). 

KoIlouinL; the opcniiit; kickort. ihc Tif^cis 
sinasiifd 81 yards in ID |)la\s lor iis lirsi 11). On 
iIk- lust |)la\ ol tlu' sf( ond pit iod. I lallhac k |oc 
Wells Weill ."ill yards oil rit^lu i^uard lor aiiollRi 
scoic, staking (Ucinson lo a I'i-O adxaiitagc. 

Marylaiul got one of those IDs back in the 

Inst hall, wlu'ii \'c'i'cl) pliinged oxci iroin the 
one to end a .">(i-\ai(l marc h. 

In the thiiil (|n,nief. Heighlol lossi'd an 
If^-yard louehdown to Vcrcb: Hob Laiigheiy 
• idded the PA T and the 'reips led. !:ML'. 

1 Wo loin th-(|iiai ler sc ores, one a 1 anibuieUo 
keeper phiy Irtjui eiglil \ai(ls out, and another a 
Ki-yard Ikighlol-to-W'alkei pass, pni iiing on 
ilie \ iciorv cake. 

Ii<(l ll.niiilliiii Ic.ids iiuei leientc 
lot II illbaek VA \rrcl). 

Howif Daic is 
chased l^y CiVV 
after pass Ironi 
Lvnn Beiuhtol. 

78th Yeor-No. 350 


November 20, 1955 

Colonials Fall to Terps, 19-0 

GW cleleiulei l)ieaks up aerial lioiu ranilHinlio lo 

Maryland's Orange Bowl-bound Icrrapins 
ended an unbeaten season, its third in five years, 
Avith a 19-0 victory o\er George Washington at 
College Park. 

An important sidelight ol the contest ^vas that 
Maryland haUback Ed Vereb scored two touch- 
downs and tell only one point short oi the all- 
time Terp scoring mark. The record was set by 
Bob Shemonski in l'.).5(). That season Shemonski 
scored 97 points. 

Vereb scored on one- and ioin-yard bursts lol- 
lou'ing drives of 27 and 60 yards. 

But the only touchdown Maryland really 
needed was made within the first four miniues 
of the game when Lynn Beightol connected ^vitii 
End Russ Dciniis on a 41 -yard pass play. 

Maryland scored t^vo touchdowns in the first 
(]uarter and another in the second period, but 
neither team was able to cross the final stripe in 
the second half. 

The Terp defense, led by Bob Pellegrini. 
Mike Sandusky and Jack Da\is, turned in one 
of its outstanding displays of the season. 

KiMic \ C'lcl) (.'1(1) ;iiul licil I l.iinllliiii (4U) slop Sooiiii I lallliiii k. Holi Uiii i is, w il li a JMi i iii',; lii!;li aiul-l()\v l;i( klc. 

:;ih l.ui — N.. 


Sooriers Bowl Over Terps, 20-6 

riu- sun shone Ijii^iilh on llic Tcrps dm in;,; ilu- 
111 si hall ol ihf "»() Orannc- Howl ( lassi( . l)ul ihi 
( )klahoiiia Sooiicis imlc-asiud a whippil-likc 
oiknsi' ill ihc Imal ihirix niiiiuics to win "iht' 
Howl ^aiiK ol I he year," 2()-(). 

1(1 X'cTfl) rail well ai the htninninn. Ills liisi 
hall |aiinl luai i\ sci up a s< ore. \ liiiiihlc sialUd 
I his ill i\ ( 1)111 \'(i (1) was iioi III In- denied. 1 .alii 
lie look a ! aiiihui ello piuhoiii. loiiiid no le- 
(ei\(i open and daiied down iIr- lell sidelines 
lor Mar\laiid's onh sc ore. 

I lu uniaindii ol llie hall was .ill \l,ii\laiid. 

,is oiu' Terp afti'r anoihei drained do\\n the 
\annled .Sooner hac ks lor hii; losses, hni nnlorin- 
nateh lor Maryland e\er\ looiball .i;aiuc has a 
second h.ill. 

( )klahoiii.i .ind .iiid ran, .Sooiiii h.ii ks 
Uol) i'liinis .111(1 HilK l'ri(er i.niip.mi. as 
their lorw.ird w.ill hd 1)\ Ml \iiuriean lio lioll- 
iiimi piislud oiii (leleiisi\e .dl o\tr the liidd. 

\l ilie end I .iliiin s woids ivpilied the disaj)- 
poininieiii ol llu' eiiini' UMiii when he s.iid: 
Xolxxly rcj^TCls the last .1(1 ininnus ol ilu' j;aiiic 
iiK II e than I do!" 


The Big Red and 
White enteriaiiied 
at halftinie. 

' ;aaw<wiii.s i ap.-:r ^yggg^*^ 

■iri '-# :rr^. 

Ihrec .SooiiLTs chase loiu hilowii-houiul It rj) Ed Nerch; a sliot-string tackle stopped No. 30 on the Oklahoma leu. 




The crisp excitement of winter weather 
Hnds a match 

in the speed and excitement 
of winter sports. 
In the fall, Saturday afternoons 
become a panorama 
of the sounds and color and movement 
of a crowd watching a game. 
Football is speed and precision and skill, 
excitement and spirit. 
Later in tiie season, 
cheering fans 

fill the Activities Building, 
intent on the clean, precise actions 
of five men on a basketball court. 
Fhrousihout the winter, 
this is the focus of the sports picture. 




ln\l III.,-, lilt III li'^hl: Dicvv SthaiilltM ; lldli I lanUiii.iii; jiihii Samlliiiuci; liol) kisslci; Hoi) ()'liiii-n. Sriuiiil ina-: \\ Illeich: Jolui 
l.o\c: U.iMie MiC.iiMii'i: 1'cha Mooix-; |<)Iim I ibariik; Don l)iiiila|): Niik Davis. I'liiril iinr: Coach lliul Millikan; John Lacey. Head 
Tiaiiiei; Boh Naidone: I'at Clarke; Cant I'lhib; John \ariiicik; Jark Doanc; Jim Mema, Manager. 


Maiyhuul, phn inj^ its Hrsi season in ilic Sliulciu 
Activities liiiikling, came through \sith another 
winning year inider ilic dirci tion ol Head Coach 
Hud \fillikan. 

Ihc longest winning streak ol the 11-10 (am 
paigii re;u hed Inc. It started alter the leips' 
loss lo Miiliigan State in die Holiday Mid 
Winter Tournanieni. Alter that setback, die 
Terps topped St. Francis to linish third in tin 
tourney, and played outstanding delensiNc ball 
in deleating highly-ranked (ieorge Washington 
62-1!^. I hey also downed .South Carolina twice 
and (".Icnison before tasting defeat at the hancK 
ol Xorlh ("arolina State. 

Later in the season, the rerra])ins gave ilie 
Wf)Ifpack of North C'arolina State its first home 
defeat, 71-f)2. Maryland also showed dial its 
victory over (iW was im llukc 1)\ siojjping ilu' 

1).C. crew in their home lair, ()7-4('), holding 
them to two less points. 

1 op man in die lei p ollensi\e ])ii lure lor llie 
secoiul straight \ear was Forward liob Kessler. 
As in his Junior year. Kessler (oUeiied most ol 
the records lor the tampaign. He led die wa\ in 
storing with 190 |joints and a 20. L' per game 
average. His 'M'< points in die A AC louinev 
111 III I iiim iiiii) I 111- ( (i\e !(.■(! L'O poini ( ir( le. 

Bob O'Urieii. \\ho swished the cords lo the 
time ol a II point average, trailed Kessler. On 
die loul line. Kessler agTiin showed the way. 
dropping in 1()'.> fouls, which was double the 
amount scored bv O'Brien, who had HS. 

lolm Naciniik kii .dl scorers in die lieldgoal 
eiiuieiuv wilii .i l">.l m.iik. \\i .i 7.7 


Ki ^^■ 


Stretched out in front of Maryland bench, lerps receive assistance from Coach Millikan. 

Bob O'Brien collected two free- 
throws on this play. 


\I \K^ 1 .\\1) ()l'|-()\l \ IS 





Williiiin <.■ Nfarv 



Wake lorcsl 



K(.!iiu( k\- 



Noilli Carolina 



\[i(hi;4an Stale 



Si. Fraiu is 



Soulli ( 'aioliiia 



George W'asliiiigion 






Souili C'.aioliiia 



N.C:. Suuc 






North Carolina 












(.eorge \\asliiii:;loii 






N.C. Stale 



Wake loresi 






(■eorge I own 





Bob Kesslcr grabs icboimtl uiih \\'iklr;ii on his l);i(k, 

Duke's Junior Morgan caii'l slo]) llviutr Xick Da\ is. 


Jolm Natincik slaps Ijall awav from foe Belnionl. 

G.\\'.'s Joe Holu]3 (Iri\es uncki hui luuls Maixlaud's () Uriiii and Kessler loo lous^li to handle. 

iiol) HuiclinuiM li.iiius Diikc ichoiiiulci iiiuK i Mary- 
land's liaskcl. 

Hulj Kcssin . I'oiwaid. iisis Spal tan 
as ladder in layiip attempt. 

NIai viand's [ohn X.u in( ik Hips a last pass niti) Hoi; ( )'Bi ic n dui nii; lii>nic icsi w ii li i Ik Duke llliicdfv 

loiwarcl liol) Kcssltr drops in iwo poiiiis agaiiii (..W. 

Navy's dcleiulLTs cani liali Kcsslci 's junipiiig onc- 


Ronald Shock lakes a pi.Kliii- nIioI. 


Our SocctT s(]u;i(l iiirncd in iis usual \\nv \kv 
IniuKUKC, capturin,^ ilic Ailaiuic Cioast Cioiilcr- 
cntc title lor (he iliird year in succession. 

Sparked In ilie |>la\ ol Roinne Shock, Andy 
McDonald, and Tele .Mathews, the Terrapins 
compiled an ^*-2 overall record which included 
a \ ictorv oxer hinid\ louied Virginia. 

Coach l)o\le Roval crediled the hue season 
U) "a (onipkie icain illoil. as e\er\ man im- 
proxccl with cxp(.'rience and haid work. " 

Ron Shock, descrihed h\ Ro\al as "ihe best 
team man e\er lo don a '! cap unilorm." received 
National and Ailaniic Coast honors, following 
in the loolsups ol lasi vear's standoul Otto 

IVlc .\laulu \^^ ic.ilhs puis liil lool liiln diic. 

Aha/ i((ic. /.// Ill liiilil: Miki liiici: Diik SKiuIn; ).uk I'rdmi; Idiii XLiiiIuun: kim.ild SIhk k: Ro\ lir.iii(li.iMi|i; M.iiul \lillci; 
C.iiliiicI I ii<<it(lii-;i! Sriiiiid iiiir: I til K\ ir: C.coig Rciiiir; )ciliii IU:iln: John Jiiiiis; RiinslitiK: I'.a \Ii-.ikIu'i; Ait Riill: 
I cio\ SkiiiiH-i. (iiiidi l)ii\li- R(i\;il. Iliiiil xnr: Jim FrcciiN. \l.iiiiii;ii ; CInuk RcMioliK; RiMik \\rii;lil; |iiii Riir: l-.iilf ll.iil: 
ll.iii\ lliiiili'i: H<iu:iiil Ki.iiiK'i: AmK M(l)iiii;ilcl: |iiii Sliiiiiis: Id C.iuiiil. 


Maryland's varsity "Bull's-eye " Rifle team didn't 
win any National titles. However, after several 
winning seasons and a couple ol National Titles, 
this year conk! be tabbed as one of rebuilding. 

Linn Savage held up his end on tlie s(|uad. but 
most ot the other shooters lacked actual game 

The brightest spot on the scpiad and most wel- 
comed addition is pert Maggie Guy, a Ijriuictte 
sharpshooter from Detroit, Michigan. 

The only female on the squad, the 19-year-old 
Miss ranked high in a fight for ntmiber two posi- 
tion behind Savage. She fired around 280 and 
Coach M/Sgt. Carroll Oliff was pleased with 
her scores. 

Maryland iiiaii ihccks rifle while teammate 
gets sel to shoot dining fne-otl at Armory. 

First rmc, left It) rii^lil: Icmi (..ns; M;ig;^ic C.u\: Liiiii Savage; Jack Scliiiiidl: (.udigt- I.inscx. Sccdiul inw: Maslci Scigt-aiK Olill; 
Tom Yolken; Don VVebstcr; Saul HoiiisbciH: kiiii I'.ilcl. 


I he rcr|) Wri'siliiin Umiu won the- Aihiiiiic 
ClcKist Cionlcrciuc c h;mi|)i()iislii|) lor ihc louiili 
siraiglit yen . In .\(;c; jjlay, ihc l.incrs were .")(l. 
wiili two ol ihc wins shulouls. Thcv blanked 
W'.ikc Forcsi, ;<()-(). and swaiupcd North Caro- 
lina. :?S-(I. Overall, Marvland. coached bv Sully 
Kioiise. liiiished with a li-L' record, losing; to the 
\a\al Academy and powerltil I'enn State-. 

in the ACC Toiirnanient. the Terrapins had 
a coni|)arati\el\ eas\ tiiuc' knockin;^ oil tiieir o|)- 
poncnis. I he n itini])h. which was held in die 
Studeni .\(ii\ities Biiildini;. \\as the Liners lilih 
straij4iu Conterenee title. W'liile in tlie Southern 
Conference, the Terps grabbed top spot, and in 
ilic- ACC the\ haxen'i taken a back seat to aiiv 
ol ihcii loes. 

S;il . \ mill o s^ii mac cs l)Ul still holds on lo l)iikco|)j)oiRiil. 

Irfl lo iijilil: John Milhi-h; I >l \\ c.ii lici I\ ; J.n k Nniiii-; Riiiu-\ C.jiiiill: |( n \ O'^iiikis: 1 cr kiiiinilx; Niii.iin; (h,iilic linwlci: 
.Mike S;iiuliisk\ . 

.o a c^ o o p ?)• 

RcltTCL' (lu(lssli) sec il ihc lirps ]vrv) ()t;urkis has piiimd his Hhic l)c\ il oppoiiciil. 











N. C;. Suite- 






Wake Forest 



North Carolina 






Pcnn State 


L'jjset-clown C'.liailic liowlei <;ot light-side-u]) ii> \\i 



Fif^l nm\ Iffl to right: IJuii (.liiii: Slii (ailislr: Ikii (.oml; ( iil l';iit\; |Lir\ \li(.cc. Sitund row: Coach |iiii Kchoc; );uk \\i'si: 
l)a\e Riiiiis: I'hil I'arisius. 

Indoor Track 

|iiii Slai l)<>:ii(l (Ic.iis liuidlc iin.iinsl \.i\\ :ii Aiiiidiv. 

Nfarvland's lianicrs had a banner vcar. with the 
( ross-couniry sciuad repealing as Ailaniic (".oasi 
('.onierentc dual meet champions. 

I lie I er|)s, coached 1)\ [iiii Kchoe. posted a 

.")-() record during the season as compared to 

seconcl-|)lace North (Carolina States .')-! mark. 

riie onh h)ss that North (Carolina Stale siiirered 

came agaiiisi ihi' 1 eirapins. 

In indoor nieeis. ol which onh one \\'.is at 
College I'ark and tliai a yearly e\ent wiili the 
Naval Academv. the I'erp thindads also put on 
.in outstanding and sometimes record-breaking 
])c I lormanc e. 

Mel Sciiuart/. Mar\land pole vaulling star, 
beat liis own record ol last \ear. top|)ing M feel 
at ihe Milrose dames. 

()llui lci|)s Nieanied up .uid g.i\c \l,ir\i,nui 
honors in the \'\ll Winicr Rel.i\s. I'd Cooke 
won ihe shot put with IS leel loiu and one- 
(|u.n ui inc lies. 

in the .\l lie relax . llic I c i ps nussed (he sc hool 
record bv two-teiuhs ol a second as they (inished 
second in ilic N^' \C ''ames with a 2:2.S:r>. 



Maryland's Intramural Progi'am, directed by 
Jim Kehoe, provides sports facilities for students 
unable to participate in varsity athletics. As- 
sisted by the Intramural Council, made up of 
junior and senior physical education majors, 
Kehoe presented a diversified list of sports rang- 
ing fi'om football to bait casting. 

Phi Kappa Sigma defeated Tau Epsilon Phi 
12-0 in the championship fraternity football 
game. The Phi Kaps' Dave May scored the first 
six-pointer on a pass from Frank Just, and Ernie 
Betz tallied the other after blocking a Stan Bobb 
pass, catching it, and racing 40 yards for the 
score. The victory Avas considered an upset be- 
cause TEP was 12-0-0 going into the title clash 
and the Phi Kaps were only 9-2-1. 

In basketball, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Phi 
Delta Theta wound up as champs of their divi- 
sions with 1 1-0 and 10-0 records respectively. 

Delta Tau Delta was tied with Lambda Chi 
Alpha going into the final game of the season, 
but defeated their tormenters by a score of 3 1-23. 

.Action reaches fever pitch in frat grid title game. 

First roif, left In righl: Frank just: Dave May; Ed Gardner: Bob Thurston. Coach; Clavton Roop; Lee Marcion; Walt Stefanouic/. 
Second rnu': Don Springer; Will Groner; Ernie Betz; Pete Nellis; Charlie Bundy: Buzzv Merritt; Holt Rice; Bill Dobbins. 

i_ ♦ 



v W^wm 



The weather changes, and 

a new set of sounds, 

a new cast of characters 

take over the sports scene. 

Spring comes to Maryland, 

bringing not only mud and more mud. 

but also all the sports 

that come with the spring season. 

Suddenly there is renewed activity 

on the cinder-track, 

and baseball practices last 

until there is no longer enough light 

to see the spheroid. 

Lacrosse sticks and tennis racquets 

are very much in evidence, 

and golf caps come out of winter storage. 

This is the panorama of spring sports. 

'"^■V** * 


First row, left to right: Sal Ca\alkT<): (iin Kapplci; Riiil W'atsc he; Bill Spies. (;()(;a])taiii: Rcniiii' Sniilli. Cio-Clap- 
tain: Jim Keating; Dick M(\ich<)las; Jim Stroti. Sccund row: Dick C(jiiigan; Ronnie Waller; Ben Goenemiller: 
Cihailie Wicker; John Simmons; Frank Walsh; Gordon Widener; Frank lambnrello. Third row: Monk Rowe; 
W'allv Kualt. Senior Managei; Pete Loi/eaux: Ghestcr Goiidy: (Iharlic Longest; Perry Roberts; Ben Koppct; 
|()hn Rihme: Pal Gil!\. i'ourth row: Bill (iiidea; Dick Bml; Bob Snchy; Sonny Tamburello; [im Parsons; Pete 
.\l(l,e;in; Aiigie Waiiiel; Di(k Bromweii; John Fnsoi . iilth row: jack Faber. C;o;ulr, A! Ileag\. Cloach; Freddie 
Miuiull, Siiideni Coach; John I.a(e\; Frank Riiark. 

Sciilllr liii III!) I)(liin<! i lopkiiis' goal in season's Imale. 


Maryland's all coiujiici iii,n Icrps lapiured ihc 
National Lacrosse (;hani|)i()nshi|) last sijrin.t;. 
ilie lillli title in tlu- t\venl\ six \c;ns tlial jack 
Kabcr ;in(l Al Hcagy li;i\t' hiin iii the In im. 

The title was tiic Inst since I'.Hd. ;in(l the 
I 1 () mark was the first tini)eaten season in lerp 

\I;ir\l;in(l ouiscoreil its opponi'ms l(i7 i;o;ils 
1(1 1(1. with the bi.^.i^esi roiii ol liie year (oinini; 
;ii;:iinst Duke, who w;is inniipled 22-1. I'iie 
Cihanips had two shntonis. both hy IH-O scores, 
over Williams .md X'irniiii.i. 

i'lie lounhesi '.^.ime ui ihc se.ison the .iw.ix 

contest against ihe N.ix.d \(;idem\ wiiith the 

I'erps won l)\ the h.nesi ol margins, one |)()int. 

'IS. rii:it i;;nne w;is tlie only one in wliith the 

l.iiHisdid iKii u.K li donlile figures. 

With ilu- Im.d win o\ei [ohiis I lopkins. i i .">. 



Aiiullier Liiiassistcd goal by anaikiuuii Dickiu C^uiiigaii (II) ui 1 ti |)s Kllli ^Uaiglu v\iii ol lIic nL-asui 

the Terps unbeaten streak, which included a 
win carried over from 1954, reached 12 straight. 

Even though the title was a fine team effort, 
three players can be credited witli nuich of the 

Jim Keating and Dick Corrigan finished one- 
two in scoring with 29 and 25 points respec- 
tively. C'harlie Wicker was high man in the 
nation in assists, with 39 to his credit. He also 
contributed 14 goals to the Terp cause. 

Three players, Charlie Wicker. Rennie Smith 
and )immy Kappler were honored with awards 
for their performances during the unbeaten 

Wicker \\'as awarded the Edwin E. Powell 
Trophy, which is offered to the player who ren- 
ders the greatest service to lacrosse during the 
season. Smith received the Maryland Ring in 

conjunction with being judged the best athlete 
of the year. The C. Markland Kelly Trophy, 
^vhich is a\varded to the oiustanding goalie of 
the year, went to Kappler. 

Jim Stiott (29) scores in rout of Virginia's Cavaliers.^ 


Atleiiipuil ,t;u,il ii\ ii,t 1 > I j;s -.aiK |).isi iIk iicl. 































1 1 

Johns Hopk 



Co-Coach Al Hcagy reassures onlookers ... all is well. 






^'^••♦^^(>*/ *#• i«^, 


Riiiiia .Smith, Terp allackmaii, gclj. set lu sliuul willi a Ca\alici plavci o\li liij. back . . . lit made llic gual. 

Smith and Simii block out anxious Virginia player. 



Jim Keating, Midficld 

John Simmons, Defense 

Charlie W ukci. Ailack 

I- i\ e Ici ps made the 1955 Lacrosse AH- Americas; 
three securing first team honors, two obtaining 
second team berths. 

Charhc Wicker, Jim Keating and |ohn Sim- 
mons, all [iiniors, were the first team choices. 
Rennif Smith. Senior, and Jim Rappler. Sopho- 
more, made the second squad. 

Smith and Wicker were repeal .All-.\merica 
selections; the former making the second team 
for the third time, ihe latter a third-team choice 
in 19,54. 

Rennie Smith. Attack 


1 Kaj) 













"^^^B r* 

, V 



Varsity 12 
Alumni 19 

Maryland's professional-filled Alumni stormed 
back in the second-half of the annual spring 
game to top the Varsity, 19-12. 

Quarterbacks Frank Tamburello and Lynn 
Beightol each thre^v a touchdown pass in the 
first half for the Varsity, but the Alumni scored 
t^vice in the closing half to add to their first 
half TD. 

diet Hanulak scored twice for the Alumni, 
once on a 2-yard plunge and another on a 37-yard 
pass from former All-America, Jack Scarbath. 

In a captured ballet, diet Hanulak snares pass. 

Tackle Mike Sandusky (77) assists fellow varsity players in downing the Alumni's halfback Ronnie Waller. 


The Liners barely tell i)el()w ..")()() last year as 
(loath H. Burloii Sliipkx's boNs kepi li'^hiiii;^ 
all ihe \\a\ . 

Despite their I I '.' hisi won retonl. ihe 1 erps 
played some hue baseball. (()in|)ilinn lour and 
three game winning skeins in ihe early weeks ol 
the season. The I erjjs' record in their second 
year ol .Atlantic C'oast C'onierence play was (i 
wins and 7 losses. 

RigluHekler Ralph Ward pounded ihe pellei 
consistently and finished wiih a loh\ .;?17 bat- 
ting a\erage. collecting 1'.' hits in (iO trips to the 
|)laie. Brawn) liill Walker led the club in the 
runs-batted-in (oluinu wiih 1'.) tallies tlri\en 
across home plaic. Walker ranketl second in 

individual baiting averages with a .3()'J mark. 

riie Louis W. Ikrger Trophy, awarded annii- 
alh lo ihe ouisianding senior diamond star, went 
lo lust sacker Krnie Berliner who \vas runner-up 
lo Walker in runs-baiied-in wiih 1 I. Berliner 
also led ihe team in siolen i)ases. piliering h\e 
during the 20 game season. 

Ol ilic nioundsnicn Russ l)uff\ and liob 
Weiss were the workhorses Hnishing one-two 
respccti\ely in most innings pitched on the seven 
man siatf. Diiilv's record was a respectable ?> and 
.H while Weiss nouhcd .") \i( lories against .') 
defeats. Stan Bobb and Bob C'arr also chalked 
up \ ictories lor tiie Lerps. 

Fi)st Km', left to right: Pete Dilloian: Bill Moore; Bob Jack Johnson: Ernie Berliner; Bill Walker; Bill 
Smith: Jim Hennessey: Frank Bartko; liob Riatta. Second rouK Duke W'yrc. Iiainei : Cluuk Reynolds: .Steve 
I'.olcn; i'lank [akuhitk: Boh .\Iuiiay: Russ Duiley; Sian liobh: Phil C:alcki': Cailic Piaii. Tliii/I row: 11. Burton 
SJiiplcN. Ibad Coadi: [ack Jobnson. .Assistant Co;ieh: (ieiic Doani ; Paul Kianier: Ralph Ward; DaxeSuiiili: Bob 
(;;ui; Bob \\:iikins: Waid Reilly. 

*~^£?^j~"£ji — r~q(| 

I c 

Wake Forest runner grimaces as he is an easy out for third-sacker Steve Bolen of the Liners in contest played here. 

The ball got there ahead of 
the I'erps Miller, who tried to 
stretch his double. 


George Hogan. Iiij^li juiii[) iiuin loi ilic I iips. i-, iculls il\ini; as lie (Icais jjolc. 

Mainland Mikiiiv. Iluii ( .liiii i mis mu liallcnged. 

Spring Track 

Maryland's ()\ IT. ill incii ncoid \sas I wins and 
.S losses, while ill dual iiiccl (oiiipclilion. ihc 
Liners were 3 and L'. Alter \ielories (uei' Vir- 
i^inia and the Ouantico l.ealheriRH ks. ilu' I'erps 
ran inio an old luiiiesis. North ('aiolina, and 
dn>|)|)i(l a .")S-7.S detision. I wo more losses to 
.\a\^ and \. (".. Stale lollowed helore the Liners 
round themselves and smotheied Cieori^etowii 
twice. 7'»-.')7i/^ (D.C.A-.X.U.) and 72-r)«l. 

Ill llu \llaiili( ('o.isi Conlereiu 1-. \lai\land 
wound U|> in second phue. heini; nosed out by 
N'orlh ("arolina. '» I ■'».") l/,. Dnke placed third and 
South Ciarolinas (lainecocks \vere lourih. 


First rou', left to right: Dave Leas; Bob Poetzman; Joe Hemler; Roh .\Ussersmith; Francis Bruno: Gerry McGee; 
Bill Draper; Ray Horsely; Ben (iood. Srrond roiiK George Hogan: jack Duhall; Carl Party; Jim Young; Dave 
Fellows; Eddie Lloyd; Dennis Abdalla; [ay Ricks; Paul Hower; Burr Ciriui. Third rau': Jim Kehoe, Head Goach; 
Buzz Frasier, Assistant Coach; Phil Siroup, Assistant Coach; Stanley Strauss; Ron Stubin; Wesley Barnes; Mel 
Schwartz; Gene Dyson; Larry Faass; Biuke Wilson; Clarence Rakow. Assistant Coach; Bob Callahan. Manager. 

Bmke Wilson, top relay man, gets set to cairy the mail. 

Nevertheless, there were many highlights in 
Maryland's spring season ^vhich tended to stand 
out above the team's overall mark. In the IC-4A 
Track Meet held at New York, Burr Grim, 
Maryland's Mercury, flashed across the tape with 
the fastest collegiate mile in the country for the 
spring season. His time was 4.09.9. 

Burke Wilson also gained prominence last 
season, running a 47.2 anchor leg in the mile re- 
lay victory over Georgetown in the D.C.A.A.U.; 
then captured fourth place in the nation for the 
440 with a time of 44.7. 


M.ti \ land liiiksiiiLii liiiislud ilu- M).")."! season 
wiili a ifcord ol loin wins and nine losses; a !M) 
mark in Ailaniit C.oasi (lonlcrcMKc |)lay. 

riif Ifips rallii'd to (o|i three ol ihcir lasi 
lour inaldics alter losing seven sirai'^ht in tiie 
beginniiit; oi the season. In ihe last t^anie ol the 
year, die Liners scored a 9-0 win o\er neighbor- 
ing Johns 1 lo|)kins. 

In the .\C.C. Chain|)ionshi|). the I erps wound 
u|)se\enih, with Wake I'orest the winner. |ini 
DePiro was high man lor \Iar\land with a 3(v 
hole total ol 1,">."). \Iart\ Parks was second at I."')S. 

I iiii Dcl'iro. iiuinl)ci diic liiikMiian. tci'soff. 

t-'iist row. Irfl to rii!,lil: Del Hceiiian; Rot;ei (looiiiod: l),i\i(l W'cinix i l;; !)\\ii;lii Mock; R:i\ I'.cll.inn; Maiiv I'arks: 
James DcPiro: Frank Croniii, C.Dacli. 


/■irst row, left to right: Herman VVagnerjaiircgg; Robbie Wells: Jack CliHord; Bud Leightheiser. Second roxu: 
Edward Hunker, Manager: Bill Hauck, IVIanager: Paul Eckel: Thurston Perkens; Dave Freishtat: Donald Kam- 
merer; Doyle Royal, Coach. 


Another \\'iniiing season, 8 -^vins and 4 losses, \vas 
presented to Tennis Coach Doyle Royal. In the 
confines of the Atlantic Coast Conference, the 
squad posted a 4-3 mark. 

Most of the Terp \\'ins were close contests; the 
losses, however, were by loi:)sided scores. T^vice, 
at the hands of North Carolina and Duke, the 
Liners were shut oiu by 9-0 scores. The other 
lo.sses were by 8-1 scores. Virginia and the Naval 
Academy applied those setbacks. 

Da\c Freishtat, number one singles man. Bud 
Leightheiser and Paul Eckel tied for the lead in 
singles wins, each having eight. Jack Clifford, 
Rollie Wills and Don Kammerer had six, fi\'e, 
and four ^vins respectively. In doubles play, the 
top team of Leightheiser and Eckel posted a 
9-3 log. 

Dave Freishtat. top tennis man, tries his backhand. 


A hundred years ago the dorms were stern grey stucco, 
and the lights went out at eight o'clock. The people 
who lived in them seem very stiff and far away. Today, 
new dorms, frat houses, date nights and desserts are all 
a part of an atmosphere that is definitely casual. But 
despite the changes, living on campus forms a bond. 
For a hundred years people have been decorating their 
rooms, meeting and making friends, and sharing in a 
way of life that is an integral part of Maryland tradition. 
Today and in years to come, dorm life is here to stay. 


Anne Arundel 

1 lie long arm of llic Jiul. liuaul docs caicli up wiili voii. 

I'irsl row, Ir/i In rif^ht: Nt. O'Coniicll; P. Homn(!a\: G. Mardilimis: I.. Nadisli: M. Alir:iiin)«ii/: W. Posiii-t; M. Cross; M. Km^toir. 
Scriind roir; S. Rig^s; K. Miidiill; |, Kac-l/cl: I. Klein: 1). lAaiis; I). R\an: 1!. RcMiolils; I. (.amci; 1'. Iiniric: A. Ilrislci. Iliiiil 
riiir: A. Baslci; A. ClaiicN; S. I'ocalka; A. Ciiccii: J. Haiiimcll: M. Slinc; L. Powers; L. U;iiui maim; M. Clark; J. Sliciklcs; K. Molt. 
l-(iurlli roxc: L. Capian; K. Liistliaus; M. Powell; 1'.. Horsey; M. liter; J. Riiichait; J. C;lark; M, Slcgiiiaii; S. Cross; P. Wariikk; 

I'. Wincman; M. Biiehler; B. Niiigard. Fijth rozc: J. Cosnell; B. Hetcrick; C. Graham; A. Kelly; A. Steiner; J. Stumpiier; B. Smith; 

\. I liomas; |. Crofoot; A. Ritchie; E. Adams; R. Lynn; A. Castator; T. Fragalc; M. Benesuns; E. Roeike; A. Hemming; N. Sears. 

First row, left to right: P. Rampe; P. Jackson; M. Wode; A. Burns; C. Krause; J. Dean; C. Winkler; R. Click; B. Clute; J. Duvall. 
Second row: C. deFore; M. Kurtz: B. Anderson; M. Miller; C. Shapiro; S. Stein; C. Forester; J. Ambrozak; M. Hanson; S. Kaplan; 
R. Mitchell; C. Weber. Third rou': R. Miller; J.. Riddle; J. Lacey; B. Silar; N. Stewart; C. Hoy; C. Whittaker; B. Diehl. Fourth roiu: 
J. Burroughs; J. Sowers; R. Rottenberg; J. Craig; B. Albright; N. Carback; S. Throckmorton; J. Schaidler; J. Wolman; E. Calvert. 
Fifth row: D. Brown; B. Rothman; J. Zito; E. Johnson; J. Buck; I. Salter; B. Gregg; B. Cox; A. Blauvelt; B. Peed; N. Swany; 
S. \Vright. Sixtli row: .\. Treadway; N. Peckham; J. Talley; R. Henderson; B. Traynor; C. Drain; P. Clark; P. Hnntley; S. DeFore. 
Seventh row: M. Raila; S. Carlos; M. Green; B. Taft; L. Chadscv; J. Bennett; C. Nicely; I. Hostcttler; J. Dinims; S. Stone; J. Norton; 
S. Wright. 

Caroline Hall 

Carroll Hall 

Fir.^t roie. left to riglit: S. Mullan; M. Rubin; S. Berlin; C. Baker; R. Lewis; J. McCoiniIck; P. Laz/ell; \ . Schlutter; S. Nuessc; 
S. Clark; \. Whiten; D. Dc Pierre; B. Manigani; P. .'Mjbol; S. Niland; K. Sonnners. Second rmi': D. Brewer; M. Peikin; M. Ciordon; 
I). Czechowic/; D. Kelh; B. Ackley; J. Johnson: P. Gleason; P. Lee; G. Dav; D. Lewis; ^L Dimcan; W. Brown; D. Henderson; 
E. Hansen; R. Pierce; E. Halsled. Third row: N. Smith; M. Morton; P. Morrison; A. Lydon; V. Pope; B. Kloise; B. Glaser; 
D. Drobisli; M. Clcvelnig; M. Strid); R. Hamilton; J. Hackett; J. Lowell; M. Garrell; L. Winkiepetk; M. Hess. Fourth row: 
M. Johnson: f:. Cohiu: A. Stulfat; B. Severson; S. Lard; P. Leonard; M. Mays: D. Barlow; D. Walkins; T. Fry; L. Galcwood; 
(. Ebersol; G. Feldman; \'. Lobl; D. Aaronson; S. Hessick: B. Bennett; A. Robin. Fiflli rcrw: M. Guy: J. Litzinger; A. Russell; R. Elisor; 
B. Bowen; J. I'nverzagt: .\. McCormack; L Paul: J. Larrimore: J. Eads; P. Ketchum; L. Popplelon: L. Sh<)ckc\; R. Welch; B. Page. 


i ' 

fir.vf rnu\ IcU In tii<hl: H. Ii,i\liis; li. Moiiu-: M. AmiIcimhi; I. W.iiis: K. 1 diin; M l).iii.;cli.; \l MiC.ill: li. Siniili; S. Slcikts. Sixnntl 
row: S. Fclilinan: I). S<nv(ll; K. liiri^slioiii; 15. (>cll: (. Iliisl)\; Mis. k. l.imcs. HoiisciiuiiIri ; .\. 1 pMciiii: .\. Hoist; C. C;iii; 
M. Dicncinann: li. MrUlicr: G. KclK. Iltirci row: J. Cliristiaiisoii: I). I'cnic: C. Iveison; .M. Krciilor; .\. Riiiiklcs: P. I'alliisdii; 
A. Siixkilt: \I. AiMiovKMlIu: K. liriiif;; 1'. Ciciil; I.. l'(i\: (.. Riidic. Inurlli row: H. Ni\im: 1-,. Kiclson; .\. (.kucs; [. Miillikiii: 
I-. K.i|)li)ii; M. Hl.ikc: K, llnnMr. (,. CliaiKcv; S. lii.inclriilmin; I'. Kicin; \. (.iiiiiiaiiii; M. \ausc; C. Nfismcicr: \\. Wolil. 

Queen Anne's Hall 

\ii;\li Kniiiiii'^ 1(H. \li( 1 ,ill liiis IkihI woi k. what il he \\>>\\'\ wear llicin? 

Saint Mary's Hall 

J hu music is by Cliopiii, Inii 
they're playin;4 Clliop Sli(ks. 

First row, left to right: R. Peleison; E. Halpert; B. Martin; R. Malimit; C. Riandon: B. Roller; L. Lange; A. Lusby; V. Shaw; 
N. Smith. Second roxu: J. Bisscll; B. Hardingham; J. Linduska; R. Stewart; L. Holtzman; N. Nielson; J. Wehrly; B. Rosenthal; 
J. Tichiiell; R. Palmer; P. Paddy. Tliinl row: L. \'erl)cech; M. Gidings; R. Dill; B. Mav; J. Powell; P. Wick; H. Ferguson; T. Koelber; 
M. Burns; B. Zibler; M. Piraro. l-omili row: V. Lucas; P, Osborn; K. Walker; J. Workman; C. Thobois; P. Beaver; G. Hancock; 
L. Brtnikc; M. Shell; M. Huntl; L. Lindgren; S. Ste])hcnson; S. Patterson; S. Fox. Filtli roir: L. Simonds; J. Zink; V. Hare; A. McGhan; 
L. Carroll; B. Black; U. Hinterlhan; A. Baker; H. Buckingham; E. Dietz; G. Wolfe; ). Hilemair, V. Clark; B. Campbell. 


■ ^Ct^eHkiiii^' 

Somerset Hall 

lie il ;i iiufi iiii; oi ;i (hue. \(>u 
iiiiisl si<'ii on iIk' (imicd liiu-. 

First WW, left to right: V. Kirthmaii: J. Elliott; P. I'owiiall; A. Seaton; E. Wadleigh; C. Solomaii; M. Anonow; L. Shir; S. Adlci; 
M. Getz; E. Ranch; E. Biavennan; N. Rosofsky; M. Deniing; B. Ives; B. Harris; R. Hofuchter. Second row: M. Brown; A. Proiittila; 
A. Decker; B. Watts; C. Stndz; D. Haggerty; M. Mathis; M. Kempeis; \. Rcilly; M. Fox; C. Martin; C. Cook; D. JalTe; B. Sachs; 

A. Ernien; C. Haver; J. Zimmerman; D. Daniel. Tliird row: N. Knolt; j. Racllinski; B. Weber; S. Heim; K. Kelly; M. Weidenbaiim; 

B. Bennsuns; L. Scheer; D. Smith; L. Newman; B. Rndolpli; J. Brocato; S. Corkran; J. Sallock; P. Maxson; E. Aschettine; N. Berger; 
P. Staggs. Fourth row: M. Fallimore; G. Minnford; S. Fnrbcr; J. Drake; j. Scott; A. King; P. Maddox. Fifth roio: J. Gore; L. Biirilick; 
E. Minisey; A. Robertson; J. Yost; A. Dill; A. Ashlnny; 1. Dennison; D. Hclmar; M. Swallord; P. Brawn; A. Lewis; M. Hardy; 
P. Dressir. Sixlli rou': J. Edel; S. Frey; M. Petty; B. Thomsen; M. Briscoe; P. Mowbray; L. Lamborn. 

Wicomico Hall 













^F ^ V 








W i 


/%^i # 



■L . y 


~ 21 r 




.^^g, .;:..,' ^ 

W' ( 


^k/'^ 'H 


» — 

It"s aboitt time, the 
first one in ihicc weeks. 




The atmosphere is definitely casual. 

Sometimes it gets casual to the extreme. 

No frills, no nonsense, 

just a place to sack out. 

Some of the men's dorms are old 

and mellowed; others, 

spic and span new. All are a vital part 

of campus life at Maryland. 

The bull-sessions, the snowball battles, 

the quiet hours for studying, 

the coffee breaks are all a part. 

The Dorm Councils play an important 

role in the organization of dorm life; 

responsible for rules and regulations, 

they also arrange week-end events 

of a more frivolous natme. 

For the gentlemen on campus, this is home. 



Urst row. Ii-fl In ri^lil: R. Cuiia: !■. |ukiI; I', lii.nuh: I.. Ar/l; (.. (;laj.cll; A. Clitiiiow; J. Soicboll; ). Moiulcll; R. C.cltniaiK J.; 
M. Wickiiiaii; H. Yakowil/: T. Aslilcs; R. Walls; S, [oik-: 1.. Sililciitci. Si-ond loic; ). I'iaiolli; 1-. I.agna; R. Aniolil: K. Bloss; 
R I'aisdiis; |. Hardiman: R. Diiiker; R. Mallalirii; 1). Sdiliniinc; ('.. Cassiilv; J. Calhinanir. j. McFarlaiul: U. Ruliur: H. SiRgins; 
I'. Iraiik: A. Haiw. Thirtl rnw: R. Poller; U. Ihi};lus: B. (.amci: I). I.owiie: D. HoKaiio; R. Novak: N. Mo/; M. UiiiiMock; 
II (.oifii; \\. IU:iiuhain|); \V. 1- ilcniillci ; \V. liixkn; C. Kiukson; C. I.omas; {;. Kralt. l-omlli ton-: A. Porter; \V. Hiiiulen: IJ. Pukell; 
A. I.elimaii; 1). Palmei; [. M( Kililiiii; |. (lossuii; H. Miller; P. (lark; R. I- His; |. (.oMIkik: R. Wesi; S. Rioilcsel. Iillh xnr: A. BiiRt?: 
\ liljol; A. Ulial; II () llii.i; k lluiulril; I . lUiniiif;; |. (.:ililuell: 1-. IIuIiIkihI; \. lisdiii. R. (.asllev ; A. t;oni|)loii. 

Allegany Hall 

I he liiiiii is vls^lu 
|)i)iiiuls. hut wiili luck 
you <;iii \nn in iwcKf. 


Blaring radio, littcrtcl desk, and full ash tray arc prerequisites for a good study schedule. 

Baltimore Hall 

First row, left to right: P. Taylor: B. Wheeler; W. Hay; E. Rice; M. Coxnosk; L. Schloss; E. Arrington: L. Alejandro; P. Hooks. 
Second roxc: R. Holroyd; G. Freimd; C. McKenna; C. Rloss; J. Menia; R. Fornatora; G. Spriggs; B. Schmidt; J. Larkey; D, Fraiicaux; 
I,. McLean. Tliird row: J. Larkey; |. McLaughlin; J. Harrison; J. Grue; B. Saboy; B. DeChico; T. Cnlotta; D. Franzenbaker; j. Broun; 
B. Hopkins. Fourtli row: R. Roth; W. Miller; G. Womer; H. Brandare; J. Reisenweber; R. Clemson; J. .Schumacher; \V. I"a\lor; 
R. Cline; J. Taft; \V. Eisenberg; P. Schmid; A. Sigcr. 


.\l)s<)i l)iii<^ kilo\vlr(l<;c In 
I 111 1)1 IX CSS ()l osmosis. 

Calvert Hall 

Hisl ti)if. Irfl III lif^lil: \. Il.i/.iiil: I. \Tigkl)tMj;cr; |. Auimii; \\ \iisiiri; |. Kusi:im<k; I). Hiiikill. Siriiiul tmr: C. Xlwaler; 
|. I'inholsltr; J. Aiimlf. S. Scluin; A. Hoclm: I). I'arkfi; N. liakfi: H, Hall; U. Jaiob. Thiiil >«»■.■ C;. KniKln: IV Mcllcc; J. I s(l(|.is; 
(:. (.mi<l\; R. Dcrliv: I). Mdiiiicss. hnurlli nnc: M. C;iccnl>ciK'. R. Hiillaiiil: R. Rilcv: I'. Kscm : V. Spi-aks; R, Spii/nas; |. Kicio|i; 
\. Sliannahan; (i. Ck-ndiiiiii, l-illli tini': (.. KiinmuIi; I". HjuIcsIn: 1. ls\uiilli; I', MiikI.iihI; R Woods, 'iixlli Kur: 1). liiiigcss; 
1». Ilaiiimcllc: R. \Vi<;};<i: S. ktoinc; M. (.lass. 

/•7/.\/ row. Itil Id )/.t;/i'. I'.. S.iiui ; R. I'liillips; |. Baden; E. Shapiro: G. Daniel; A. Hraxo; R. Martin; R. Hiillnian; |. I'ratl; N. (.ilbcrl 
H. Janregg. Second row: M. Middleton; 1'.. H:irman; j. Smeyne; G. Daiiko; D. Wcbslcr; Q. Weaver; J. W'arfield; \V. Walhice 
R. Giddings; G. Ziemis. Third row. H. Doniinecl^; R. Gare\ ; V. Creamer; G. Kiev; R. Boston; I". Fish; L. Snyder; H. Wood; \V. Miller; 
1". Hicks; B. McCooI; (.,. \Vn: G. I'lionipson. Foiirlh rouK A. Savage; I". Vendrell; 1). Ganipbeli; S. Fink; D. Bradlcv; J. Monllhiop 
1). Streaker; F^. Cox; J. Kclh; G. Rndolph; B. Harris; B. Lapham; J. Erodes; J. Bnndick; F. Frush; A. Danoff. 

Charles Hall 




Type and tape arc aboiil to ]ji()- 
duce a Hi-Fidelity "Hainlel". 


f'ini roil', left to right: 1 . Maiiaiii; 1). Vouiig: R. Roberts; (.. Kiin/: R. Sinidr, ). Went/; I . (.liner. Si-amtl row: V. C.oldbcrg; 
1). Eisenhower; K. CJioiur: [. Dot kins: K. Cl;irk; I). C.allis; R. Uuotli; II. Roviii. Third row: S. Osliiy; R. Hower; R. Chicliaira; 
S. llriRciinan: I.. Cooper: H. lader; 1-.. Kiiij^lU; R. Rogers. 

Frederick Hall 

Garrett Hall 

First row, left lo right: C. M(Kciiii:i: S. llinpes; B. Dcnnv; W. I'foiit/; 1.. Wilkins; ), Hiidak; I.. I'arsenios; H. l.ivin-jMone. Srroiiil 
row: S. .Ainalo: \. Webl); R. lUig; \\ . I.eiuk; |. Ciirrier: W. f;ci\riika; I). Anderson; j. R:ikowski; I'. R\an. Tliirtl row: ]. Voini);nian; 
I). Ue<khcinK-r: .S. Hiird; I). .\h;ill; M. Caitniell; K. l-R.m: II. Dom: II. Ilitkniaii: .S. Coibelt; S. .Sir;iiiss. toiirth row: W. (.reenuciod; 
A, Miller; 1.. Riid\; |. i:\eiell; H. Reitlierl; I-.. I)e;iii: W.; 1). S;iimders; .S. Miukeil; I). Ambrose; K. Decker; W. Weise; 

(,. I .iiiibids. I'ifth III, I': C, I'lii liin;Mi: II, Itacbesoii; |. Ilaimaii; W . Ilaulcii, 


First rti:i\ lijl III iie,lil: |. Kfatiiij;; I). Hull; I), sli.npf: II. I'luutii: I'. Il.ill: 11. Iluiiis; R. Bussang; G. Liakos; H. Miller. Second row: 
T. Selep; N. E\ans; P. Johnson: H. Malhcws; W. .Sanloid; R. Creager; J. Cray; C. Hartley; C. Richardson; D. Cavey. Third roio: 
C. \Vea\er; W. Diirling; C. Knight; j. Rew; C. Clawson; J. Lee; B. Meizlish; A. Orman: J. Sole. Fourth row: M. Walker; L. Sleiker; 
C. Hiibhen; J. Henderson; G. .Spriggs; T. .Saiiter; M. Siegcl; B. Civalina; M. Andree; D. Williams. Fifth rouK P. Jmig; F. Carnllo; 
C. Darby; C. Barlow; H. Pachine; B. Bcazley. Si\lli roif: L. Smith; M. Cobiirn; R. Gregory; R. Dunn; W, Miller; M. Hannncr; 
11. Watts; K. Edel; H. Fcldstein; .'\. Conway; T. Kelly; A. Bennanzar. 

Harford Hall 

The master mind behiml the iiieirs iU)rmilory telephone system coniemphues Math in his spare time at the 
switch board. 


Fir.U row. left tn .._^,, K \Iillii I; \l^^l^; K s.m , , I 1,11,1, (,^, (. ( ,.MnL;l,,ii, ( l'„,K, W 

Second row: A. W : S. (.111111; I'. W.mni: II, II. 111: (,.|i; \. C.dhcii; N. I)il;4.idi>; S. Riiliui; II. I liilliiu\ui 

I', .Ml N, MlUlll 

Howard Hall 

C.olk'i' :iikI ( oiii|)aiii()iislii|). iiik'- 
gral |>;ii Is ol I 'iiiMisiiy life 



First row, left to right: T. W'ilev: H. Matthews; D. Tag: L. Smith; A. Eliades; L. Gloiioso; K. Schaefei ; J. Jesuele. Second roiu: 
B. RadclifFe; P. Schaiti; S. Bush; D. Fnidrich; E. \Vacie; L. Holier; J. Monroe; J. Leather; E. Winkis. third row: R. Burchett; 
R. Steward; L. Waddell, Jr.; S. Westerlierg; \V. Kelhim: F. Sheppard; C. Ziniimerli; T. Waldron; C. Everliiie. Fourth roiu: V. Murray; 
B. Hopkins: 1'. Lane; R. Sheppard: C. Reynolds; J. Rehnie; E. Smith; B. Brawn; B. Leach; E. Gawthrop. 

Kent Hall 

Montgomery Hall 

First roiu, left to right: E. SchuU; R. Pugh; W. Miller; S. Winegrad; D. Powell; C. Ravman; S. Hoyt; I". Albertini; J. Clark; B. Cutler; 
K. Proudfoot; S. Lozinskv; M. Rice; D. Jones; (. Kouroudis; D. Blanton; C. Irwin: D. Howard: T. Scanlon; M. Yank. Second rote: 
T. Conlcv; J. Ramsbiug: B. Wickert: N. Peddicord: C. Taggart; J. Scordina: H. Jacobson; R. Lord; N. Beres; D. Tath: Mrs. Hcppcs; 
R. Baumgardner; B. Brown: [. Ni/olek: ^^ .Sonnenschein; ,S. Horwitz; B. Hoad; D. Corkrnm: K. Thorpe: L. ScpiillaTite; R. Kreuder. 
Third rme: J. Kennedy; R. Tripoett; D. .Arnold; R. Lindsay; C. Rosenbnsch; D. Collins; A. Gewecke; T. Noppenberger; H. Blnmberg; 
S. Gray; D. Herbst; H. Russell; H. Delpo: H. Mackie; W. Rinagin; W. Patterson; L. Kline. Fourth row: D. Busch; C. Reeder; 
H. Bloodsworlh; B. Weiss: B. Beinicr; L. Stecker; B. Jakubik; \V. Schacfcr; J. Kalinowski; K. Brow; P. Stevens; D. Biemiller. 
/•"////( row: R. Martin; E. .\rnokl; L. Brown: M. Weatherall; B. Eschmann; J. .Mtobelli: R. Elliott; M. Evancho; T. Jackson; B. Wansio; 
. T. Tyler; H. Johnson; E. Kelley; R. Stephenson; R. Krauss; J. Harvil; C. Millard; J. Measick. Sixth row: P. Rosswork; J. Irons; 
I). Maxwell; D. Wilson: M. Pfisierer: G. Murphy; C. Bernhardt; R. Gaiewski; A. Bartolomeo; C. Gladstone; C. Glebas; R. Parsons; 
I. Hardiman; G. Hution. 

Si Jjpa 

First row, left to right: J. Dorsey; F. Bonnett; P. Hall; \\. liuiiis; B. Bowcn; G. I.iakos; H. Millci; |. (iiay; C. Miillaiicy. Second 
row: T. Johnson; M. Kolakowski; K. Fiicman; I). Bciinan; K. la\loi; R. Uiissaiig; 1). Hales; 1). Roikucll; R. Wisiiiewski. Third row: 
J. Kcalinn; R. Hicks; 1, .Sclc|); \\ . Kiik; |, ricilfci; I-.. Varos/cwski; R. Mcncis; C. Clawsoii; M. Maniiiiif;: S. Moyci. Fourth low: 
H. Goiulv; R. Spit/iias; W. GoiicU; R. Hougsoii; C. Hroivn; |. I hoinas; R. Creagei ; J. Rcu; R. Berry; F. Keislcr. Fifth row: C. Spriggs; 
M. Townscnd; M. Losovsk\; B. Brooks; H. Choalc; P. Tounseiul. 

Prince George's Hall 

Talbot Hall 

First roic, left to right: J. Roberts; W. Siillev; D. Swanson; S. Brnuii; A. Carr; J. Hoolconil); B. (.:iiiri: \V. Kcllev; P. Douhlc. 
St-roiitt roif: O. Dcniiiig; \V. Saxbcrg; ). liowiUti; |. Plilt; V. Klruk; B. Jowers; |. I'arker; C. Pciersoii. I'lind xnr: C. Oesnile; 
H. Warren; K. Ziin; (.. Loll; Q. I'orler; C. Wlialev; (.. Woinei ; H. l.aiulon. Fmirtli roir: (.,. McPhee; B. Raiukill; (.. Hollnuin; ). Siinins; 
I.. Volandl; A. Atkerniaii: R, Rario; M. Wildcinann; J. I.aiini;in. Fiflli niw: |. Blil/: B. Ferguson; IV lleiinerl; 1). I4i\lei ; R. Kvcch; 
B. S(nyn;i: V |-t:nrt|iion 

I'iist row. left to righl: R. Sokalski; R. Noll; E. Young: J. Palling; A. Sigep; C. English; J. Zapotocky; S. Brigermun; J. Ross; 
J. Herman; D. McEvoy; H. Ryan; P. Haniss. Second row: K. McKenzie; J. Peralta; H. Biandan; G. Womei ; B. Kiemer; A. Teagaiden; 
). Jastieniski; G. McGeady; B. Caie\; L. Oienstein; J. Goldberg; E. Timmons; J. Stevens; G. Skelly. Third rouK VV. Martin; D. Rau; 
D. Heinlein; R. Burns; T. House: H. Ro\in; R. Shallcross; J, Bell: J. Bowie; B. Adkins; G. \'onmayer; T. Rose; G. Reimer; E. Gorman. 
Fourth roic: S. Pennington; |. Clronin; W. Thrigt: C. Todd; D. Sager; D. Roff; J. Lewis; \V. Cosgrove; A. Karlin; J. Prior; F. DeBrouse. 

Washington Hall 

Dormitory Council 

First fori'. /<■// tn rinhl: Stan Wantland; Fred Jugcl; Dick Coates. Sccrctar\: Clunk M(Kenn;i, \'ice President; Bob Weiss. President; 
Jack Dockciis; (;ary Womer; Ron Scbock, St-rond nrw: Jerry X'anatta; joe DiMario; \ito Bcrtolairri; John George; Dave McEvoy; 
Charles Bodie; Bob Bailey; John Hancv; I,co Fitthett; Bob Beazley; Bob Shepherd; I'at Mtinnis; Joe Costante. 



There is not just today. For a sorority, 
there is also yesterday 
and all the tomorrows to come. 
Each girl wearing a pin is a part 
of a total picture. The songs sung 
at rushing, the stories 
that are told year after year, 
the cups on the mantel- 
all are a part 

of that funny thing known as tradition. 
Sixteen sororities, working together 
through Pan Hellenic, form 
a large part of campus life 
at Maryland. 

The record of their activities 
in this hundredth year 
form another page in the Maryland story. 


4^ 5= 

Is ^s ^991 

-f BflTiSnrJU 

/ ,, < ■' ,r, I is, I (.Ills ill, I'll W.iiuii lie. mill \liiiiM\, kiiu k-.ll.x. I'.ilsv llill |iiiU I, 111. ill, (.<i.i-i,i kiilliv: Sli.iluii 

Reaves. Second xnr: Hailjaia Mikliir; I'at HoxIm .\ik1ic\ licntr. licasiuci; Mai\ Luu I.iicckiiiK; .\iiiic W iiikiliuld. rusiilcnl; .Mrs. 
.Nfoorc; .Shirlcv Matthews. \ice rrcsiilciit; Carol /.ics; C;ciic\ievc Miiiiifoiil. Sccretai\; jane Hesseiiauer; (.ill Miiilgett. Tliird row: 
llaiiette Ha\iiiakei: liaibaia l.oie; Martha I'ett\: CJiailotle kiiiikel: Marv l-lleii Renipeis; JeiiKii Jones: Baibaia lee Martin: F.llen 
Adams: Maiie Ilinilt: Ciiniv Clarke: Mar\ Wostei: )o;iniic l.inihisk;i: .\:in(\ H.ill: Iklte Ciodcr. fiiurlli ii);c; Ucverlv Vonnj;: Harlcne 
\esiler: I.ois Uro;iilhinsi: Hets\ Howen: l)<illie Harlow: Harhara Watt: l{arl):ira DoiUI: Ka\ Sioggin: June (.orsiiih: Man M(I.:itighlin: 
Roseinarv Lynn; l'h\llis Hefliii; Giiiiiv Goiigh; Ueverly Reibcr; Dottie Haggerty; Kate Waters. 

Could I);i(l ii:i\c Mill mv iiiotilliK :ill()w;tii( e in thai box? 

Alpha Chi 

GatiniKi riirhi I'.IIS 

Auiic Wiederliold i'rcsidciit 

Shirley Matlhews \'icc President 

Cniciiinie.Miimfoyl Scdciarv 

.Itiflrrx B()\() I ic-.isiircr 

Alpha Delta Pi 

Beta Phi 1910 

Anna Mae Jacquette President 

Mar\ Louise Boivinau Vice President 

Exia Mdntire Secretary 

Virginia Miles Treasurer 

Cutting hair is tun but one slip can mean disaster. 

First row. left lo right: Elaine Jones; Joan Castelazo; Virginia Miles, Treasurer; Kathryn Embree; Eva Mdntire, Secretary; Judith 
Habich: Janet Steinmiller; Joanne Cooper. Sccnitd row: Gale Talevast; .Ann Skoda; Barliara Bechtoldt; Patricia Ridgway; Clare 
Wootten; .Marv Louise Bowman, \'ice President; Jean Brav; .Ann Troup; Patrice Maxon. Tlurd roic: Carolyn McVearry; Shirley Cross; 
Sue Furber; Kathleen Tyrrell; Janet Bechtoldt; Mickey Seward; Ellyn Oliver; Karen Habich. 


No song .mil daiui- lieir; ihis Charleston is haid. 

Alpha Epsilon 

AljihnMii I'.ii;; 

I'inila Sitlis^miil: Prc-siik'iil 

Don ltd ]]'fhrr \'icc President 

Esther Turk Secretary 

Pli\llis Segal Treasurer 

First row, Irft to right: Klcanor Cohen; Sue Hoirbeigei; Joiiiinc Dcaiic: Donna \Vcl)Ci. Nice I'resiilcnl; Hilcne Uiirkliani/: Naialir 
C;iitman:'c;aiolee Sliilnian; |u(lv I.c\in; I$c\eil\ Max. Scniud row: Uctly Scllnian: lUtlv /iickci : Haihara Alk: Iris t.liik: Mailcnc 
Hiowm; Vivian I.emian; Diane Yalte: Doris Cooper; |o\(e Minilel; (.ail Riiilie. riiinl rmc: Millie Cierler; lileen Kol/in: Joan 
/.iinnKrman: Rnlh Hoaliman; Marian I'limpian; Naiuv"\il/; Harriet Cole: |aiiet Creenlierg: I.onnie Altroniowil/: AIiIkn Sokol: 
Carole (.ilnioie; Susan Kox. l-ourtli irm; Shirley I.ipnia'n; Helen Kolodner; Janel Aileilier);: Nan Deliiisk\: linda Sthei: Ina HiuniherR; 
Uellv Kianiei; Carohii |acol)son; IMnllis Miller; Sandra Slone; Carol C;ornl)lau: l)el)l)\e Verman. 

pp^ r f^^^ h^Wi S^ 

^^^^i.f\^.%^'^ ^J^ m" ,-4i 

Alpha Gamma 

Alpha X I 1947 

Penny Wood President 

Betty Lar.sen Vice President 

Lyim Pi'opj Secretary 

Dorothy Jones Treasurer 

Peaniii buiui and jelly remain the college standby. 

First row, lefl to right: Nancy Stone; Dorolliv Delancy: Karen Rcitz; I^ynn I'nipf, Secretary: Penny Wood. President: Mrs. Dorotliy 
liridgman. Housemother; I5ctly I.aisen. Vice President: Dorothy Jones, rreasiirer; Mary Niinn; Nancy Eliot; Barbara Powell. Siioiid 
row: Patricia Fallon; Pliylis .\bel; Virginia Cronin; Betty Marshall; Christine Nelson: Bonnie Wilson; Janet Mnlli.iian; Charlene 
Lami); Jean Wasson; C.aiolyii Allen; Snc Cioing; Barbara' Baliff; Kathy Barry. Tliird rinr: C;irol\n Jones; Martha Collier; Barbaia 
Wright; Eleanor McVearry; Patricia Eaxier: Aimc Harrington; Margaret Shank; l';niicia l.ehnuni; Mariiin Briscoe: Bell\ knsscll; i\hny 
Amberson; Sue Tavlor; Deime Keniplei; |;inet Cnrtis.s. 




First row. left In rif-hl: MaiA Ki'iiii: Helen M.iimIhii: I'hvllis liiinci. Sin- (cmhii; MaiiUii Moblcs: I'al (.ii>v\; Kic-uuli Kichcll)cigei; 
ClarolMi Maskcll: haibaia Roane: (iloiia \\einil: Imi Naill. Siimul iir,r: /iic \aM(lll^; Jmlv Flovd; I5ell\ Ann Jackson: Jarx Flathcr; 
Viulicv Nidiolondis. \ ue I'lcsidcnl: I'al Killins;^wol tli. I'rcsiilcnl: Ann I lionipson. I rcasurcr: ('.iss\ Woods. ScciciaiA; l.orclta 
lliiklord; Joan la\e: NaM<\ Honan. Third row: Ka\ Simmons; Marsha I ripp: Bail)ar:i Ihomscn: Maiihn liini: I'at Hail(;i()ves; 
Nantv Slevcns: Hetlv Ravnor: Margie Gates: Hail)ara Camphcll; Maijie Jones: Rarhaia lllack: Sliclhv Davis; Carol Plumhoir; \ickie 
C;lark. Fniirlli injr: Shirlcv Wallsten; Oolores Walkins: Dodie Slern; lUncrh Ma\: Kale Ucrr\: iiarl>ara Siark; Sharlcen Miller: 
Ciarol Townsend: Belli \le/e\: l.ii Ri<e; Mai\ Ion Hull: I'al Morrison; I'al Callahan. Fillli rmr: Ucck\ Fralev; l.iici Martin: I'at 
Kduards; Kmih Harding; Claia Jaiisen; Jill Vasihk; .\m\ Xefflen. 

Kicpin^ ill tunc \\illl ;iii car iiiul s|)iril hn h;irmoin. 

Alpha Omicron 

n Ih'lla 11121 

I'dl Killiii^.su'oilli Prcsiilc'iU 

.liidx'x i\icolnu(li.<, \'uc I'lcsidcni 

('ceil id ]]'()()(ls .Secretary 

.hill riiiimjisoii Ircasiircr 


Alpha Xi Delta 

Beta Eta 1934 

Mary Lou Je)it President 

Diaime HaiirtilKui Vice President 

Delores Gtniihiiio Secretary 

Johaiiiia Kerr Treasurer 

Our Alums should plau to put a TV set iu every room. 

First >i>u\ left In light: Silivl Klak: Jane Hagenon; Sheila liiyden; Linda Cahoon; Dolores CJambino. Secretarv; Dianno Hanralian. 
\ice President: Mary Lou [ent. President; Polly Brobsl; Johanna Kerr, Treasurer; CJeorgia C:iaxton; Nancy Stevens; Lou Ann Darling; 
Pat Hoo\er; Jean Morris. Second roie: Gloria Barnabei; Jane Eyerman; Sue Kerr; Sandy Sears; Bobbie Stoner; Eleanor Hardy; Carole 
Hall; Trndv Meisel; Dolores DePierro; \'i Furman; Martha Jent; Maxine Boyer; Linda Smith; Joyce Tichnell. TliinI row: Linda 
Barnes; I'at Patterson; Scarlet V'oris; Barbara Bennett; Joy McCluire; Beryl Ackley; NLny Jo Sullivan; Barbara Habley; Pat Hunsaker; 
Binky \'arey; Peggy Koutsoukos; Peggy Powell; Maureen Bland; Lollie Morris; Sandy Scheufler. Fourth row: Anne Granducci; 
Nancy Smith; Mary Anderson; Jean Clark; Shivlcy Rush; Louise Martin; Janet Kaull'man; Margo Sansone; Ruth Moseley; Myrna 
Faupel; Sandv Patterson; Kav Johnson; \i\ian LeMay; Mary Malas: Roberta Dill. 

^^B^*v:^^ffl '.ihAai**t 'ii • I'liii^^ 



Delta Delta Delta 

I Ik- III Dells pui .i shine 1)11 llial old ( Use eiil 

.lll'lnil'i I'.i;m 

I'.Ucii C.inwon l''rc'si(k'ni 

Sally Millc) \'ice Presidcnl 

JtDiel Lee .Sc( rctaiy 

Jiiilx Pi'lciMui IVi'iisiiicr 

First row, lift In ri^lit: Tccici Hctcrick: Marv I.mi Bourne; Ht'lly Wright; B;il)S Hill; I'aiila Sloal; C.iaec Tiinnicliff; I'cgsv Oilli'spio: 
\ickic Kinliiiian; Doitic (iaics; Dcdc Smilli; B:mic Ncal. ScKiiiii rour Maiy Anne (.(xxKear: Joan (iadcK; Diane Slolller; janel 
Setielarv; Salh Miller. \icc I'resident; Kllen Clarson, President; Jiid> I'etcison. Ireasiner; Ciiniie Sheikells; Boliliie Cailson; 
I'al Siiiith; Janice Kinslei; Judy Sclilaidler. Tlihd roir: Pal Nash; Baibaia Headlce; Nancy l.oaiie; Paida IlolUnvav; Jae l.img; Li/ 
Appjcliy; Karen Bergstimn; Baibara Mooeis; Pat Panloc; Bctsv lohnsione; Maigie lemon; Lconia Naiigliton:>l Shealfer; Bclsy 
Mooers. f'niiilli iinr: l5ro(>ke I nikin.nlon: Margie Boone; Maiv ISakei; ]u(\\ DtiMais; Kalln Moore; Mar\ Pat (;ol)e\; Sue Cole; Malic 
Maiiiiigly; Paiti Boone; Kay Shallei; \nn \l( f (n riia< k; Helen leu is; I'.ii l)i\; Sue Stokes: Barl)ai;i Blown: (.ail Hendeison. 


4 ^ 


Delta Gamma 

Betd Sig)iui l*J4r» 

Dorothy Kordes PrcsidcnL 

Dorothy Willidins Vice President 

Kiitheri)ie Duckett SecreLary 

Jean Price Treasurer 

The DCi's lootball scluclule ckinands prcgainc strategy. 



I. *^. 




fr^ct I V^iVv \%^ 

First voir. Irfl to right: Kil Bo\(l; |()\<f Schacfci: I ms l.i\l(.i. Ihmmiiii: W.uw [.ukMiii.; I'liun Wilkiiis; Diane Hiinlcr. 
I'rcsklciu: Diiaiic l'hilli])s. \ i<c I'lcsidciil: Iloris JulniMiM; Maiihii Aiulcrsoii; \nin- liciiijcl; IkvciU Siiil)l)\: Callu ('.oatiicv. Sirantl 
riiir: jo Amu- Md.cllaiul: Dixie Ixc Smith; \i(ki I. mas; NaiuA Kemp; N;iiu\ De\iil)iss: Star \'i/};ii(l; Naiuv Reppcil; Sliiile\ 
Corkran: Ciaioliiie Cook; I'al Mel/; Diane Sandeis; liliel (.anliiei; Aiiiie l.usl)\: Ka\ Kdivaids. Tliint nnr: Ann Wilson; Ail\s Reii/; 
Helen Hale; Dollie Miimfoid: l.\nn Summers; SIkiia Miiller; Harriet C.onipe; |:in OrndorIT;\ Roberts; Sii/;iinie Allen; Mai\ K, 
While; Bonnie (.lef^K- Foiirlli row: I.ois Haiiei in;iini; MaiRie Clark; Dale I-.\er\; Sandv Hawvood: (.letdien Feldmann; Rae Mitrliell; 
li;iiliai;i Dvsen; kathnii I liompson; Slanles lliiiii; M.iigie Kline; Ann Conk; Vnne lihinvell; iU-\eil\ Silai. 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Do \oii rcalh iliiiik iliis will laci Ikioiiic a dicssr 

Beta licla HMO 

Ditttic I liiiilci I'lisidinl 

Diitiiic I'hillijis \'i(c I'usiiltni 

Mm ihii j(t( hsoii Sec rci;u\ 

I.ois Taylor I rcasurer 

Kappa Alpha 

Gamma Mu 

Ann AndreuKs 
Eileen Brouni 


Vice President 

Virginia Miller Secretary 
Darrilyn Sigley Treasurer 

Proud sisters pin up indications of campus success. 

First row, left to right: Lee Small; Nancy While; Mars Ann Allison; Florence Hiser; Dolly Bonnet; Darril\n Sigley, Treasnrer; 
Sandra Sowder; Ann Andrews. President: X'irginia Millei. Secretary; Sarah Abplanalp; Marjorie Hutcheson; Elizabeth Rector: Sally 
lolson; Patty Myers; I'atty I onis. Scmiiil roic: Bctt\ Mae O'Brien; Bc\crly liitton; Caiolyn Uerson; Fayne Finley; Priscilla; 
(.ail I)a\: Raren t'lrich; Slarihn Kreider; ,\nn Runkles; (.lory Slone; Marilyn (ioet/; Joan Karle; Muriel Kastlack: [ndy Wilson; 
Paula Sloan. Third roic: Jackie DiiMars; Doris I'errie; Linda Stranghn: Cynthia .Sowder; Sne Boone; Helen St. John; (Jail Caffrey; 
Sandra Stack; Karen Rasiiiussen: Linda P:irker: Janice Fmik; Kleanor Jacobson: Betsy Mon/on: Klaine Knox: Margo Liicey; Roberta 
Bawbell; Shirley Shugart. Fourth row: Ju<l\ .Schrjyer; Jane Workman; Mary Claire Harri.son; Joan Reed; Janeen Zinc; (iiUian Chadsey; 
Sue Linn: .Sally Tripp; Joan Allend'cr; Adcle Sparks: Bidl Knn/ig; Norma Reed; Virginia (;ist; Anne Reed; Fmily Walker; 
Gretchen Scholl. 

■SSSSSSSS55>'"?SSr'"'"""' S 

1^ f 11 llllsli ^ 

h^" tmhj^^^ 


I (;in ( sec liDw iliai hislio]) s^oi iiiio iii\ uiriiory. 

Kappa Delta 

lljihn Illio 11)2!) 

Hill Ikdii Driiii Pi'csiik'iii 

M(i)\ Lou I lines \'i(C' I'lxsidtiil 

Dnin/lii'ii Siriss St'tix'iary 

Minn ScliU'gi'l Treasurer 

/•/ia( rim\ Iffl III lig/i/; Maijoi'ic licckuiili; \aM(\ \cill: Maine (oovci; Sall\ Siniili; K.i\ Niiiiiiio; \iin I.cililirulgi': Hcv \'aii Sl\kc; 
Kay Haidinj;: |(iaii Hiiblicl: lUlsv Sindci; Siir Aitkrii; llaihaia Hmns. Sciinul rmc: I'auiiia Rossilia; Sue Willis; I'alriiia RiiKilcli; 
Donalciii SdiUgil: [oaii Ikiiiiian: Miiia S(hlc;>cl. I icasiiicr; Uaibara I'itxk: Dol Swiss. Scnolai\: Allison Itoskin: Saiuira Sliau: 
Karliaia linlgiano: Sliauin llaaik: l.aiiiic Clilton: Joan I)c rink. I'liiiil nnr: N'aiuv Randall: I-.iln Ka\nor: Anne Cannon: (pail 
Sniillr, )ani<c <)\l(\: I'atiiiia Boll: .\iin (.licsi-i; Patricia (iarncr: (;inn\ Duke: Sliirlf\ Ihompson: Cliailotic Collins: Alili\ \l((.:ii(lcll: 
Mai\ (.ciJRi; Doiis Rtiiew. I'oinlli xnr: .\nn O'Doiuicll; I'alriiia (licisiii; I'aiiiiia Slicrci : I'aliiii.i lA:ins: Ucllif Inh.nik: Cariilc 
MiDnllic: Caiolxn Kiaus: )anil l).i\i<lson; I'iiliitia l.coiiind; Inn (..iicwood: |anc Kc;niis; \;i- Hudson: I li/ahrlli K:il(liirc: 
I'ariiii.'i (!oniu*(*l\. 

Kappa Kappa 

w N 1929 

Nrnicy AiUriin President 

Ditnic )'()iuio Vice President 

Bdrlxud Slephe)is Secretary 

Claire Wolford Treastn"er 

Heads up! Let's have a toasi from the Kappa girls. 

lesideiit; Ann 
Reth Holmes 

FirsI row, left lo riglil: Nancy Jov: Bailiaia Baker; Patricia I'ownall; Claire Wolford, Treasurer; Nancy Antrim. 1' 

Gibson; Shirley I.tisby; Betty De Mello; Priscilla I'iigrim. Second roie: Kathleen Krneger; Ellen Urban; Ann McCoiniell; 

Sally Watson; George Faw; Xancv Ladd; Kathrine Gross: Sally Ladd; Gonnie Cairnes; Carol \'aiighan; Oonna Decker; Alice Heisler. 
Third roie: Marie Comi; Cecil Biniisides; Caroline Krickcr; I'atricia Sprankle; Jacqueline King; Barbara Jean Anderson; Judith 
Eberls; Rosalea Henderson; (ean Shannon; Diane Carawa\ ; Clarabellc Decker; Kate Williams. Fourth rme: Andrenc Richardson; 

Judith ' ' '■ ■■ ' "' " ■ ■ " ^.- ...-. T.-...: :. .,-,: . .:.-.. .^„.... 

Eberls; Rosalea Henderson; jean Shainion; Diane Carawa\ ; Clarabellc Decker; Kate Williams. Foiirtli rme: Andrenc Ricliardson; 
[tiditli Larmour; Jactiiiclinc liads; Louise Kricker; Nancv jiouston; Jean l.acev; Nancy Gotirley; Patricia Palister; Jacqueline Dean. 
Fiftli roie: Cxnthia i'iper; Deborah Gude; Elizabeth Boyd; Elaine Glide; Nancy Nystrom; Sue Hatcher; .\nii Schwartz; Ellen 
Oostcrling; Elaine Martin; Jean .Mace; Marilyn Cross; .\iiii Biott; Jan .Althouse; Peggy Lee Maddox. 


/,M/ MM, !,/( I" ir^iii. ( liiniii, lii.iMiiii, ^.iiiiU k. mini. IN. Noiiri.i /ii^.a,. Kii.i (.uiiiin.,. ^^^.l;.,,., I ^.,illll^•l^(>ll. \'icc 

I'rtsidfiil: I'lankic Schofiihcif^. I'rcsidcnt: Sandra Daliiic: (aiole CliaimsDir, Jantl Sihcimaii; Adiicmic Abflnian. Scioiul nnr: 
Marsha Oshrini-. Rila t'.ohcii: Marilvn Daniirl; Marihii Aroiiow; SalK Rubin; Marihn Dicnci ; {.loria Khrlirli: Robcria Haber; 
Carok' Baker: Sara C.oodnian: I.csUi- Millcnson: Rosa Rolicnbcrg: Carol Ncinieiscr. Third ytnr: Sandra Biikowiu; Ellen Heneinan: 
Sandra Rollenbeig: C:lara Cohen; I-,\cKn Hudniik; S\hia 1 pstein; Ellen Sue Marsh; Rtith Sherman; Joanne Priie; Mvra Abramowit/; 
Barbara I.ce Sapperslein: Joan \\ agelslein: Lvn Eric(hnan. Fourth row: Ellce \\'ohl; Slnrle\ I'olit^er; Janet Cienderson; Madge Roskv; 
Rcvanne Hollniaii; Beltv Krugei; Sara Fran Ilerlin; Judy Clordon; Iris Kiicgcr; Carohn Holcn; Ellen Elelson; Linda Nadisch; 
Shicia Feldman. 

Phi Si^ma Si^ma 

Much Riinip discussion goes into plans for Skit nislit. 

liflu .llfiliii WW) 

Irdiiccs S( liociihrro Pifsidcnl 

l'li\lli.\ Sdnnu-I.soii \'icc I'lcsidciU 

Hi Id (ticnihfii:^ Sciic'liiry 

Cdll liltnii I rcasuvcr 


Pi Beta Phi 

Maryland Beta 1944 

Esther Reid President 

Anne Wittiiuui Vice President 

Joan Shields Secretary 

Marilyn Burns Treasurer 

Planning for Ocean City sure beats sual\iii_i; cui\ day. 

h'ir'.l rmr. left to right: Baihnia Giiffin; Ann Latimer; Gini Schubert; Ellen Ferguson; Anne Wittman, Vice President; Esther Reid, 
['resident; Peg Gross; Joan Shields, Secretary; Nancy Miller; Mary Hostettler; Betty Brown; Carol Wheeler. Second roxr: Cissy 
Inuood; Toni Fry; June Riddle; Ciinny C:hristcnscn; Nancye Hager; Sande Gordon; Inez Hostettler; Nancy Kratovil; Barbara Jack; 
Fran Reynolds; Janice Peairs. Tliiril loii'; )iidv. Allen; Barbara Breeniran; Marilyn Sanders; Dotlie Coulter; Amr Dill; Evelyn Dean; 
Sue O'Clonner; Jane .\llender; Ruth I.aniijcrt; Joan Smith; Lee Hainmond; Rosemary Menikheim. Fourth row: Mary .^nn Bish; Phyllis 
Cox; Pam Jackson; Joan .\say; Katliy Lawler; Adele McCihan; Carole King; Medora Graves; Chloe Duval; Barbara Cox; Diane Sowell. 



'_ Si^ma Delta Tau 

l.asl niiiuitr ])<)lisli is ajj[)lif(l lo SI) I's llilicl skit. 

.Uj/ha 'I'lichi 1 '.),". 1 

I .<'(' Sj/whiKin I'lcsidcnl 

Rilti SoloDiou'ilz \'icc President 

Lois Aim (jt'lz Scnelary 
Mary Ihnlcs 1 rcasiirer 

First row, left Id rifihl: ShiilcN |;i(<)l)soii: Mollv RciRcr: Barbara I.c\iias: Rila Soloinouil/. \i(c l'u"ii(li'iii; l.t-c- Spii'linaii. I'rcsiilciu; 
Favc Clantci: I.ois Ann dct/, Sedciarx: Mai\ lliiilcs, Iicasuici: .\ii(lrt'\ (ila/cr. Sirond rmr: Rliocla Holi ichln; IvcKn I.cnionoll; 
l-.ila (.olilsicin: Ra((|ucl I'ollaik; Marian (iross; Shaiicdcl Oohc-n; /.ciia Sappcrsiiiii: Natalie Aikcrniair. Norma Alp-ri; Andio 
(.oldhcrji; Maiihn Hess; Sue MarKdIin. Third row: l.laiiie LixingsKin: Lillian (apian; lli/alieili I nsihans: Sonia Rain^in: Diana 
HerinaiMi; Roheria Solins; Sheila Silxerinan; jaccpieUn Hronson; liailiaia \I i m.i Seallim: Rlmna liaiiUi, 

Sigma Kappa 

BetaZeta 1940 

Patricia Flyuii President 

Bess Hughes Vice President 

Mar\ Ellen McMahoii Secretary 

Marjorie Moeller Treasurer 


What coed's day is complete without a hand of bridge? 


FirsI rout, U-fl lo right: Roiii dace; Nancy Holl; Marge Moeller. Tieasurci ; Elaine f.tser); Pal Flynii, President: liess Hughes. Nice 
President: Mary Ellen McMahon. Secretary: Marty Mueller; Joy Wohlfarth; Ginny Lehman. Second row: Barbie Snyder: Florence 
Pettinato: Nancy Bayly: Sylvia Kelly: Sally Buck; Barbara Hughes; Cecilia Clochran: Oarole Santo; Oarlene Harnack; Jackie Collins; 
Susan Grimshaw. Third row: Margo Dieteritk; Sandra EaCharitv; Dolores Sanders: Carole Gemenv; Evelyn Diemer; .\licia Smith: 
Jane .Arcy: Joan Ludeuig; Carol Booth; Diane GyscI; Mcrriel Jo Colie. Fourth roxv: Pal Flcster; Carolyn Brown: Nancy Larritk; Mary 
White; Sherry Hilbish; Gaile Mulrenin; Pat Ctimmingham; Georgia Foster; Jtidy Gore; Lticille Simonds; Shirley Howard. 


first row, left to rii^hl: (In is NiImhi: N.iiuv Siinn-. ll.iiliai.i IkilUokll. 1 1/ I l.iii;uici; Soiiia Racusin; Janei SlcininillcT: l.t^Ik■ 
Millcnsoii. Seroiiil rmr: Doiiic Umis: Jo\ Weill. 11 ili. Rush (li.iii 111:111; I-llic I ili.iii. Concspoiidiiig Si'dclaiv: I'llic Salnioii. I'icsitlciil; 
Sheila Uivdtn. RixihUiih Scirclaiv. Rila Sdldiiidwii/, Drpuu Olluci; ( nnlc Bowie. I reasuier; lk\erl\ Max. I'liinl r<iw: Alice I.cne; 
l'h)llis Segal; M;iillia Muellei: j-.lsa Carlson; J;iiiie hblc; .MaMiie Bosci; Anne O'Donnell; loni Shipnian; l-.laine Mailiii: Jan 
Oriidorif: Arl\s Reit/; Jackie UuMais; Rita Greenberg. 

For Unified Action 

maryland greeks go modern 

Maryland's I'tn Hi'llt-iiii (louiuil has ihc luaw 
responsibility ol ihf rcgulalion of sorority i ll^ll 
iiiii; for llic sixiccn iiaiioiial jrioiips rcprtsciitcd 
(jii (Jiir campus. In addition, this ^roii|) acts as 
a guide for all sororitv liuu lions all vcar. 

I'. Ill IK Is sclic'dnlc- scnis with liu' .iiiiuial 
IMcdj^e Dance in ilu- lall wIkii ilu- Dili.i I an 
Dell, I I lip lor riie SoioriiN ol ilu- Near" is 

awarded. This year's lecipieni was Delta 
(iamma. C'.onliiuiinj^ ihroiij^houi the year. Pan 
I lei sponsors \arions edtuaiional workslio|)s. 
and in the .S|)ring sororii\ women wash cars lot 
lull and lor money lor the ('am|)Us ("hest. 

I Ik U-.idiTship |)rot;iaiii in |unioi r.iii llel 
Is .ui ttii( live trainini; period lor the liiiuic olli 
( ers III liu' ( '(Uiiu il. 


Pan Hel counselors lend an ever helping hand to rushees who need advice on party scheduling. 

All eyes seem turned towards one of the pledge queen candidates at the annual Pan Hellenic dance. 

Sill oi ii\ lik- lakes (jii llif Oi look as llif I'i I'lii 

111,1 lick I IIH> 

s lia\i- I iisliccs ill for a cup of lea. 

Greeks Entertain 

there's quite a flavor to a party 

The Pi K A's go all oui Ini a i In iliiii ami hlius jam session. 


Is it true that there's a nio\enient to transplant the Phi Kap house to Singapore ior next year's Sling? 

A O Pi's entertain ihf orijhans to the tuneof TTanin Ijinhchiv 

Is this the way Mom anil Pop looked ilnrty 
years ago? 



What is a fraternity? 

That's a hard question to answer. 

Something different for each man 

who spends four years Kving and learning 

in a group. 

And yet, in a way, 

the same things to them all. 

Sometimes the parties are good; 

sometimes they're not. Some years 

you win the cups, 

have a good football team, 

get good grades, 

serve good meals. 

Then there are the other years. 

Yet however it goes, somehow, 

it points to the same objective: 

Fraternity is brotherhood. 

First roil', left to right: Alvin Snyder; Hciuml lYUIstiin. I'liili|) Sliil. I nMsurti: I.cdiKiul Mimlicd, Nice I'lesiiUiU; l':iiil Siialkiiison. 
I'lCsidciU; Morton GrccMhcrg. Scm'laiv; Alhii Mcllils; Aiiiulil laiiauill. Scdiiid inu-.\ lliichnian: HaiMx l.ipinan: Sianlcv 
llaron: l);nid St'lici i : Malciilm Sicpl: l-.(hiaicl liiiinan; Doiialil liaiikliii: Donald WlmhoiIi: I- ii^cnc Snicker. Tlinil nnv: Allan Dou-s; 
Alhfri M. Harris; Julian jacolis: Alhcil Harris; Hai\e\ H;niii\ci; Jfronic Hi-rnian: l.eoiwnd \lilk-r; jolin Weill/; Nallian I'ailos. 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 

S,inii(la\'s iiRiui: |)lu;is;nii mule i ^;l;l^^. pinkc li:im|xmn 


iM UlUlfl 

Delhi Dnilrroii HHl 

Pdul Sinrlh 



Li'uiKiid Moiijcyd \icc rrcsidciii 
Morton Cri'i'itlicYi^ Si( ni;irv 
I'liilijt Sh't'l I icMMirti 


Alpha Gamma 

Alpha T held l'J2S 

Perhaps a littlc' iiuisi( iniglu sooth tlic perplexed niiiul. 
Ronald ]o)}es President 

Loitis Wddc Vice Presidenl 

Ralph Moore Secrelary 

Richard Dettmerhig Treasurer 

First row, left In right: Charles Harris; Bob Hastie; Lewis Dove; Walt Bav; Buzz Hussniaii; Ralph Moore, Secretary; Ronald |()iics. 
President; Dick Dettmering, Treasurer; (icorge Hodges; Dick Kemp. Second rmr: William I'oucI; Doug Parks; James Haunau; Austin 
Wilgus; Adrian Reiusberg; James Stewart; AVarner Hord; Bill Jolmson; Kilo Knighl; Dick Scott; Kd Brown; Fred Rogers. Tliiril row: 
Rov Bcauchamp; John Beatt\; John Wilbur; Joh'u Bricker: Gordon Downing; Tom Taylor; Bob Chandler; Dave Kuhu; Dick Welton; 
Bu// Men \ man; IJill Jowers; John Jones. 


(■ctiiiii' ill iiooil ( iiiiilii loll loi ilic Siu'ii (ili-.iiici s Hal 

Alpha Tau 

Ej)sil(>>i CdiiniKi \[VH) 

Tlionitis Md.snn President 

I'aiil I)inii\ \'i(c President 

Ricliiiril Houriic Secretary 

Kciiitclli Ruliuiiun 1 rcasurer 

First row, left to right: Conrad Mallov; Wendell Johnson: Robert Parker: Kenneth Rohinson. Treasurer: Ntrs. jnvnes. Hotiscnioihcr: 
I'hoinas Mason. President; Ridiard lioiiiiie. Se<ret:n\: John Rchme: Viiuent tlani ih:in: Rirhard Wilkinson. Sfcniiil roir; William 
Rockefeller: Ihoinas liiMiows; Janus Nelson: Onillie H:n|)er: liniolln Kelli;nigli; Robert Adams: Robert Itrown: Frank jakabik: 
leinando \Ionne: l)on:dd Moiilario; |ohn W.ill; Ailhin Hiban: |err\ Iliiile\. I'liiiil xiw: Thomas Spaini; DonaUl (.biik: (•erald 
(aisiolo: Robei I l)e\lei: I.onis M.dkns: Dnncan: Ridiaid Nloryan: |ames Sb:iu ; Ilonvion Inyi.ini; Meriill Sanerbrie: Ailhiir 
(>ebaiif. loiiilli loir: I hotiKis Willi:ims; Robei I Sbe|j|);nd: Rnssell Diillev: Br;i\i(iM lliiiin; William ( i ass; Hniee Wellborn: (icnc 
llliot: Donald Neuberrv: S:imnel \:in Pelt. 

/•'(IS/ rint', left lu right: James Alberts; Joseph McTiUosh; Joii Hillegeist; George Felers; David I'aiker: Reiiiieth Stock. Second row: 
William Goidy: Timothy Coinell: Leslie Callaway; Robert Klatt; William (iiaves, I'lesidenl; John licit, Secietary; David Fellows; 
Lain Biant. Third row: Thomas Mullin; Robert Holland; I'liillip Norton; Allen Phillips. Treasurer; .\nthony Miller; Robert 
Blongiewiaz; David Flynii. 

Delta Kappa 

Kal>lm Delta 1 9.52 

WiUi(un Graves President 

EdiL'ard Twining Vice President 

Jolni Belt Secretary 

Allen Phillips Treasurer 

Serving dinner to a housefull of .-X O Pi's — is this work? 


»«■«& .«sri^r*''aa^ 


IdsI yira-. Iill Id ii;^lil: Diik 1 : | i i "^ n^ |iiii Siliiuik. I u-.i-uui : 1 IumI Rcnl. Xicc- I'liviilciil; SlaiKon 

Collin-.: Iliul Snail, 'srcoiid rou : joljji N.iuiii, WiUos. \[ Siiiiih; ])nk \lilK; Kiiikv H.iiih; liul, W.iicl: jrll lUiikiU. 

Delta Sigma Phi 

C^onu' oil, mo\c- l)clr)ic ihis hcfomes an ail il;i\ si^sioii. 

.lll>linSii^wr, 1921 

Williiini W'oll I'lcsidinl>\(l Rt'cil \'i(r I'usidinl 

Jdtin'.s fjoclicrsinilh Sf(ic'l;irv 

Jim S(li)if( l< I ixasiirci" 


Delta Tau Delta 

Delta Sigma 1<.)18 

Oscar Mueller PresidciU 

Jolni O'Neil Vice President 

Robert Hetliernigton Secretary 

Gerald Hartdagen Treasurer 

The Hi Fi craze strikes a keynote with all the Greeks. 

FirsI row. lefl to right: Cieoige Thomas; Donald Moore; Carl Winfield; Gerald Haitdgen, Treasurer; Mrs. Julia Halstead. House- 
mother: Oscar Mueller, President: Lewelhn Heigham; Robert Riegel; Charles I'homas. Srri))id row: Joseph '\uhas: Lewis Johnson: 
Thomas MtAnallen: )amcs Cray: Harold McFarland; Thomas Kellev: Robert Lapham; Raymond McGreevey. Third row: Ralph 
Shinn; Wayne Milstcad; John Wcstbiook; Robert Clinnings; Walker Eliason: Ilonald l)a\is: John Laskcy: James McRen/ic. Fourth 
row: George Weinkam; Jose Kiohn; Richard Knnncrling: Robert Leubkert: T.tigciie Bourne; Rodney Rcsta: James Murpln; Harold 
Dorsev; Daniel Be\non. 


Kappa Alpha 

Hfhi Kiilijiti I'.) I 1 

John Ijncr PifsidcMil 

Williain Waesche Vice President 

William Devilhlis.s Secretary 

Richdril Sfx'icher Treasurer 

W'e siill cion'i kiio\v if tlic otliei iiiil is ii 

I I II' III \i I (lom. 

First row, till In lii^lil: Iicd Miicllci; (liailcs W'altlic-r; l.ce Cioich; |(iliii liiduii; Ra\ llohliiuin; Diik Spciclui. Ticasiiici; Mrs. 
Maholin. HoiisciiKilhci ; |()liii l.ouc. I'lcsUlciit; Williain l)cvill)iss. ScdctaiA; Wallv Ewall; Robert Ucach; Hilaiv Rowc. Secntid roiv: 
Robert Canhouse; Robert Scott; Charlie Mackcrt: Del Heiiiaii; William ryiliiij-s; Charlie Schmiilt: Austin I.ilh; Russ Hawkins: Arnold 
f'.ook; Peter While: Lewis Whitakei; Dennis Brown; Williain Ia\lor. Third row: Bud Warficid; Anlhoiu Manuel; hric Liindval; 
Bud Cook; Bert Lewis; Roljeil Ball:inl; l'(lw:ird ()iiilhin; [aines i'hillips; Ihoinas Baker: Sidnev I'everlv: John Kolcv, fourth row: 
Jay Ri{ks; li.iiik (.nidsicpii; |iihii \liii|ili<\; |(iliM I iu hliclil: Willi. nil lij'.li.iMi ; I:iiiKs Kealiiij;; Diik (.lillilh: Willi.iin (.ildea. 

How lo concentrate with many male voices at your ear. 

Lambda Chi 

EpsilonPi 1932 

Robert Hmiko President 

Rohcrl I)u)iliai)i Vice President 

James Ord Secretary 

Wayne Berry Treasurer 

First rou', left lo riglil: Frank F.iiil)rcc; \'eriioM Hyson; Roger Cover: James Ord. Secrclary; Wayne Berry. Treasurer; Mrs. Palmer. 
Housemother; Roljert Dunham. Vice President; Rennick Williams; Joe Siemiatkoski; Larry Autry; Tom Morris. Second row: Frank 
McKee; Buddy Rvan; Jack Balengcr; Sam Adams; Dirk Smith; Robert Hacten; Don Hallcr; John Bobik; Don Leary. Third row: 
George Meleski; VVes Sauter; Richard Knott; Clerald Debrzycki; Ben Baccaro; Keith F'ranklin; Bryant Wheatly; Walt Pfender; Don 
Addy; Chet Blackford; Douglas \'an Dcr Linden; Ward Reiily; Richard Slifker. 



Iii\l loir, lifl liiiiiilil: Al.iii \lillci; l.niiis Sciilfl; Il.uiil; Daud riillilik'i. ricsidciil; Ronald Slidiiii: l-.ail Falikc. \i(c I'u'sidi-iil; 
IIciIkii (jonlid); Joe Colhcil; Maxwell l.e\in. SicdiuI rinc: Slcvcii Sak'>: |oel SerelxiH: Nadiaii Sdiweii/er; Harold Kramer; I'. ml 
Rubin: Herbert Kruger: Milton Adelinan: Sidnev Siissnian: Robert Siinick: Har\c\ (.oliKiein; Aillun Sdiull/. Tliiiil row: Stephen 
Qtiartiicr; Robert Davis; Kduiii I.ii\einl)crf;; Stanlev (irossman: .Murra\ Resnick; I-.rnest Snielkinson: Malioini Schlossbeig; Stan 
Block; Allan I'osncr; Alan Fcddcr; Marsliall Geistel. 

Phi Alpha 

I'lii \I|iIki's l;il)K' Iciiiiist li;iiii{)ii)ii \\ ill soon Ik ( I (iwiu'd. 

Ef)siU»i l!H7 

David I lillrlilfi Tn-sidnii 

Km I I- II 1(1; f \ i( I' I'rcsidini 

fax liiinni Set ui.ii \ 
Ilinolil ('(ill f II IriMsiiri'v 


Phi Delta Theta 

Alpha 1930 

Jolni Apel President 

Val Dulay Vice President 

I'liomas Morrison Secretary 

Terr ill Schroeder Treasurer 

Vou (lean sixteen rugs — what do you gel, the paddle. 

First row, left to right: Bob Hur; Harry Cranston: John Reeves; Jack Pattoii; Bill Staulfcr; Rene Kawalec. Second roiu: Tom 
Morrison, Secretary; Terry Schroeder, Treasurer; John Apel, President; Mrs. Culpepper, Housemother; Val Dulay, Vice President; 
Bob Shuck; Arch Hyson; Jack Thomas. Third roxv: Skip Insley; B0I5 Calhoun; Jack Fhinef>an; Warren Smith; Bill Smith; Bob 
VVilbert; Steve Oberg; Dean CirifTiii; Bob Dinker. Fniirlh roiv: Bob Rush; Don Murphy; Bill Huther; Jon Richardson; John Klmore; 
Bob Fit/]3atrick; Wayne Roelke; Don (iilmure; |im Kilby. 


Phi Kappa Sigma 

Alj)lia7.ctn I S<)<) 

Eduund Sf/cer President 

Kdu'dxl Coi'dltcy \'i(c- I'rc-sidcnl 

Jo.scjih S(liiii.\t(>(l; S(( rclary 

CJiiyloii Rooj) Treasurer 

SinoDili music plaviil in ihai solt I'lii Kan manner. 

First roil', left In lij^lil: Kthvaul (.;ir(liicr; (.laMon Rodp. licasuri'i; Ircil |(iiics; Sidiics limMii.iii; I'.duaid Spcci . I'lisidciU; Mis. 
Hatfield, Hoiistiiiollicr: I'.chvard Covahcv. \ice I'lisidc-iil: Joseph Sihiiisiock. .Sccrclar\; |aiiics Scliooiiaft; Ho\d \ladar\; Merrill 
Holmes. Second row: Kniic Hot/; Joseph |aiisscns: .Vndicu' (.aiiier: Roliei I Colcljiiin; Olcvanle Moiiiuni; Ka\iiuiiid Biilliii};lon: Carl 
Knglish; CJiarlts Dean; \V\he law: I'uReiie Kil)l)e: Scolt liii;le. Third row: James Lake\; William Marlel: lUioii Riipp; William 
Walke; John ReMiolds: (iliarles lliind\: )ames I'lavis; Bnue Shaller; I ilghmaii Mardeii; Roben I luirsion. lonrlli row: W.dlei 
Stefanowif/; I.miii Somnieis: D.nid Ma\: Donald Spriiij-ei; Nitliolas /iiidler; Robeil I'ord; Kihuird Ovas: [aik I)a\is. Hflh rote: Joseph 
I'enone; (lillxil Bouliiin; ll.iiold Miiiiii: Midiael Ouiiiii: I'elei \illes; Charles Daiigheil\; liaiik |usi; William Kaulmaiiii: Read 
Madar\; I), ma droiiei; Hull Rice; William Miller 

Certainly looks like pre-date time at the Phi Tan house. 

Phi Kappa Tau 


R f la O micron 1950 

William Kennerly President 

John Jolmson Vice President 

Stan Benneti Secretary 

James WiUsoji Treasurer 

first row, lejt to right: l-.ail La\olc; l,el<o> hrcwti; lJa\e Hull: Siau liennett. Secretai\: Williaiu kciineil\. President; John Jolinson. 
Vice I'lesidenl: James Willson, Treasurer; Hill Shaw; Beriiie Mackey. Second roio: Hoyt Hloodsuorlh: Lee Scheely; John Lyndi; 
Mike McCordick; Carl Gardner; Jerr) McVey; Ken I'roxell; Bob Wheeler; jerrv Bloom. Third row: Jack Jackson; Andy Nicotra; 
Mike Kolakalski; Nick Ladd; Roland Purnell; Bob Plante; Jim Lynskey; Gene Masseron; Julian Cross. 


B ■^■^■■■■■■■■■kaM ■■■■ra^B 

I'int uiu', lifl It) rij^lil: ).imics Niikiik: li.uik I'kIki; kciiiuili I'. ml; I Iuuikis \iiliiils; Rciiiiii I'liiiliii ii)ii: (.c'oim' ll.iniMjn. Ircasmci: 
Aiuliru Coliinelia. I'lcsulfiil: Mi's. !■ li/ahi-lh UanK-^. HoMscniodiri ; jori Diiinoiul; Allt-ii Ml-M'Is, St-ticIaM; ](>iiii Sdliis; Sam St*i'U'\ : 
Kiilic'il lixkii; NDiiiiaii l'a<l(l(>(k. Siitiiiii iiiir: Rdlitil Sliai|>c; Joliii lioiiiiai: I 1il(m1i)U- lla\^■ll^; |liii Ikiikr; SlrM'ii \i)mli: Jiiii 
Siiiilli'. William I. cm: I om Moiaii: Hcib lla/aid: (.lahaiii Mollaml: William iliii^lil: I liiimas Hullman: DoiiaUl Moiiici: |aki' Wiikliiii. 
Third rinr: I (im Miiij^aii: Daviil MtlliiTi; )(isc|)li (:iii'i;aM; Hiiliiil kiglilci; Cliailcs Maisliall; Cliaiirs Kiii^lil: Biiikrllc Marliii; |amfs 
I'li'llMiian: Ki'ilh WIilcIci; \riiioii Hrij;f;s: Nlilis Dimiuni; Jim I'inholsicr; Dimakl lliilaii: liniic Aiisiiiison: jor liuiXMi; (hmk 
llroun: lom l.csialk'cl. foinlli row: Jiri\ XfKli'loii: Charles Harlow. Ircilcriik Kicslci: Rolicil (•cipci: Moc Harrison. I)\vii;hi Mock; 
Roljcil I'caisoii: Hal Williamson; l.oiiis Ro\ ; jolm I.aclrido; Lowell Hindiclillc; William Hnnlell; Uilliam Moit;an; Charles Munav; 
JaTues Cliaiies : l.aij\ .\ckci. fillli roic: I'eic Ross; (.ar\ .\ll\alcr; Robert Hall; Staiilex H;imes; Rieliaid Kntemanii: Riduiid Hodgson; 
Richard Haninglon; Donald Walker. Sixth row: Joseph Prire; Richard James; John Copants; .Andrew Beinick; William Ireland; 
William Willis; Paxid .Swann; Robert Brice; Frank Thompson; John .Sincell; Bo\d Bonnds; Gaix .Schieiner. 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

I.;isl iiiiiittic ;i(l\i(r lioin llic (Apiils Ixloii ;i ski II ip. 

F.l,i 1 S97 

lii(hi-ir Coliiiicliii Picsi(U-nl 

lidhril Cool; \'i((.' I'lcAidinl 

. Illfii Mi\c) \ Svi ni.irv 

Cfoii^^f Ihniison Trcasuiir 


Pi Kappa Alpha 

Delia Psi 11)52 

Cecil Biaitii Prcsidcnl 

Robert Bisriinf] Vice President 

Donald Hughes Secretary 

James Ripj'le Treasurer 

Battening down the haiclies lor the cold winter ahead. 

Fiisl roiu. left to liglil: Frank Carmen; Don Hughes. Secictaiy; Robert BistliolT. Vice President: Cecil liraiin. Prcsidenl; Jim Ripple, 
Treasurer; Houlaiul Lnl/. Sccoiiil row: Stan Love; Sam Dickson; John Duey; John /ane; t'lank Ikiiley. Third raw: Aiigiistiiie 
Fernanilez; John Maishall: Charles \Vea\'ei; led Dinsniore: |ay Mattingly. 

! CS*SSS9 


Sigma Alpha 

.\l,n\l<uid Hchi l'.)|;'. 

/llrlitnd Sltmlirhl I'rcsidcni 

/()//// SiimIi'i \'i( (• I'rcsidctii 

Ji-yoiiic Doiilnojl Sc(iti;n\ 

ftilni /■('t'nt'x I'niismir 


..£ J^ 

iiw loiiH \s ill I Ik 1 1 adii \\ luli licni i cuiii lis i olm . 

Hisl rinv, Irjl In riolil: Oonald Dilg; Roddick Coair. Ricluircl Hofmaii; I.IomI liMiuicr; (oliii IVcncv. Irc;isuii-i: Kidiaiil SLiiiliiUI. 
I'rcsidcm: Mrs. Miller. Hoiisciiioilicr: Jolin ,Sn\ilcr. \ice IMcsidcnl; |cromc DouUkiII. Sciiciarv. I'liillip Siwarl/; Harr\ Riissi-ll: 
Waller IkMiiigc-r; Ridiard Holmes. Scroiitl toic: Chaiiey: Kciiiiclh Coopci; Williaiii Siihilia: Raiid liillk-: |oliii I)ickc\; ()uiiiloii 
Weaver: I lionias Carler; Joseph Moiile<l<)iiic<): Ja(k Jackson: KdM:ird Diiiilap: |oliii (;:dd\vell: Kduard Weailierl\. I'liinl rmr: Mark 
Diinkei: James llri(e: Willis Sloan: Rohcrl Miuhell: .\rthur C.arr; William Radclill: I.andon Holl: [ohn Hnshnian: |amcs Young: 
Roherl |-diiclis: Roherl K\lcr: lliomas lieall: Robert Briitingli:im. I-Diiilh rmr: Joseph Downs: Ri<hard liedeiick: Dennis ki\n\: 
Roherl Weiss: Irank Carhoine: WalK Lord: Rol)eii Stewart: i'alrick C:laik: William Clark: Waul Hosieilei: l-Kiiik I inlerhill: (ieorgc 
l.indse\; Donald Maitin. Ullli rmr: Donald Mohhs: William Ward: I'.dward WriKlii; .M Nem;iseik; .Morion 15lanch:ird: Charles 
liowlcr; C.corgc (iollne\: Ronald Brierele\: Cicrard Schlimm. S(\(/( icrw: John C^lark: Richard Donnelh: Ron;dd Warnock: I'aiil 
Cirawford; Cieorgc I ownscnd; Scotly .Mman: Kdnnnid l,lo\d; Ron.ilil W eisjjerlier: Willianr Rapson: Donald la\lor: Ronald Ward. 




Sigma Alpha Mu 

Imagine the parties we could have in a house like this. 

Sigma Chi 1933 

Athiiii Slo.shero President 

Launeiice Knhreu Vice President 

Marvin Schlnsser Secretary 

Abraham Peiiii Treasurer 

i'iist rou'.left to right: Paul 1 ietlebaiim; Many Millison; Allen l'ertono\; Ronald Israel; I.ciiiiy Aril: Cahlii Hamburger; l)a\e Gla/.er; 
Stanley Zupnick. Second rou<: Ken Zareswil/; Leonard Bnlnian; Lee Rubenslein; Larry Kobrcn. \'ice President; Sam Penn. Treasurer; 
Hon Herger; Bob Harris; Gil Ciottlieb; David Cooper; Fred Applestien. Third row: Bert Raboy; Bob Wollnian; Stuart Millicent; 
Dave Dworsky: Bob X'olk; Da\e Frcishtat; Jerry Bank; Bob Reamer; Hillard Colin; Dave Siegal; Richard Reckson; Bo Rodner. 
Fourth row: Artie Chernow; Sid Grossman; Bob Galkin; Wally Cohen; Gary Rid)in; Don Daneman; Stanley Foxman; Nortie Tucker; 
Mel Slan; Jerry Mondell; Stanley Wolk; Marvin Schlosser, Secretary. 


/•/M/ )<)»•. /(■(/ I') litilil: |<iliii ShipliN: Rdhcil Malloncc: Carl Cavallaio; John Siramski. rreasurcr: Kilward Niiici, \ iic Pu-sideii( 
Ircil SlilluaKfii. I'loidcni: (liaiks Rivoilc. Scdclaiv: l-iluaid l-raiu(|: joliii Klar; \llii-il Cordon. Snoiiil mir; I- nul 'Sainpaslia 
William Diinas; Waiiin llak; Noimaii I'diison: Daiiiil \laiiMi; Al.iii Wcndliii^. Donald Ran: William MiDoii.ild: Rolicil Cousc- 
kiM- Nidicih: |ill Del laiKianx. I'liiul niu-: Roluit Dil'iro: Ronald liiKill: Robiil CialoiK-. ( haiUv NvmcImi; |amo Mtrna: Flank 
Ratka; Rolitil Dak-: Roliiil <)l>iii-n: John Mikcihnii-; ktinuMh 'loikc; John la(k^on; Cn\ /liglci ; |amcs Caokci. tditrlh low: 
\intfnt Cildea; Edward I'hillips; John Dean: Rohert liiooks; Clilion Ran; Michael Maigeis; Alan Hincs; Mnido Smiih; Rodnc) 
Faller; \'an Kirk Fehr; James Donahue; Vince Crogan. 

Sigma Chi 

Tlic Sitfs make iwo fiom a niu Iiaiiilcd ixisli slioi. 

Cam III II Chi l!IL".l 

liiulriiik Slilluuigcii I'lfsiilciU 

Eiln'ind Xiiicr \'uv I'ri'sidcnl 

Cliinles Rn'oili- Set nuirv 
/()/;/; Sliiiinsh I uasiii i. r 


Sigma Nu 

Delta Phi I 'J 17 

Ah<))i Sinilh President 

RohrrI Rudiicr Vice PresidciU 

I'lioiuds Mii)j/li\ Secrclary 

Diilr Jurxiis Treasurer 


iCf^ Y 

Sigma Nil's lop l.V. man iliaK his laxuritc piugram. 

First roil', left to riij^hl: Uoli I'aiiish; Dick Tolh; Jim Oonlvliii: Hill Hauck: Frank Trociiio: Hob Riidiier, \'icc I'icsideni; Toney 
Smith, Presidenl; Tom Murphy, Secretary. Dale Jarvis, Treasurer; George Kline; Julius Tolson; \'incc r;ilumlK); Boh Minor; Joe 
Allulis. Second row: [oe Sauerwein; Terry OHara; Jack Saueruein; Joe Uclpo: I'elc Gaharilini; Dick Huck; Ken C.rouell; Gerry 
Ferguson; Da\e McConnel; Al Gimesky; Bob Haskcy; Dick I'atton; Bill Slingluli; Bob McCaw; Kil Baden; Jack Folkes. Third row: 
Winter Moore; Ren Bouic; Mel Ford: Jack Corron; Bruce Norton; Jim McGill; Jim Messick; Al Smallev; Al Osbcjurnc; Ron Bamford; 
Paul Campbell; 1 oni Cox: Ward Pearson; Pat Gibbons; Dick Mantoux; Ed Dietrich. Fourth roii<: Hermann Wagner: Dick Churchville. 
Fifth rou': Steve Wiess; Warren Hurley; Phil' Calder; Bob Bcrciuist. Sixth row: Dave Ludeman; Leo Cavanaugh; Bol) Thomas; 
Bob Boileau. 


Sigma Phi 


Mm\l(nid licla l!ll'.» 

Robert Yager Pitsident 

(Iharles McKowen Vice Presideni 

Wa\(le Byerly Secretary 

riieoduri' Mrlzlrr Treasurer 

I'olishing and paddling go liaiul in liaiid wiili pledging. 

FinI row, left to riglit: Edward Ciamt; Richard Wall: Charles McKeouii. \icc President: Robert Yager. President; Michael Hadaua\: 
Leonard Cleveland; Martin Mro/inski; Ronald Hall. Second row: Harvey Hall; Robert Frost: Charles Cordcr: Frank O'Biniski; 
Williani .Se:ilon; I.;Mr\ liolilen; Ricliaril llilcr: William Espey. Third row: William .Sniilli: Willi;im McC'onncl: llean Kolh: William 

(!hanil)er lin: William lli'.;<4ins. 

Sigma Pi 


AljiJuiCJii 111 IS 

Larry De Sliazcr Pvcsidciu 

Dale Butler Vice President 

Ricliinil J'(ni Spliiiicr Secretary 

ArtJiur Press Treastirer 

fit "^ 

Conic on, lorgct exams anil lake a nuilni.i^lit lollee Ijrcak. 


Finl rmr.hii '• '.^/'/ |iiliM I' Knluii (..imi; \iiliiii I'lrss, lir.isiiiri Knliiid \,iii S| .1 1 n I iT. Secret:!! \ Ijiix lie Slia/c!. I'l-esi- 
dciit; Dale Hiillci. \ ice I'lcsideiil: John Sduiiidt; Rohc!i li!ide!n. Second row: Sot Wilson: Rolieit \V:!lls: llei!J;!i!iiii l'(>i!!sc(l: John 
McLeiuIoi!; Nicholas Pappas: Pai!l Liedlich; Sa!micl Giilfith; Wayne Johnson; Hairy Hammann. 


Urst Kiir. Iifl In rii^lil: S\h(Mi I'asscii; (.ai\ (.(; I)(mi llilKuiii. I).iiiii\ SiiK. luasuici: [cm Kciliii im k. I'lcMiliiii; M.iiiv 
I'olliiiKfi . ScmMaiv. Al I5:ir:ill; |tii\ C.olicii; I'.nil RiisliiI)Ci|;; MoiUv SihciMciii. Stanul Knr: )aik I'cilucr: Slaii Silvcrinan; Moils 
(■(>l<lsii'itr. Ira Sliapiio: Kdclic Maski'l: l)a\L' Hank; \larl\ No\a(k: Sam Wassciniaii; l,aii\ Wcsloik. Third rtiir: Ri>nii\ Kruine: 
Ralph RosiKiu; Maivin \\ liss; liari\ Wisciiian; loin Stchihanll; Mai\in Ix\inc: l)a\c Rudo; Dick (.oldbcig: Mon\ Sniitli. Foiirtit 
rinr: \\ Sicinhcit;; '^^l^'i" Rankin; Siai\ Usall; Sl(\c Mess: Ralpli Weiss; Ro\ Seliiller. Fijlh row: Mark I.e\ine: Morris Anionelli; 
Har\ev Siegel; Al Reiser; Marlv Moss; St;nile\ Hobh. V!\7/( nrw: Mike linii; Ronnx Rosen; Sesnionr liiilmian: Roinn Sn\(ler; [eirN 
Ralfel: Hal nnr<lelte; Hal Korol, 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

Tin's ((■ri;iinl\ docsiri loDk \cr\ imu h like hoincwoik. 

'/'<ni lii'hi l'.t'_':'i 

IciDiiif k'ohcniK I; I'n-siiliiil 

I liii I \ I .r,'\ \ i( I I'l iMilriii 

Mtnlni lUtlliiii^^cr Sci icMi \ 

DtniicI Siil\ I ri;isurc 1 

:i() I 

Tau Kappa 


Beta Delia 1946 

Peter White President 

Duncan Preiidergast Vice President 

Ricliard Gossoni Secretary 

Josej)li Kinihel Treasurer 

What woiukis can conic from a little alue and scissors. 

Fiisl tim\ It'll III right: Ray Goelze; Kd Cioet/e; Chuck Shawe; Tom Mooiiey; Bill CosiJjrove: Mick Simms. Secoiitl mic; Russ Long; 
Ciordoii (;ill; Dick CJossom. Secrctaiy; Duncan I'rendergast. Mce President: I'ele While. President; Joe Kunkel, Treasurer; (icorge 
I.ciinbacli; Jon Files; Dick Powell; Chailcs La Mason. TItirtI rtiw: (Jeorgc C.oggin; Cordon Powers; Hob Rush; Lou Ferguson; Hob 
Slroessner; Hoi) Ratlill; Hob C^roland; Ceorge Ward; Herb Weiss; Hob j'atton; Kcilh Light; Frank Miller, Fourlh roiv: jiob Ching; 
Don Hindok; John Luscoinbe; Hen Wimbcily; Mike (iargan; Dick Keiniard; Willy Campbell; Kd Richards; Joe Spicer; Norin Price; 
Gene Richlei ; Dale Rrolicki; Jack Despcaux. 


Theta Chi 

Alpha Psi 1929 

Joint Bianchi President 

Jim Shoemaker Vice President 

Gilher Petrina Secretary 

Jack Crowl Treasurer 

Will another name be added to the ranks of famous 

first row. left to right: Larry Lackey, Hubert Damesvn; Bill Gillen; Bob Snead; Jack Arnott; Kerrv Ketchen; Joel Potter; Tom 
Jackson: Charley BcrrN; Joe Oimaico. .Scrofjrf row: Llovd Lewis; Charles \'olcjak; Larrv Crcswell; Marc Hare; jack Crowl. treasurer; 
C;ill>ert I'eliiua. Secretary; John Biaiichi, President; [iin Shoemaker. \ice President; Ted Nolfsinscr; Hot) Simons; (k-orKC N\hart; 
Ben Lawlei; Bill Iinle\; Jim .Arnold. Third row: .Mian Sooner; Bill Bell; Dick Hill; Jack Redmon; Loren Seifen; Howard Koontj; 
Rnss .NLiishal; I oni Hanlon; Diik Hulm; C;ene .Sappington; Bernard Werwinski; Dennis Fil/geiald; .Mbeit Rudder. .Marlv Loflus; 
Dour Keefei; Mike Salter. I-iiurt}i mw: Justin Shook; Roger S<-ars; St;irde\ I'aulus; Bill Kleischmann; Russell Owiiigs; Wall Hawes; 
Bill Hampton; John Worden; Will .Me\er; Rav Curtiss: I'ai nn%lc; Kd Nichols; Pal Moieland; Bd) IM.i<kett; Dick S/lasa; Tom Daily. 

Zeta Beta Tau 

Can it be that man's best friend has been corrupted? 

Beta Zeta 1948 

David Rudow President 

Richard Stein Vice President 

David Rankin Secretary 

Harold Pallin Treasurer 

First rou\ left In riglil: Robert Biaucr; I'lcdcrick Dciicnheig; Michael Zcll; bamucl Saks; Slanley Hoiowit/; Lairv Wassciiiiaii; Josei)li 
Axeliod; Cianv Kaplin. Secnnd row: Edward Sapperstein: Marvin Zimmerman; Jeff Sidney; Erwin Ralfel; Bert Sugar; Richard Stein. 
\'ice President; na\id Rankin. .Secietary; Harold Pollen. Tieasurer; Thomas Kat?; Alan Holpern; Theodore Sobkov. Third row: 
Allen Plotkin: Charles Kaplin; Bernard Vedinak: Stanley Minken; Frank Applestein; Edward Schapiro; Richard Handman; CJordon 
Greenspun; Jay Lipsitz; Alan Geller; Michael Goodman. Fourth row: .'\lan Orman; Larry Richman; Sherman Gesben; Sheldon Rudie; 
Steven Sakin; Joseph Goldstein; Irwin Schwartz; Howard Fader; Jack Schnoll; Paul Goldberg; Edward Kassen; Martin Parks; Morton 
Ehudin. Fifth row: Sheldon Press; Morton Libov; Michael Oppenheim; Lawrence Heyman; Joseph Weinstock. Sixth row: Leonard 
Miller; Silvan Rottman; Irwin Layton; Robert Singer; Hershel Rachino; Jerold Srhrinberg; Albert Hoehn; Howard Boylin; 
Marshal Seidler. 


Greeks Collaborate 

marv land puts fraternity spirit into action 

luc'iity-lour Iraicniilics \v()rk.iii,i; lor ihc inuliuil 
l)i.'iR'lit ol ;ill i()iii|)iisc the IniLrlratcniily Couii- 
lil. Ihc (lulics ol this oii^aiii/aiioii ciu ()iiii)ass 
llie rcjy[iilaiioii ol nisliiiiL; lo ihc s|)()iis(ii in^; ol 
ihc ll-'(' liail \shi(h was luh! ai ihc Shcraioii 
Park Iloicl ihis year. Ai ihis liiin' ilu- iliUock 
Trophy was presented lo tlu' onislandiii;,; Ira 
ternily. Sioina ('hi. 

I'lidcr lin' Icadii sliii) ol I'icsidciil I,arr\' 

liraiil and \'ice Prcsidcni Paul Diiray. the fra- 
icniilics sponsored llic liisi annual "Cireek 
Week" wliidi ^\as hi^^lilinhicd 1)\ a \crv lolorlul 
( hariol race. Fcclin;^ thai haicrniiv lilc is not 
cnlirely lor the social relaiionsiiips to be gained. 
the ("oiuuil also bc^an a "Hcl]) Week" during 
which lime Irateinitv jjlcdgcs did something lor 
ihe less iortunate. In addition, this year's Coun- 
( il ( oniniucd lo ,ni\c support to liic Korean war 
Ol phan ihc\ had bci'u sponsoring |)rc\iouslv. 

Inst iinr. Iill In iiohl: Jciiii Kiilui nil k ; Id S]Kti: Ki-.i<l M.kUmv: llin\.inl HirusDii: Hen Siiy:ir; Harold I'ollin; Samuel I'eiiii: |ell 
Siiliux: l.arrv l)eSha/ci; Tdiii lanell. Sfioiid io-.l': Irank l)iec>seii; \Iail\ Apiil; Diik <rii>M)iii; l-.d daiilt. Seireiaiv; l..iii\ Hi. ml. 
I'lisiileiil: Paul I)atiia\. \i(e I'lesiileni: iiill KeniieiK: |()liii I nwi'i K.i\ HcihlriKiii: |eii\ Sidle. I'hitd mw: ]<>h\\ Apel; Nallian Sinl 
bei);; I oni Mason: Koii.ild [ones; Cliaiks l.aM.isoii; Willi. nil |nliiisioiie: Tied Siillwasjen; Osrai \luellei; Charles MiKeowii: |olin 
Hiaudhi: |<iii DiiMond: llaiold Kiaiiiei: |a\ Hroun. loin Spann; jolin Mcl.cndon. Foiiilli )ir,r: Dick (.onigan; Hill (tKnes; Oitk 
Sho<kle\: Wall llanes: Sainiiel Adams; AlUn Melliis: Ralph Sliiiin; Hill Wcille: l$ud Small; |oliii Sie\ens; AI Siiiiih: I one\ Smith. 


From llu' expression on Presidcnl Brant's lad', liic husintss al hand nnisi \>v (|nilc inteirsling. 

Fiisl roif. left to right: John .Ste\ens: Michael Quiiin; George Peters; Joe Mdiilosh. Picsideiit: Howard Henesoii; James PrettMiian: 
Donald Neuberv: Martin Kirchhansen. Second row: Alan Sonner: Russell Marshall: |anies Hannan; |on Richardson; Robert Fil/- 
palrick; Francis Sleinbauer; Charles Weaver; Don Daneman; Robert Irelan; Hillard Cohen: Arthur Cook; William Tsdins-s; 
Albert Smith. 


How does it feel to be a senior? Surely each class thinks 
its feelings are peculiarly original as it takes that last 
walk toward the stage. Actually, that first graduating 
class, stiff and serious in cap and gown, must have 
shared feelings very similar to those of the Class of '56. 
Faces and settings change, and the university has grown 
and progressed; but as symbols of learning and a new 
maturity, the cap and gown arc still the most important 
tokens of an important four years. In June, the class 
of '56 accepts its share of the heritage of the past. 


The Seniors of 7956 

^ f9 ^ ^' 

:s N ■» * 

>s ^\ 

DUN All) !■. ADAMS, loll lU-iiloii. Moiil. C.dlkni- of Mililaiv Science. B.S., 
MililaiA Sfieme. ROllKR I IU)\VM \N AD WIS. HiiiipMia.l. N. V. (.oIleHC 
ol .Vgiiculiine. li.S., Aniiiial Hiisl>.iiuli\ . liloik and III idle (Hull: I'le- 
\ eleiiiiaiiaii Cliih. DRI- AMA A(.l-I-. HaliiiiiDie. ('.ollenc of I'lnsicai Kdur.i- 
lion. U.S., I'lnsicai 1 (luialion. Hcallli and Rcdealioii. I'Ins. Kd. Majors' 
CInl); .\t|iialiiicis; liitiaininals: Newman C;lnl). l-.l (.KM-. I-.D(..\R .\HALT. 
( <iilei;c Talk. CollcKe ol .Nj^i itnlliire. li.S.. I'oiiIiia Hiishandiy. I'laiil liidiisliN 
(lull: iUock :iiul itiidle C liili: I.utlui.iii Siiideni Associalion. 

Sl'.S.W .\l I Kl-N. Ihallsxille. College of Fduialioii. U.S.. CliildluMKl Hdiica- 
lion. K A: NevMiian (liili: Da\dod;;ers Cliih: Red (aoss: Childhood Kdiicalion 
Club. WII.I.IAM I.I N/ .\1.I.1-.N. [R. H\alls\ille. ( <.ll<Ke ol I- ngineei inn. 
U.S.. I iinimeiiiiK. .V.S.NJ.l-.: IhingClnl). lUSIIROD W \RRK.\ 
.M.I.IN. hilhesd.i. College of .\i Is and Si iences. U..\.. line An. .\i[ So(ict\, 
I'res. JAMCI- MARIAN AI. IHOl SI-., l.aiuasiei. I'a. Ciillege ol Kducation, 
U.S.. Business I'.diualion. K K I': .\\\S: Sailing Club: Women s Choiiis: Cha|icl 
( hoii. 

JI-..\X .M.liA ANDI RSON. (iamhiills. College of I .liKalion. l\..\.. Klcmeii- 
laiv Kdiualioii. 1 II ( liib. )()IIN (.. M. .\NDI-RS()N. loiesi Heights. Col- 
lege of Militan Sdi-nie. li.S.. \lilil:in S<ieiue. I'A 1 RICI.\ .\\N .\NDKR- 
SON. lii-tlusda. Collei^e ol Ails and S<ien<es. H.A.. l-nglish. AAA; 'I" K <!'. 
RICH.VRD 11()\V.\RI) .\N1)I.RSI.N. \\ asliinglon. 1). C. College of Agiieul- 
iine. U.S., (ieneial .\griculliire. Chapel Choii. I'les.: Mens Glee Club. \'icc 
I'lcs.: I'laiii IndiisiiA Club: \Seslc\ l-ouiubiiion. 

N \N(;Y |I-AN an I rim. IhaiisulU. ( olUgc- ol Alls and Sciences. B.S., 
.Sociologv. K K 1', I'u-s.: Di.imond. Sec: lirriifiiii. SoroiilN l-.diloi: Chcci- 
Icatlei : Hoiiu-Kiming Comiii. Chaiinian: i'liiiii ( (iiiiiii.: Wesimiiisiei Fellow- 
ship Coiiiuil. I-RANKI IN liRlCl Al'l'l.l- I- S 11- IN. Ballimoie. College ol 
\ils and Siieiicrs. II, \.. Sm inlngv. Z U T: (.oil Manager: Sociologv Cliil). 
|.\.MKS \\. ARMACOSl. 11 iliiinoie. College of Ails ;iiid Sueiues. B..\.. 
Speech. I 1; R:idio I A (.iiiki; WMl C. M.\RV 1. .\RMS\V()R I HV. Haiti 
more. College ol .\rts anil Sciences. U.S.. Baiteiiolog\. i; .\ I). .Sec: M-lUiok: 

IWRNICr I!.\N(.I.I. .VRNOI.D. Niicla. Col. College of .\its and Sciences. 
H..\.. SoiiologN. (.l(>R(.i \. ARNOLD. laneMown. College ol Agiiuilliiie. 
U.S.. .\nimal lliisb.indn . .\ Z: Newiii.iii ( hili: llloik and Iliidle. I leas.: Iima- 
miirals: l.iM-sioik |iidging I eain. \NN Rl\l\ \S|I1U RV. Iii-deiiik. Col 
lege of r.diiialion. HA., l-nglish. | lloaid. I'us. WIII.IAM 1.. 
A lAVKl.l.. College I'aik. College ol Business and I'uhlii \diiiinisii:iiioii. 
B.S.. Accoiiiuing. 'I' K T: \ eleians Club: liiliamuials. 

( \R1. (.. MID il.iliiiiuiii-. College of Kngiiiceiing. B.S.. Mechanical Kngl- 
neeiiiig. ASMl- : Soiieiv ol Aiiloiiioii\e I- ngineers: l-iesh. Lacrosse. N.VN'CY 
BVRM- .MSI IN. lakoiii.i I'.iik. ( oik-ge ol \i Is and Sciences. B. A.. Speech. 
II: Ckl ;iiid Ke\. |()\NN1- IIMR. H.illiinoie. College of Ails and 
Siii-iues. B.S.. Speeili l'athiilog\. i:.\ll; | lloaiil: l-iesli. Oiieniaiion 
( haiiman. SHIRI.I V ANN!- B.\(IIM\NN. \nii.ipolis. College of Business 
iiid I'nlilii \dtiiiiiisii.iiioii. B.S.. OHice I i-i hiiic|iies. '!• X D. I'res. 

Ill NR^ \\ HMIMI K i\n\\ Chase. College ol \ils .mil Siieniis. It.S.. 
I'sMhologx KVIIIIKINI IINNU BMN1-. Benvvii. College ol Alls ami 
SiJemes. B. \.. llisii.M. Il.iiid: Newiiiaii ( liib. B\RB\R\ B \K.I R. Mass;i 
peqiia. L. I. ( ollege ol Home I loiiomiis. B.S . Idiii.ilion. K K !'; t).\; "I- K 'I': 
Cheeileadei. NLl.SON C. BAKLR. JR. B.iliimoM- ( .illege ol .\Hs ind 
Sciences. U.S.. /.(K)1o({). 


LUCY ANNE BALDWIN. Silver Spring. College of .\rts and .Sciences, 15. .\.. 
.Sociology. An Club: Picture of the Month Club. .\DELE M. BALL. West- 
port. Conn. College of Kducation, B.S.. Nmsing Education. ROBERT A. 
B.\LL,\RI). Siher Spring. of ,\rts and Sciences. B.S.. Psvchology. K A. 
(.ER I Rl'DE C:.\ROL B.\LSER. Baltimore. College of .\rts and Sciences, 
B.A., .Sociology. A E *; Hillel. 

MERLE SI E BANK, lialtimore. of Education, B.A., Cliildliood Edu- 
cation. AE<I>, .SAC; Childhood lulucation Club. GORDON L. BARKER. 
Baltimore. of .Arts and Sciences, B..\.. German. LiUheran Student 
.Association. (JLORLV RUTH BARNABEI. Silver .Spring. College of Arts 
and Sciences. 15. .\.. .Sociology. AHA; Didinoiidbnrh: .Sociology Club. ST.ANLEY 
C. BARON. Baltimore. College of lulucation. B.S., I'.ducation. 
A E n, Pres.; Gate and Kev; IPC; Intramurals. 

|OH\ .\N EHONA' BARRY. Takoma Park. College of Business and Pidilic 
Administration, B.S.. Marketing. Newman Club. FRANK BAR IKO, |R. 
.Adelphi. College of .Arts and Sciences. 15. S., Physics. Football; Baseball. 
STEPHEN C:. BA'EL.XS. Baltimoie. C;ollege of Arts and Sciences, B.S., Zoology. 
JANET MARIE BECHTOLD'T. Hollywood. Fla. College of Business and 
Public .Administration. B.S., Persoiniel Management. A A II, Treas.; AAA; Sr. 
Class, Treas.; SC;.\. Ways and Means Ccjmm.; Fresh. Orientation; Dean's 
C:omm.; Lutheran Sttulent .\ssociation, Tieas.; Marketing C.lid); ManagenietU 
CInli; May Day. 19.55. 

CHARLES FRANKLIN BECK II. Moinit Airy. College of Agricultuie, B.S.. 
Education. Canterbury Club; FFA. (.EORGE FRANCIS BECK. Hyattsville. 
College of Business and Public .Administiation. B.S.. .Accoiniting. .\RLINE 
J. BEM.AN. Bethesda. College of .Arts anil Sciences, 15. .A., English. AT; Dorm 
\ice Pies.; Angel Flight. \ic'e Pies. JAMES P. BENFER. W':ishington, D. C. 
C'ollege of Education, B.S.. Industrial l-.ducation. 

ANNE LINDSEY BENGEL. Silver .Spring. College of Education. B.S.. Child- 
hood F.dtication. T <t> B; Business Education Club; Wesley Fotnidation; 
Women's Chorus; Chapel Choir; Childhood Education Club; F'T.A. DON.ALD 
LOUIS BENSON. Hyattsville. College of Business and Public Administration, 
B.S.. Public Relations. SAX; Diaiiioiidlmck: Men's Press Clid). Treas. 
BRi;CE LADD BERLAGE. Olnev. C:olle,ge of Agrictiltme. B.S.. General 
Agricultuie. 2 A F.; DAE; OAK; Who's Who; Old Liuf. Bus. Mgr., Adv. 
Mgr.; SGA, \ice Pres.; WMl'C; Men's League, Sec; Radio Boaid; Dairy Cattle 
Judging Team; Block and Bridle Club; l-H Club; Canterbury Club. ROBER T 
FRANKLIN BENSON. Baltimoie. College of Education, B.S., Music Educa- 
tion. 2 A E; Men's Glee Club; Chapel Choir; Cheerleader. 

GEORCiE \VAYNE BERRY. Baltimore. College of Business and Public 
Administration, B..A., .Actounting. A X A; Diaiiuiiulbnck: IFC; S.AC; Track 
Manager; Spring Week. JOHN FRANCIS BLANCHE Yonkers, N. Y. Cxillcgc 
of .Arts and Sdeiices, B.A.. History. H X; C,Me and Kc\ ; IFC; Newman (iliib- 
Rossboiough Club; Intramurals. I.ORETTA JANE BICKFORD. Kcnsiiig 
ton, C;ollegc of Home Economics. B.S.. Practical .Art. AO II; II A K; Old Line. 
Editor: Mliaok: Home Economics Club; .Ac[ualineis. JANE BISSELL. Hono 
lulu. Oahii. T. H. College of .Arts and Sciences, B..A.. English. 

ETT.A R.AY BLACK. Hagerstown. College of Education, B.S.. Elementary 
Education. XV. HOWARD ANDREW BLADEN. Silver .Spring. College of 
.Arts and Sciences, B.S., Bacteriology. Flying Club. MILTON L. BL.\NC. 
Takoma Park. C^ollcge of .Agriculture. B.S.. .Agronomy. M.AUREEN BL.AND. 
.Annapolis. College of Education. 15. .A.. English. ASA; Women's Chorus; Red 
Cross Club; Spanish Club; Rossboiough Club. 

C^ Ci .— ^ 


^^^\ ^■■^■^ ^^^) 







.^^ "•■' 


Kl.AIM k \Vi: BLANK.. Haliiiiioic. College of Arts and Sciences. B.A.. His- 
loiv. AK'I-. HITTV MARf..\Rl r lU.AMON, Klkloii. College of Plnsical 
l-.diuatioii. H.S., Rccrcaiioii. ).\\lls I. lU.ANlO.N. Ualiimoie. College of 
Alls aiul .Siiciues, U.A.. I'svilioiogv. .\KR{)1C:. Caplaiii. HlllKRI' HARVEY 
UOI.ICK. )R. Uashingioii, I). C. College of Kiigiiieering. B.S., Electrical 
rngiiicci iiig. .M'ROrC. Major. 

IRKDKRICK K. I501.I.H0RS I. lialiimore. College of Engineering. B.A.. 
Civil EiigliHiriiii!. WARRI \ R. BON lOV.XN. Ballimoic. College of Arts 
and .Sticiuis. IVS.. C;iuiiiisii\. A X 1: Mens dkc (;iiil>: .\iiieiicaii C'hemical 
Society. .M.\ I IHEW llCKNl-. 1UK)K.IR. Ailiiigton, \a. College of Educa- 
tion. B.A.. .Safety Education. I'lihlit Relations Club. MAR(.IE BOONE. 
Elkiid^e. College of .\rts and .S(iciucs. B.S., Speech Pathology. AAA; 
Diaiiioiul: li.\ll. Sec; S.XCl; Hoinecoining Committee. 

1 r(.l \E BORDERS. H\alls\ille. CoIIckc of Business and Public Adminis- 
lialioii. B.S.. ,\(<iiiiiiiinn. lURlON HARRIS IIOROEE. Wheaton. Cx)llege 
1)1 Business ami Public Ailiuinisiiaiioii. B..\.. I'ulilii Relations, i! A X; Rabbi 

^^^0*-% ^^^^^^^ ^i^lPW ^■SK^kk rulilu Kelalions. 2. A X; KaliD 

•^» 4 fl^^^Q^P ^^^^^^^1 ^^^^^^^^^ Eduaid E. Israel Intcrlaidi .\waicl. Silver Key: Diaiiunulhiuk: Hillel Execu 

■ ^m ^f ^^ J ^ ^^H live (loiiiuil; Cahcil Debate Scxielv. \ice Pies.; Siudciii Religious Council. 

P*^ ««. |!^ 'k '^ *" W ^ ^^ ** W I ii^'as.: ESA. JOSEPH 15. BOIRNE. Washington, D. C. College of Educa- 

lion. B.A.. .Social Scieiiies. M.\RV EOllSE BOWMAN. Hvallsville. College 
B.A.. English 1 (liuaiioii. A A 11; EEA, Pies.; AWS; Sludeni- 

n>, -» 

^ 1> \t 

^■^^ Jfll^ ^itk 

^.y ~ ^ 



(il I'ducation 

l.Kullx Collee Hour. Chrm. 

E\EI.V\ NE BOYD. Port Arlhiir. Texas. College of Home Economics, B.S.. 
Practicil An. 1' •!• H; Modern Daiue Club; Wcslev Eoundalion: Chapel Choir; 
Home Etonomics Club. AIDREY W BOYER. Hvallsville. College of Busi- 
ness and Public .\dniinislialion. B.S.. Aicoiiiiiiug. A X !!. Ereas.; Mlionk, 
OIIkc Mk' : Women's {Jiorus; I)a\dodgers Club; Placement Committee. 
W II.I.I.WI H. BO\ E. Ri\ei(lale. College of Arts an<l Sciences, B.A.. S(Kiolog>. 
NcuiiKiM Club. Sociologv Club. AEEISON BO\ KIN. Siher Spring. College 
111 Alls and Sciences, B..A.. English. K A: Diammulbuck: Panhel; Home Eco 
iioiniis ( lub: ( anteibiiM (lub; A(|ii;iliiu'is; liiliamurals. 

Kit II\R1) \I.\N 1(R\DI lA. Silver Spring. College of Arts and Sciences. 
B.S.. /.oolog\. Newman Club. Dl RWOOD lUEMONE BRAY. Elizabeth 
Calv. N. C. College of Ediualioii. II S . Musii fdui.itioii Band: Orchestra; 
Mens (,lee Club. JOHN JOSEPH KRI IIM. JR. SiKei Spiing. College of 
Alls and Sciences, jl.S.. PInsics. 'I' 111; '!■ K <!'; Newman Club; Iiilramuials. 
CORDON ItREK.HNER Eiltlesiow ii. Pa. Ciollege of Arts and Sciences, H,.\.. 


I.OIS BROADIHRSr. Belhesda. College of Arts and Sciences, B.A., Spanish. 
A X Si. I'M I.I I II BROBSI. Sihei Spring. College of Home Economics. 
B.S.. lexlilcs ,111(1 ( loiliinn. A Z A; Old liiif: St liooli: Band. Honor (.uard; 
Rossboioiigh Ouccn; Home I- ((iiiiiinics (lub; Angel Eliglil: Campus C'hest; 
Mav Dav Coiiuii.; IIoiiHcomiiig C (iiiiiii ; Spiing Week Coinm.; SAC; Ereshman 
Orientation; Dads Dav Comm. CHARLES JOHN HROC.\ lO. Silver .Spring. 
(College of Ediualion. B.S., Business 1- iliicilion. business Education Club. 
1I\RR^ 1 HOMAS BRODll. Arlington, \ a. College of Business and Public 
\iliiiiiiisiialioii. B.S.. (.c'lic' Business. Boxing I earn. 

|\((>1 MAN URONSON Ihaiis\ille. College of Education. B.S.. ChildhcMxl 
I diK.'iiiou. lAT: Hillel; ( lul.lhood IcUication Club. ALVIN JhRRY 
BROOKS. Washington. 1). C. ( iillege of Business and Public .\clminislialioii. 
B.\.. Maiketing. A E II; Manland Maikeiing (lub. ,\NNE CARL BROI I. 
(hew (base. College of Home Economics, U.S., lexliles and ( lolhing. K K P; 
Home Economics Club. BER(.EN I HOMAS BROWN. JR. Silver Spiing. 
College of Engliieeiing. BS. I- ngiiieei iiig. T I! li, IRE. 


EILEEN MARIE BROWN. Silver Spring. College of Home Economics, B.S., 
Practical Art. K A 9. Treas., Vice Pres.; Diamond; Newman Clnh; Daydodgers 
Club; Rossborough Club. ELIZABETH JEAN BROWN. College Park. Col- 
lege of Arts and Sciences. B.A., English. II B <l>; <h K *: WMl'C. JAMES A. 
BROWN, JR. Washington, D. C. College of Business and Public .\dminislra- 
tion. B.S., Geography. Geography Club, Sec; ,\FROTC, Captain. LE1B.\ 
BROWN. Washington, D. C. College of ■■Xrts and Sciences, B.A., Philosophy. 
Philosophy Club; Hillel Foiuidation. 

SOPHIA JEAN BROWN. Westminster. College of Physical Education, Health 
and Recreation, B.S.. Physical Education. WR,\, Ooriu Rep. LEROY 
BROWNE. Washington, D. C. College of Business and Public .Administra- 
tion, B.S., Personnel Management. T E *; Inlramnrals. B.ARB.AR.-\ BROWN- 
ING. Riverdale. College of Education, B.S., Music. A X S2; Chapel Choii; 
Women's Chorus; MENC; Maryland Christian Fellowship. HERBERT M. 
BRUBAKER. Riverdale. College of Arts and Sciences, B.A., Speech. ATH; 
r B; OAK; Who's Who; Jr. Class, Vice Pies., Pres.; Jr. Prom Chairman; SG.\, 
Publicity Chairman; Campus Chest; WMUC, News and Special Events Direc 
tor, Jockey, and Chief .Annoinicer; IFC, Jr. Class Rep.; Band; ROTC 
Band; Sr. Class, Vice Pres.; Sr. Week CoChairman; lntcrfraternit\ Pledge 
Council; Homecoming Float Chainuan; Radio lA' (;uild. 

EVERETT B. BRV.AN. Laurel. College of Business and Public .Administra- 
tion, B.S., Accounting. .Accounting Club. HENRY LEE BRYANT. Silver 
Spring. College of Business and Public Administration. B.S.. Marketing. Mar- 
keting .Association; Marvland Management Association. HELENE RUTH 
BUCKHANTZ. HoUvwood. Fla. College of Home Economics, B.S., Practical 
Art. A E*, Sec; Hillel. EVELYN BUDNICK. Baltiimjre. College of Educa 
tion, B.A., Practical .Art. >t>Z:i:. Treas.; Diamond; Fkrrvpin; L'T; Campus 
Chest, Publicity; Hillel. 

LEONARD ZINNAMON BULMAN. Hyattsville. College of Arts and Sciences, 
B.A., Government and Politics. Z A M; International Relations Club; Govern- 
ment and Politics Club. FRANK H. BUNKER. Rio Piedras. Puerto Rico. 
College of .Arts and Sciences, B.S., Zoology. Spanish Club; International Club; 
Newman Club. HAROLD NORMAN liURDEI T. Washington, D. C. Col 
lege of Business and Public .Administration. B.S., Jomnalism. TE<1'; IT A E, 
Pres.; Gate and Key; Diamondback, Sports Editor; Old I.itie, Asst. Editor; 
WMUC, .Sports Announcer; .SGA. MARTIN MYRL Bl RDICK. Parkton. 
College of Engineering, B.S., Mechanical Engineering. T B II; <MI i;; <t> A <l>; 
Scabbard and Blade; Collegiate 4-H; Westminster Fellowship; AFROTC, Major. 

GENE CH.ARLES BURES. Bladensburg. College of Agricidtme. B.S., Horti 
culture. Baptist Student Union; Plant Industrv Club, Sec, Treas.. and \'ice 
Pres. JAMES R. BURKE. Silver Spring. College of Arts and Sciences, B.S.. 
Physics. ATfi; Newman Club; Rossborough Club; Math Clid). NORMAN 
ELI BUS.ADA. Washington, D. C. College of Business and Public .Administra- 
tion, B.S.. Real Estate. MARTIN CADMUS. Denton. College of Arts and 
Sciences, B.S., Bacteriology. 

NANCY E. CAHILL. Hyattsville. College of Nursing, B.S., Nursing. Chapel 
Choir; Veterans Club. LYNDA MARGARET CAHOON. Bethesda. College 
of Home Economics. B.S., Practical .Art. ASA; Home Economics Club. 
CATHERINE LEE CALHOUN. Hyattsville. College of Education. B.A., 
Business Education. Maryland Christian Fellowship. PAUL D. CAMPBELL. 
Univeisity Park. College of Business and Public .Administration. B.S.. Market 
ing. 2 N; Newman Club; Marketing Club; Intramurals. 

JERRY WARREN CANNING. Silver Spring. College of Arts and Sciences. 
B.A., Philosophy. * K *; Newman Club; Philosophv Club. DORIS M. 
CANNON. Baltimore. College of .Arts and Sciences, B..A., Government and 
Politics. FAYE CANTER. Washington, D. C College of Education, B.S., 
Childhood Education. SAT, Rec Sec, Vice Pres.; Diamond; Hillel; ETA; 
Childhood Education Club; Spring Week. ANASTASIA T. CARLOS. Toledo, 
Ohio. College of Education, B.A.. French. Dorin Pies. 

k^^' A"^. 

The Seniors of 1956 


The Seniors of 1956 

»> ^ f 

42^ ^iri^ #^^^ isSHk^ 

P fn % Ca 


t- v 

V -c? 

r7 -^(Wr W-;:^ "' 


^ '^ r^ -^ 

|lll\ lU KRorc.lls { \I<R. liiaiulwuiii-. College ol ll.iiiic l-ioiximics 
U.S.. Kiluialioii. I-H Cliih; Diiiiii Council; Dorm Judicial Hoard. II, I.K.N 
FR.KNCKS C.\R,S()N. Wasliiiinion. 1). C. C;ollc-Ke of Home Kconomics. U.S.. 
Iixlilcs and Clolliiiig. AAA. I'res.: Diamond: Home Iconomiis Cliil): Ross 

I ,ukIi Club, Sec: SAC: Iteshman I'loni Connn. JOHN I. INN CARIIR 

|R. (.icenhell. Collej^e ol Agi i( nlluie. U.S.. Animal Husliandi\. I.ivesloik 
liulKing I cam. MASON S. ( \R I Mill.. JR. W asliinnlon. 1). (. ( olk;;e ot 
\ils and Sciences, H.A.. S<Kiolo;;\. .Soiiolo(»\ (;lul); Spanish Clidj; 11. I'nlili- 
(il\ Dircclor: Clef and Ke\. 

MARll AN 1.. ( \SIIMAN. C,ilons\ille. College of .\ils .md Sciences. U.S.. 
/.<>olug\. A r. Ireas.; Newman Club. JOAN C.\SriI.A/0. I akoma Park. 
Collej;e ot Home Kconomics. U.S.. Crafts. A A II: Di:imon<l; Old l.iiii-. Ross- 
bdrougli CInl): Women's Club: Home K(<inomi(s CInli. RICHARD .M.I.K.N 
CAS I IK. \\:ishin!4U)n. 1). C. College ol Knuincei ini;. U.S.. Klectiif:il Kngi- 
neeiiiig. All KIRK. Ireas. (ARI. JOHN CA\ AI.l..\RO. Newark. N. J. 
College ol Kducnion, US. Naunal Sticnces. i) X; O/W l.iur: Newman Club; 
\'aisii\ Wiesiling. 

l.KO M. CA\ANAI'C;H. jr. Takoma l':nk. College of lousiness and Public 
AdminisUation, U.S., Induslrial Managemenl. !i .V: (iale and Kex: Newman 
Club. I'res.: Jr. Class Men's League Rep.: Siudenl Religious Council: Homc- 
<<>ming Conun.: Jr. Prom Connn.: Mai\land Man.igemeni Assoc: Da\doilgcis: 
Piopeller Club. \'icc Pres. CAROI.K R. CHAIMSON. Uallimoie. College ol 
\ris and Sciences. U.A.. Kiiglisli. '\' 1 1: Diiiituiitdlmi U: l I : \\R.\; Red; 
S(.A Kleclions: Campus ( IksI : Clel and ke\ : |i. I'loin Connn.: Homecoming 
Comm.: Hillel. .\N1 I A RC I H CHASKN. U asbinglon. 1). C. College of 
l-duialion. U.S.. NuiseT\ School Kducilion. Childhood K.ducalion Club. 
\l NK. MIN(. ClIKN. Colleije P.iik. College ol Knginccriiig. U.S., Klcciriral 
Kiigineeiing. AIKKIRK. 

|()HN K. CHKRRIX. (;reenbclt. College of Uusincss and Public Adminisira- 
lion, U.S.. .\c(<)unting. A ^11. Pres.. Nice Pres.. Ireas.: OAK; li P i!; 'I' K -I-; 
1'. A +. 1 reas.; Accounting Clnb. |OHANN\ M.(IIKRR^. Uallimove. Col- 
lege of Kducation. U.S.. Sciences I)\NIK1. UOONl CHII.D.S. 
Washington. I). C. College of Aits :mu1 Sciences. U.A.. (.o\ei iiiuent and Poli- 
tics. M \R(,ARK 1 ISAUKl.l.V ( nil DS Millers\ ille. College of Home Ecu- 
Minnies. U.S.. Ie\tiles .ind Clolhing. 

|()\\ 1 \ KI.VN CHRIS I lAN.SON. Uallimoie. College of Home Kconomics. 
lis. I extiles and ( lotbing. AWS: Dorm l'.\eculive (U)iiiuil. W'.M.IKR 

I WIKS CI. ARK. Washing D. C. College of Uiisiness and Public .\dmiii 

istiation. U.S., 1 laiispoi laiion. I'lopeller Club: (iMiikiiiia 1 rou|). C..\IHR^N 
\ (:0.\ I NKY. Uethesd:!. College of Arts and Sciences. U..\., Spanish. I" '!• ii; 
Women's Chorus; Spanish Club; Choir. DONNA I.KK COCHKNOIR. 
( iinibci l.niil ( iillcgi- 111 tliiMii' liciniitiiiis, l( S. ( Dinm \ice I'ic-s. 

Kl III I (OIIN H.diiiMoie. College of Arts and Sciences, U..\.. .Sociology, 
.\ K'K. Sec: Woinens I e.igne: Hillel. Sec; Modern Dame Club. CHARI.KS 
I DMl ND ( Oil I IX.K. New Piovidence. N. |. College ol Agiiciiltiire. U.S., 
liitomologN. SI AN ION J. (Oil. I NS. JR. U.illiinoie. College of Arts and 
Sciences. U.S.. (.oveinmenl and Politics. A 1 'I-: |i.(l.iss. I teas. SISAN |0^ 
( ONl.VN. SiKei Spiing. College ol Home I conomics, U.S.. Piactic.d \it. 
A II II: Sailing Club. Sec: A<|ualineis: Home Kconomics Club: [i I'loiii 
( ciinm.; S.\C; Dot m Sec. 

\l A'CK I AVI.OR < ONR \1)S I .ikiiiii.i I'.iik ( ollcgc' of \its and Sc ieiues. 
II A., Sociologv. Sociologv (lull ROUKRI DON AID ( OOK. H\alts\ille. 
College ol Unsiiicss incl Public Xdniinistialion, U.S., .\ccountiiig. .\tcoiinlinf; 
Club. I HOM \S 11. (OOK. I .ikom.i Park. College ol Kngineei iiig. U.S.. 
Klecliical Kngineei ing. MKHRI. KI.MKR I.KWIS (OOPI R. Hampsiead. 
( cillege ol Agiicultuie. U.S.. Kducation. A P P; A Z; ■!• K -I': KK \; Wesley 
I iiiind.ition. 


jOANNK LF.K COOl'KR. Siher Spring. College of Home Economics, U.S.. 
Textiles :m(l Clothiii!;. A A II; Chapel Cilioii: Women's Clumis; Cilef and K.e\ 
Club; Home Ixonomics Club. HF.NRV CHARI.l-.S COOPF.R. Washington. 
n. C. C;ollege ol .\rts and Sciences. B..\.. Ps\(holog\. I'svthologv C'.hib; Mens 
Glee Club; 'SociologN Club; German C;lub. KKNNF.TH ROllFR 1 COOPER, 
|R. Olne\. College of Physical l-ducation. B.S.. Physical Education. 2; A E. 
ELAINE ROHERIA COOXER. C:iie\ v C:hase. College of Aits and Sciences, 
H.A.. English. K A; <^ K •!•; Gynikaiia Ironpc. 

lULES M. C;OPPEL. Baltimoie. College of Engineciing, U.S.. Electrical Engi- 
neering. AIEEIRE. STANLEY EUGENE CORIU I E. Wilmington. Del. 
College of Engineering, B.S., Aeronautical Engineei iiig. Newman Clul); l.\S. 
LEWIS H. C:o'rL. Sabillasville. College of Education. B.S.. Science. RK:HAR1) 
LEE C;0RRIC;.AN. Baltimoie. College of .Agriculture, B.S., .Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. A K E; Ereshman Class, Sgt.-.At-,Arms; Intcrfraternitv Pledge Council; 
I EC; Lacro.sse; Intramurals. 

M,\RV JOYCE C:O.SGRO\E. Baltimoie. College of Physical Education. B.S.. 
Physical Education. Health and Recreation. AT; Diamond; .Modern Dance 
Club, Pres.; Freshman Class, .Sec; Sophomore Class. Sec; Jr. Prom C:hairmaii; 
Freshman Orientation Comm. CAROLYN BAKER CO\\HERD. Washing 
ton, D. C. College of .Arts and Sciences, B.S., Bacteriology. \ ELXER ION 
COWHERD. [R. Washington, I). C. C:ollege of Business and Public .Admin- 
istration, B.S.. Personnel, i; A E; Management and I'.conomics Club. LEO 
JOSEPH COYNE. McKees Rocks, Pa. College of IMnsical Education. B.S.. 
I'hvsical Education. A K F"; Boxing Team, Captain. 

JOSEPH BERNARD CREFIGAN. JR. Riverdale. College of Education, B.S., 
Malhcmatics. -I" ::i K. LAWRENCE K. CRESWELL. Baltimore. College of 
•Arts and Sciences. B.S., Zoology. O X; (iale ;ind Key; Intramurals. C.AROLYN 
CREN'ELINC;. Washington, D. C;. C:ollege of Education. B.S., Nursery School 
Education. Choir; Childhood Education Club. CORNELIA RECTOR 
CREVELINC;. Washington, D. C. College of Arts and Sciences, B..A., Ameri- 
can History. 

^ '^ f^ 

CHARLES WILLI. \M CRICKMAN. Washington. I). C. College of Engineer- 
ing, B.S., Electrical Engineering. IRE. R.M.PH WOLF CROSBY. Annapolis. 
College' of Business and Public .Administration, B.S.. Journalism. —AX; 
DiciiiKiiidbacU. Feature Editor; SG.A; IS.A. Pres.; \'arsity Lacrosse. M.ARILYN 
R. CROSS. Columbus. Ohio. College of Home Economics, B.S.. General. 
K K E; Home Economics Club; .Sailing C;lub. BARBARA HOU.STON GULP. 
College Park. C:ollege of Physical Education, B.S., Physical Education, Recre- 
ation, and Hc;ilth. K K V; .Aqualiners, Pres., Treas.; Modern Dance Club; 
Westminster Foundation. 

M.MJREEN CULLUM. Charleston, S. C. College of Education. B.S., Music. 
A E A; Women's Chorus; C.ha])el Choir; Cilef and Key; Rossborongh Cilub. 
DONALD BRENI CUR'FIN. Baltimore. College of Militar\ Science, B.S., 
Militarv. Scieiue. Pershing RiHes. WILLIAM A. CILSIMANO. Gieeubelt. 
College ol Agriculture, B.S., Ornamental Horticulture. HA*. L.ANDRA 
D.AHNE. Baltimore. College of Fxlucation, B.S., Cihildhood F.ducation. <twi;. 
Treas.; Childhood Education Club. Eieas.; Hillel; C:impiis Chest, S.AC; 
Campus lUections; Chairman of Chapeiones for Senior Prom. 

MARYLU E. DANGELO. Baltimore. College of Education, B.S.. .Social 
Studies. Newman Club. LOi: ANN D.\RLING. Cireenbell. College of Edu 
cilion. B..A., F.lemeiitar\ Fxlucation. AHA; S.AC:; .A(|iialincrs; Wesley I'oiiiida- 
lion. MIC:HAEL DASKALAICIS. Baltimore. College of Business and Public 
.\dministration, B.S., .Accounting. A ill; .Accoiniting Club. DON.ALD 
ROBERF DATE. Che\y Clhase. C:ollege of Arts and Sciences, B.A., Speech. 
■I' K T; R;idio-'F\' Guild: WMUC. .Associate MaiKiger; Homecoming Float 
Comm., Football Mgr.; Jazz Club; Harmony Hall, Emcee. 

• ■»•: 


I'M 1. I. n\l R\^. RlMidalf. College of Arls ami Sciences. h.A.. (.oveni 
iiRMit ami I'olitiis. AT!!. \ice I'les.; Gale and Ke\, \'icc I'res.; IFC".. \icc I'res.; 
Mens I.ea^ie Rep.; \arsitv lennis; Hand. Baton luiilcr. ARLKNK. \'. 
I),\\ IDSON. Rock\ille. College of Business .nid l'ul)lic Adminislration, B.S., 
C.overnmenl and I'olilics. |ANI-.I ANN l)A\ IDSON. Clieverh. C.oIIckc of 
I'ducation, B.A.. I ilucalioii. K A; Dininmiillmck, Circulation .Manager; 
riyriijiiii: ('ainpiis Chest. Sec; .WVS Rep., Jr. C:lass; IT; |i. I'roin Coinm.; 
Honieconiinu. I'lihlitits ('.haiiiiian. DON.M.l) C. I).\\IS. Ciaithersburg. 
(lolle^e of .\its and .Sciences. B..\., Sociology. <t> H 2; 4> K 4*; Sociology Club; 

IK)I (.1,\S M I W \RI) DWIS. Washington. I). C;. College of Kngincering. 
B.S.. Mechani(al !■ iigineeriiig. judo Cluh. I'res. KOCVR N. OAXIS. River- 
dale. College of Business and Public .\dniinistration. B.S.. Business .\dininis- 
lialion. ATi!: Diiitnnndtmck: Men's I'ress Club: Iiitrainurals. GERALD 
|()SF.I'H D.WIS. Washington, I). C. College of Business ami Public .Admin- 
istration. B.S.. Marketing. Iiitrainurals. JOHN J. D.WVSON. JR. Mt. Rainier. 
College of l-.diication, B..\.. Social Science. Band. 

B\R!1\R\ A.\N 1)1- AN. Bladensburg. College of .\rts and Sciences, B.A.. 
rsvchology. K A. I'res.: MOR I .\R BOARD; Diamond: Old Line. .\ssl. Bus. 
Mgr., .\ssoc. Kditor: M liook: I'aidiel; t^aheit Debate .Societv. .Sec; Modern 
D;in(c f lid>; \Vesle\ Foinid.ilion; Old Line I'arty. Nice I'res.: .Sr. Prom Comm. 
BARIi.\R,\ J.\NI-. DFAN. Ridgeh. College of Home Economics. B.S., Educa- 
tion, r 'I' H; Wesley Koinidation: Home Econoiiiics Club. KEITH JUSTIN 
DECKER. Bramhwine. College of .\rls and .Sciences. B..\.. English. Glee 
C;lub. jA.MKS \. DkCOSIER. (.len Buinie. College of Military Science. B.S.. 
Military .Scieitte. 

DOROTHY .\NN DELANEV. Silver Spring. College of Education, B.S.. 
Home Economics. A I' A; MOR EAR BOARD: ,\WS. Vice Pres.. Sec, Chair- 
Mi;in .\\\S Regi()M;il (iinvention; (.lub; I)a\diKtgers Chdi: Home 
EtoMomiis Club. ELI/AIU. I H ANN DrMELI.O. Eakoma Park. College of 
Arts and Sciences. B.S.. Bactei iology. K K I': S.XC; Newman Club: French 
Club. Set.: .\WS Si. Rep.; Dad's Day. CoChairman; Old line, Cir. Mgr. 
ORMI.I.l MORRFI.I. DEMING. Silyer Hill. College of Education. B.S., 
liidiisiiial Alls. HA; WMl'C: Lutheran Students .\ssoc.: Dorm Council: 
M\ A; A\ A. LARRY (.RAN I DrSHA/ER. Frederick. College of .\rls and 
Sciences, B.S., Physics, ii II. Pres.; 'I- K •!>; i;ili;: + 112): IFC: Wesley Foundation. 

WIII.IWI |. DI\.\NN1\ I'MAideme. R. I. College of Aits and .Sciences. 
B.S.. /.oology. Neivmaii Club. N.\NCV ELAINE I)E\ ILBISS. Nciv Windsor. 
College of Home Economics. B.S.. Ediuation. P •!• H: 1 H Club. Pres.; Chapel 
Choir. MAX JOSEPH DE\. JR. .\iiiie Arundel County. College of Busi- 
ness and I'ul)li( Administialion. B.S.. riansportalion. Pr<)|K'ller Club. JOHN 
I 1)ICKI>. .Neil York. College of .\rts and Sciences. B..\.. History, i A E: 
.\ 'I' IJ; 1 niuisity Choir; .Men's (;lce Club; Intiamurals. 

(II\RIIS II DICKINSON It.iliimoie. College of Military Science. B.S., 

\Iilitai\ Siiemes. .\iiiolil .\ii Soi iety ; Xeteians Club. \ ice Pies.: Md. Flying 
\ssoc. E\'EI,^N DIEMER. HilUiest Gardens. College of Business and Public 
\dminisiratioii. B.S.. Journalism, i; K. DONALD L\NK DlHi. Maigatc. 

N. |. (ollege ol .\griiultiiie. B.S.. Dairy lechnology. 1 A K; Men's (.lee Club. 

( hapel Choii; Dair\ .Science Club. .Sec: Clef and Key. JOSEPH C. DIMARCO. 

Pa. College ol Aits and Sciences. B.S.. /.oology. OX; Newman Club; I>orm 

Pics.; Doini Council. 

1 I (.1 \l IRI 111 Kit K I)()\N1. SiUei Spiuig. (ollege ol Physical fdiica- 
iMMi. US, IdiK.ilioii. 'I'All; B.iseb.ill \aisil\: V.iisity I rack. 
lll\fKlA |0^ D(>IIR()\ OI.N^ . Kensington. College of Ai Is and Sciences. 
US.. PInsics. A A A; 1 II ii; •!• K -I'; Radio Club: W.'iEAX. BARB \R \ DODD. 
Siher Spiiiig. College ol Home Economics. B.A.. Practical An, A X 1!. Pic-s,: 
.\ A A; 11 A K; •!• K -I': MOR I AR BO\RD. Pres.; Who s Who; Dmwnmlhai k. 
\lgi. Iilitoi; MItiink. Mgi. Iilitoi; Oht line. Layout Editoi ; Piom. Piiblicily 
( b.iiim.iii, SANDRA |OY DOPKIN. Pikc-s\ille. College c>( Education. B.,\.. 
Childhood Idiic.ition. A K'l-: llillel; ( hildhood fdiication Club; Campus 
(best; Women s Choii. 


DUANE DOTY. Richmond, Ky. College of Military Science, B.S., Govern- 
ment and Politics. JEROME SERGE DOUBROFF. Bethesda. College of 
.\rts and Sciences, B.S., Zoology, i A E; Gate and Rev; Intramurals. DORIS 
GLORI.A DON'E. Takoma Park. College of I'tnsical Education, Recreation. 
and Health, B.S., Physical Therapy. Canterhnry Club; Physical Therapy 
Club. ROBERT LEE DOWNEY. College Park. College of Agriculture, B.S., 
Horticulture. 2; A E; Band; IFT. 

ROBERT F. DRECHSLER. Washington, D. C. College of Agricidture, B.S., 
Horticulture. ATP; K K *; Band. BRUCE DUNCAN. Chevy Chase. Col- 
lege of Engineering, B.S., Mechanical Engineering. .'VSME; Intramurals. 
BRAXTON MINOR DUNN. Hyattsville. College of Engineering, B.S., 
Aeronautical Engineering. ATS2; IAS. GEORGENE L. DUNN. Fair Lawn. 
N. J. College of Education, B.A., Social Studies. 

WILLIAM H. DUNN. Washington, D. C. College of Arts and .Sciences, B.S., 
Psychology. Philosophy Club. ELIZABETH CARMEN EBANDJIEFF. 
Nanty-Glo, Pa. College of Business and Public .Vdminislration. B..\., Journal- 
ism. 2 K; n A E, Sec.-Treas.; Diamond; Who's Who; Diaiuondback, Managing 
Editor, Feature Editor; Dorm. Vice Pres.: Judicial Board, Chairman; Women's 
Press Club. Vice Pres.; Band. EDWARD F. EBERT, JR. Baltimore. College 
of Arts and Sciences, B.A., History. JACK C. ECHARD. Silver Spring. Col- 
lege of Education, B.S., Business Education. 

PAUL THORNTON ECKEL. Bethesda. College of Arts and Sciences, B.A., 
History, Who's Who; Westminster Fellowship: Tennis. RONALD BERNARD 
ECKERT. Baltimore. College of Arts and Sciences, B.A,, Art. Lutheran Stu- 
dent Assoc; Wrestling. ELAINE MARIE ECSERY. Towson. College of 
Arts and Sciences, B.A., English, i) K; Diamond; Diamnndback; SAC; Aqua- 
liners. JOHN GILCHRIST EDWARDS. Baltimore. College of Engineering. 
B,S„ Mechanical Engineering. ASME; Veterans Club; Camera Club. 

MAY C. EDWARDS. Wayne, Pa. College of Arts and Sciences, B.A., English. 
r + B, Sec. EARLE W. EISENMAN, Chevy Chase. College of Arts and 
Sciences, B.A., Economics. LLOY'D F. EISMEIF^R. Linthicum. College of 
Military .Science, B.S., Militarv Science. 2 A E; Lutheran Student Assoc; 
Chapel Choir; Mens Glee Club; German Club. MARY ELLEN EMMANS 
Riverdale, College of Education, B.S., Childhood Education. Childhood Ed. 

RICHARD P. EMMERLING. Johnstown. Pa. College of Business and Public 
Administration, B.A., Foreign Trade. ATA. RUTH ALICE ENSOR. New 
Winsor. College of Home Economics, B.S., Textiles and Clothing, 4-H Club 
ANNETTE EPSTEIN. Washington. D. C. College of Arts and .Sciences, B.A.. 
Speech Pathology. 2 A H; AWS; Hillel. LYLA-NORRIS ERB. Pikesville. 
College of ,\rts and Sciences. B.,'\., Sociology. * K +; AAA; A K A. Pres.: 
AWS; ISA; Sociology Club, Vice Pres.; Philosophy Club; Chapel Choir. 

ERVIN F. DAUENHAUER. Opportunitv, Wash. College of Military Science, 
B.S., Military Science, WILLIAM GEORGE ESCHMANN, Towson. College 
of Agriculture, B,S,, Agricultural Engineering. FF.\; Westminster Fellowship. 
Vice Pres., Treas.; Freshman Basketball, Manager; Freshman Track. W.\LTER 
JOHN ESER. JR. Baltimore. College of Engineering, B.S., Mechanical Engi- 
neering. ASME; Lutheran Student Assoc. WILLIAM KNIGHT ESPEY. 
Silver Spring. College of Business and Public Administration, B.S., Account- 
ing. S 4' E; Accounting Club. 

The Seniors of 1956 


The Seniors of 1956 


A All ' 

i^tl p /TJ ^ 

^ ^ f:^ 


i^ fv 

fSS «r 


|()AN DORM \\ I SM \. I iii\tisii\ I'aik. C;(ilk-);c »l Kiliualioii. U.S.. CiliilU- 
IukkI Kduiation. ( hildlioml Idiualioii (;liil). I'rcs.; \(|tialinci s. Sec; Gmh- 
kana. SMIRWIN ISIRIN. Uallimou-. Collcj-c of Aits and .Sciences. B.S. 
\iiiiild Ail S<i(iii\: AU.liK; .\S(!: Fieiuh tliil): C^haiiinaii .\\vaicls (Uinimillec 
I'lishinn Rillcs: liiiiaimnals. (.KORC.I- \VV \ T I KV.WS. Ma\<.. CoIIcrc ol 
\ils aiul Siiciuc's. U..\.. (.(i\eriiiiK'iil anil Politics. \Veslc\ Fouiulaiion: Intra- 
iMinals. NORMA JI-AN I A \\S. (.icenbcll. College of Arts and Sciences. 
US.. Inglish. A r A; (.liapel ( Jioii : na\d(ulj;t i s { liili; A(|naliMeis. 

kolll K I I 1 \ I Kl I 1 W.isliinnlon. I). CI. College of Business and I'ldjlic 
\(lrniiiisii.iliiMi. Its.. M.iikrting. liaskethall. Capt.; I'reshinan Coach. \V.\L- 
II R S. 1 \l)fl,IA. Ha\ re lie Craie. ((illege ol Husiiicss and l'id)lii Adininis- 
n.uioii. U.S.. .\1ai keliiin. Marketing C;liil); Intianunals. ROM. IN H. 
1 \(.I-I.V. |erse\ (ilv. N. ). (;olle(>e of Business .iiid I'ulilii \ilininisiialiiiii. 
US. Indiistriar Mana:.^eMient. lootball. II)(.\R IIVMII.ION KAl.l.lN. 
SiKci Spiing. Collc'fie ol 1- iii;incii ini;. U.S.. llidiic.d f ngiiieeriilg. A X A; 
WMl (: .\IKl-.lRi:. 

|()\\ |()SI I'llINI I \M Stamloid. Conn. College of Home 1 concnnics. 
US. I'l.iitical All. A Oil; 7/ii«/)/(i. Iilitor and .\ssi. Kditor for Senior I'ic- 
iiiies; Home I (oiiomi(s Ciliih; Sailing Club: Senior I'aiihel Rep. KRANC.KS 
lORI I lA H.RRIS. Chew Chase. College of Alts and Sciences. B.A.. His- 
ion. Old l.iiir. Ollice Manager. IRANK AN I HOW FIAl.KOWSKI. JR. 
U.dlimoie. College of Kiigiiieei ing. B.S.. |-le(tii(al !• ngineeiiiig. 'I' K 'I'; Insii 
luir ol R.idio I ngiiiecis: Newman Clnli. BAP BAR \ III- HOC K. (hew 
( li.iM- ( (illige ol Alls and Scieiiies. B..\.. line Art. K A: '!> K 'I': Diainond: 
MORI \R UOXRD: Old l.iiic. \it Kdilor. Writing Stall; \\a\s and Means 
( ommiliee: ( li;iiim.iii l'iil>li(ii\ loi M.i\ l)a\; C.iinpiis (lust. Chairman: Jr. 
I'loiii; Homecoiiiiiig Decorations, CJiaiiinaii: At ( haiiinan. 

RWMONI) NORMAN IIROR Washington. I). C. College of .\rts and 
Siiences. B..\.. l-.ioiiomiis. (.\RV 1' \CK IISHIR. H\atlsville. College of 
Arts :in<l Siieiues. U.S.. Crime (Control. \aisit\ and l'reshin;in Boxing. 
S I .VNI.l.V D.VNII-.I. MSH.MAN. Washington. I). C. College of Kngineering 
US., l-.lectrical Kngineering. -I- K -I-: 'I' II i;; IRK: Dinah Beiinaii Memorial 
Medal. JAMI.S C. HI/. Pen Mill. Ciollege of Arts and Sciences. Il..\.. 
(.eogi iipln . 

ROUIRl M I I I /!■ \ 1 RU K. Uel \ii. Ciollege ol Business ind Public 
\ilministiaiioii. U.A.. I i.iiisponation. ATA. M.\RV ]. Fl.AIHIR. W .ish 

ingloii. I). C. College ol Home !■ coiumiirs. B.S.. (.eneial. A II II. WIIIIWI 

1 |)W \Rn I I.I IS( HM \NN. lovvson. College of l-diualion. B. \. Hisioiv. 

n.X; Mills (.111- Club; I.tillieian SliKleiils .\ssoc.; Ol ienl.ilion. 
I MOM \S 1 \ I Rl I I Fl.FMINC. Sihei Spring. College of Arts and Sciences. 

U \ , S|.i((li. 

|()ll\ ( II\RI1S il()\l). Ih.iitsMlle. College ol I ngineei ing. U.S.. Civil 
I iigiiieeiing. ASCF. P \ I RICI A j. FFVNN. Boston. Mass. C.illcge of .\rls 
.iiid Sciences. B.A.. Fnglisli. i; K. Pies.; P.iiiliel Rep.; Newman Club. JOHN 
P l<)l.|->. |R. Wiishington. D. C. College of Business and Puli'ic Adininis 
ii.ilion. U.S.. (.eiieial Business, i: A K; (.ate and Ke\ : Manland Management 
( liib: M. inland Marketing .Assoc: Newman Club; Intiamiirals. (.F()R(.I K. 
loRI). (.oiig\iew. I esas. College of MilitaiA Science. B.S.. Mililai\ Siieiue. 

R()\\l I) M. FORN\l()R\. Havside. N. Y. ftillege of Alls and Scieiux-s. 
li \ Ps\(liolog\. Newiii;iii Club; Intiamiirals; Peishing Rilles. S.\NU'FI- 
IR\IN lORSHI. |R. Washington. D. (. . ( ollege of Business ami Public 
Xdmiiiisii.iiioii. U.S.. .\c<ouiitiiig. Ai;il. DAVID R. K)RW\RI) Silvei 
Spiiiig. (ollege ol Business ;iiid Piililii Ailministiation, U.A.. Anouiiling. 
\iiiolil \ii Soiielv. N.ition.d Comptiollei ; VFROIC. (apt. WII.I.F\M 
WIHONV FOSIFR. Washington. D. C. (ollege ol Business .nid Public 
Vdiiiinistralion. B.S.. Indiisirial Maiiageiiient. A ^ •!'. 


JAMKS SCOTT FOULKE. Siher Sprins. College o[ Arts and Sciences, B.S.. 
Bacteriology. MANT'EL S. FRAM. Baltimore. College oE Education, B.S.. 
Industrial ."Vrls. 'I' A; lAi); Iirtramurals; Industrial Education Association. 
Vice Pres. DENISE H. ER.\NCIS. Westiuinstcr. College of Education, B.S.. 
ElcmeiUarv Education. French Club; Newman Club; International Club. 
EDWARD FR.ANCQ. Baltimore. College ol .\rts and Sciences. B.S., General 
Biological Sciences, w X. 

DORIS |E.\N\K FRAXT/.. Friend.sville. Ciollegc ol Home Economics. B.S., 
Home Economics Education. HEC. DOXXA I)'. ERASE. College Park. Col- 
lege of Bu.siness and Public ,\dministration, B.S.. .Accounting. GUST.W 
HENRY FR.\SE. College Park. College of .\gricultiire. B.S., .\griculture 
Economics and Marketing. LYM.\N FR.\SIER. Washington, D. C. College 
ol Engineering. B.S., Civil Engineering. 2 N; ASCE; Canlerbur\ Club; Eresh- Football, Track; .Assistant Track Coach; .A.AU, Track. 

BE\ERI.EE EREEDMAN. Silver .Spring. College of E.ducation, B.A., Social 
Studies. AE*. JANE DILL FREUND. I akoma Park. College of Ph\sical 
Education, B.S.. Pbvsical Education. Phv. Ed. Majois' Clui). GERALD 
FRIEDM,\N. Washington, D. C. College of Engineering. B.S.. Electrical 
Engineering. + K *; IRE. CL.WTON "mARCH.AL FILLER. Baltimore. 
College of .\rts and Sciences. B.S.. /,oolog\. A '^ SI, .Sec, \'ice Pres.; Wesley 
Foinidation; Chess Club; D Club. 

CAROL L. FUNK. Silver Spring. College of Arts and Si iences. B.S.. Chem- 
istry. K A e, Pres.; <^ K <!>. RICHARD FURNEV. Oak Ridge. Temi. College 
of Business and Public Administration, B..A., Marketing. A 2 11. JESSE 
.ALVIN FRIEDMAN. Alexandria, \'a. Clollegc of Busifiess and Public .Admin- 
istration. B.S., Public Relations. AEII; Boxing; Men's Press Club; Diainoiiil- 
back. PELAYO J. GABALDON. Manila. Phil. I. College of Agriculture, 
B.S., (;eneral .Agriculture. Freshman Soccer. 

JOHN \V1I.L1,\M GALIARDO. Kenihvoilli. \. |. College of Business and 
l'id)lic Administration, B.S.. Industrial M;niagemenl. -X; Clate and Ke\ ; 
UMMA; Inlrannirals. WILLI.\M RON.Ml) GALLOWAY. Baltimore. Col 
lege of .Arts anil Sciences. B..A., Sociolo,gN. liack; Sociolog\ C'lnb; Lutheran 
Student Association; Spanish C;lub, \Nce'Pres. DOLORES GAMBINO. Peeks 
kill, N. \ . C^ollege of .Arts and Sciences, B..A., Spanish. A 3 A, Rec. Sec; A A A; 
'I' K <(i; Spanish Clid). Tieas.. Pres.; Newman Club, Cones. .Sec; Women's 
C:horus; Dorm .Sec; Freshman Orienlalion Comm. .AUBREY WILLSON 
GAMMII.L. H\alts\ille. College of Business and Public .Admiiiistialion, B.S., 
GoNerMineul and Politics. II 2i A; German Club; \'eteians Club. 

EDWARD MICHAEL CAN FT. College Park. C:ollege of Business and Public 
Administration, B.,A.. Public Relations, i; '1' E. Pres.; OAK. \'ice Pres.; Men's 
Glee Club, Pres.. Treas.; Men's League; SG.A, Wavs and Means Comm.. Execu- 
tive Council; S.AC:; Press Club; IFC:. .Sec; Interfiaternilv Pledge C:ouiicil. 
Advisor; M-Iiook. PATRICIA JEA.N GARNER. H\;itls\ ille. College of Arts 
and Sciences, B..\., Speech Pathology. K A; 'h K <1>; i; A II, \'ice Pres.; Old 
/.iiir. Ass'l. Business .Mgr. JOHN FRANK GARP.SI.\S. Baltimoie. College 
III f ngineei ing. B.S., Chemical Fjigineering. .AlChl'.; Dorm Council; Intra- 
tiiiii.ils. ROBERF \'. C;.ARVER. Silxer Spring. College of .Arts and Sciences. 
B.S.. l'h\sics. PInsics Club; EKing Club, 

CI1.\R\1U)\ P.\1;LEI IE GEER. Hxattsv ille. College of ,\ns and Sciences, 
li.A., Sociology. HASSAN G. CiHANDOLJR. Beirut, Lebanon, College of 
Engineering, B.S.. Electrical Engineering. .Soccer; International Club. .ANN 
GIBSON. Bethesd:i. Clollege of Education, B.S.. Chiklhood Education. K K ]', 
Sec; Tcniipiii: Miss Mar\land, Ifl.'JB; Fieshman OrieiU:ition Week, Decora- 
tions (;hairnian: 11; Hometoniing Deior;ilions, Co-Chaii ui;in; Clef and Ke\ ; 
Educuion Club. H.\R\ EY B. (.ILBERE, JR. Washington, I). C. College of 
EdiKation. B.S., Industiial Education. Fhing Clidi. Historian; Arnold .\ir 
.Sociel\; .\ihanced .AFROTC, Capt.; Idiualion Assoc. 




X ,s^^ 





^^ I f »■ f 



kOlU Rl M. CILLEI-AN. Silver SpriiiK. CoIIckc of liusiiicvs ami Public 
Vdrniiiisiialion. K.S.. MaikcliiiK- Inti annuals. JOHN I.. (.INN. College 
I'.nk. (;<)llinc' of Agriiiilimc. U.S.. Ai^ridilniif I (otiomici, A^ritullinc Kco- 
noiiii.s (liib; Wlcians (liil). MKjiAI-l. J. ClOCOMX). Ssiadisc, N. Y. 
('olUm' of Iliisiiicss aiul l'iil>lit Adiiiiiiisiialioii. U.S.. |oiiiiialism. niamotxl 
Imdi. \rHs liliior; Mills I'lcss (liib: Newman Cliil): 1) (lull. MI-I.VIN 1.. 
(.I..\I'.SKR. College Talk. College ol I- ngiiieeiiiig. li S.. Mediaiiiial I'ligi- 
neeiing. .\S.\I1-.. 

M \R^ I' A I RICIA C.I.I I SON. WasliiiiRlon. I). C. College of Home Kro- 
iiiiiiii(s. U.S.. lexlilcs ami Clolliiiig. Home Kconomics C:lul); Newman Club. 
MDRIA S\NI)RA C.OI DIU RC. College Park. College of Hiliication. B.S., 
IdmalioM. 1 A T; \\diiieM\ Ciluiii; C;liil(llioo(l Kiliicalion C;liil>: ¥'l'.\: Hillel. 
SI I. (.OI.DHAIilR. C.inlleliee. College of Idiualioii. II. \.. Piatlleal Arl. 
l\\(liolog\ Chih: Soiiologv C.liili. I.I ONARI) (>()I.I)I NCIR. Kaliiniore. 
( ollege ol Idnialion. IVA.. l-nglisli. 'I' K 'I': 1 I A: ISA; Cliili. 

( II \RI.I S 11. C.OOI). |R. SiImi Spiiiig. College of Ails and Siieiues. B.A.. 
Ceogi.q.ln. A T A: Al- R<) 1 ( . Ca|)l. I-.I.I.K.N COODYKOON I /. U.isliinglon. 
I). C. (ollege of Alls and Siieiues. H..\.. l-.nglish. K A n. IDMONl) C. 
(.()( .\/i:. Neu Orleans. la. College of .Milium Siieiue. U.S.. Miliiarv 
Sdeme. [.WHS Rl II) C.OI C.K. |R. Ml. Rainier. College of 1 ngincei iiig. 
IS.S.. Ilediital l-.ngineering. OAK; -Ml^; TUIl; -I' K 'I': IRK, Amateur 
R.Ldio (lull. 

\IR(.I\I\ C.Ol (.11. C;he\erh. College of Home liomnni(s. U.S.. lexlilcs 
and Clolliing. .\ X ii; ON. Sc(.; 7cM(;/)///. Seniois Idiioi; Wdmen's Clioius; 
Chapel Clioii; Home I lonomics ( lub. \VII.I.I.\M |. (.Of (>H. College Park. 
College of Alls ;ind Siieiuis. It.S.. .So(iolog\. I'nixeisiu I healer: Neuinan 
Club. N.\N(.V .\NN (.Ol RI.I V. Sewiiklev . P;i. College ol Home Kioiioniioi. 
U.S., lexlilcs and Clothing. K K I"; Siudeiit Cnioii Relalions ami Piiblicily 
Commillee: Home I'.conomiis Clnh. (l.VRINCl'. li. (.R.\(;{.. lainpu, Fla. 
Colic'ge ol MililaiN Scienie. U.S.. Milium S(ieiue. 

WIIIIAM noARDMW (.RWIS |.uksnn Ills. \ N. (ollege ol .\ilsaiul 
S( ienies. B..\., (.ovcrnmeni and I'oliiics. A K K, See.. Pies.: A >!' Si: Calvcrl 
Deh.ile SoiiciN, .See.; Rosslioiough Club; IIC; Spanish Club. l.ACR.V \'IR- 
{.IMA C.R \V. I'niveisiu Park. College of Home l-ionomiis. U.S.. Pi.uliral 
\ii. A(|naliiHrs; Home I conomiis Club. I- . RHKDA (.Rl I NUr R(.. H\alls- 
\ille. College ol Alls ;iiid Sdemes. U.S.. Speeili. A K 'h; AAA; Who's Who; 
\I()R I AR UOARI); lAII; 'l> K -I-; Diamond: National Collegi.ile Plavcrs; 
Iniveisiu I healer; Modern l);iiue Cbili. RIIA (.Rl-.l-Nlll R(.. Ualiimorc. 
College ol Arts and Scieiues, U..\., Knglish •!• 1 1; Panliel. 

KM \ (.Rl- 1 NS I ONI-. Sihei Spiing. (ollege of Idm.ilion. U.S., Childhood 
I ,ln,.ilion ( Inldliood I dncition ( Inb KOUf R I ( (.Rl f NWI I I . I.eoiiaid 
inwn. (olli-ge ol Unsiness an<l I'liblii Admiiiisiialioii. II A.. M.iikeling. -I" A (»: 
M.iikeling (bib: M:in.igemenl C lub; Club; Inli.iiiniials. WOOO- 
ROW ARIHIR (.Rl I NWOOl). I asion. (ollege ol Agi i( iilluie. U.S.. .\gri- 
1 iilliiie I (onomiis .Mul M.iikiling. Dain Si ienie ( bib; \gi i< iilluic I- tonoiniis 
(inb: ir\. ROUl R I A RC I H (.RIUUON. Iiippe. (ollege ol Arts ami 
Siieiids. U.A.. l-nglish. C:inlerliiii\ Clnb. Re< See. 

lllXKlls (.. (.RUM I 11. Disiiid IKighls (ollege ol I ngineei iii-^. U.S.. I iigineei iiig. 'h A O; ASMI. SWUM. 1). (.Rll I I I H . III. Silvci 
Spiing (ollege ol I- iigineei ing. U.S.. llediicil Ingiiieeiing 111; S:iiling 
(Inb: WMIC ; \IIIIRI. UII.I.IAM \. I. C.RONl R. Uiliimoie. College 
ol Ph\si(.il I ihiiaiioii. Recie.ilioii, an<l He.illh, U.S.. Idnialion. 
'I' K 1: Inli.inniials, Dii.; Sliident Rep. In Pli\. Td. Piolession Coiiiiil. S.\l.\'.\- 
lORI (.II.I.\(I. Uallimoie. College ol l-.iigiueei ing. U.S.. Mediaiiical 
I Iigineei ing. \SMI . 


RORKR r MASON GUNNING. Rallimoie. College ol Kiliu;ili<in. R.S.. Indiis- 
Irial I'.diKatioii. I.uthcnm .Stiulcnls Assoc; IiuUislrial KdiKaLiun Assoc; Doiii) 
I'lcs. \A TALIK (iUlMAN. Raltiniorc. College of Ails ;iiul Sciences, B.A., 
Knglish. AE*; Diainoudlmck: V \ . BARBARA AN\F. HAIiLKV. Mouii- 
laiiisidc. N. J. College of Ails and Sciences, B.A., English. A E A; Chapel 
Choir. WILLIAM HKNRV HAHN. Washington, I). C. College of Business 
.iiid I'nlilii .\dininistration. B.S., Marketing. Ai;il: Marketing CInh. 

NANCY DARLENK HALL. Rogers Heights. College of Ldiication, B.S., 
Chiklhood Education. A X 12; Newman Club; Rosshoioiigh (;luh; Childhood 
Education Club; Freshman Orientation. MARIORIE ELE.\NOR HALL. 
Clarksville. C:ollege of Education. B.A., Art Education. AAA. ROBERT 
ROY H.'VLL. Washington, I). C. College of Business and I'uhlic ,\dministi'a- 
tioir, B.S., Transportation, .\mold .\ir Society; I'ropeller CMuh; AFROTC, 
Clapt. FRANK NILES HALM. Washington. I). C. College of Military 
Scieiue, B.S., Military Science. 

n.W ID I'.\IL H.VLI'ER. I akonia Park. C;ollege of Engineering, B.S., .\ero- 
naulicd Engineering. IAS. RONALD H.WINIER. \ienna, \'a. College of 
Business and Public .Administration. li.S.. General Business. PHILIP H.AND- 
WER(;E,R. Baltimore. College of .\rls and Sciences, B..^., Eirglish. + K <(•; 
WMUC. JOHN JAMES HANEY. Trenton, N. J. College of Arts and 
Sciences. B..\.. .Sociology. Newman Club. 

ROBER I 1). HANKO. Kingston, Pa. College of Arts and Sciences, B.A.. His- 
toiy. AX A. Prcs.; Newman' C:hil); Spanish Club; IFC; SAC; IFPC;. DENNIS 
PA'IRICK HANLEY. College Park. College of Engineering, B.S., Mechanical 
Engineering. T B II, Sec; ASME, Pres.; Ml', and Mrs. Club. MARY DIANNE 
HANR.\H.\N. Siher Spring. College of -Arts and Sciences, B.,\., Sociology. 
A E A, \icc Pres.; Sociology Club; Newman Club; Spanish Club. EMILY 
ANN HARDING. College Park. College of Arts and Sciences, B.A.. English. 
AOIl; Caiuerbury Club; Sailing Club. 

.STANLEY GRAH.\,\I H.\RRELL. H\atts\ille. Ciollege ol .\its and Sciences. 
B..\.. Ps\chology. Wesley Foundation. I HOMAS GREER HARRIS. JR. 
Siher Spring. (College of .Arts and Sciences. B..A., (ieographs. i; II. Pres., 
Ircas.; IFC; Pershing RiHes; Geography Club. FRANCIS JANE HARRI.SON. 
Rio Dell, Calif. College of Business and Public .Vdministralion, B.S., Eco- 
nomics. ROBERF J. HARRISON. College Park. Clollegc of Bnsiiress and 
Publii .\dniinistration, B.S., Financial Managemcnl. A 2i II; .Accounting Club; 
Marketing Club. 

Ca.EN.N B. HARIEX. Solomons. College ol .\ils and Sciences, B.A.. Goyern- 
mcnt and Politics. ATA; CJoyerinnent and Politics Club. EYLER FRANK 
HARFSING. JR. College Park. College of Engineering, B.S., Chemical Engi- 
neering. AX:;; TBII; "^WZ; AIC:hE! WILLIAM D.ANIEL HAUCK. Tow- 
sou. College of .Arts and Sciences, B..A., Arts-Law. i; N; A <!' S2; Westminster 
Club; lennis. MARY CATHERINE HAWES. Huntington, W, Va. College 
of Home Fxonomics, B.S., Institution Management. Newman Club; Flying 

Wll.I.I.WI E. H.\^MAN. Hageistown. tiollege of Arts and .Sdences, B.A., 
(.ovenuuent and Politics. ATA; Diaiiinuclback; Tenajiin; Band; Sailing Club. 
ROBER r G. HAZARD. Washington, D, C. College of Arts and ,Sciences, 
B.S.. Ps\iholog\. 'l>i;K: French Club. WALLER H. HEELEY, JR. College 
Paik. C;ollege of Business and Public .\dnrinistration. B.S.. .Marketing. — X. 
LLEWELLYN MALI L.\NI) HEIGHA.M. JR. A\a, Mo. Clollegc of .Arts and 
Sciences, B..A., History. ATA. Corres. Sec: C.anterbur\ Club; Sociology Club; 
Clef and Key; Philosophy Chdi; Iniernational Relations C:lub; Cioyernment 
and Politics C:lub; .SGA. 


The Seniors of 1956 


The Seniors of J 956 


R()IJ1-.K I 1.1 () HHMIRI. liallinioic. Collcpc of Ails and Sriciircs. U.A.. 
(•<>\cri)iiiciil and lN>lili(N. K A; (•o\(.'i nincDt and l'<>li(i(s (hil); Inlt'iiialiimal 
Reunions ( lul); SiaMiaid and Blade. ORMl.I.l R. lllIM . Ilvallsvillc-. 
(iolk'^i' ol liusinc'ss anil I'nhlic .\dniinislialion. U.S.. Cicncral AdniiniMialion 
Rillc Irani: luihcian .Sliidcnt Association. IIINRV .\. Mi' I.I.I R. I akoina 
I'.nk. College of .\tls and Sciences. K..\.. (.eoniapln. Newman C:lul); 
(,eot,'ia|)li\ C;lnl): (Jciinan Clnb. l-.I.I/.ABK IH M. HI.I.I.VKR. Uasliiiigion, 
II C. College ol Idncalion. U.S.. Ninsing. A 1' A; Dianioncl. 

il\\\\ 111 1 \li K Iciii \l( Jiilli. N. |. College ol Ans and .Sc ienccs. B.A.. 

SociologN. SociologN (Inb; (.lee (Inl). Cliiistian .Science Organi/alion. Ski 
(Inl). liRIC.I R. HI NDKRSO.N. San Francisco. Calif. College of Mililan 
.Science. I5.S.. Miliiar\ Science. (..Ml. I.. HI-.NDKRSON. Silver Spring. Col- 
lege of Home i-.conomics. U.S.. I'raclical .\rt. AAA. Home I conomics Clidi; 
.\c|nalineis; 11; lusliman I'rom. MII.ION (.I.I-.N.V HKN1)RI\. H\alls- 
\ille. Collefie ol \j;i iuiliine. U.S.. Dairy Hnsliamlrx. Hairy Science Club; 
ll'A: Daiiv Callle liidninj; learn. 

I,()\ \ IIINIIIORM. I .ikoina I'aik. (ol lege of \Hs and .Sciences. H..\.. 
Sc.<uiliig\. I'AIRICIA ANN HI.RIIIRI. H\alls\ille. College of Arls and 
Sciemes. li.S.. Ila( Iciiologx. i;A(). Nice I'les.; Newman Club. CIIAI NCIA' 
HKR/BI R(.. |R. \l iiikalo. Minn. College ol Business and Public Adminis 
II ilioii, 14. S., Acioniiliiig. AcciMMUiiig (lub: Maikeling Clnb: \elerans Club. 
ROIil Rl BRICK III I HKRINC I ON. College I'aik. College of Alts and 
Sciences. H..\.. (.overinnent ;ind I'olilics. ATA: (.ate and Kev; Iiiteriialioiial 
Relations Club. I'res.; (.ovcrnineiu and i'olitics (Jul). 

CIRAI.I) r. H1;VB()1:R. (.land R:i|)ids. \licb. College of Military Science, 
US., .\lilitar\ Science. HOWARD |. HICKMAN. Baltimore. College of 
Iriginecring, U.S.. Knginccring. Modern Dance Clnli: Doiin Council: Doiin 
I'res.; CoChairmaii Cultural Comm.. S(.A. IHOM \S HKkS. Wuodbiook 
< olligc- of I ngineeiiug. B.S.. Ci\il Ingineering. \SCI-. \1.1U R I Bf N |A- 
\1IN Hill., (.iccnbell. College o I Business ;nid Public \dminisii.ition. B.S.. 
hiilusiiial Nbinagcimiil. 1! •!> K: Al II: Olil line, .\d\ertisiiig Mgi.; Industiial 
M.Mi.i'^ciiicrH ( liili; |iib I'laxnunl ( ninm. 

S\NI()RI) 1I(UII\I\N. B.dliMinic. College ol Ails .nid Sciences. B.S., 
/ooliigv. Iiiliaiiiuials: Ameiican Cbemical Society. HIRBIRl |. HOCH- 
Rl ICH. College ol Agrii ulliiie. B.S.. I'oultix Husb.nidiv. I'oullrv |udgiiig 
leaiii. Ill RBI R I DONALD HOCHSU IN. Silver Spring. College Of Arts 
and Sciences. B.S., Bac leriologv . \ eleians Club. PATRICIA ANN HODOVS. 
filgewcioil. ( iillcgi 111 \ils mil Sciences. B..\.. Business I'conoinics. A X 12; 
S.illiug Club. 

STAM.KV R. M()H\ Spriiiglield. M:iss. (ollige ol MililaiA Science. B.S.. 
Militar\ Science. W II. 1. 1AM DAMS HOMMlNfR. Bel \ir. College ol 
MililaiN Science. B.S.. Mlliiaiv Science, .\riiolil Air Society. DICK IIOIM \N. 
Il\.iils\llle. College ol Military Science. U.S.. Militan Science. N\N(A 
I Ol ISI IKX.AN. B.dtimoie. College ol lilni.ition. U.S.. Music. ADII; 
/<ira/)iii; MINC: Clel and Ke\ : Woiiiens (bolus; ( liapel Choir; Oiclieslia: Club; Student l.lliou .mil \\i\-\t ( omiii. 

W \1 ION I.. HO(.\N. SR. Riissellville. \ik. ( ollege ol Science. 
IIS. Military Science. \1R(.IN1A 111 HOl.l OWAV. Onantico. College of 
Home rionomiis, U.S.. Iduiation. ON: 1- I.X. Sec: \\esle\ Iciundaticiii. 
I I NORI HOI.I/M \N B.iltiinoie. College of Alts and Sciences. I». A.. Soci 
ology. 1 A T; l)itiiniiiiill«i<k: Sociology Club; French ("lub: (ieriiian Club: 
Womens Clioriis. I'anliel; Clef and Key; Uillel: Radio and I \' (iuild. 
|OSI I'll I HONICK. Washingloii. O. C. College of Business and I'lililic 
Vilminisii.tion. B S.. Public Rel.ilions. T K '!•: lAX. Pics.; II A I'.: Diamoiiil- 
liiKk. lealiiie fililoi: Olil Inn. Asmm . I ililoi ; II: Mens Piesv (Inb. Pic-s.: 
S(.A: llillel: \\\M C: rn,al>iii. 


I.AWRENCK FF.LI) HONICK. College I'aik. College o[ Ails and Sciences. 
US., Zoology. ISA; German Chih. WILLIAM K. HOOD, JR. San Antonio, 
Texas. College ol .\ils and Sciences. 15. .\.. CJeogiaphy. Mr. and Mrs. Clnb. 
TATRIC:L\ .\. H00\1:R. Washington, 1). C. College of Home Economics. 
U.S., Practical .Vrt. AHA; Diamond; Soph. Class. Sgt. at .\rms; Jr. Class. 
■Sec; I'anhcl; Ciheerleader. K\LLVN WILLIAMS HORSKV. Easlon. College 
ol I'lnsical l-.dncation, Recreation, and Hcallh. U.S., Physical Education. 
Ddini I'res.. Tieas.; I'hxsicd Eilncuion Clnb. 

RICH \R1) RAYMOND HORSLEV, JR. Hyallsyille. College of Business and 
l'id)llc Administration, B.S., Transporlalion. Ai;il; M Clnb; Track; Propeller 
Clnb: Iiurannnals. CHARLOT I E ANNE HORSMOX. Prince Frederick. 
College of Home Economics. B.S., Edncalion. 1-H Club; Canterbury Clid); 
Home Economics Clidi. MARY HOSFEI "FLER. Bedford, Ind. College of 
Arts and Sciences, R..\., Sociology. IlB'f>. \'icc Pres.; Diamond; Terrapin: 
Sociology Clnb. SU.SAN AMVE HO'FTEL. Bookeyillc. Clollege of AgricuL 
mrc, B.S., General Agriculture. 

JAMES W. HOUCK. JR. Baltimore. College of Education. B.S.. Industrial 
EduialioM. Gynikana Froup; Terrapin Ski Club, Pres.; Maryland Flying Club; 
lerrapin Frail Club. Treas. K.ENXEIH M. HOWARD. [R. Ellicott City. 
College of Engineering. B.S., Engineering. T H II; IRE. LIKE \'1NCENF 
HOW.\RD. SiKer S])ring. College of .Agricultme. B.S.. Ornamental Horticid- 
line. Gynikana Troup;' Newman Club. .MARY LE CO.MPFE HOWELL. 
llalliinoie. College of ,\rts and Sciences, B.A.. Soiiology. A II; Newman 
Clnb; Siiident LTnion Public Relations Comm. 

|()HN PHILIP HUDAK. Baltimore. College of Engineering. B.S., Mechanical 
Ingineering. i; A E; ASME. BE.SSIE MA^ Hl'GHES. Riycrdale. College of 
Uiisincss anil Public .Administration. li.S.. Public Relations, i; K. Pres., Vice 
Pres.; S.\C; P;iiiliel Re|)ic.sciit:ui\e; |i. Prom Program Chairman; Freshman 
Orientaliou .\ssembly Chairman. BARB.VRA HlNl ER. Albany, Ga. Col- 
lege of .\gi icnltnre, B.S.. .Animal Husbandry. Block and Bridle Club. Treas. 
HERIURF ERWIN Hl'NTER. Bethesda. College of Engineering. B.S., Aero- 
nanlital Engineering. Maryland Flying Club; L\S. 

\ KRNON EUGENE HUSSMAN. Baltimore. College of Agricullure. B.S.. 
Dairy Husbandry. Gale and Key; Dairy Science Club. Pres.; Lacrosse; Canter- 
bury C:lul.. WILLIAM H. HUTHER. Nutley, N. J. Clollege of Business and 
i'liblic .\(hninisiration, B..\.. .Marketing. <l' A B; Nlarkeling Club; Gate and 
key; Management Club; Freshman Football; IFC;. MAR\IN S. HYMAN. 
B.illimoio. C:ollcge of Arts and Sciences, B.S.. /oology. P.AIJL G. IMHOFF. 
kings\illc. College of Education, B..^., French. 'I> K 'l>; Neyvman Club; French 

I'RE.STON E. INSLEY. Hollywood. College of Business and Public .\dmin- 
isliatioii. B.S., .Accounting. '^ A B; Accounting Club. JliDITH IRX'INE. 
Philadelphia. Pa. College of .\rts and Sciences. B.S.. Chemistry. Dorm Treas.; 
Newman filnb; Red Ciross Representatiye. I.OIIS IS.A.ACSON. Takoma Park. 
College of Arts and Sciences, B.S.. Chemistry. * K *; A X i). H.ARUKO 
ISHH AM.A. McLean. \'a. College of .Agriculture, B.S., Floricultme. Wesley 
Foundation; Maryland Clhristian Fellowship. 

I'.ETTY AN\E [ACKSOX. Paisonsbuig. Clollege of Home Economics, B.S.. 
Education. A O II. JOHN H. J.XCKSON. Port Deposit. College of Business 
:iiid Public .Ailministiation, B.S., Fransportalion. <!• K T; Propeller Club; 
IFPC; Intiamuials. MARI HA ANNE JACK.SON. .\rlinglon. \a. College of 
\ns and Sciences. B.S.. .Sociology. F <I' B, \'ice Pres.; Diamond, Pres.; Panhel 
Representatiye; C:aiiterbury Club; Sociology Club. M.ADELYN EL.AINE 
lACOIiS. Washington, D. C. College of Education. B..A., .Social Science. 
Iiitciiuiliona! Club; UT; Women's Chorus; Mixed Chorus; Dance Club; 
Swiiiiming Clnli; Daydodgers Club. 


T^ ^ ^ ^ s; F \g> ' 

i' ^ n f^ 

(^ ^ ^ 





MIIRI n 1 |\(()liS()N. (dlliHf I'.iik. ( ()lk)>f <>l liliu.ilioii. U.S.. NiiiMix 
SlIiooI 1 iliiciiioii. i: A 1": ChiUllKMul liliiciiion {.liili: 1- I.V; \VR.\: Hilkl. 
S r.\.\Ll.V |.\\()1SKV. I ;ikoiiia I'aik. Ciollcgc- of lUiiincss ami I'lihlii .\itmiii- 
istralion. U.S.. Rial l-.sialt- and Insuiaiui-. T K -h. l'.\ IRICI A ANN jARRILl.. 
College I'aik. (olk'pe ol Home lioiioiiiics, U.S.. lexiiles and (lolliin^. Home 
l-.conomits (liih. JOHN \VAI.I..\C:i'. J.\RRI' I 1. (.ia>lon. ColleKe of .\sri- 
(ullure. lis.. Anroiiom\. A /.: Sialjhard and Ulade; .\iMold .\ii Soiiel\: I'lanl 
Imliisin ( lul). I'lex.; AIROIC. (aplain. 

DAI. I- I.\R\IS Heilin. College of Business and I'nblii .Vdminisiialion. U.S.. 
Icononiiis. i) X: Who's Who. M ARV I.Ol' J I.N 1. Siher Spring. College of 
Home I (OMomiis, U.S.. lexiiles and ( lothin;;. A Z A. I'res.; Diamond: Dean's 
(>i ienlalitiii Comm.; Ma\ l)a\, Miisit (; Honu-<oming ( onnn.: Uaptisi 
Siiickiil I nion; Home I lonomiis Clul>: Campus (hesl. AI.IIN )I-.R()M|-. 
|l Wl.l R. Siher Spiinf;. College ol Uusiuess anil l'id)lic Adminisnalion. U.S.. 
journalism. II A K; DidiiKimlhin h. i.o\n l.diioi. M. making Idiloi; Men's I'riss 
Chib; Campus Chest. I'ldilicilv Chairman. { II.\Rl.l S (). JOHNSON. Tcnns 
Cirovc, N. |. College of;ineering. U.S.. .\e]i>naiiii<al Ingineeiing. T K U: 
S(al)l)ard and Ulade: I'ershinn Rilles; |ol) lomm Comm.: I.\S. I'lcas.; Kiigi- 
neeiing Sludenl (^oniieil. 

DORIS j \NI III JOHNSON. Chew Ch.ise. Colk^e ot Home I lonomics. 
U.S.. 'I'cxliles and Clolhing. T'l-H: Old I.iiir: Wesle\ Fonndalion; C;lef and 
Ke\. .Sec. \iee I'les.; Choir. WI-NDII.I. (.. JOHNSON. JR. Chew Chas •. 
( ollcge of .\gritnllure. U.S.. (,encral .\gricidture. ATS!. Sec: OAK; A Z: 
Who's Who: Uloik and Uridle: X'aisilv Soaer. .Ml-.\nicrican. .Ml-.South. .\ll- 
\ilanlit Coasi Conlerence. CAURIKl. JOl.l.l-.S. Washington. I). C;. College 
ol Uiisiness ;ind I'uhlii Adminisuatit>n. U.S.. (.eiicral Uusine^s. V K <l>. 
SAMll.I. JOl.I.I.S. \\:ishingloM. 1). C. College ol I nginecring. U.S.. Civil 
Kngineering. ASCK: \elerans Chd). 

I \MF.S H'DD. Severna Park. College of .\rls and Sciences. U.A.. (ioNernniciil 
.111(1 Poliiijs. RK II \RI) M. jr I I.N. Washiiiglon. 1). C. College of Aris and 
.Siicnces. U.S.. Chemisirv. (IX: .\ X i): Arnokl Ail Socielx: I'resh. i'oothall. 
ANNA KAR.\\.\NCI.1.0S, Maryland Park. College of Home leonomiis. U.S.. 
Textiles and Clothing. .MORIAR UO\RD: Wlio's Who: AWS. l-.xecntixe 
Coiiiuil. Prcs.: Do: m. I'res. Sei. ROIil R I H. KAIRIN. H\:iils\ille. College 
of Mililarx Scicmc, U.S.. Miliiaiv S( Icim'. 

\l \R I H \ II.IANOR KAVHOK. Chew Chase. College of Iducalion. U.S.. 
( liildhood I (hu.ilion. Inteiest (.loiip Uaskethall: Childhood l.<liieation Cltib: 
Iniiamni.ds. Rl I A ROC.I RS Kl' ARNKV. College I'aik. College of Home 
Icnnomiis. U.S.. IdiK.iiion. Doi m Pies.. Ireas.: IH. Pies., Vice I'rcs. 
ROUI R I WARRIN kllllR. Siher Spring. College of Aits and Sc ieiues. 
U..\.. (.eogiapln, (.eogiapin Chili. Pies. PI I I R (.RK.ORV Kl I I Al.A. 
I iinvood. I'a. tiollegc ol \il- :iMd Siienics. U \.. (.o\ei niiuiil .iiid Politics. 
i'nliliial .Sriciuc Cliili 

(.IKMION KIksl Ml R.iinier. College ol \ils and Scieiues. U.S.. I's\ 
iholoN. r li. \i<e Pies.: DiiiinniulliiK U : (•eiin.iii ( hih. Pits.: Philosopln Cliih. 
I'lis.: U.iiid: |r. I'roin (omiii.: Homecoming Comm.: Seiiioi Week. ( oC.hail- 
III. in: W\H C. Piogiam Directoi. I I.OM) K. kill I R. College P.iik. College 
ol Science. U.S.. Miliiaiv Science. JO\N M\RII kll.llRMVN. 
(.ollege P.iik ( olkge ol \ils .iiid Sciences. JV \.. Speech P.illiolog\. 1 .\ II. 
Pies.: MOK I \R IK) \kD. Sec: NevMiian ( liili; S(.A. Piihlic Relalions Coniiil.: 
VV. IIIOM \s H. kl I I,I^. JR. Hendeisoinille. N. C. College ol ,\rts and 
Sciences. U.A.. ps\cliologx. ATA: ( liili: S.\C. 


)AMES M. KENNEDY. Hyatl.s\illc. College of Ecliication, li.A.. Social Science. 

rO.SHIO KET.\. Tokyo, japan. College of Hiisincss and Public .Administra- 
lion. li.S., .Vccountini,^ International Chih, Pies. EUCENE L. KIBBE, JR. 

Towson. College of Business and Pid)lic .\dininistiation, B.S.. Marketing. 
+ K— , \icc Pres.: Tcrrojtiii. Residence Editor; (iatc and Ke\ : Newman Club, 
Pres.; lEC:: SRC; S.AC; Eootball C^aicl Prick .Section. C:hairnian; Homecoming 
Comm., Chairman. P.\TR1CE\ .\NN KlLI.INC;S\VORl H. College Park. 
College of Home Economics, B.S,. Practical .Art. A Oil. Pies.; MORTAR 
B().\RD, \'ice Pres.; Who's Who; Tcnul>in, .Assoc. Editor. .Music and Drama 
Editor; May Day. Chairman: Red Cross Blood Dri\e, Chairman; Junior Class, 
Historian; iSG.A, Delegate-at-Laige; Student I'nion .Social Comm., Chairman; 
Neuiiian Club; Fresh.. Soph., and )r. Prom, Decoration Comm. 

P.ATRICI.A KING. Bethesda. College of Education, B..A., Social Sciences. 
MORT.AR BOARD; Westminster Foundation; Band; Dorm Treas., Pres.; 
,A\VS, Consiitulion and Orientation Coinm.; Soph. Class Historian. M.ARLIN 
.A. KINNA. Hyattsyille. College of Engineering, U.S.. C:hemical Engineering. 
AlChE; Uniyersity Choir; Mens dec Club. WAl. lER W. KIRK, JR. Dar- 
lington. College of Business and Pulilic .Administration, B.S., .Accounting. 
Dance Club; .Accounting Club; Dorm Council. LAWRENCE B. K1R.STE1N. 
Washington, D. C. College of Engineering, B.,A., Ciyil Engineering. ASCE; 

ROBERT J. KLATT. Chica.go. 111. College of .Arts and Sciences, B..A., Gov- 
ernmenl and Politics, A K E. Cones. .Sec; Newman Club; M-Chib; Boxiirg; 
Intramurals. GEORGE E. KLEY. Oakland. College of Physical Education, 
Recreation, and Health, B.S., Physical Education. H. KILOH KNIGHT. 
Hyatts\ille. College of Engineering, B.S.. C:iyil Engineering. A T P; Gate and 
Key; A.SChE; Newman Club. RICHARD C. KNO I I . Staten Island, N. Y. 
College of Business and Public .Administration, B.S., Public Relations. A X A, 
Pres.; Gate and Key; IFC; SAC; Press C;lub; M;irkeling Assoc. 

LOIS ELAINE KNOX. Union Bridge. College of Home Economics. B.S.. Gen- 
eral. K A H; Home Economics CInb;' Collegiate )-H. JERO.ME KOBERNICK. 
Baltimore. College of Business and Public .Administration, B.S., Real Estate. 
T H +. Sec; Gate and Key; IFC, Editor of Maga/ine for Rededication Week; 
Intraiinnals. DOROl HY H. KORDES. Westhampton. N. Y. College of 
Education. B.S., Childhood Education. AT, Pres,; Panhel; AWS; Women's 
Chorus; Dorm, Sec; Orientation ,Acti\ities; Childhood Education CUib; FT.A; 
Campus C;hest. JYRI KORK. Che\y Chase. College of Engineering, B.S., 
.Aeionaiilicil Engineering. TBIl; + K +; LAS. 

DA\'ID LERIAN KUHN. Baltimore. College of Agriculture, B.S., Dairy 
Technology. AFP; A Z; Dairy Science Club; IFC. NELSON C. KULDA. 
'Fakoma Park. College of Engineering. B.S., Ci\il Engineering. .Arnold .Air 
.Society; ASC:hE, Pres.'. Treas. ROBERT SHELDON KORNSPAN. Washing- 
ton. I), C. C:ollcge of .Arts and .Sciences, B..A.. Geography. Hillcl Choir; Plant 
Industries Club; Horticulture Club. JOSEPH C:ARL KOTOWSKI. Balti- 
more. College of Business and Public .Administration. B.S., Industrial .Admin- 
istration. Intramurals; ROTC Band; Newman Club: Management .Assoc, 
I'les,, Vice Pres. 

JOSEPH E. KOTOWSKI. Baltimore. College of Business and Public Admin- 
istration, B.S., .Accounting. A^U; B A *. CHARLES KRANTZ. Nazareth, 
Pa. College of Arts and Sciences, B.A.. Psychology. RICHARD P.ALMER 
KR.AU.SS. .Aberdeen. College of Arts and .Sciences, B..A., .Sociology. Wesley 
Foundation. CAROLINE KRICKER. Sandy Spring. College of Home Eco- 
nomics, B.S., Textiles and Clothing. K K V; Term pin: Home Economics Cliib; 
S.AC; Red Caoss; Clanterbiny f:iub; Homecoming Comm.; Dad's Day Comm.; 
Fresh. Oriental ion; Chapel Choir; Soph, Cariii\al, 

MICHAEL DOL'GLAS KUDLICK. Takoma Park, College of Arts and 
.Sciences, B.S., Mathematics. 2 AM; * K <^. EDWARD W. LAHR. College 
Park. College of Military Science, B.S.. Military .Science. PAIT D. LAM- 
BRIDES. Laurel. College of .Arts and Sciences. B..A.. Sociology. 11 K A, Pres.; 
Who's Who; Clate and Key; .Arnold .Air .Society, National Executive Officer; 
Pershing Rifles; Terrapin, Features Editor; Student Union Social .Activities 
Comm., C;o-Chaliiiian; SAC. Treas.; IFC; Chapel Choir. WILLIAM T. 
L.ARKIN. Fairlawn. N. J. College of Military Science, B.S.. Military Science. 

^^ 0^' ffi 

The Seniors of 1956 


The Seniors of 1956 



^ » 1^ 




CI 1 

^•^f U*=' 

111.1 [\ (. AU. l.ARMN. li.iliiiiiiiu-. Cdlligc- (if I'Insital l-.ciiiialioii. Rctica 
lion and Hi-allli. U.S.. Rtdialidii. A I' A. \ ice I'lcs.; .Aiij-ds I'liglil. I'rcs.; 
Aciualincis; Ski Cliih. KDU ARl) UIIAI.I-.Y LA 1 HAN.<lc-ii C;iu. N. V. 
College <>r .\ils and Sticntcs, H.A.. Hisiorx. ATA. \'ice I'lcs.; {;alc- and Kc\; 
Inlc-rnatlunal C:iul>; (■oveinniciil and l'i>liti(s Clluli. Ircas.: Inlc-inaluinal 
Rilalions Club. ANN (.. l.A I IMI R. Wasliinglou, 1). C. Collide of lilu.a 
lion. U.S.. Childhood Kdncalion. Illi'h: I'anliil Ri'picsenlali\c: Childhood 
Iducaiion Clnl): C;anlci l)iii\ Clnh. l.ARI. |. l..\\Oli;. Malonc. N. V. Colkgi- 
ol Uiisincss and I'ulilic .\dininistralioM. li.S.. Aiionnlin^. <t> K T: (.air and 
K<\: Il( : Snpli. (I, !>.-.. I leas : Ncuinan Cliili: \<lcian's ( lidi. 

IIIKIUKI I I \\M<I \( I Halliinoii'. CUillege of Kdiicaliun. li.S., Kusincss 
Idmalion. ROIll R I .MARION lAWRKNCK. \V\t Mills. College of KiiRi 
ntiiing, U.S.. Nkilianical I ngincii inj;. rcrshing Rides: .\SM1-.; l.nlheian 
Sunknl Assoc: .\rnold Ail ,Soeiel\ ; .\iR()IC. Isl Lt. Ull.l.l.WI 1. LAW 
SON. Wesi llarllord. Conn. (Uillege of Hnsiness and I'nhlie Adiniiiisli:itioii. 
U.S., Indusiiial Manas^enieiil. Aineriean Manageincnt Assoi. WIl.MI-.R 
\l< KINI.IA I.AWSON. JR. Ciisluld. College ol Kiif-incci ing. U.S.. 
f iigineei iii^. 

kl\(. I Wl.OR I.I .\ I HIRIU RY. Shadv Side. College of Ikisiness and 
I'lililu Vdniinisnalion, U.S.. (.iiieial Unsiness. Track. Sl'K I.I-.WTI 1. Ualli- 
nioie. Colk'ne ol Idiualioii. U.S.. Childhood Tduealion. Ilillel. Kxedilive 
Couiuil: Judiiial Uoard Rcpresiiiialixe. S.VRAjANI I.IUOUIIZ. Haiti- 
more. College ol .\rls and Seientes. U.A.. Knglish. .\\\S. i'nhliealions Coiniil.. 
l.e^islaliNe Couiuil; Hilkl. JOHN C. l.KK. Hoiision. Texas. College ol 
Milil:n\ S(icii(c. U.S.. Mililan Siieiue. 

1 I SI II (111 U.diliuiiu. Clollege of Unsiness and Tuklie .\dnilnislialion. 
as.. lionoiiiKs. I WHS UAkT.R HKRR I.I-.TIA KR. Hageisiown. College ol 
Unsiness and I'lihlic Adminisiialion. U.S.. (.e'ogra|)h\ . U.nul; Ceogiapln 
Clul). JOANNA I.IHMANN. \\ ashinglon. I). C:. College of .\ils and 
Seieiues. U.S.. Cheniisin. UARNKTT I.TIUOWTT/. Ualiiniore. College of 
Business and I'uhlie Adminisiialion. U.S.. \i(oiiniing. T K 'I'; Aitounliiig Clul). 

I IIOMAS M. I.TSC.M.LF.KT. |R. Tiedeiiek. College of Business and I'uhlie 
\dminisiialion. U.S.. I' 'I'l K. Pies.; OAK: Who's Who; II A K: (..He 
.hmI Kev: Ttnalihi. Uus. Mgi.: Sr. Class. I'les. CH ARI.TS TOWARD I.TWIS. 
|K Silver S])ring. College of Business anil i'nlilii Adminisiialion. U.A.. 
M.iikelnig. Adveilisiiig. 1 .\ I'.: \iMiiii:iii \l:irkeiiiig Vssoi.; Men's League. 
1 Kis; Cullural Couiuil. |ll)llll 1 HI RTSA I.TWIS. {.leenbell. College 
III llniiie Teonoinies. U.S.. (.eneral. Majoielles. S.VMl TI. ROY I.KWIS. 
Disiiid lleighls. College of Arts anil Siieiues. U.S.. /iioli>g\. (.eiin;in Cluli. 

I)\N1TI, V. I.INDSI \'. Sihei Spiiiig. College of Agiiiulhiu-. U.S.. I diu.i 
11.111. Band; (.lie ( hili: I TA. \ i<e I'les.; |ol) Tiinini { iiiniii.: I II Cliih. 
II,I/\UI III \NN TO(HNfR Tnixeisiiv l';iik. College ol Tdiualion. U. \.. 
Childhood lilncilion. T 'I' U; D.ivdodgiis Clnh: Chapel Clioii: Women's 
Choiiis. I)A\II) H. I.OCklT\RI. Washingion. I). C. College ol Alls and 
Seieiues. B.A.. (.oveinmenl :nid Tolilies. I'TITR TOI/TAl\. I'arklon. 
College of Auiidilinie. U.S.. Daiiv Tiodiulion. A Z: Manland Chiisliaii FcT 
tii\\slii|i; n.iiM Siiciue Chili: I .uiosse'. 

|fSM( \ \l 1 ()\(.. Bellusda. College ol \ils .iiid Siieiues. B. \ . Hision. 
AAA; 1)1(11111111(11)111 li: (.Miikana Tioii|>; C;inleil)Ui\ Club: Tusbmaii Oiieiil.i 
lion; SAC. Sec; S(,A. Wa\s and Means Comiii.. I>iiblieil\ Comin.: Iloiniioming 
Comm. \I\RII1\ TON(.. Ihallsville. College of Home Teonomiis. U.S.. Man.igeiiienl. AAA; -I- K -I': d.N. Tieas.; I ni\eisii\ ( ha|>el 
Choii: Home lionomiis ( hih. (H\RIIS IINDSAY 1.0N(.IST. Caloils 
ville. College of \iisanil Siienies. U \. TsMhologx. K A: l.aiiiisse; M-Club: 
Caiileiliiin Club. ROUTR I ALIRfD LORD S.ilishuix. College of Kdnca- 
lion. U.S.. Indusiiial TdiKalion. 


CARL E. LO\'ETT, ]R. Rallinioic. C.dllc.m' ol Ails and Sciences, R.A.. His- 
tciiv. KA, Sec. ALLAN M. l.OW'K. WasliiiigKin. 1). C. College iil l-.ii.nineer- 
ing. U.S.. Kleclrical Engiiieeiiiig. T K <t>; IRE; Intianiuials. RICHARD A. 
LOWRIE. C,i)llingsuoocl. N. [. College ol Engineering. U.S.. Ci\il Engineer- 
ing. .\SCE. M.\RV LOL' llWECKINCi. Catonsxille. College of .\rts and 
Sciences. U.S.. liacteriologx . A X S!. Sec; Neununi CInli. 

|OAN ^L LYNCH. Washington, D. C. College of Arts and .Sciences, B..'\.. 
History. JOHN ]. LYNCH. Colle,ge I'aik. College of Business and Public 
Adniiiiistiation. I5.S., Accounting, 'h K T; B A +; Veteran's Club. JOHN R. 
LN'NCH. Washington, D. C. College of Education, B.S., Industrial Edtication. 
[AMES L^'NSKEY. X'entnor, N. ]. College of Business and Public .^dminis- 
nation. li.S.. Marketing. <!' K T; Gate and Kev: WMHC; American Marketing 
.Assoc; N'eleran's f!lub. 

CHARLES BO^D MADARY. Baltimore. College of Business and Public 
Administration. B..\.. Marketing. <hKi;, Sec; I'^U: .\rnold .\ir .Society; 
.Sc;d)bard and Blade; Terrupin. Managing Editor; .\FROTC. Major. MARK 
\V. M.\(;N,\N. Wauuatosa. Wis. College of Militaiy Science. B.S., Militar\ 
Science. DONALD POR'I ER M.VLKEMUS. Baltimciie. College of .Agricul- 
tine. B.S., General. FFA; Canterbury Club. DONALD H. MacDONALD, 
|R. Baltimore. C;ollege of Engineering. B.S., Electrical Eugineerin.g. .AIEEIRE. 

ROBERT E. MALLONEE. Pikcsville. College of Engineering, B.S., Civil 
Engineerin.g. i) X; TBll; A.SCE. ESTA MALMAN. Baltimore. College of 
Education, B.S., Elementary Education. A E <^. LUCILLE MANCE. Clairton, 
Pa. College of Home Economics. B.S.. Textiles ;uul Clothing. Newman Clidj; 
Home Economics Cltd). WALTER THOMAS NL\RABLE, JR. CJreenbelt. 
C;ollege of Engineering, B.S., Electrical Engineering. 

[OAN ESTHER MARR. Baltimore. College of Arts and Sciences. B..\.. 
English. .Mr. and Mrs. Club. DONALD ORDWAY MARTIN. Biciokeville. 
College of .\grictdlure. B.S.. Education, i: A K ; FFA. CiERALD L. MARTIN. 
Ballimoie. College of Militar\ Science, B.S., Military Science. .ARNOLD 
NORMAN NLXR'FINSEN. tlhicago, III. College of Military Science, B.S.. 
Military .Science. 

THOMAS (;lBSON MA.SON. Newark. College of Agricidture. B.S., General. 
ATSJ; AZ; Gate and Kev; IPC; Block and Biidle Club. WILLIAM 
S I EWAR I M.\SSE^■. \V. H\alts\ille. Clollcge of Arts and Sciences, B.S., 
Physics. Radio (iuild; WMi;C.. GRETCHEN (JLICIK M,\TI HEWS. Fred- 
eiick. College of Arts and Sciences. B.S., Bacteriology, il A O. i'res.; Chapel 
C.hoii; judicial Board. Chairman; Big Sister Program. Chairman; AWS. 
SHIRLEY ANN MATTHEWS. University Park. College of Home Economics. 
B.S., Practical .Art. A X 12, V'ice Pies.; Diamond; Paiihcl Representative; Home 
Economics Club. Publicity Chairman; Campus Chest. Display Chairman; 
SG.A, .Sorority Repiescnlative. 

THOMAS WAUGH MATTHEWS. Gieenbell. College of .\griculluic. B.S.. 
General. AFP; M-Club; f-H Club; Varsity .Soccer, Captain. WILLIAM 
IHOM.AS M.ATTHEWS, JR. Chevy Chase. College of Business and Public 
Administration, B.S., /Xccotinting. Pershing Rifles; Accounting Club. DON 
EU(;ENE MAETINGLY. Indian Head. College of Arts and Sciences, B.A.. 
American History. MARILYN WINSTEAD Mc:CALL. Bethesda. College of 
.Arts and Sciences. B.A.. .Sociology. PI'S; Big Sister Conim.; Sociology Club. 


J -s* ^ U ^ 11 


P § n 

ffw .^^, ®^«rl h^ 




t -"^*r 





AllHV HARM S \1<( \KI)I 1.1.. llalliiMoic. ColliKf "f Alls .uul Siiciucs. U.A.. 
Hislorv. K J^: DuiiikiiiiIIhii k, Cii. .\If;i.; Ni-wiii;im C.lul); (.oxcriiiiiciil ami I'oli- 
licA Cliili: Iiiliaiiiuials; )i. I'loiii Coiiim. NANCA I.. \l( CAl'I.lA . Hagcis- 
imvii. C:olltgi- of Home I (oiiomits. U.S.. IcMilcs aiul (loiliiiii;. AT; IH 
(Hub; Campus CHicsi; .WVS. ()i iciilalioii Adiviiics; Dorm Jiulicial Hoard. 
JOSI-l'H CAI.MN M<(RI \RV. (.niiihtll. C.oIIckc oI KtUicaiioii. H.S.. 
Mailu-uiaiiis. WARD R. MilI.^AN^'. Hallimoic. Ciollcgc of tiiKiiicciing, 
H.S,. Mil I iij^inciM iiii;, \S\I1 

RITA S. MclAO^ Moniical, Canada. Colli-gc of .\ns ami Scifiucs. H..\.. 
.Sodolo};\. JOSI I'll kW.WAf.H McX.IADV. H\allsxille. College of Hiisi- 
iicss and I'ublii .\ilmiiiisiialioii. U.S.. lioiKimics. Newman CMiil). .SimleiK 
liiioii C;omm. K\A IR WCIS Mi IN I IRK. Washiiigion. D. C. College of 
Home I (iinomiis. H.S.. I'ladiial An. A A II. Sec: C:aiileil)iir\ Club. |.\MKS 
r. \l( Kl N/lf . I'ineluiisl, N. C. College ol ISiislness and I'ublic .\dmliiistia- 
lioii. H.S., K(oiiomi(s. ATA. 

CHARI.FS HKVI.R McKIOUN. Ciollegc Park. College of Home Kconomlcs. 
I( s . I'radiial .\il. 1 <l' K. \ iie I'les.: ON; Cale ami Ke\ ; SAC: II-C; lieshman 
(>i leiilalioii ((iiniii.: Hoiiieioinin^ Comm. MARV .\l< 1. \l (.III.IN. Silver 
Spiinf;. ClolieKe ol Home Iciiiiomiis, H.S.. I'lailual .\rt. A X U; Old l.iiir. 
Asm. l-.ililoi; Mlliiolc Home l.ioiiomus Cliil): Newman (Juh. |() .\NN 
M( 1. 11. 1. AND. Ridiiiioiid, \;i. College ol Home leoiiomiis, H.S., Kdiualion. 
P'l'H: DiiiiniiiKlhiii k: SA(,: Weslev loiiiidalion: Home Ktoiiomus Club, 
IRIDI k \IIISII Ic.ii Meiile College of I (Imalion. H.A.. l-nglisb. 
A i A; I 1 . 

Al.lilRI RON \l.l) Ml N( MINI . (.Uu \im. (oIK-^eol \i Is and Silences. 
H. A. .Speech. WMIC. Spoils Direiloi: Ra<lio lA C.uilil. CICilRO AI.IRI-.DO 
I.I'.M. .MK.NDI- S. H\;iUs\ille. College ol Inniiuei iiig. H.S. Civil liigineering. 
T K K: Soaer learn. R()SK.M.\RY ANNI. MI-NIKHIIM. Heihesda. Clollcge 
ol Home luinomies. H.S.. Tcxlilcs and Clothing. II li'h; Newman Club; 
Home l-.(onomi(s Chih; II; \\ RA; SAC; .Sailiii;^ Chili. JOHN R. .MI-RKKL. 
Hallimoie. College ol l.ihiialion. B..\.. Knglish. 'I' K 'I'; Newman Club; 
I i.iuh ( hib; I- I \. 

RHI A H. Ml RMII.SI KIN. Hallimoie. College of Arls and Sciences. R.A.. 
Speed] Iheiaps. ■!';;;;; AAA; ■!■ K -I': Ntl': Who's Who; IT. .Sec; Modern 
Dance Club; ( anipiis ( hesi; Hometomiiig. Oiieeii Chaiiman; )r. I'rom. 
Cbapeioncs Chaiiman. IHKODORK I'Al I. MKI/l.KR. New C;istle. I'a. 
College of Special ;ind ( (inlimied Slmlies. HA.. Kionomiis. i; + K; A i) II. \ice 
I'res.; A 'I' Si; \S ho s Who; MItonk: S(..\. \\a\s ;ind Means Comm.; Riding 
(!lub, I reas.; lnieiii;ilioiial Relations Club. \ iie I'les.; Caiilcibiir\ Club; 
M;ir\land Maiiai;emeiil Xssm.; ( aiiipiis Chest; .\ccounliiig Club; Ktonomits 
Club. \ IR(.INIA MK/K^. Maiihassel. N. \. College ol .\its and Sdences. 
H.A.. Knglish. A "I': 7'c>i«/'///; Siuilenl I nioii. I'ublic Relations C^omm.; Iiitia- 
iiiuials. DONAID JOHN Mil KS. H;illiiiioie. ( (illei;e ol Kngiiieei iiig. U.S.. 
Met h;inic;il I'.ngineei ing. Newm.iii ( hib: \S\II-: Student Religious Council; 
I iiliaiiiui;ils. 

JOHN I) \\ ID Mil KS. Nivoii. N.J. College ol Miliian Si ieiice. H.S, Mililarv 
Science. IN; Scabbaid and HIacle; .\iiiold Ail Socieu; IKC; Newman Club; 
French C:lub; \aisit\ Haseball; Kr. Hasketball; Mililarv Hall Coinin. I.KSl.lK 
.\I. Mll.l.KNSON. Cuiiibeilind. College ol Alls ;ind Sciences, U.S.. ,S<iciolog\. 
'I'll; I'.iiihel Rcpieseiit.ili\e; Soi iolog\ Club; Hillel; |r. I'lom Comm. 
NANt.V I.Ol ISK Mill KR. ( umbeiland. College of Home Kconomics. H.S., 
iihicalion. IIH<I>; Wesle\ Koiiiidalion; Home KtoMoniiis ( bib. ROIIf R I I.. 
Mil I IK H.igeisliiwn. ( ollege ol Kngiiieei iiig. H S . Civ il Kngineei Ing. .\SCK. 

SAI.l.V ANNK MIl.I.KR. Washington. I). C. College of Home Kconomics. 
H.S.. levtilc-s and Clotbing. AAA. Nice Ties.; Cheerleader; S.\C. Klt.KNK 
I). MINDf I.. Washington. 1). C. ( iillege ol Arts ;iiicl Sciences. H.S.. /ciologv. 
Hand; Oidicsti;i; Hillel. ROHf R I l.l.OVD MINOR. Hvatlsville. College 
ol Agriculluie. H.S.. Agi icullui il fioiiomiis. i; .\. I'les.; (.;ite and Kev ; ll-'C; 
\giiiiiltiiie Studeni (iiuncil; \gi ic iilluie I loiioiniis ( bib; Xcteiinaiv Science 
Club; Homecoming Coiiim. II()RfN(l ll.fXNOR MIICHH.l,. Aber 
deeii. College ol Home lioiiomics. H.S.. levtiles .mil ( luthiiig. 


I'HII.IP k. MOXDON. Newlniigh, N. ^■. C.ollci^c of Knj^ineci ing. U.S.. Civil 
Kiigiiiccring. T R II; <Mv <!>; .A-SCK; Mr. and Mrs.'ciiil). |O.Sl-:PH A. MONEV- 
Hl'N. H\;iUs\illc. College ol Military .Science, U.S.. Military Science. 
l.r,()\,\RI) .\LI,.\N MONFRKD. Baltimore. College of ,\rts and Sciences. 
1',. A., (.oxernmunl and Politics. A H II. \icc I'rcs.: AI-ROI'C;, 1st Lt. DONALD 
A, M()\ r.\N(). Ri\erdalc. College ol .\rts and .Sciences. 15. .\.. Fine .Vrts. 
ATU; Old l.iiir: Art Socicl\; AFROTC. C;a|)t. 

lU'DLKY C. MOOk. Chexx C:hasc. College ol Arts and Sciences. B.A., I's\ - 
iholog\. Chess Club; Chapel Choir: Philosophy Club. NANCY LFF MOORE. 
Uellusda. College of Home Eco;iomics. U.S.. Foods and Nutrition, i; K, Sec; 
Women's Chorus; Chapel Choir; Daydodgers Club. RALPH E. MOORE. 
I |)])cr Marlboio. College of .'\rts and Sciences, B.A.. History. AT?, Sec; 
Student Activities Comm. MARIO J. MORANDO. Crcenbelt. College of 
Business and Pid)Iic Administiation. B..\., Industrial Managemeiii. 

RONALD F. MORTIMER. Clinton. College of Education, B.S., Science. 
I.ANE'F REBECCA MULLIKIN. Lauiel. C:ollege of Business and Pulilic 
Atlministration, B.S., Insurance and Real Estate. A V; Fieshman Orientation; 
Campus Chest. ELAINE LINEBAClk Ml'MKORD. Crcenbelt. College of 
Education, B.S.. Elcmeiitarv Education. F '^ B; .Sailing Club, Sec; Chapel 
Choir. WILLARD ROYAL MIMFORD. Caeenbelt. Clollege of Education, 
B.S.. Plnsical Sciences. 4>Ki:; Sailing C;lid), Prcs. 

RONALD WILLIAM MUNSIE. Kevser. W . \ a. College of Engineering, B.S., 
Civil Engineering. .VSCE. THOMA.S DANIEL Ml'RPHY. JR. Takoma Park. 
College (if .\ils and Sciences, U.S.. Chcmistrx. i; N. Sec; A X i;. Pres. DA\'ID 
FREDERICk MURR.V'i. Beltsxillc. College of Engineering. B.S., Civil Engi- 
neering. TBII; l-K*; A,SCE. ROBERTB. MURRAY. College Park. Col- 
lege of linsical Education, B.S., Physical Edtication. \'aisity Baseball, Basket- 
ball: M-Club. 

.\LLYN H. .\n ERS, JR. Caithersbuig. Clollege of Business and Public 
.Administiation. B.S., Real Estate and Instirance. <t>2£K, .Sec LILLIE LOL 
N.\ILL. Westminster. Co'lege of Education, B.S., Elementary Edtication. 
AOILFTA. C:HARLES EDWIN NAU. Baltimoic College of Business and 
Public Administration, B.S.. Transportation. WILLIAM ALBERT NE.\L 
Mt. Rainier. C;ollegc of .Yrts and Sciences. l\.\.. CJovernment and Politics, 
■h K <I': Siabbaid and Blade: \aisity RiHe leam; Davdodgers C:iub; AFROTC:, 
Rille leinn. Drill leam. 1st Lt. 

I)<)NN.\ LEE NEBINCER. Baltimore. College of Education, B.S., Biological 
.'•:cience. A 1" A; Lniyersity Theater. ANNE E. NEFFLEN. Miami, Fla. Col- 
lege of Home Economics, B.S., Cencral Home Economics. A Oil; Old IJiic: 
Trnajiiii: Red Cross; Aqualiners; Riding Club; |r. Panhel. JO.ANNE 
ELI/.ABE'I H NELSON. Hyattsyille. College of Education, B.A., Childhood 
Education. Childhood Education Cltib; Canterbtiiy Cilid). M.\RR.\LEF. 
HOWARD NESILE, JR. Mt. Rainier. College of .\its and Sciences, B.A.. 
Psvchology. B i;; \'eterans' Cltib; Flying C.ltib; Skiing Club. 

PEARLENE E. XETHREN. Baltimore. College of Physical Education, Rec- 
reation, and Health, B.S., Physical l-.ducation. Phvsical Education Professional 
Cltib, |r., Sr. Rep.: Mav Day Comm.; Modern Daiue C.lid); Campus Chest: 
Intiamurals; Canterbury Clul). J.A.NE L. NEWBY. Chew Chase. College of 
Arts and .Sciences. B.S.. Zoology. K K T: SAC; Homecoming Comm.: Canter- 
bury Club; Fiench Club. .MDRKY P.\ IRICI.V NICOLOmiS. Washing- 
ion, D, C. College of .Arts and Scieiues. B..\., English. AO II, \'icc Pres.; 
II A E; Who's Who; Diamond; Terrapin. Editor-in-Chief; Cheerleaders, Capt.; 
Student Union, Co-Chairman: May Dav. Comm. C:bairman: .\mericaii Red 
Cross, Pres.; Blood Drive. Chairman; Fieshman, Sophomore, Junior Prom 
Chairmanships: Flections Board; Publications Board; Orieiualion Comm. 
JOHN C. NIEDERMAIR. JR. Washington. I). C. College of Business and 
I'ublic .Administration, B.S., Marketing. 


The Seniors of 1956 

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I li\\ \Kli II () MM K. |K. Silver .S|jiiii(». (olk-Rc- of Mililaix Siicinc-, U.S.. 
Military Scic-iuc. i^ X. Nice I'ics., Six.: t.atc and Ke\; AiiioUl Aii Sodciv; 
riishiii); Rlllcs; Diniiioiullmck. AiUeillsiiiK Mki.; Ncuniaii (.liil>. I HI-.O- 
DORl |\(:()» \()l ISINC.KR. |R. (.aillicisliiiig. CoIIcrc of Ails and 
S.iciuo. U.A.. lliMon. tt X. NANCA JAM-. NOLI.. Voik, I'a. C;'C of 
\ils aiul Siiiiuiv. lis.. Iiciuli. K A; Modriii Dance Clinic Fii'iicli <;liili. 
DAMl-f. NORWII/ SiKci Spiinj-. Collide ol Knslncss and i'lililii Vdniiii 
i^li.iliiiii. lis. I ian>|>(iilali(>ii. Manland ll\lii'^ ( liil>. 

[AMIS .\I.I.i;\ NO 11 . \VasliiiiKliiii. I). CI. Colknc of 1 iigiiiLii inj;. U.S.. 
(.i\il laiKiiKriiiig. .\SC.K. I.IONARI) |. NV(.R1 A. SlUti Spring. Colk-gp 
111 lliisiiicss and I'liblu Adniinivlial Ion. 15. S.. loul;;n I rade. Uainl. ROIU'.R I 
I \\\RI N{ I OHRll \. {.icdilHlt, ( (>lk("c- ol Alls and Siientt-s. 11. .\.. His- 
ini\. ;iX; Niwiiian (liil). I.AWRl.NC.I. .WDRIU OM 11.1.. Halliiiioie. 
{ ollcgc ol Knninciiinn. U.S.. I'.lcitrical KiiHinei'iing. T H 11; Sailibaid and 
HIadc: Newman CInl); .\ll-.l- IRK; Kngineeiinj' Sliideiil Coiiiuil. 

I Wll s (. ORIi \\.ivliiiij;inii. I). C. Ciijli-'^c ol lliisiiiiss .mil I'lililic .\diniiiis. 
iiiiioii. M.S.. A((oiiniiii;. .\ X A; .Newman (liih; \eleians' CInli. I'llVl.l.lS 
\NN OSIiORN. Holing. College of Home 1- (onoinics. U.S.. Kdutalioii. l-H 
( 111!). \\esle\ Iellowslii|): MaiAland { Inisiian lellowslii|): Home Kcunomiis 
(lull. I l)\\ ARI) I . () lOOl.i:. (R. Ilallimoie. College ol Alls and Seicnccs. 
IIS.. RioUigical Seieiue. K K +: Band; RC) 1 C Hand; Ouliesiia. IINNKY 
I OVDNA. lU'llsxIlle. College ol I- ngineei iiig. U.S.. Veronaiilual I'.ngliieeriiig. 

\l \l<^ I I I l'\(.l (.uciilicll College of l.diualion. U..\.. Social Sliidies. 
K()\ \l I) I. I'M Nil H. Ih.illsville. C<illege of Mililaiv Science. U.S.. Mili- 
i.iiN Scieiue. AX A; I'eisliiiig Rilles; AIROIC. Ca|)laiii. ROUl R 1 Ull. 
I I \\l I'M.IIR. U;illiinoie. ( iillege ol \ils and Sciences. U..\.. Hision. 
■I- A (I. MARY 1.1 I I'ARKIR. Cdllege I'aik. College of Home Kcoiiomics. 
U.S.. IdiKaiioii. AX'.;: I II Cliili: C:nileilinn Cliil); S.\C:; Ireshman Oiiciila- 
I ion: lloiiie I ( iiiionii< s ( liili. 

I)()l (.1 \s \l l'\RKS. Cocke\sxille. Collei;e ol \gii<nlliiie. U.S.. Ilaiix I'm- 
iliKiion .\ 11' I'cisliiiig Rilles: .\rnold Ail Soiiel\: \aisin Soccer. Maiiagei: 
DaiiA Science (liili: \I CliiU. JOHN UVRON I'A I RK k. H\alls\ille. Col 
lege (if Uusiiiess and I'lililic \diniiiisir:ilion. U.S.. IVisonnel 
)()HN 111 NR\ l'.\ I 1 I N. Ilallimoie. ( <illege ol Kdmalion. U.S.. Indiisirial 
l.diicalion. \\ resiling leani. Managei. ROUl R 1 A. I'A T ION. C.railfcml. 
N. |. Colknc' of lilncilion. 11 \.. Social Scieiue. Inliaimiials. 

|()S| I'll s. r \l 1.1 N. U.ilninoie. ( oikgc- ol \i is and Si ieiues. U. \.. Une Ails. 
HX. I'les.; (.ale and ke\ : IKC; Iniiamiiials: S(.A. |1 RRV H. I'.WNK. 
I'lKomoke. College ol Uiisiness and I'lililic Admiiiislialion. U.S.. Industrial 
M.inagement. Managemeni CInl). |.\N1CK |. I'l' MRS, Siilersville. 
I'. I ( <ilkge ol Home Iconoiiiics. U.S.. (.enei;il. IMt'l'; (.Mnkana I i<mi|j. 
(.lORCl inRON I'l \R{I'. ( (illege Park. C.illege ol Uiisiness and I'lililic 
\diiiiiiisii.iinin. U.S.. (.cnei.d Unsiness. II K .\. 

|<IMI'II |i>li\ I'IKRONI Ualliinoie. College of Uiisiness anil I'lihlic 
\dinniisiialioii. U.S.. Man.igemenl. 'l-Ki:: M llnnk: N'ewni:in CIllli; 
M.iis Doiin ( oiimil. U1N|\\I1NI I. I'lRRV. ia. \ a. ( ollege ol 
\liliian Siieiue. U.S.. Mililai\ Science. |AMIS Ull. I ON I'l 1 IRS. Wash 
iiiglon. I). C. College ol Agl icillliire. U.S.. ( Ai;' i< nlliiie. IFA; Agi i 
iiilliiie lionomiis Club. II.OVl) 1 I'l 1 1 RSON < olleye Park. Colkge ol 
\ils and Siienic's. U. \.. lionoiiiii'- W M I < 


H'DIIH WHKKI.ER I'F, I ERSON. Craiiluul. N. ). College o[ Arts and 
S(iciucs, li.A., Spanish. AAA. Tieas.: ii) T E; Who's Who: MORTAR BOARD, 
I icas.; DiiiiiioiKlhatk: Canipns C;hesl, Assoc. Clhairnian; .Spanish Chilj; SG.\. 
Slndint WcHare Chairman; WRA. I'rcs.; Rossborongh Chil). LEONARD 
JOSEPH I'E EERSOX. Roschoro. X. C. C;ollcgc ol Agritnhnie. B.S.. 
Agiononu. IMant Industry Chib. R1C:H.\RD E. I'ETER.SOX. Wheaton. 
{.ollcgc- ol .\rls anil .Sciences. B.S., Biological Sciences. ■^ A B; Intrannnals. 
ROBER E BR.VDEEY I'ETER.SOX. Eitllesloun. I'a. Clollege of IMusical Edn- 
lalion, B.S., Physical Eherapy. + A E. 

CIEIiERE E. PETRINA. Bressler. Pa. College of .'\ils and .Sciences, B,A., 
Fine ,\rt, OX; Scabbard and Blade; .Xrnold ,\ir Society; Newman Club, 
RICHARD (;E0RC;E PETZOLI), Sihcr Spring, College of Business and 
I'ulilii .\dniinistration, B,S,, .\ccoiuUing, B A *; <1> K *; Lutheran Student 
\sso(.; Da\(lodgers Chd^; Student Union Music Comm,; Accounting Club, 
W.M.IER |OHN PEEZOLD. Silver Spring. College of Engineering, B.S„ 
Civil Engineering, Lutheran Student .\ssoc,; .\SCE. CAR'EHON P, PHILLIPS. 
W'asliinglcin, 1). C. College of Military Science. B.S., Military Science. 

WiEIU R NE PHILLIPS, Hageistown, Ciollege of Business anil Public Admin- 
isliaiion, B.S., Insmance and Real Estate,' ).\\IES WILSON PICKETT, 
Baliimorc. CUillege of Business and Public .\ilminislralion, B,S,, .\ccounting. 
HAM-: 'hK-l'; KV^. \ke Pies,: Fieshnian Soccer; .\FROIC, 1st Lt. 
PRISCILL.V \IRGINIA PILGRIM. Siher Spring. College of Alts and 
Sciences, B.,\., Government and Politics, K K E: <t' K <I>; Sr. Class Historian; 
LE; C;lcf and Rev, ARNOLD Hl'GH PINCUS. City. College of 
Business and Public .Administration, B.S., .Accounting. .Arnold .Air Society; 
.\ccouiiting Club. 

SIAXLE\' EHOM.V PIS/RIX, [R. Lauiel. College ol Engineering. B.S.. 
Aeronautical Engineering. LAS. REGINA SUZANNE POC;,\Lk.A, Baltimore, 
College of .Arts and Sciences. B..A., ,Sociologv. Sociology Club: Lutheran Stu- 
dent Assoc. SHIRLEY BERNICE POLlfZER. Baltimore. College of Arts 
and .Sciences. B.S.. Psychology. +i;i:: <!' K <h; AAA. Pies.: WMUC, Traffic 
M:iiiager. Announcer, JOHN POLK, AVashinglon, D, C. College of Business 
and Public .Administiation, B.S., Transportation, - X: Marketing Club; Pro- 
pellei (;lub. 

\I \R I IN POLLINGER. Baltimore. College of Arts and .Sciences, B.S.. 
/(polog\. T E '1'. .Sec; Hillel; Homecoming Comm,; Iiuramurals. .ST.ANLEV 
I POI.\.\NSKI. B;iltimore. College of Business and Public .Administration. 
P.S.. Marketing. A X A; Football; Intramuials; AFROTC. Captain. DONALD 
R. PO'Fl'ER. University Park. College of Business :nul Public Admiiiistra- 
lion. B.S., Fiansportation. Propeller Club. Pies. B.\RB.\R.\ ANN POWELL. 
baliimorc. College of Education. B..A.. English. A FA, Clones. .Sec; Clef and 
Ke\: Chapel Choir: UI : Women's Chorus: Dean's Coiinu. 

Bl RUELI. F. POWELL. Silver Spring. Oillege of Arts and Sciences. B.S.. 
Chemistry. A X i:. Pies.. .Sec. JOSEPH DOYLE POWELL. Salem. \'a. Col- 
lege of .Arts and Sciences. 15. S.. Sociology. K A; .Sociology Club. THOXf.AS C. 
POWELL. Washington. 1). C. College of Military ' .Science, B.S., Military 
Science. P.\ I RK:i.\ POWN.VLL. Plandome. N. Y^ College of Home Eco- 
nomics, B.S.. General. K K F; Dinmaiulhiuk: Hoiiieiiiming Comm.; Panlicl 
Representative; Pledge Fiance Chainiian. 

DOU(,I.AS M. PRATT. Hvattsyille. College of Arts and Sciences. B.A.. 
Giogiapln. Mr. and Mrs. Club. Pies., Treas.' SHELDON H. PRE.SS. Balti- 
more. College of .Arts and Sciences. B..\.. Cio\einmenl and Politics. Z B T; 
\inold Air .Society; Jr. Prom Comm.: .\FR() EC, Captain. JEAN E. PRK;E. 
Xiu Orleans. La. of Educalion. U.S., \hiiliemali<s. A F. I leas.; A A A: 
FF.\: Newman C;lub. M.\R1I.YX ,\NN PROPF. B;iltimoie. College of Home 
Eionomiis. B.S.. Icxtiles and Clothing. A 1" A. Sei.: Home Ecoiuiiiiics Chili, 
Sec, 'Freas,, \'ice Pres.; AVestminstei Club. 


.T> .1> 


# ^ €^ 

I \\\l<l\(:i H. IM 1.1 1 \. 1 Ikloii. College of AsiUulliiic. B.S.. Finance and 
M.iikiiin-. Auridiluiir I (oiioniiis Club. R.M.I'H .\I. OlIW, JR. C:ollcge 
I'.iik. ((ilk'neol \j;iinillinr. U.S.. Iloriiuilluii-. Men's (.k-i- Clul). (.KORCiF. 
R \l)/VkK\\A(:/. College I'aik. Colk'-e ol I iijiineeiiiij-. U.S.. Mechanical 
l-nKineeiiiiK l-RWIN S. RMIKI.. liallinioie. College of .\its and .Sciences, 
lis. /oolo..;x. ZHT: Inliainuiab; W.MLC. 

\\llll\ 1 I<\11 \ ll.iliiiuiiri-. ( (illigc- cil Hiiviiuss anil I'liljlii Xilininislia- 
Hull, lis,, |iMii ii.iliMii, DiiiiiiiiiiiIIkk It: Doini Sri.: |-.\eiulixc Council. IS.\- 
111 I II R RXKIllll. llalliiMoie. Colkge ol Iducalion. U.S.. Kducalion. 
K A; (>/,/ l.nic: Cliikll <l l-ducalioii Club. SMIRI.IA' MOORI- Rl AD. Col- 
lege I'aik. College ol .\rls an<l Sikiiies. U.S.. Cluiiiisii\. 'I> K <l>: .Marvlantl 
Chrislian Felloivsliip; Anicikan Clurukal So(iel\. |i. Member. Kl.l/.MU. Ml 
F. RKCIOR. Wavsiile. Colkj^e ol \i Is and S( ienics. K.S.. Clheniisliy. K A <t. 
Sec: sac:: Ma\ l)a\ Ccimuii.; Fiishnian Urienlalion Connn. 

|011\ Rl( II \RI) Rl l)\l()N, li.iliMiioie. C;ollcgc of Ails and Scieiucs. U.,\.. 
Crime Coiuiol. II X: .Soph. Carnival. .\N\ RI'.KI). Fowson. College of 
Home l.coiioinics. U.S.. (ieneral. Trtial>iii: Home F.conoinics fJub; l"F. 
JFROMF M. RI-KI). Sihei S|)rinn. College of .\]ts and Scieiucs. U.S.. 
/.oolo^N- Haplist Sliideni Inion. I.I.OM) AR I 1 1 C R RFFl). SiUei Spring. 
College of !■ ngineering. li.S., ( i\il I- iis;iiieeiing. A i] 'I'. \i<e I'res. 

IIRRIR RIC.M. Scianlon. I'.i. College ol Milii.iiN Siieiue. U.S.. Miliiar\ 
Science. JOHN A.N IHONY RFH.MK. U:iliimore. College of I (hicalion. U.S.. 
Induslriai F'dncalion. ATS!: American Managemenl .\ssnc.: Siiideiu Religious 
CiiiMicil: fiulusiiial Fdiualion Assoi.: \arsii\ lairosse: \l ( lub: Propeller 
( hib. Ul \FRi,^ ANN RKIUFR. Uelliesda. College ol \ils and Sciences. 
UA. Soiiologv. AX'.l: \Vesle\ Foundalion. ISIIIIR U. Rl-.ll). I'ikesville. 
College of Home Kconomi(s. U.S.. I.ducaiioii II 1. 'I' I'lcs.. Fieas.; Diamond; 
W'cslininsiei Fellowship: M;i\ Da\ Connn. 

(.1()R(.I ROIll K I Rl l\l R Wesimiiisu-i. ( (illene of .\gii( iilliiu-. U.S.. 
General Agiiiulinie. \aisu\ Souei: M (hih. JOHN CARL RFINHARD. 
Calrmsville. College ol Uiisiness and I'liblic Adininlslralion. U.S.. .\<conining. 

\i(oiinling Club. ADA KA IMIFFN RFII/. Uel Air. College of l'h\sical 
1 iliKalion. Recrealion. and llealih. U.S.. I'hvsiial Fdiualion. Dance Club: 
riivskal F.ducalion Club. Jl'DF I'lllMI' Klsll\() li.iliimoie. College of 

\ils and Sciences. U.S., I'sychologv 

CI.ARFNC;F M. RFVNOFDS. chew Chase. College ol Fngineei iiig. U.S.. 
Mechanical Fngineeiing. 'I'lK: F U: Uand. JOHN UfRNARD RFVNOFDS. 
b.dlimoie. (College ol liusiiiess and Public Ailminisiialion. U.S.. M:nkeling. 
■I' K i): Sailing Chih: Maikeling Club: Freshm;in U.iskelball. DON.\FD K. 
RICF. Hxallsville. College ol Uiisiness and Piiblii Adiiiinisiialion. U.S.. 
i'eisonnel Admhiisiralioii. ANDRINI Rl( II VRDSON. M.iiihassel. N. V 
( 111 lege of \iis anil Siieiues. U.,\.. Soiiologs. K K F; liiiiijuir. Soi iolog\ Club; 
|i .111(1 Si. Plum Coinm.: Ski Club. 

( \R()I llOPf RKIIVRDSON Pmnplon Pl.iiiis. N.J. {■.liege of F.duca- 
lion, US.. ( liildhiiiiil Idiii.iiioii ( li.ipel (boil: Winiien's Chorus: Wcslcv 
I iiiiiidalioii. I \^ I RKkS. Ai llinglon. \'a. College of Uiisiness anil I'liliiii 
Xdiiiiiiisiialioii I'l s reisonnel. K .\. Pies.: dale .iiid Ke\: Si.ibb.iid and 
Itladi: S(.\: li.iik \IRO!(. ( aptain. SA\M FF F. RIDDl I U ARCFR. 
Omiii Hill, (ollegeol Uiisiness and Public Adiiiinisiialion. II \. |i>iii n.ilisiii 
Si.ibb.iid iiid Ulade: \iiiold \ii SoiieU: Hininiiiulhiult, News Fdiloi: Piess 
Club: \l RO IC. { aplaiii. P\IRI<I\ \NN RID(■\^A^. ( hilliini. Coilcg-.' 
ol ,\i|s and Siieiues. U.A.. Hisiiiu. .\.lll: ( iiliiii.d Coinin. 


ROBKRT \V. RIKGEL. Lexington Park. College of Business and I'nblit 
Adminisiiation. B.A.. I'uhlic Reliilions. ATA, Cones. .Sec. JOYCE L. RIC;GS. 
(.aithcislnng. College ol Home Economics, B.S., Textiles anil Clothing. A X U: 
1 H Club: Home Economics Club. JAMES ELL.SWOR EH RIPPLE, JR. 
Clinton. College of Business and Pidilic .Administration, B.S., Marketing. 
nivA. CHARLE.S DAVIS RITTER. Hyattsville. College of Arts and 
.Sciences, B..'\., Psychology, 

GRACE ROIUNOWri/. Washingion. IX C. College of Arts and Sciences, 
B.A., English. Hillel. URl'CE MEDFORD ROIUSON. I akoma Park. Col- of Engineering. U.S., Ci\il Engineering. Scabbard and Blade: ASCE. 
IR\'I\ RoiuNSON. lialtiniore. C:ollege of Education. B.A., English. JEAN 
ROEHRLE. Baltimore. College of Education, B.S.. Childhood Education. 
A F; Childhood Education Club; Wesley Foundation; Chapel Choir; SG.\. 

ELI/ABE IH LOGAN ROELKE. R.N. Hagersioun. College of Nuising, B.S., 
Nursing. JON WALKER ROGCILI. Declierd, Tcnn. College of Military 
Science. B.S.. Military Science. MARSHALL CLAY ION ROOP, JR. Balti- 
more. College of Business and Public .Atlniiuistralion. I$.S., .\ccoiuiting. "tKi); 
Freshman Lacrosse; Sailing C;hdi. ANN MYRI) RO I HENHOEEER. Fied- 
crick. C:ollege of Home Economics, B.S., Eextiles. * K <^: OX; Hoirie Eco- 
nomics Club. 

RICHARD ROWELL. Bellows Falls. Vt. College of Business and Pid)lic 
,\dniinistralion. U.S., .\((i)iuuing. A — <!>, Pres.; Ciale and Key. HECTOR V. 
ROl X. Panama Cit\, Panama. Clollege of Agricidtiire, B.S., .Animal Hus 
bandry. Newman Chd); Sixinish C:hd); Intranuuals. RONALD S. RUIU5IN. 
Hvalts\ille. College of .Arts and Sciences. B..A., I'svchologv. Hillel; Spanish 
Club: ISA. PAIL MORRIS RUBIN. I akoma Park. C;ollege of Business and 
Public .Administration, B.S., Marketin.g. <P A; Dianiondback; Men's League, 
Sec: I rallic .Appeals Board: SG.A, Wa.s and Means Comm.; Men's League 
"Outstanding Seniors Award"; Homecoming Dance Chairman. 

D.WID B. Rl'DOW. Baltimore. C:ollegc of Birsiness and Piddic .\dministra- 
tion, B.S., Accotuiting. 'AMT. Pies.; Who's Who; B A *; Gate and Key; SGA, 
Treas.: IFC, Treas. HOLLIS CLINTON RliOFF, JR. Takoma Park. Col 
lege of Engineering, B.S., Civil Engineering. .ASCE. ANN FRANCES RUS- 
SELL, Washingion, D. C, College of Education, B.S., F'.ducation. 4> K *; 
Rossborough dub; Newman Club. DAWN LORRAINE RYAN. Salisbury. 
College of .Arts and Sciences, B.S., /oology. Riding (Mid), \'ice Pres.; Newman 

OWEN EI)\\.\RI) RV.\N. Chc\\ Chase. College of .\rls and Siiences. B.A., 
Speech and Dnima. A X A; LI; Canlerbiny Club; Railio-I \' Guild: Fresh- 
man Prom. Publicity Chairman; S.AC; .So])h. Carnival: WMUC. OIVA 
CH.ARLES S.A.ARI. Clarkston. Washingion. Clollege of .Arts and .Sciences. 
B.A.. Sociology. International Relations Club, .Sec; (iovernment and Politics 
Club; .Sociology Club. LYNLAN SALE, JR. Silver Spring. College of Arts and 
Sciences, B..A.. English. Baptist Sliident I'nion. Pres. P.ALL.A EEC 
S.ALG.ANIK. Baltimore. College of .Arts and Sciences, B..A. 


. - _ ^„^ , English. A E <l>. 

Pres.; .MORI AR BOARD; Diamond: Panhel Representatiye: Miss Marylanil 
C^ontest. Cihairmau; Homecoming. House Decorations; .Soph. Prom, Decora 
lions C^haiiinan: Ma\ Day, Costumes Chairniau; Dance Concert, Costumes 
Chairman: Dance Club; Hillel: (lanipus Chest. 

ELEANOR LYNN .SALMON. Washingion, D. C. Clollege ol Education. B .\.. 
C;hildhood Ediualion. A X !2; AVR.A; S.AC; Jr., Sr. Panhel Represenlatixe. 
PHYLLIS SA.VIUELSON. Baltimore. College of Arts and Sciences, B.A., 
English. 'l'i;2, \ice Pres.. Corres. .Sec: L'T, Bus. Mgr.; SAC; Clampus Chest: 
Spring Week, .Sec, Chairman. MONROE R. SANDBERG. Baltimore. Col 
lege of Arts and Sciences, B..A., History. T E 4", \'ice Pres.: .Arnold .Air Society; 
IFC; Blood Dri\e, Chairman: Intramurals: Homecoming Float Comm. MAR 
LENE SANDLER. Washington, 1). C). College of Arts and .Sciences, B.A., 
IN\<holog\. ^I' ,\; Hillel: C;hoir: Inlerfaith Clomm. 





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The Seniors of 1956 


The Seniors of 1956 


p ^ a ? 


\1 \M II |{)SI1'1I s\\ (.\IUN(). )R. H\atls\illc. Colk'nc of Ails and 
SiRiKcs. li.A.. S|)aiiisli. Spanish Cluh; Ncuniaii Cliili. KDWARI) Ci. SAP- 
I'F.RS 1 I.IN. Ualiimorc Coiiiiu. (;()llc<4e of lUisiiic-ss und I'ulilit Adniinislra- 
lioii. H.S.. Maikoliii^;. Z li T. \ i<c- Pits.: 11: S(>( icl\ l<ir Ilie Achaiucmciil of 
ManagcniCMi. I icas. I Ml ODORl HI \R^ MHAI 1 1 R. JR. ( laiksvillc. 
( ollc'i^c of A};i iciiltiiic. li.S.. ()i nainciual Men lidilliiu'. l.iilliL'iaii .Sliidont 
Assoc; Plain Indiisnv CInl). JOANM, SC.H.\I.C;H. Hvaltsvillc. College of 
Alls and SdiiKcs. li.A., inglisli. 

DI.Wl. M. SClllNDI.IR. lakoma Park. College of Kdntalion. H.S.. Child- 
liiiod I (liiuillon. K A: Neuiiian C^liib: Childhoixl Kdncatlon (liil). MIN.A 
S( Hl.l (.1 1.. h:iUliiioie. College of Home l-.eonoiiiiis. 15. .S., lexlilcs and 
( lotliing. K A. I leas.: Didiiiiiiulhurlt. Odite Manager: Mlioiik: Home Kco- 
iiomks t;lnl). ROIil R I I.IO SCHMII./IR. \\ asliingion. I). C. College of 
Hnsiness ;ind Pnlilli Ailiiiiiiisiial ion. U.S.. Maikeiing. Maikeling Cliil); Pro- 
peller CInl): Imiainuials. ROBI-.RI IMMl. II SC;HNAIUI. Si.ili/ Falls, 
So. Dak. College ol Mililarv Siieiue. U.S.. .Military .Scieiite. 

KOIil R I I S( ll\l 11)1 R. lialllnioie. College ol \ils iiwl Siieiucs. U.A.. 
Hision 'I'An. IRA.XCIS MWIM SCHOfMURC. W asliingion. D. C. 
(<. liege (il \ilsaiicl Siieiues. li.A.. Iiiglisli. 'I' i; 1, Pies.: AAA: IIAK:+K+; 
iriraliiu. Pnbl i( al inns. Assoc iaie Kdilor: Sliidenl I'nion Ciilliiial C.omm.. 
Cliairman. I I RRIl.l. I RANCIS SCHROI 1)1- R. Poiiil Pleasaiu. \. j. Col- 
lege of Business and Pnblie Adminislralion. U.S., deneial. 'I' A H, Tieas.; 
Insnrantc Cliil). MRCIMA SCHl IlKRT. Philadelphia. Pa. Clollegc of Kdn- 
talion, li..\., C:liil(lliood Kdiualion. 1IK'I>: .\iigel llighi: liaiul: MlUink: 
Childhood l.diKalioii Clnb: Daiiec Club. 

11 HI I S( HI \l \\. lialliiiioie. College ol l-.diualion. U.S.. Childhood lihi- 
(alion. A K 'l>: llilltl: Cliildhnod rdiualioii Clnb: Womeiis Choi ns. DORIS 
IKK SCHWARI/. UalliiiKiie. College of Ails and Scienees. li.A.. Knglish. 
I' i^ ii; DidiiKiiiilhiii li: 11; Red Cioss: .S(..\. K.ledioiis Coiiini.: C:mipiis Cliesi : 
( lei .111(1 Ke\; Kush. Prom ( oiinii.: Hoiiieunning ( (iiiiin.: Hillel. Rl( HARD 
\II\C.KS S(H\\ARI/. Denvood. College ol I thu.iiioii. U.S.. Indiislrial 
Kdiualion. i! A K: Iniiaiiniials. RKHARD IKK SC()(.(.INS. Uallinioic. 
Ciollcgc of Kdiualion, U.S.. Iiiihisiiial Kdiualion. 

KKHXKll I'lllliri'l S( ( ) I I \i biigioii. \ a. College ol Al Is and Sticnces, 
li.A., HIsioiN. Canieibim Clnb, I reas.: Iniern.ilional Clnb: Men's (dec Cliili. 
SAM I . SKKI,K^■. Ridiinoiid. \a. College of Arls and Siieiues, U.S.. /oolog\. 
•l'i;K. Pies. \I\RI1\ SK(.\I.. W.isbinglon. D. (. ( ollege of Kngiliccring. 
II S. KleelriiaM ngineeiing. IRK. (.KRH \RI) k. SK MIA. Ualliinoie. Col- 
lej^e ol Kngineeriiig. US. ( K iigiiieei ing. AKIif. 

(A\IIII\ \\\SHI( Kills U.illinuiie. College of .\r|s and S( ieiiies. U. A.. 
Sniiolng\. AAA; liloik ,111(1 liiidle Clnb: .\cademie Uoaid. ANDRKW M. 
sill Rl.l\(.. Ihallsville. (ollege of Arls and .S( ieiues. li. \.. Soi iologv . A K A: 
s,„iol,,gv ( Inb; AKROK. l.l. Col. SIANIKV MORION SHKRMAN. 
Uilhesd;i. (ollege ol Alls and Seieiues. U.S., U;u leiiolog\ , 'I' A. |0.\N 
\II\M I II SHII IDS. \\;isliinglon, 1). C. College of Kdncilion, U.S., Child- 
ImicmI 1 ilii(,iliiiii II r. 'I'; CanlerbiiM (Inb; ( hildhood fdiii,ilion (Inb. Sec. 

|()ll\ I MIIMIOIMK \\ .ishiiigloii. I). ( (.ollege ol liiisiiiess and Pub 
Ik \(liiiinisii,iiioii. lis. I'liblu Relalions. Mens Piess Clnb: liKiailuirals. 
|()Sl PHIM SIIRI,IN(, SHIPl.KA. laiiiel. College of .\ils and Sciences. 
lis., liaileiiologx. A P: AAA; 1 A O; .1. K -K: Rille leam; |r. Panliel 
K(piesenlali\e I HOM AS RI(H\RD SHIPIKV. (ollege Park. College of 
Idiu.ilion. U.S. Miisii. K K >»'; OAK; U ho s Who; Uand. Pies.; Chapel 
( hoii: Mens (.Ice (Inb; Onliesii;i; Oiienlalion Week Comm.: SA( . ) AMKS 
M.I.AN SHOIMXKfR. Poiiil;inl, \. |. College ol Kngineei ing, U.S.. 
Meilianicil K iigineering. <t.\, \i(e Pies.; \inold \n Soiielv; \SMI. \ ire 
lies.: Men's league. 


RITA SUE SHOWALTER. College I'ark. College of Arts and Sciences. B.S., 
Bacteriology. A A IT; Davdodgers Club; SAC; Freshman Orientation. JOSEPH 
W. SIEMI.VIKOSKI. \VaterlHirv, Conn. College of Arts and Sciences, B.S.. 
Zoologv. AX A: Newman Club. NANCY SIIAERNfAN. Washington. D. C. 
College of Education, R.S.. Elemcntarv Education. ROBERT F. SIME Wash 
ingtoii. D. C;. College of Engineering. B.S.. Ci\il Engineering. .ASC.E. 

JOHN WILSON SIMMONS, JR. Annapolis. College of Business and Public 
.Administration. B.S., Accounting. Lacrosse. Co-Capt.. .All-.American; M-Club. 
JAMES CARROLL SIMMS. Takoma Park. College of Aits and Sciences. B.A., 
Sociologv. *K*. D.WID BARFIELD SINGLETON. Nixon. N. J. College 
of Arts and .Sciences, B.A., Sociologv. * T; OAK; NCP; Who's Who; UT. 
Pres.; French Club, Treas.; Clef and Key. JOHN WILLIAM SISSON, JR. 
Hyatts\ille. College of .Arts and Sciences. I$..A., Sociology. Band. 

EMANUEL A. SKRABEK. Baltimore. College of Arts and Sciences. B.S.. 
Chemistry. AXi); Newinan Club. PAUL SMELKINSON. Baltimore. Col- 
lege of Arts and Sciences, B..\.. Goverinnent and Politics. A Ell, Pies.: Gate 
and Kev; IFC: Men's League; Intramuials. BURTIS D. SMITH. New Castle. 
Del. College of Military Science, B.S.. Military Science. DIETRICH CON 
R.AD SMITH. Catonsvill> . College of Business and Public Administration. 
B.S., Public Relations. AX A; Press Club. 

EUGENE X'lNCENE SME'H. Hyaltsville. College of Business and Public 
•Administration. B.,S.. Finance. ::; A K; Newman Club. K. MADISON SMIEH. 
Hampton, \'a. College of Physical Education. B.S.. Physical Therapy, i) A E. 
RICHARD A. SMITH. Hyatlsville. College of Engineering, B.S.. Electrical 
Engineering. Scabbard and Blade; Maryland Flying Club; (ob Placement 
Service. ROBERT J. SMITH. Baltimore. College of Engineering, B.S., 
Electrical Engineering. IRE; Newman Club; Amatein Radio Club. 

ROBERT LEACH SMITH. Washinglon. 1). C:. College of Arts and Sciences. 
B.A., Government and Politics. <(> A H. WAL ION H. SMIEH. JR. Baltimore. 
College of IMucalion. B.S., Industrial Education. \'clerans CMub; .American 
Management Assoc. WARREN WILLIS SMII H. DaMon. Ohio. College of 

B..A.. (.ovcrnmeiu and Politics. '^ A O; Sailing Club. 
Pies. WILLIAM J. SMIEH. Baltimore. College of 

B.S.. Physical Education. ^ + E; \'arsitv Soccer, Baseball: 

.Arts and Sciences, 
Commodore: IFPC 
Physical Education. 

.M Club; Intramurals. 

ROBERT FRANCIS SMITH. Chew Chase. College of Arts and Sciences, 
B,A., Pre-Law. LLOVD D. SMOOT. III. Silver Spring. College of Agricu! 
ture, B.S., General. A::*. NORMAN }. SNOW. Takoma Park. College of 
Business and Public Administration. B.S., Marketing. .AL\'IN J. SNA'DER. 
Northway. College of .Arts and Sciences, U.S.. Zoology. A Eli; Freshman 
Soccer; Intramurals. 

ROBERT LEE SOLES. Alexandria. \a. College of Agriculture. B.S.. Enlo 
mology. Plant Industry Club; Pershing Rifles. LAURIE SOLLISH. Balti- 
more. College of .Arts and Sciences. B.A.. English. + K '^: \."V, Sec; Modern 
Dance Club. WILLIAM S. .SOLOMON. Silver Spring. College of Business 
and Public Administration. B.S.. Insurance and Real Estate. RI I.V SOI.OMO- 
WITZ. Baltimore. College of .Arts and Sciences, B..A.. .Sociology. SAT. \'ice 
Pres.; Diamond; Hillcl, Sec, Pres.; UT; National Hillel Honor Society; Panhel 




Representative; Spring Week, Ticket Comm. 



KOIIIKI M soUl NM \. Ihallsvillc. ( olloKf cif Nil's .iiul Siicncc*. B.S.. 
M.illi<iii.ili(s S\\I)R\ I. SOWDIR. S;iii(l\ SpiiiiK. Colk-prol llomr K<o- 
iKimiis, lis., Hoiiu- l((>iii>ini(s. K A H; II A K; Who's Who; Tiniijyiti, Rusiiicss 
Manager: M liiiiih. Business Manager: S(i.\ lAetiilive Council: I)a\<lodgcr's 
( lul): Women's (horus. I reas.. \'i<e I'res.; Ma\ l)a\. Rnsincss Manager. 
II Win W SI- \\(.I\HI R(.. lakonia I'aik. College ol I- ngineering. U.S., 
Mcchaiiiial I iigiiuering. \S\II . I l)W \RI) |1 ROM !■ SIM!- R. Ballimorc. 
( (ilk-ge ol Husiness and I'uhlic \(lni{nislr:ili(>n, H. A.. Maikeling. + K i). I'res.; 
(.lie and K(\ . \ i<e I'res.; Triuijiin. Residciue lililin; Ireshnien Oi ientalion 
( liaiiiiiaii: |uiiiipi rioiii. (o(hiiM.: S(i|ili. ( l.l^^, I'ks; IIC. 

l.tSKI. Sl'IKI.M AN. Haliimoie. C;()lleKe of IiUualion, H.A.. .Spanish and 
Sorial Siieiucs. i; A T. I reas.. I'res.; + A H, Ireas.. I'res.: Diamond; M Honk: 
1- I .\. \'i(c I'les.; Dad's Da\ Hostess: Spring Week. Connn. Chrin.; W R A Rep.; 
S\C; I cnnis: !■ I .\. Stale l'xe<uti\e ((iTuni.; Sp.iiiish Club: Skiinu Clul); 
S(.\ Wa\s and Means Committee: Hillel. I'AIRICIA ANN SI'RANK.l.K. 
Red H:ink. N. |. College ol Home lionomics. \\..\.. I'r:uli(al All. K K T: 
lloMU- l<oiioiMi(s (lid); Women s (horus. I'Al I. (.. SI AlIORD. Ili/al>elh. 
N |. (<illc.;r ol \Ms :ii\d S[ien(es. A.B.. (.<nei niiieiit and I'oliliis. A T S2. 
KKIIVRI) R. S|\NIIII,I>. RandallstoHii. College ol .\gritultuie. R.S.. 
X^i l< iilinii-. 1 \ v.. (.ale .ind Ke\. 

.M.\R^ 11. 1. IN SI ARkI V. Ouinton. \a. College ol .\ils and Siieiues. U.A.. 
Spanish. Neunian Club: Spanish Club. FR.XNCI-S M \R( lA SI .\RR. H\alls- 
\ille. College of .\rls and Seieiues. H..\.. Speeih and Drama. I'niversilv 
Iheater; Modern Dame Clnh; W'MCC. I'HII.II' N.\ I HANS STEEL. JR. 
Meadowbrook. I'a. College of Business and Public .Vdministialion. B.S.. 
loicign 1 rade. A K II. ricas.; Clef and Ke\ : C.h;ipel (.lioir; Men's Chorus; 
lnliamur:ds. RICHARD SI I- IN. Baltimore. College of Business and Public 
Administration, U.S., (.overinnent :Mid Politics. Z H T. Sec. \icc Pics.; Ciaie 
.111(1 Rev. Pies.; .Men's League, Si. Rep.; Fooibill W'cckiiid. (him,: (iovcrn- 
iiieiit and Politics Club. I'res. 

K\RIIAR\ SIII'IIINS. \iliiigloii \.i. t olk-Hc- ol llniiie I coiioinics. B.S.. 

I'cxtiles and Clolliiiig. I< K I'; Diamond; Diitiiioiiilhdi h: Sophomore Carnival. 
.Asst Chim. I RLDI RICK WILLI \M SILPHINS. Brooke\ille. College of 
Ingineering. B.S.. Civil l-nginc-ering. Inti;iiiiiir:ils; AS( I' . Sec. \ ice I'ics.: 
Ibiii!; Club. Al.I.LN 1. S TERMAN. Washiiiglon. D. C. College of Business 

iiid Public Adiiiiiiistialioii. B.S.. (.enei:il. M.iikeling Club: Boxing. |AMES 
(. SILMNS. |R. Annapolis. College ol \iis and Sciences. B. \. A-I'S.': 
\LClub; Peisliiiig Rillc- liim: Wrestling. 

NA I HAN SIOl Bl R(.. Pikesville. College ol Arts and Sciences. B.S.. /oolog\ . 
lA.M. Sec. Iic:is.. Pres.: II'C. CH ARLI S (.IV SIOIIEIR. Hvaltsville 
(.ollege of I- ngincei iiig. B.S.. AeroiMiitical Engineering. 1 'I' K: )iiclc> Club: 
IAS. E. I.AWRIN(I SI R()\IIUR(.. W :isliiiigtoii. D. C. College ol .\ils 
and Sciences. B.S.. PInsiis. II K A. \NN Sll ARI. Belbesda. College ol 
I iluc.ition, B.S., Business I'diualion. 

niXlRn |\NI Sll II US Kiiliesda. College ol \iis ,ind Sciences, B..\.. 
I nglisli. r'I'K: TT, W bo s Who; Clef :incl ke\ . Sec; siiideiu Covernment. 
Sec: M:ijoielles. CoCapt.iin; (.Mnk:iiia: Ch:ipel Clioii; Rossbciioiigh Club. 
( VROI.EE Sll I.M.W. Baltimore. College ol Aits and Sciences. B.A.. Eiiie 
\iis. A K '!•; LI: |uiiior Prom: Sophoinoie (aini\al; Women's League. 
PiiblicilN Coiiim. INA D.M.E SIl'LMAN. IVdtimcne. College of Ails and 
.Sciences. B..\.. Speech. AE<I'; ilAII: Modem Dance Club, .Sec. I'res.; Ma\ 
Dav. Chriii. of Dancing; Campus |iidici.d Bo:ircl. Sec: LI"; Spring Week. 
Chrin. ol I'lograiiis. HELEN AN(.ELA SI CIKK Kl. Norwich. ( c.nn. Col 
lege of Miliuirv Science. U.S.. Miliiaiv Science. Newman Club: Spanish Club. 

SAMIM IIIKIURI SI I s W .islungioii. 1). ( ( ollcge ol \i is .mil Si leiiies. 
B.A.. Ciiminoli.g\. T K -I': A K A: Sociolog\ ( liib; Spanish (bib; lull .imui.ds. 
NE.\L R.W SLMNI R. )R. St. Peteisbnig, Ela. (ollcge ol \ils .ind Sciences. 
B.S.. Phvsics. Pershing Rilles. ROBER I III sLMNI R Oxioicl. I'a. Col 
lege of ,\rts ;in<l Sciences, B,S., /o<.log\ . (.1 R \LD SLSSM \N. Baltimore. 
(ulligc ol \ils .ind Siiiiius. II \. Hisii)i\. TK'I': Hillel. \iie Pies. 


|L:L1:S 1'. .Sl'SSMAN. Silver Spiing. College of Engiiieeiini;. U.S., l-.lectrical 
Kngineeiing. T B II. Sec: 11 Hi:: OAK: <1' K ■!>: Who's Who: .MF.KIRE. Sec: 
Ml. and Mis. Cluh. I) WID \ANCK SWANN. Washiiigloii. I). C;. College of 
.Alls and ScieiKcs. B.S.. English. +i: K: WMl'C:: Clef and Key. Rosshoroiigh 
Club. DORO I HFA EDVVINA SWISS. Baltimoie. College of Home Eco- 
nomics. B.S.. Practical .Art. K A, Sec: Dinnumdback: Newman Club; Jr. Prom 
Comm.: Job Placemcnl Comm. CAIA'IN SCO 11 TABI.ER, l)iiiicllen, N. ). 
College of Agriculture, B.S., Dairv I eihnology. Dairy Prcidnds jiidgiiig re:im: 
DairN Sticiue Club: Intramurals. 

GENE GILBERT TALLAU. Arlington, N. J. College of Military Science, 
B.S., Military Science. A 2 *. LORETTA TARDIFF. Hyattsville. College 
of Arts and Sciences, B..A.. Geography. (Jeography Club. (iERALDIN'E S. 
r.ATE. Univeisitv Park, College of Arts and Sciences, 1$. A.. .Sociology. <t> K '!>. 
KEXNEIH ROBERT lASH. Washington. O. C. College of Arts and 
Sciences, B.A., Speech. WMUC. 

DONALD BEVERIDGE TA^ LOR. WashingU)n, D. C. College of Engineer- 
ing, B.S., Mechanical Engineering. ^LXV',; .VSME. JOHN ALVIN I AYLOR. 
Mt. Rainier, College of .-\gricultnie, B.S., .\gricultural Economics and Mar- 
keting. A r P: ,\griculnne-Economics Club, .Sec, I'leas. WILLLAM LEE 
I'AVLOR. College of Business ami Public .Xdministiation, B.S., .Accounting, 
CHARLES EDWARD lEGGES. Baltimore. College ol Arts and Silences, 
B.A., Alt. 

\ IVIAN LAW 1 HOMAS, University Hills. College of Home Economics, B.S., 
lextile-s and Clothing. WILLIAM LEWIN EHOM.Xs. laneytown. College 
of Agriculture, B,S., Agronomy. Plant Industry Club. ANNE B. I'HOMP- 
SON. College Park. C:ollege of Home Economics, B.S., Education, A Oil, 
Treas.: Red Cioss: C^anterbury Club: Home Economics C;lub. SHIRLEY 
ANN THOMPSON. Washington, D. C. College of Arts and .Sciences, B.A., 
English. K A; Women's Chorus: OUI llnr. Office Manager: Junior Prom 
Comm.: Tfi laptit. 

ROBERI WILLIAM THURSTON. Union, N. J. College of Arts and 
Sciences, B..A., History. <t> K E: Pershing Rifles: M-Chib: Basketball, Manager. 
|OHN C. rOMASELLO. Siher Spring. College of Engineering, B.S.. 
Mechanical Engineering. T B II. HELEN FRANDES. Baltimore. College of 
Arts and Sciences, B.S„ Bacteriology. Doi m Iieas. RHONA SUE FRATTLER. 
Gieenbell. Ciollege of Business and Public .Vdminislration, B..\., lournalism. 
i: A T: Senioi Class. Sec: Women's Piess Club. Pies.: DidimiiiilhiK li : Hillel. 

HAL D. TRA\'. Baltimore. College of Arts and Sciences, B.,^., Crime Control, 
i; X: Football. WILLIAM E. I RIESCHMAN, |R. Baltimore. Clollege of 
Engineering, B,S., t:i\il Engineering. FRANK P. EROCUNO. Elizabeth, N. J. 
College of .\rts and Sciences, B..\.. (ioycmineiu and Politics. li X: Newman 
CUub: Go\eriiiiient and Politics Club: Intramural Sports, GORDON T. 
TROI'FER. Washington. D. C:. College of .Arts and Sciences, B.S., Mathe- 
matics. Math C:lub. 

RENNEIH EARL 1 ROXEI.L. Frederick. College of Engineering, B,S., 
Civil Engiueeiing. <^ K T: ASCE: IFC:: Student .Acti\ities C;omm. ,\L\IN H. 
FLICKER, JR. (iieenbelt. College of .\rts and Sciences, B.A., Psychology. 
FRED TULL.AI. JR. Siher Spring. College of Business and Public .\dminis- 
tration, B.S., Marketing. Football: Freshman Football Coach, ESI ER P. 
TURK. Baltimore. College of F.ducation, B.S., Childhooil Eiliuation. A K <1>: 
F'l'.A; Hillel; Women's Chorus: Childhood lulncation Club, 



jifc^' ^^^ ^^1 


The Seniors of 1956 

The Seniors of 1956 


ALKXANOFR W. Tl'RMUI.I.. Bhiilcnslmig. College of Business and 
I'nhlic Adniinisiralion. U.S.. Industrial Adininisiialion. A III; Md. Man- 
agenicnl Association; Anieiiran MaiiaKenieni Associalion. KKNM- I H K. 
I I'RNKR. C.rcenhelt. College of I'lnsiial Iclucalion. Reueation. and lliallli. 
U.S.. I'Insiial I ilu.alion. feiinis. IDWARDA. lUIMNC.JR. l)o\lesio«ii. 
I'a. College ol I ilm.ilion. U.S.. Mallunialiis. A K K; {.ale and kev . jOM I'll 
R\^^I()\I) nRRKl.l.. jr. Kallimoie. College ol \ils .ind SiicMiis. U.S.. 
/i.cili.^v liiii.Miunals; Neunian Club. 

IIWII) I III II I 1)1 K. Ualiiniore. College ol Business and I'nlilii Xdniinis- 
ii.uion. 'I'A. \ ite I'res.. I'les.; (.ale and Kes; Seiiioi (;lass. \inis; IFC^; 
SAC; Homecoming, I reas.; IntiamniaK. |KRAI.I) I'. \ AN NA I I A. Wash- 
inglon. 1). C. College of Ails and S(ieiues. U.S.. /oolog\. Band. \ IRCINI.V 
/.OI-. \'.\NOlS. .\iiiia])olis. College ol Home I'conomiis. U.S.. I'lacliial All. 
.\()II; Oiamoiid; |i. I'.miIrI; I'anlul. Sei.; Dorm Vice I'les.; Sailing Club. 
Iicas.; n. I'ui)liiil\. BIMRl.V \ AN S1.VK.I:. Belliesda. College ol Alls 
.ind Siieiues. U.A.. (.(nenimeiu and I'oliliis. K A; II 2i A; Diiiiiiiiiitlhuck: Old 
line: (.(nernmeni and I'oliliis ( lul). Sc< .; hiici n.iiion.d Kelalioiis Cluti; 
Campus Cliesi; Kiesliman from. 

CAROl.VN FACl.KNKR \ ARNI R. Ualtimoie. College of Ails and Sciences. 
B.A.. .So(iolog\ l.ducalion. ROIURI 1. \ I 1.1- BN> . Beiliesila. C<illegeof 
1 ni^iiuei ing. B.S.. Aeionauliial I iigiiieei ing. 'I" A H; I'lisliing Rilles. (.R.\I)Y 
A. \ 1( Kl RS, |R. I ak()in;i I'.iik. College ol Ailsaiul Siiiiues. B.A.. Socioiog>. 
•I'lK. l()R(.l \ 111 AIOUOS. Panama. R I'. College ol .\giiculUiie. U.S.. 
Agionoiii\ S|i.iMjsli ( liil>: Neuni.iM (lull Iniri nalioiial Club; i'laiil liidiiMr) 

CARROI.I, I RIM Nil I Vkl I . ( ollege I'aik. College of Alls and Sciences. 
B..\.. Inglish. I 11 < hili; ISA: lulemalioiuil Club. i:i)\\\Rl) CASK 
\INC.1:N1. H\atls\ille. ( olkge ol AgridiUuie, U.S.. l)aii\ llnsbaiidi\. ATA; 
liack; Dair\ (faille |udgiiig le;nii; Dain Siieiue (Jub: Siudeiil l.i\esloik 
ludging; liunMiiuials. DON \l.l) |()HN \ I I All-.. Sihei Spiing. (ollege ol 
luHUuniiig. U.S.. Meilianiial I ugiueei ini;. AS\1I- ( IIVRIIS B. \()l.l |\k. 
ll.iliiiiiiiie. ( dlligi' i>l \ils anil Siieiues. U.S.. /.iMilogv. II. \. 

SANIORD U A( IIS. Uallimoie. College of All 
A K II. SAM I 1.1. ). \V ADD! 1.1 

Is and Sciences. U..\.. Hisiorv. 

Ballimoie. College of .\ils ■ . ■ 

AKll. SAMl 1.1. ). WADDll.l.. Ballimoie. College of Alls and Sciences. 
U.A.. Iiiglish. 11. I.()l IS RON \1 D WADi:. Wesl Fiiendsbip. College of 
Agiiculliue. B.S.. .Animal llusli.uuliv. .\ 1" I'. \ ite Ties.; A Z: Block and 
Biidle Club. I'res.; Sludenl I.ixesKxk |iidging 1 eaiii; Agiiculliue Council. 
I RANK. R. \V,\D1.1I(.H. Ri\eiside. Conn. ( (illege ol Alls and S.ieines. U.A.. 
I leiuli Foreign .\ie;i. Delialiug ( lub; luiuli ( lub; B.iscball: IIoiiois in 
lieiuli l.ileraliiie. 

|()ll\ WllllWI \\ \(.\l K ( umlKilaii.l (olligi ol Unsuiess .md I'ublii 
\diiiiMisiialioii. US. \(iounliug. 'I> A H; H .\ >t'; 'I- K <!'; \icounling Club. 
1 icas; SluileiU I'laiemenl Re]). \1(.ISI R. WAIUFI. Uallimoie. (ollege 
(il I'lnsical I'diualion. U.S.. I' I dui.ilion. Sindeiil Associa- 
lion: \aisiu loolball; lacrosse. \NIIIONV jOSFI'II UAI.K.ORSKl. |R. 
I'.diimou (ollege of Alls ami Siieiues. U.S.. l'b\sics. Wll 1 IA\1 CAJ'K 
IIXRI \\ \l kF. JR. B;illimoie. College ol 1- iigineering. B.S.. Meilianical 
I iiguiiei ing 'I' K 1; I'eisbing Rilles; Fitslun.iii Cuiossc; \SM1: Soiiclx of 
\uloiuoli\e 1 ngineeis; S.iiling Club. 

\ \l I Rll \\ \l kl K Sil\ei Spring. College of Home Fconomiis. U.S., (icii- 
rial lloiiii- liouoniiis. Otil tnir: Home lionomiis ( lidi; Rossboiougli (^llili; 
( aiiit'i biii\ (lub; I leslim.iii, Sopbonioie. fiinioi I'liini: ( .im|iiis ( licsi. Clirm.; 
Doini \ iie I'res.; ()i lenl.ilion. ( liiiii.; Woiiiens league; Women's 
(lioiiis; Sludenl I'liion, (oinm. (Iiiiii.; Hoiiieioming Conini. ( IIVRI.FS F. 
\\\N(.NIR. Il\al(s\ille. College ol Uusiness and I'liblu \ilminisiiatioi). 
U.S.. ,\<(ouniing. U.iplisi Sludenl I nion. JAMFS I'. \\ \l kl R. Silver 
Spiing. (ollege ol Fiigineei ing. U.S.. I- nginiii nig. ASMF; 
\eleiaus Club; Newman Club. 1' \ 1 RI( I \ MORRIS WMklNS. College 
I'.iik, ( iilligc ol \ils .111(1 SdiiKis. B \ IhikIi K K I': 'I' K 'I'. 


ALBERT M. VVATTENBF.RG. Washington. I). C. College of Business and 
Public Administration. B.S., Mniketing. Marketing Club. GEORGE E. 
WEAST. Ijanisxille. College ol Business and I'nblit Adniinistration, B..S., 
Accounting. Newman Club. DONN.V WT.BKR. Baltimoic. College of Edu- 
cation, B..S.. Childliood Education. AE'h. Vice I'lcs.: Diamond. Vice I'les.: 
\VR.\; S.\C; Hillel; Campus Chest. THO\L\S MILTON WEBS EER. College 
I'. ilk. College of .Agriculture. B..S.. .Agricultural Education. FF.A. I'res. 

EMIL\' JEAN WEHRl.W .Vrlington, \'a. College of Home Economics. B.S., 
General. Wesle\ Foinidalion: Home Economics Club; 1955 Danforth Girl 
.Award; Dorm \'ice Pres. J.ACK WEINER. Baltimore. College of Arts and 
.Sciences. B..S., History. .Spanish Club; Judo Club; Intramurals. JOSPLPH S. 
WEINSTOCR. Baltimore. College of .Arts and .Sciences, B..A.. .American 
Civilization. Z B T; Football Caid .Section, Co-Chairman; Jr. Prom, Entertain- 
ment Comm,; Philosophy Club; Homecoming. |iidging Comm. (iEORGE 
RONALD WEf.SGERBER. Baltimore. College of Engineering. B.S.. Civil 
Engineering. - A E, Vice Pies.; Old Line; .ASCE; Lutheran Student .Assoc. 

DA\'II) B. WEfSM.AN. Takoma Park. College of Business and Pid)lic .Admin- 
istration. B.S.. fnsurance and Real E.state. II A. WILLIAM CHARLES 
WELLER. Baltimore. C:ollcge of Engineering. B.S., Mechanical Engineering. 
ASME. RICHARD SLOAN WeLION. Moorelicld. W. \'a. College of Agri- 
culture. B.S.. .Agricultural Eionomics. ATP; AZ; Livestock Judging Team; 
Meats Judging Teanr. JAMES AVERRING. Chillum Heights. College of 
.Arts and Sciences, B.A., Sociology. 

WENDELL DONALD WHEA ELEV. Hyattsville. College of Arts and .Sciences, 
B.A., Goveriunent and Politics. FRANCISCO A. WHITE. Takoma Park. 
College of Engineering. B.S., Chemical Engineering. T K E; .AlChE; Mathe- 
matics Club; Neuman Club. FRANK MILES WHITE. Catonsville. College 
of Education, B.S., Industrial Education. T K E, Pres., Treas.; Gate and Rey; 
Freshman .Soccer; Intr;imurals. ROBERT O. WHITELEY. Williamsburg. 
College of Business and I'idilic \dministr;ition. B.S., .Accounting. <I> i^ K. 

|,AMES L. WHITTLE, lowson. College of Militars .Science. B.S., Military 
Science. [AMES W. WHYBREW. Washington. I). C. College of Engineering, 
B.S., Electrical Engineering. IRE; Newman Club. EHOMAS (. WICHIE. 
Hyattsville. College of Education, B.A.. Education. PATRICIA SUE WICK. 
Woodbury, N. J. of Home Economics. B.S.. Crafts. 

CH.ARLES E. WICK.ARD. Cumberland. College of Business and Public 
■Administration, B.S., Pid)lic Relations. <\''^ K. \'ice Pres.; OAK, Pres.; II A E. 
\'ice Pres.; I) K '!■; Gate and Ke\ ; Whos Who; Terra jiiii. Editor '55; Old Line; 
IFC; SGA, Pies. HERBER I C. WICKRE. H\atts\ille. College of Business 
and Public Administration. B.S., Accounting. 15 A *. Pres. RUTH EMILY 
WIDMER. Chew Chase. College of .Arts and Sciences, B.A., Psychology. 
ANNE WIEDERHOI.n. Liii\cisitv Park. College of Arts and .Sciences. B..A.. 
Spanish. A X «. .Sec, Vice Pres., Pres.; + K <!'; :i T T; M-Bnnk; WRA, Treas.. 
Sec; Spanish Club; Daydodgers Club. 

MARK FREDERICK WIEDEMANN. Wheeling. W. Va. College of Arts and 
.Sciences, B.S., Zoology. Deans List; Intramurals; Rifle leam; Pershing Rifles. 
LAWRENCE EDWARD WILDINS. Paisonsbiug. College of Business and 
Public .Administration. B.S., Industrial .Administration. Maryland Marketing 
.A.ssoc; Mai \ land Management Club; S.AC:; \V'esle\ Foundation; |ob Forum. 
Chairman. CHARLES H. WILLIAMS. |R. Washington. I). C. College of 
Arts and .Sciences. B.S.. C:hemistr\. i: *E. DOROTHY ALVERTA WIL- 
LI.AMS. St. Leonard. College of Home Economics. B.S., General. A P. \'ice 
Pres.; A A A; '^ K <i>; Diamond; Who's Who; l-H Club; Canterbury Club; 
Home Economics Club; AWS, Clhairman; Homecoming C^omin; Job Place- 
ment Comm. 






kIMCK Wll I I WIS M<k>iiIkI(I. \\ . \;i. (olIcKf of AKiimlliiic. B.S.. Cicii- 
< Agridilluu. A X A: Wcsliniiisur It'll<i\\shi|): April iilliiic Kcononiio Ciliili; 
I'lani liiiliisiiv (lull. UII.I.IAM JOHN U II. 1.1 WIS. JR. namillc. I'a. Col 
U-gc of Alls Hiiil Stic-iucs. U.S.. ila< ici iiilon\. Iniiaimiials: \clcians {'.lub. 
WAMAN l.KONARI) Willi WIS. Aikcii. S. C. ( olitgi- of KiiRiiici-i in};. U.S., 
( iul I.iiKiiRiiiM«. ASCK. JAMKS MI I (HI 1.1 Will SON. HaKtr-iouii. 
( iillcj»c ol l-.MniiRCTiMg. U.S.. (:i\il Kiii;infci iiij- 'I' K T. I iras.: .ASCK: Dorm 
I'lis.; Haiiil: Ntwiiiaii {Jul); IFC. 

\\M \ Kl 111 W II SON. H\alls\ilk-. Collogi- of 1 diualioii. U.S.. Klcincii- 
I. in I cliii.iiiiiii A 1" A. I rcas.. \i(c I'rcs.; AAA. I'lis.; + K +; Catiiptis 

\(.i(lcini( Hoaiil; licslimaii Oricnlalioii (omiii. MVRIORII ADKl.K 
WINAN 1. Hiiiitwood. ColUgc ol Hour- Itoiioiiiio. lis. Iiisiilulioii Man- 
agciiKiU. ( lia|Kl Choir. \ I RNON WOl.H WINDI 1.1.. Higlilaiul. Iml. 
Colltnc ol Mililai\ SdtiRc-. U.S.. MiliiaM Siitiuf. MVRON .M. UINGKI. 

1 akoina I'.iik. Coljcijc of Xils.ini! Siiiiuis. U.S.. Uai tci i<>log\. 

I'RISCIII.V \N\ WINIIK U.iliiiiKMc. College ol \i Is and Sciences. U. A., 
luiuh. lienili Clnb. |OIIN K. WOICOI I U.siluM. Mass. College or 
\ils and Sciences. U. A.. I'svchologs. ROlU R 1 111 WOI.KKS. JR. Martins- 
lung. W. \a. College of Agricnliine. U.S.. \ Hnsl)andr\. Ne\Miian Club: 
Ulock and Uridle Club. ROCI.R AI.AN UOl.ll-. M\allsxille. College of 
\its AuA Sciences, U.,\.. .\rl. riitiifiiii. I.avoul I'dilor. 

1 |)\\ \Rn ( \RI wool! I.ikniii.i I'.iik (olUgeol Engineering, U.S.. .\cro- 
nanlKal Kngiuieinig. 1 \S. \\N(\ (\RU()\ U OODAI.l.. leancrk. N. J. 
College of .\ils .old Sciences. U \.. I iiglish IIU'I'; Sailing Club; .\cadcniic 
Hoard; liendi Club. (I(;II,I\ MARII WOODS. Noilolk, \ a. College of 
Alls and Sciences. U.A.. I nglish. A O II. Sec; Who's Who; Ttrrajiiii. .Assoc. 
I cliloi. Oigaui/alions liliior; Campus Chesl. Chrm.; SA(.. Sec. ROBF.RT 

\RIS WOODS. Wasliingion. 1). C. College of Kdiuation. U.S.. Science. FKiiig 
(lub; Siudeiil Religious ( ouncil. \ice I'res.; CJnislian .Sciciuc Organi/alioil, 

1 icMs.. I'lcs.; ( hapc'l ( boil . 

H\RH\K\ WKK.lll bcilusd.i. College ol Iclucilion. U.S.. CliildluKul Idii- 
..iiiou. |OIIN II s Cambridge. College of Kdiuation. B.S.. Science Hiill^ Dorm Couiuil, I'res.; Mens league; Ciantcrbury 
Club; .\inolcl .\ii Socieiv. IR\NK I'OW I 1.1. WRK.IIISON. Kasion. Col- 
lege of l'li\sic;il I cliic;ilioii. U.A.. I'Insiciil l-cliic .ilion. Iniiamiiral Council, 
See.. Ircas.; U;iseball. (.1 ()R(.I Wl . Norwalk. Ccmii. College of Kduca- 
lion. U.S.. Industrial Ails. Iiidusiii;il liluialioii .\ssocialioii. ,Sgt.-al-.\rms, 
I ic:is.. \'ice I'res. 

RolilRI ^ \(.l R Nc« UiuiisiMck. N. J. College ol Hiislncss and I'nblic 
Ndiiiiiiisii.iiiou. U.S.. ludusiiial \diiiinisiialion. 1! >l> K. Tres.; A 111; (iaic 
iiul Ke\; Maiiagemeni (lub; IK DI\NI ^0^ N(.. Deiroil. Mith. College 

ol lloiiie l.conomics. US, I due iliou K K P. \ ice I'les.; Diiniitmilhark: 

tilt I : f -i t \ / 11..... >.;...T I \ t . .111111 - 14iiiii(> l.'(~<i. 

Oil! liiir: Class D.iiicc- ( oiiiiii ; I louiecoming ()uceiis ( ciinm.; Home Kco- 
nomics Club. DONMD I \WRfN(K ^ Ol N(..' U.illimore. College of Arts 
.inci Sciences. U.S.. I'sMhologx. K i); Rossboiough Club. IU.\'KRl.Y 
\()l N(.IR. ()uiiil)\. \a. College of Kcluialion. U.A.. Secielaiial Kducalion. 
Doi m I ie;is. 

|()SII'II W \\ ll\s (..iilicld. N |. ( cillege ol \ils .incI Sciences. U \.. I'le 
I in llision. ATA: luliamuials; Ne«man(liib. JOHN |OSH'H /\U\W\ 
U.illiiiioie. College ol Ingineeiing. U.S.. I'leiliiial I- ngineei iiig. KINNI III 
jl ROMI /XRISWII/. College I'.irk. College ol Alls .nicl Sciences. U. A.. 
S|icecli 1 A .M; (lei .iiicl Ke\. Vice I'res.; 11: Diieded Spiing Week •Inlci- 
bide ; licsliinan Orienlaiion; Hillel; liench Club. WII.I.IWI UXRDWH.l 
/I 1.^N^ Ihallsxille. College of Ails.nicl Sciences. U.S.. Malhenialics. 'I- K •!•. 


C:AR()I, MARIORIF. ZIKS. lialiiinoic. College ol Ails and Sciences, B.S.. 
SociologN. AXJ!,\icc Pies,: SAC; Siuioldsv CUib: 11. lU-.BK JANE ZILBER. 
Baltimore. College of Home Economics. B.S.. Etincation. Hiilel: Home Eco- 
nomics Club. JOAN BARBARA ZIMNH-.T. \\asliington. D. C. College of 
Education. \i..\.. An Education. 

A syniljol ot tour years of toil, fim. and growth is received with great joy. 


Anil now lor thr (iiM aiuiouiu fiiitnl ol the Ccitloniidl (hiroi. Perry ("oiuo has sclcclcil 
MISS I'OIIA l',R()HSr wlio will reign as Quctii ol (huins lor 1<)56. 

11 \Ki; \R A IIAKI l< 
Rininri iij) 

(.|()K(.I \l 1)1 \\ 
liiiinii I }ij> 

f-^erru i^oi 

March 26, 1956 

Ml33 Audrey Nlcoloudia 

Terrapin I956 
University of Maryland 
Colle^^e Park, Maryland 

Dear Miss Nicoloudls: 

After going through the photographs we have 
selected Miss Polly Brobst as the winner In 
the Centennial Queen Contest. As the runners 
up we select Miss Barbara Baker and Miss '^eorpene 

They are all so beautiful and if it were up to me 
I would select each and every one as the winner, 
but being as I have to select only one as the winner 
I have selected the one as mentioned above. 

Thank you very much for the honor of being chosen 
to select your Oueen. 

Sincerely, >^ 

l'ERR\ CXJMO, noted Rciordin,i^ and I ckvision Star, selects 
C^entennial beauty and her court. 


our years seemed like such a long time when we first gazed across the 
campus and wondered where our place would be. But suddenly they've gone 
— those wondrous college days — never to return. And all that is left to us is 
their cherished memory and the ideals which time can never erase. 

One hundred years of Maryland ideal-building have gone by since her first 
students entered. The clarion call of Centennial has thrust open the doors of 
time. Exhibitions and entertainment have felt its influence, and this year we 
crowned a queen of queens to reign over this historic event. 


in iWemoriam 




-he busy world's scars have deepened these past four years. Commu- 
nism and Democracy still vie for control. We've seen our brothers and our 
sweethearts leave to strengthen "police action" on the other side of the globe. 
Men have fought and died defending tiny islands and precious principles. Some- 
where, discovery of a Salk vaccine made polio curable, and spirited citizens sent 
aid to flood ravaged neighbors. On campus two new buildings were humbly 
embellished with the names of benefactors claimed by death. 


l)f/ni\ iiud jiK iilly l}ii\ (Hddi-mu Inhiitc to Ur. KIknis iil his inaiiii^inalion. 


-he Presidential gavel changed hands three times since our arrival. A 
massive stadium arose to honor the man responsible for the rapid growth of the 
Maryland "plant". A conscientious alum returned to bridge the gap between 
two terms. From Texas came a Phi Beta Kappa with big scholastic plans. 

Dr. Symons. nhimrius find Denn was llir second of the 
three presidents to direct the University of Miirylinul 
(hiriiit;, our four year career. 

C.cwernor McKeldin bridges a congratulatory hand- 
shake joining the administrations of Dr. Byrd and Dr. 

On /'hinidtiy mollis nj llir Xdlional S\/nj)li(}n\ On lieslta C.oincrl scuson. caiiipus-iridi- (iliciilimi aiiloiiuitiKtIly ecu- 
lered tit Rilcliic Coliseum, u'hor ///< sludrul body hhis introduci'd to such iiiusual t^'.s as Arliiro Tosaiiiiiii. 

Mtnxliiiid Day Convocation, 
l'>T6, spotJighlcd General 
Carlos Roinulo. a former 
president of llie I'.X., as our 
!'('/■)' distiui^uislied guest. 

vm\w.\wm.\ f 

All "Interlude" of song and skit kicked ojj the initial 
Spring Week, designed to entertain and relax llie 
sea.sou-struck Maryland student. 

Roping sorority girls at the Sophomore Carnival was a 
clever innovation by tlie class of boosting support for 
Campus Chest. 


arying lights of activity appeared in the Maryland kaleidoscope. We 
shared the tremulous ovation of Toscanini and picked up the beat of the Jazz 
Concert. Campus "wheels" strutted fashionably down runways. An annual 
moonlight cruise began, while sophomore carnivals gained in prominence. Stir- 
ring convocations alerted us to the world beyond our campus walls. 

One hundred years of our AUua Mater's 
history unfurls proudly al the Centennial 

Picture Index 


Aoronson, D 243 

Abdolla, Dinnil 237 

Abel. Phyli. 26J 

Abell, Oanial 100 

Ab«lman, Adrienn* 274 

Abbott, P 243 

Abbott, Woodrow 173 

Abltmon, Andrienne . .100. 124, 178 

Abplanolp, Sarah 271 

Abromowill, Myro .100. 242. 274 

Abromowiti. Lonni« 264 

Acket, lorry 169, 296 

Ackermon. A 256 

Ackermon. Natoiiv 276 

Ackley. B i43. 267 

Acrec, Anno 104 

Acree, George 115 

Adami, A 256 

Adorns, Carol 175 

Adami, Donald f 312 

Adams. Edword F 151 

Adorns, Ellen 152, 242, 262 

Adams, Joan 100, 156, 172, 245 

Adorns, Robert 286, 312 

Adorns, Somuel 

102, 106, 159, 291. 308 

Adelberg, Jonet 245, 264 

Adelmon, Milton 292 

Adkin, B 259 

Adier, S 247 

Agee, Dreomo 245, 312 

Aholt, Arthur 161 

Aholl, Dowson 159 

Ahalt. Eugene E 312 

Aidolo. Tom 159 

Alello, Clare 103 

Aitken, Sue 157, 272, 312 

Alberts, James 287 

Albright, 8 243 

Alderton, Gene 205, 206 

Al Doory, Adnon 170 

Alexonder, Bob 198 

Alfaro, Bios 164 

Algire, Watson G 66 

Alk, Barboro 152, 178, 264 

Allen, Carolyn 265 

Allen, John 167 

Allen, Judy 180, 275 

Allen, Phyllis 167 

Allen, Russell 61, 125 

Allen, Suianne 168, 270 

Allen, Williom 312 

Allender, Jane 163, 245, 275 

Allender, Joan 245, 271 

Allin, Bushrod 312 

Allison, Mory Ann 271 

Allulis, Joe 301 

Alpert, Normo 276 

Althouse, Janice 56, 273, 312 

Altvoler, Gory 169, 296 

Amoto, Sol 222 

Amberson, John N 118, 181 

Amberson, Mory 265 

Ambroiok, Jeannette 166, 243 

Ames, Charles 165, 177 

Anotos, Dr, George 61 

Andersen, Richard 

103. 105. 167, 312 
Anderson, Barboro Jean 

154, 172, 273, 312 

Anderson, John 312 

Anderson, Marilyn 270 

Anderson, Mary 267 

Anderson, Patricio H 312 

Anderson, Stuart 152 

Andree, M 255 

Andrews, Ann 118, 271 

Andrews, H. S 116 

Anonow, M 247 

Antonelli, Morris 304 

Antrim, Nancy 118, 194, 273, 312 

Apel, John 308 

Appleby, lii 268 

Applestein, Fronk 307, 312 

Applestein, Fred 95, 299 

April, Morty 308 

Arey, Jone 277 

Armocost, Jomet 100, 312 

Armsworlhy, Beverly 175 

Armsworthy, Mory 122, 312 

Arnold, Barbara 165 

Arnold. Mrs. Bernice....165, 170, 312 

Arnold, Dione 154 

Arnold, George 312 

Arnold. Jim 306 

Arnold, R 250 

Arnott, Jock 306 

Aronow, Marilyn 274 

Arrington. Elmer L 148 

Arrington, Louil 180 

Artl. Lenny 299 

Aril, 1 250 

Asay, Joan 275 

Aschettine, E 247 

Ashbury, Ann 247, 312 

Ashley, T 250 

Ashley, Wesley 163 

Alhy, Ron 198, 206 

Atkinson, Mory Joan 175 

Atwell, William 312 

Auld, Carl 312 

Austin, Noncy 312 

Auslenson, Bruc* 169, 296 

Aulh, Henry 167 

Autiy, lorry 291 

Axelrod, Joseph 307 


Bochmonn. Shirley 123,312 

Boden. Ed 301 

Boer, Joanne 312 

Bohmer, Henry W 312 

Baile, Robert R 179 

Boiley, Bob 159, 259 

Bailey, Frank 297 

Boine, Kathy 106, 312 

Baisley, Polricio 103 

Baker, Ann 180 

Baker, Barboro 

113, 152, 194,273, 312 

Baker, Carole 243, 274 

Boker, Mary 268 

Baker, Nelson C 312 

Baker, Richard F 116 

Baker, Thomas 290 

Boldwin, Janet 121 

Baldwin, Lucy A 245, 313 

Baldwin, N 245 

Bolenger, Jack 291 

Baliff, Brabaro 265 

Ball, Adele 173, 313 

Bollard, Robert 290, 313 

Bollew, Charles 1 179 

Bolser, Gertrude C 313 

Balser, William 105 

Bomlord, Ron 70, 160, 301 

Band, Dave 304 

Bonk, Jerry 299 

Bonk, Merle 157, 313 

Borodet, Richard 117 

Borroff. Alvin 95, 304 

Barker. Gordon 179, 313 

Borlew, D 243 

Barloe, Doltie 262 

Barlow. Charles 255. 296 

Bornabei. Gloria 170, 267, 313 

Barnes. Eliiobeth (Mrs.) 296 

Barnes, George 152 

Barnes. Lindo 267 

Barnes. Wesley 237 

Boron. Stonley 284, 313 

Borry, John A 313 

Barry. Kothy 158. 265 

Bortell, Ronald 300 

Borthel. George 120 

Bortko, Frank 243, 313 

Bashom. William 290 

Bosler. A 242 

Bossier, Claude 163 

Boles. D 258 

Boles, John A 124 

Botlas, Stephen 313 

Bouermonn, Lois 180, 242, 270 

Baumgordner, D 245 

Boumgarlen, Poul G 105, 180 

Bowbell, Roberta 271 

Baxly, Noncy 277 

Boy. Wall 285 

Boyer, Audrey 123 

Boynes, Wesley 163 

Beach, Robert 290 

Beol, Williom Rev 177 

Beoll, Thomas 298 

Beollie, J 245 

Beollie, Corolyn 180 

Beotlie, Julionne 163. 180 

Beolly, John 220, 285 

Beouchomp, Wolter 121, 166, 250 
Beouchomp, Roy 220, 285 

Beoiley, Bob 255. 259 

BecHloldl. Barbara 171. 263 

Bechtoldl, Janet 50, 263. 313 

Beck. Chorles f. .158, 161. 256. 313 

Beck, George f 313 

Becker, T J 148 

Becker, W 250 

Beckwilh, Marjoria 272 

Beemon, Del 238 

Bees, George 90 

Beer, George 92. 95 

Beiqhiol. Bob 120 

Beightol. Lynn 198, 209 

Belnith. Andrew 296 

Bell. J 259 

Belt. Thomoi 168 

Bellomy, Ray 238 

Belt, Bill 306 

Belt. John 287 

Bemon. Arlina 269, 313 

Bemon. Del 290 

Benefield. Gory 106 

Benemon. Ellen 274 

Benesuns. B 247 

Benesuns, M. 1 123, 242 

Benfer, Jim 163, 296, 313 

Bengel, Anne L 270, 313 

Bennonior, Arthur 102, 255 

Benner, Robert 106, 119, 148 

Bennel, Jone 56, 243 

Bennett, 8 243, 267 

Bennett, Stan 295 

Benson, Donald 125, 313 

benson, Joseph 160 

Benson, Karl 159 

Benson, Robert F 313 

Benton, Chorles L 66 

Berge, Jock 163 

Berger, Don 299 

Berger, Molly 276 

Berger, N 247 

Bergslrom, Karen 171, 268 

Beringer, Wolter 179, 298 

Berloge, Bruce .55, 82, 111, 112, 313 

Berloo. Don 153, 169. 296 

Berlin, Sara Fran 243, 274 

Berliner, Ernie 234 

Bermon, Dovid 114, 151, 258 

Eerney, Pete 114, 151 

Eernliordl, Carol 150 

Bernhardt, Joseph 155 

Berquist, Bob 301 

Berry, Charley 306 

Berry, George W 313 

Berry, Kote 266 

Berry, Pallie 175 

Berry, R 258 

Berry, Wayne 291 

Berlolomi, Wilo 259 

Besley, Fred 161 

Best, James 1 148 

Bells, Bernodine 103, 104 

Betz, Ernie 294 

Beynon, Daniel 289 

Bionchi, John 306, 308. 313 

Bickford. Lorellc 82. 120. 266. 313 

Biemiller, Don 180 

Bienick. Andy 169 

Biggs, Ted 177 

Billings, Julio 56, 68, 156 

Bindok, Don 305 

BIscHoff, Robert 297 

Bish, Mary Ann 275 

Bishop, Harry A 66 

Bissell, Jone 313 

Billner, Dick 198 

Bixler, D 258 

Black, Borbora 152, 266 

Block, Etta Roy 269, 313 

Block, Fronk 71 

Blackford. Chester 163. 291 

Bladen. Howard A 313 

Blair. Joe 192 

Bloke, Mike 80, 85 

Blanc, Milton 167, 313 

Blonchord, Morton 298 

Blond, Maureen 267, 313 

Blonk, Elaine K 314 

Blanton, Belly M 314 

Blondton, Jomes E 314 

Blouvelt, Anne 166, 243, 270 

Bleich. Al 214 

Bliti. J 258 

Block, Fronk 71 

Block, Stan 292 

Bloodsworlh Hoyt 116, 295 

Bloom, Jerry 295 

Bloss, E 250 

Blum, Gail 59, 274 

Blumberg. Ino 245, 264 

Bobb, Stanley 234, 304 

Bobik, John T 151, 291 

Bodie, Charles 259 

Bohlen, Larry 302 

Eohlamn, Roy 290, 308 

Boileove, Bob 301 

Bolen, Steve 234, 235 

Bolgiono, Barbara 272 

Bolick, Hubert 115, 314 

Bollhorst, Frederick 152. 314 

Bolongiewioi. Robert 287 

Bonnar. John 296 

Bonnet. Dolly 271 

Bonnelt. F 258 

Bontoyon, Warren 114, 314 

Booker. Motthew 125, 314 

Boone. Margie 118, 268, 314 

Boone. Potti 268 

Boone, Sue 271 

Booth, Carol 277 

Booth, R 254 

Borders, Eugene 314 

Born, Heino 164 

Borofl, Burton 125, 155, 314 

Bolls, Polricio 272 

Bouder, Robert W 179, 181 

Bounds, Boyd 169, 296 

Bourne, Eugene 289 

Bourne, Joseph 314 

Bourne, Mory lou 268 

Bourne, Richard 286 

Bowden, Jock 174, 258 

Bowen, Betsy 243, 255. 258, 262 

Bowen. Goll 153 

Bowie, J 259 

Bowie. Ken 301 

Bowler. Charles 

115. 124, 222. 223. 298 

Bowling. Gilbert 294 

Bowman. Mory Louise 

161, 263, 314 

Bowman, Sidney 294 

Bowrne, Eugene 116 

Boyd, Betty 273 

Boyd, Evelyn 314 

Boyd, Kit 270 

Boye, William 314 

Boyer, Audrey 262, 314 

Boyer, Edward 125 

Boyer, Moxine 158, 267 

Boyer, Warren 154 

Boykin, Allison 272, 314 

Boyle, Don R 123, 177 

Boyle, Pol 198, 306 

Boylin, Howard 307 

Boynlon, Charles 121 

Brocketl, Worren E 190 

Brodley, J 245 

Bradley, Richard 314 

Bragaw, George 174 

Branch, Paul 145, 250 

Brondau, H 259 

Brandon, Corrine 164 

Brondon, Gilbert 173 

Branl, Lorry 308 

Brauermon, E 247 

Broun, Cecil 297 

Brauning, David 158 

Brovo, Alfredo 115 

Brown, 8 257 

Brown, P 247 

Brower, Robert 307 

Broy, Derwood 314 

Bray, Jean 114, 166, 263 

Dreenon, Barbara 275 

Brehm, John J 113, 314 

Breighner, Gordon 314 

Breusse, Janice 162 

Brewer, D 243 

Brewer, Leroy 295 

Brice, James 298 

Brice, Robert 296 

Bricker, John 265 

Briden, Robert 303 

Bridgers, F. A 164 

Bridgers, Furmon 61 

Briereley, Ronald 298 

Brigermon, S 254, 259 

Briggs, Ellsworth 102 

Briggs, Vernon 60, 296 

Brighom, David L 71 

Bright, William 169 

Brink. Sleek 162 

Brinsfield. J. Steworl 155 

Brinsfield, Truilt 173 

Briscoe, M 104. 177. 247, 265 

Brillinghom. Robert 298 

Broodhurst. Lois 170, 262, 314 

Brocoto. Charles 314 

Brocolo, Jo Ann 159, 247 

Brodie. Horry T 314 

Bromwell, Dick 228 

Bronson, Jacquelyn 157, 276,314 

Brooks. Alvin 314 

Brooks. Robert 300 

Bropsi, Poulelte 276. 314 

BrotI, Anne 273, 314 

Brough, Bruce 165 

Brown. Barbara 268 

Brown, Bergen 125, 151, 314 

Brown, Belly 160, 275 

Brown, Buzz 115, 124 

Brown, Corotyn 277 

Brown, Chuck 258, 296 

Brown, Dennis 290 

Brown, Dinoh 79, 180, 243 

Brown, Donald 173 

Brown, Ed 285 

Brown, Eileen 118, 315 

Brown, Elizabeth 315 

Brown, Herbert 67 

Brown, Jomes 124, 314 

Brown, Joy 308 

Brown, Jean 175 

Brown, Joe 296 

Brown, John 290 

Brown, L 243,315 

Brown, Morlene 247, 264 

Brown, Richard 114 

Brown, Robert 286 

Brown, Romoine 177 

Brown. Russell 167 

Brown, Sophio J 315 

Brown, Stonley 180 

Brown, Wondo 163 

Browne, Leroy 115,315 

Brownino, Borbora 315 

Browning, Dennis 106 

Bruboker. Herbert 

50, 111, 112. 174,315 

Bruce. Robert 87 


Brunke, Lois 163 

Bruno, Francis 237 

Bryan, Carter 125 

Bryan, Everette 315 

Bryant, Henry 315 

Bryant, William 121 

Bryden, Sheila 267 

Brzozowski, William 152 

Buck, Dick 301 

Buck, Helen 179 

Buck, J 243 

Buck, Sally 154, 277 

Buckhontz, Helene 264, 315 

Buckingham, Helen 103, 179 

Buckley, Jay 198 

BucJnick, Evelyn... 100, 118, 274, 315 

Buehman, Barry 284 

Buehler, Marcia 179, 242 

Buffington, RaymoncJ 294 

Bugg, A 250 

Bukowitz, Sandra 274 

Bulman, Leonard 299, 315 

Bumgordner, R 245 

Bundy, Charles 294 

Bunker, Frank 170, 315 

Bunso, Walt 174 

Burch, George 115 

Burchett, R 257 

Burchuk, David 102 

Burdell, William 296 

Burdett, Harold 

80, 120, 125, 304, 315 

Burdick, L 247 

Burdick, Martin 113, 125, 315 

Bures, Gene 315 

Burgee, Dick 198 

Burgly, Bill 198 

Burgtorf, Nina 166, 242 

Burke, Edmond 67 

Burke, James 315 

Burkett, Donald 148, 288 

Burkholder, Donald 125 

Burns, A 243 

Burns, Barbara ...153, 255, 258, 272 

Burns, Marylyn 123 

Burns, Maureen 163 

Burns, R 259 

Burns, Theodore A 170 

Burnsides, Cecil 273 

Burr, Marilyn 154, 245, 160 

Burrier, Fred 106 

Burroughs, Julia 177, 243 

Burrows, Thomas 286 

Burt, Dick 228 

Burtner, Leroy 106 

Busado, Norman 315 

Buschman, Bud 180 

Buser, Dessie Mae 157, 180 

Bush, David 116 

Bush S 257 

Bushman, John 298 

Bushony, Stewart 172 

Bussang, R 255, 258 

Byers, Dorothy 156, 161 

Bussard, Shirley 269 

Butler, Dale 303 

Butwcll, Mrs. Ruth 61, 68 

Buzby, Corole 104 

Byrne, Joseph 125 


Cadmus, Mortin C 179, 315 

Caffrey, Gail 271 

Cahill, Nancy 315 

Cohoon, Lynda 267, 315 

Cahoon, Tom 103, 118 

Coirnes, Conni 273 

Colder, Phil 234, 301 

Caldwell, John 250, 298 

Calhoun, Cathy 179 

Calhoun, Catherine 315 

Callahan, Pot 

56, 76, 85, 156, 174, 266 

Collohan, Bob 237 

Callaway, Les 287 

Collis, D 254 

Calvert, E 243 

Campbell, Barbara 266 

Campbell, Laurence 163 

Campbell, Paul 301, 315 

Campbell, Willy 305 

Canning, Jerry 113, 315 

Cannon, Anne .123, 272 

Cannon, Doris 315 

Canter, Faye 118, 157, 276, 315 

Coplon, Lillian 242, 276 

Coplan, Phyllis 157 

Caraway, Diane 273 

Corbock, N 243 

Corboine, Frank 298 

Carey, Bob 159, 259 

Carey, Mr. Robert 61 

Carlisle, Stu 224 

Carlos, Anostasia 315 

Carlos, S 243 

Carlson, Bobbie Lee 268 

Carlson, Carl 167 

Carlson, Elso 262 

Carlson, Nancy 167 

Carman, Frank 177, 297 

Carnegie, Burton S 179 

Carpenter, Arthur 154, 157, 173 

Carpenter, Mike 159 

Corr, Alan B 168 

Carr, A 258 

Corr, Arthur 298 

Corr, Barry 118 

Corr, Betty 106, 154 

Corr, Bob 234 

Corr, Carol 269 

Corr, Julio B 163, 316 

Carroll, Lee 269 

Carroll, Roney Ill, 112, 191, 222 

Carruth, Donald 151 

Carson, Ellen 118, 268, 316 

Carter, Annie Laurie 163 

Carter, John 316 

Carter, Robin 179 

Corter, Thomas 298 

Carthouse, Robert 290 

Cortmell, Mason 316 

Corullo, F 255 

Cosborian, Harvey 120 

Cose, William 180 

Coshman, Mar jean 269, 316 

Coskey, Naomi 104 

Cossidy, Chorles 173, 250 

Costotor, A 242 

Costelozo, Joan. .104, 118, 263, 316 

Castillo, Jorge 170 

Castle, Richard A 151, 316 

Castro, Myrno 164 

Caulk, Paula 104 

Covalloro, Carl 300, 316 

Covollero, Sol 228 

Covonaugh, Leo 168, 301, 316 

Cavonough, Rozanne 102 

Cavey, D 255 

Chaney, James 296 

Choney, Lee 298 

Cha, M. H 155 

Chodsey, Jill 171, 271 

Chodsey, Lynn 100, 243 

Chaimson, Carole 

100, 119, 156, 274, 316 

Chamberlin, Bill 177, 302 

Chambers, Mary 100 

Chandler, Bob 285 

Charchalis, Toros 1 116 

Chorp, C 256 

Chosen, Anita 316 

Chaturas, Choros 148 

Cheek, Emmett 198 

Chen, Yung Ming 151, 316 

Chernow, Artie 250, 299 

Cherrix, John 

111. 116, 117, 148, 316 

Cherry, Johanna 245, 316 

Chioruttnt, Carmen 157 

Chidokel, Adele 120 

Childs, Isabella 316 

Childs, Isabella 316 

Childs, M 245 

Ching, Bob 305 

Chios, George 159 

Choote, Harold 180 

Christensen, Ginny 245 

Christionson, Joan 56, 316 

Churchville, Dick 301 

Cialone, Robert 300 

Cierler, Millie 264 

Civalino, B 255 

Clogett, Charles B 116 

Clancy, A 242 

Clopham, Flossy 121 

Clark, Donald 286 

Clork, E 254 

Clark, Jean 242, 267 

Clarke, John 298 

Clark, Lee 90, 94 

Clark, Morgie 106, 180, 242, 270 

Clark, Patrick 250, 298 

Clark, Vicky 161, 266 

Clark, Walter J 168, 316 

Clark, Williom 298 

Clarke, Ginny 262 

Clarke, Pat 214, 243 

Clowson, C 258 

Clowson, C 255 

Cloxton, Georgia 269 

Clendenin, Gary 165 

Clendenin, George 57, 106 

Cleveland, Bill 106 

Cleveland, Leonard 106, 302 

Clevelond, James 119 

Clifford, Jack 239 

dike, S 243 

Cline, Shonnon 121 

Clipton, Laurie 272 

Closson, J 250 

Clute, B 243 

Cookley, Buster 105 

Coole, Charles 157 

Coon, Roderick 298 

Coates, Dick 259 

Coatney, Cathy 270, 316 

Cobb, J 245 

Cobey, Bill 192 

Cobey, Mory Pot 165, 268 

Coburn, M 255 

Cochenour, Donna Lee 316 

Cochran, Cecilia 277 

Cockran, Shirley 270 

Coder, Bette 262 

Coffmonn, William 102 

Cogor, Bucky 180 

Cohen, Beryle 191 

Cohen, Clara 274 

Cohen, Eleonor 264 

Cohen, Frederick 121 

Cohen, Hillard 299, 309 

Cohen, Jerry 304 

Cohen, N 256 

Cohen, Rita 274 

Cohen, Shonedel 276 

Cohen, Susan 155, 156 

Cohen, Wally 299 

Cohn, Ruth 316 

Colbert, Joe 292 

Coleburn, Robert 294 

Cole, Harriet 264 

Cole, Sue 268 

Colie, Merriel Jo 277 

Cole, Jr., William P 67 

Colledge, Charles 316 

Colimitra, Andrew 156, 296 

Collier, Dennis 177 

Collier, Martha 265 

Collins, Chorlotle 272 

Collins, John 125, 245, 288 

Collins, Jackie 277 

Collins, Stan 162, 163, 288, 316 

Colton, Potricio 104, 170, 245 

Colvin, Carol 179, 243 

Comegys, Henry 157, 161 

Comi, Marie 172, 273 

Compe, Harriet 270 

Conklin, Jim 301 

Conkey, Howard 173 

Conley, Alvoh 116 

Conlyn, Sue 266, 316 

Conneely, Patricia 152, 272 

Conrads, Alyce 170, 316 

Conway, A 255 

Conway, Jock 180 

Cook, Allan 117 

Cook, Ann 180, 270 

Cook, Arnold 290 

Cook, Arthur 309 

Cook, Carolyn 102 

Cook, Caroline 106, 270 

Cook, J. Allen 166 

Cook, Helen Mary 154, 175 

Cook, Mory Eleanor 154, 175 

Cook, Robert D 148, 316 

Cook, Thomas 122, 316 

Cooke, Ed 198 

Cools, C 247 

Coonrod, Roger 165, 191, 238 

Cooper, Betty 106, 180 

Cooper, David 299 

Cooper, Doris 264 

Cooper, Elizabeth Lee 159 

Cooper, Elmer 161, 172, 180, 316 

Cooper, Henry 170, 317 

Cooper, Joanne 163, 263, 317 

Cooper, Kenneth .298 

Cooper, L 254 

Cooper, Robert 317 

Coover, Elaine 113, 272, 317 

Coponts, John 296 

Coppel, Harvey 60, 105 

Coppel, Jules 317 

Corbett, Stanley 317 

Corbin, George 153 

Corder, Charles 115, 302 

Corkron, Shirley 152, 157, 247 

Corl, Lewis 159 

Cornblou, Carol 264 

Cornelius, Mory Lou 166 

Cornell, Owen 106 

Cornell, Timothy 287 

Cornwall, Bob 151, 181 

Corrigon, Richard 

148, 226, 228,229, 308,317 

Corron, Jack 301 

Cortmell, Mason 100 

Cosgrove, Bill 259, 305 

Cosgrove, Joy 118, 175, 269, 317 

Costonte, Joseph 171, 259 

Cot, Joe 106 

Coulter, Dottie 275 

Courtney, Bill A 113 

Couse, Robert 117, 300 

Covohey, Ed 77, 294 

Cover, Roger 198, 291 

Covey, Donna Foe 159, 245 

Covington, G 256 

Cowdrey, Miles 102 

Cowherd, Carolyn 317 

Cowherd, Yelverton 317 

Cox, Barbara 243, 275 

Cox, Lyndon 153 

Cox, Phyllis 180, 275 

Cox, Tom 301 

Coyne, Leo 317 

Croig, Janice 163, 177 

Craig, T 243 

Crone, Patricia 104 

Cross, William 286 

Crawford, Paul 298 

Crawford, Victor 165 

Creoger, R 255, 258 

Creegan, Joseph 296, 317 

Creswell, Lorry 306, 317 

Crevelino, Carolyn 157 

Creveling, Cornelia 317 

Creveling, Carolyn 317 

Crickmon, Charles 151, 317 

Criscolo, Gerald 286 

Cristoldo, Julio 148 

Crofool, J 242 

Croft, Anna M 172 

Crogan, Vince 300 

Croker, James 300 

Crolond, Bob 169, 305 

Cronin, Frank 193, 238 

Cronin, J 259 

Cronin, Soro 103, 269 

Cronin, Virginia 170, 172, 265 

Crosby, Ralph 

55, 80, 87, 125, 165, 317 

Cross, Julian 295 

Cross, Kotherine 273 

Cross, Marilyn 163, 242, 273, 317 

Cross, Pot 266 

Cross, Shirley 157, 242, 263 

Crowell, Alfred 87 

Crowell, Betsy 153 

Crowell, E 245 

Crowell, Ken 301 

Crowl, Jock 306 

Csorba, Julius 148, 172 

Cuchoiro, R 254 

Culb, Barbara 317 

Culbert, Mory 104 

Cullum, Maureen 103, 317 

Culpepper, Mrs. C. M 293 

Cunningham, Pot 277 

Curler, M 245 

Curry, Roger 114, 151, 250 

Curtin, Donald 106, 317 

Curtiss, Janet 

152, 171, 175, 176, 265 

Curtiss, Raymond 115, 124, 306 

Cushord, Carol 269 

Cusimono, William ....317 

Cattermon, Harold 70 

Cwiek, William 121 

Czechowicz, D 243 


Dackins, Jock 198 

Dogurt, Marilyn 274 

Dogurt, Sheldon 60 

Dahne, Sandra 274, 317 

Doily, Tom 306 

Dole, Richard 155 

Dale, Robert 300 

Dallam, Frederick 90, 92 

Dallam, Solly 100, 296 

Dallstreom, Bill 177 

Dolzell, Robert 115, 172 

Damesyn, Hubert 306 

Donegger, Alfred 125 

Daneman, Don 299, 309 

D'Angelo, Morylu 317 

Daniel, Dolores 247 

Drobtsh, Dolores 243 

Dopp, Annette 121, 175 

Darby, Charles 255 

Dare, Howie 198, 204, 209 

Dorhouse, Solah 160 

Darling, Lou Ann 267, 317 

Daskolakis, Michael 

116, 117, 148, 317 

Date, Donald 174, 317 

Douenhouer, Ervin 319 

Dougherty, Charles 294 

Douray, Paul 308, 318 

Dove, Doris 319 

Davidson, Arlene 318 

Davidson, Janet 272, 318 

Dovies, Cornelius 256 

Davis, Donald 123, 170, 289, 318 

Davis, Douglas 153, 318 

Davis, Edgar 175, 318 

Davis, Gerald 166, 318 

Dovis, Jock 198, 294 

Davis, Mary Alice 170 

Davis, Nick 214, 217 

Davis, Priscillo 104 

Davis, Richard 115, 116 

Davis, Robert 292 

Dovis, Russell 

106, 116, 119, 148, 152 

Davis, R. F 158 

Dovis, Shelby 266 

Dawson, John 318 

Dawson, Robert 102 

Dawson, T. L 168 

Day, Gail 243, 271 

Day, Helena 159 

Dean, Borboro A 110, 118, 318 

Dean, Barbara J 318 

Dean, Chorles 294 

Dean, Evelyn 275 

Dean, Jacqueline 243, 273 

Dean, Jim 198 

Dean, John 300 

Deane, Joanne 264 

DeErouse, F 259 

Debusky, Nan 245, 264 

DeCoindry, Alice 269 

DeCicco, Nick 198 

Decker, A 247 

Decker, Anne Lee 262 

Decker, Clorobelie 273 

Decker, Donna 273 

Decker, Keith 318 

DeCoster, James 318 

DeFore, C 243 

DeFore, S 243 

Defranceaux, Jeff 300 

Deikin, M 243 

Deloney, Dorothy..56, 110, 265, 318 


Deloney, Thomoi 150 

Oelgodo, Nejiof 170, 254 

Delpo, Joe 106. 301 

DeMor, Frederick 61 

Demoj, William 300 

DeMello. Betty SO, 54, 273, 318 

Deming, Dorothy 179 

Deming, Marie 175, 247 

Deming, Orville .163, 179, 258, 318 

Dennenberg, Frederick 307 

Dennis, Mary 71 

Dennis, RuSS 198 

Denny, M 245 

Dennison, 1 247 

OePierro, Dolores 175. 243, 267 

DePiro, Jim 238 

OePiro, Robert 300 

OeShozer, Lorry 

113, 180,303, 308, 318 

Despeoux, Jock 305 

DeThcmos, Anthony 106 

Dettmering, Dick 285 

DeTurk, Joon 272 

Devonney, William 318 

DeVaughn, loni ...177 

Devilbiss, Nancy 163, 270, 318 

Deviibliss, William 290 

Dex, Max 168, 313 

Dexler, Robert 286 

Dickey, Borbaro 102, 106 

Dickey, Earl 173 

Dickey, John 298, 318 

Dickinson, Charles 318 

Dickinson, Frances 180 

Dickinson, Philip 131 

Dickson, Som ...297 

Diehl, B -2^3 

Diemer, Evelyn 277, 318 

Diener, Marilyn 274 

Dieterick, Morgo 277 

Oielrick, Ed 301 

Diet!, Elaine 166, 179 

Diflenderfer, Gilbert 148 

Diqenero, Miles 296 

Difg, Donald 158, 298, 318 

Dill, Anne 154, 247, 275 

Dill, Roberto 267 

Dilloion, Pete 234 

Dimarco, Joe 259, 306, 318 

Dimitriodes, Fedon 164 

Dinker, Robert 250 

Dinsmore, Ted 297 

Di«, Pat 268 

Doone, Eugene 234, 318 

Doone, Jack 214 

Dobrovolny, Bevefly 318 

Dobrovolny, Joy 113, 150 

Dockens, Jock 254, 259 

Dodd, Borbora 85, 110, 

112, 113, 118, 120,262, 318 

Donnelly, Richord 180, 298 

Donohue, James 300 

Donavon, Dorothy 121 

Dooley, Bill 116, 180 

Dopkin, Sandra 318 

Dores, Allan 284 

Dorman, Ben 155 

Dorn, William 115 

Dorny, C. Nelsotl 116 

Dorsey, Daniel 118 

Dorsey, Horold 289 

Dorsey, John 57, 258 

Dosner, Allon 292 

Dosler, Bill 179 

Doty, Duone 319 

Double, Poul 106, 258 

Ooubroff, Jerome 85, 298, 319 

Dougherty, Joseph 158 

Dove, Lewis 285 

Dovell, Bill 198 

Downoll, P 247 

Downey, Robert 106, 319 

Downing, Gordon 285 

Downs, Joseph 298 

Droim, C 243 

Drake, Joan 154, 178, 247 

Dronl, Larry 285 

Draper, Bill 237 

Drayer, Peter 154 

Orechsler, Robert 106, 119, 319 

Dreessen, Frank 308 

Dressir, P 154, 247 

Duboll, Jock 237 

Dubinsky, Lynn 157 

Duckett, Kotherine 123, 269 

Ducote, John 173 

Duey, John 297 

Duffey, Russel 234, 286 

Duke, Ginny 272 

Duloy, Vol 293 

DuMors, Jocqueline 60, 153,271 

DuMors, Judy 268 

Oumond, Jon SI, 296, 308 

Duncan, Bruce 153, 319 

Duncan, Lee ...286 

Duncan, Margaret 163, 243 

Duncker, Eliiabeth 172 

Dunham, Robert 291 

Dunker, Mark 298 

Dunkin, Leonard 165 

Dunlop, Don 214 

Dunlop, Edward 298 

Dunn, Broxton 286, 319 

Dunn, Charlet 106 

Dunn, Georgtn* 319 

Dunn, R 255 

Dunn, William 319 

Durling, Williom 173, 255 

Durgin, Neol 120 

Durline, William 116 

Duval, Chloe 275 

Duvoll, Pat 123, 269 

Duvoll, J 243 

Dworsky, Dave 299 

Oyos, Edward 294 

Dysen, Barbara 270 

Dyson, Gene 198, 237 

Eods, Jacqueline 243, 273 

Eorle, Joan 152, 271 

Eostlock, Muriel 271 

Ebondiieff, Elizabeth C 112, 319 

Ebersol, Joyce 181, 243 

Ebert, Jr., Edward 319 

Eberls, Judith 245, 273 

Eble, Jane 76, 124, 156 

Eccles, Althea 104 

Echord, Jock 319 

Eckel, Jon 181 

Eckel, Poul. .112, 176, 181, 239, 319 

Eckert, Ronald 319 

Ecsery, Elaine 118, 169, 277, 319 

Edel, Jeon 154, 247 

Edel, Kim 221, 255 

Edmonds, Roger 177 

Edwards, John 319 

Edwords, Kay 270 

Edwords, May 319 

Edwards, Maureen 104 

Edwards, Pol 266 

Edwords, Shirley 160 

Efthymioy, Constontine 164 

Eggleston, Bob 158 

Ehlers, Herbert 180 

Ehlich, Gloria 274 

Ehudin, Morton 307 

Eichelberger, Kreugh 266 

Eiring, Edna 262 

Eisenhower, D. 254 

Eisenman, Carle 319 

Eismeier, F. Lloyd 

103, 179, 298, 319 

Eitemiller, W 250 

Elbl, Alena 164 

Eliades, A 257 

Elioson, Walker 289 

Eliot, Noncy 102, 176, 265 

Elkins, Dr. Wilson H...64, 65, 67, 71 

Elliot, Gene 106, 286 

Elliot, Ralph 151 

Elliott, Juliet 153, 247 

Ellinger, Chorles 71 

Ellis, Mary 172 

Ellis, Micky 269 

Ellis, Ronald R 116, 250 

Elmore, John 293 

EIrick, F 258 

Embree, Frank 291 

Embree, Kit ,,.... 106 

Embree, Virginia 263 

Emmons, Mary 157, 319 

Emmerling, Richard .166, 168, 289 

Emsweller, Terry 120 

English, Carl 115, 259, 294 

Ensor, John 228 

Ensor, Ruth Alice. 120, 159, 243, 319 

Entermonn, Richord 296 

Enuton, George 153 

Epstein, Annette 319 

Epstein, Sylvia 274 

Epplcy, Geory F 69 

Erb, Lyio Norris 113, 170, 319 

Erichsen, Ellen Mist 177 

Erickson, 1 250 

Erickson, Marilyn 179, 181 

Ermen, A 247 

Eschmonn, William G. 

179, 181, 319 

Eser, Jr., Walter J 153, 319 

Espey, William 148, 302, 319 

Essex, Joon 157. 320 

Estrin. Sherwin 115, 320 

Esworthy, John 159 

Etelson, Ellen 274 

Eubonk, Bettie 152, 272 

Eudo, Toki 106 

Evans. D 242 

Evans. George W 320 

Evans, Mortha 159 

Evans, Normo 255, 320 

Evans, Ralph 176, 177 

Evens, Potricio 272 

Everett, Robert 320 

Everline, Charlet 103, 257 

Every, Dole 270 

Ewolt, Wolly 228, 290 

Eyermon, Jane 267 

Eyier, Addison 153 

Eyier, Robert 298 

Foot, Larry 237 

Fober, Jack 193, 228 

Fodeley. Walt 121, 166, 320 

Fader, Howord 173, 254, 307 

Fogely, Rollen H 320 

Foiroll, Judy 168, 262 

Faick, Eorle 125, 292 

Poller, Rodney 300 

Fallimore, M 247 

Fallin. Edgar H 320 

Fallon, Potricio 265 

Fonoroff, Arnold 284 

Forbmon, Soymour ...304 

Fornotoro, Ronald M 320 

Farrell, John 106 

Foupel, Myrna 267 

Fovier, Pol 158, 265 

Faw, George 273 

Fow, Wylie 294 

Foye, Joon 76, 266, 320 

Fedder. Alon 292 

Fedyshyn. Margie 158, 166 

Feeney, John 298 

Fehr, Von Kirk 300 

Feldmonn, Gretchen....179, 243, 270 

Feldmon, Miriam 171 

Feldmcn, Shielo 274 

Feldstein, Howard 255, 284 

Fellows, David 237, 287 

Ferguson, B 258 

Ferguson. Ellen 121, 275 

Ferguson, Gerry 301 

Ferguson. Lou 305 

Fern. Gus 198 

Fernandez. Augustine 154, 297 

Ferris, Frances L 320 

fiolkowski, Fronk A 151, 320 

Fiery, Jeanne 166 

Figler, Homer 121 

Fiks, Beatrice 155 

Files, Joe 305 

Finogin, William 159 

Finch, Thomas 155 

Finci, Mike 220, 304 

Finley, Bill 306 

Finley, Foyne 271 

Finn, Charles 152 

Fiock, Barbara Lee 

84, no, 113, 118, 156,272,320 

Firor, Raymond N 320 

Fishell, Levin 103 

Fisher, Allon 117 

Fisher, Gory P 320 

Fisher, Paul 115 

Fishmon, Stonley D 320 

Fishmonn, L 245 

Fisle, Rhonda 106 

Filchett, Leo 259 

Fitz, James C 320 

Fitzgerald, Dennis 306 

Filzpatrick, Robert 309, 320 

Flather, Jory 266, 320 

Fleischmonn, Bill 306, 320 

Fleisher, Gilbert M 151 

Fleming, Doris 159 

Fleming, E 250 

Fleming, Joon 175 

Fleming, Thomas E 163, 320 

Flester, Pol 168, 277 

Floyd, Jack 152 

Floyd, Jody 194, 266 

Floyd, John C 320 

Floyd, Robert W 172 

Flynn, Pot 277, 320 

Flynn, Tim 198 

Fnidrich, D 257 

FoDore, Corinne 80 

Fogg, George W 66 

Foley, John P., Jr 290, 320 

Folkes, Jock 301 

Force. Nancy Carol 163 

Ford, George K 162, 164, 320 

Ford, Mel 301 

Ford, Robert 294 

Forester, C 243 

Forsht, Samuel, Jr 121, 320 

Forward, David 115, 320 

Foster, Georgie 277 

Foster, Williom A 320 

Fouchs, Robert 298 

Fouike, Jomes S 321 

Fountoin, James 148, 172 

Fountaine, Ronold 117, 148 

Fowler, Robert 159 

Fox, Morcio 102, 247 

Fox, Suson 264, 299 

Frogole, Tina 153, 242, 269 

Frodkin, R 245 

Froleigh, Charlci 168 

Fraley, Becky 266 

From, Manuel S 321 

Frompton, Francis 163, 258 

Frances, Edward 300 

Francis, Denise H 321 

Froncq, Edword 321 

Frank, Poul 179, 250 

Fronklin, Donald 284 

Frontz, Doris J 321 

Frontz, Jeanne 120, 163 

Frose, Donna D 321 

Froso, Gustov H 321 

Frosier, Buzz 237 

Frosier, Lyman 152, 321 

Frederick, Dick 80 

Frederick, John , 87 

Frederick, Richard 298 

Freeborn, Robert 172 

Freedmon, Bev«rl*« 321 

Freeny, Jim 220 

Freishtot, Dove 239, 299 

Freund, Jane Dull 321 

Frey, Suson 104, 247 

Friedmon, Arlene 122 

Friedman, Gerold 151, 321 

Friedmon, Jesse A 125, 321 

Friedman, Lyn 274 

Friedman, Poul 116 

Friemon, Edward 258, 284 

Fritsch, John 198 

Froehlich, WiKred 119 

Froehliek, Freddy 106 

Frost, Robert 302 

Fry, Toni 153, 243, 275 

Fryer, Forrest 121 

Fugote, Thomos 102, 106, 119 

Fuller, Buzz 152 

Fuller, Clayton M 150, 159, 321 

Fultz, Jock F 148 

Fund, Borbaro 179,245 

Funk, Carol 113, 321 

Funk, Jonice 271 

Furber. Sue 247, 263 

Furmon, Vi 106, 153, 154, 267 

Furney, Richard 117, 321 

Goboldan, Peloyo J 321 

Gabordini, Pete 301 

Goddy, Joon 268 

Galiordo, John 117, 321 

Golkin, Bob 299 

Gallacher, Bruce G 116 

Gollowoy, Ronold 170 

Galloway. Stonley 121 

Gollowoy. Williom 170, 321 

Gombino, Dolores 

113, 170, 180, 267, 321 

Gommill, Aubrey W 321 

Gontt, Edward 

55, 85, 105, 125. 302, 308, 321 

Gontt, John Ill 

Gorovito, L 245 

Gordner, Carl 295 

Gardner, Edward 294 

Gardner, Ethel 152, 270 

Gorgon, Mike 305 

Gorner, Andrew 294 

Garner, B 250 

Garner, 8 258 

Gorner, E 242 

Garner, Potricio 124, 272, 321 

Gorpstos, John F 151, 321 

Garrett, Bill 158 

Gorretl, M 243 

Gorritty, Jim 120 

Gorver, Robert 303, 321 

Gostrock, Borry A 116 

Gates. Dottie 162, 268 

Gotes, John 180 

Gotes, Morgie 83, 106, 114, 266 

Gotewood, Lou 243, 272 

Golhmonn, J 250 

Gough, Virginia 322 

Gough, William J 322 

Gowthrop, E 257 

Georhart, Gloria 269 

Geer, Chormion P 321 

Gehouf, Arthur 286 

Geiger, Robert 296 

Geisbert, Hood 106 

Geller, Alon 307 

Geltmon, R 250 

Gemeny, Corole 154, 277 

Genderson, Janet 274 

Gentry, John 123 

Georg, John A 179, 259 

Gerber, Mary 272 

Gerslel, Morsholl 292 

Gesben, Sherman 307 

Gessner, Noncy 157, 269 

Getz, Lois Ann 276 

Getz, M 247 

Ghondour, Hassan 151, 321 

Giovosis, George 57 

Gibbons, Pot 301 

Gibson, Ann 273, 321 

Giersch, Pot 60, 120, 158 

Griffin, Bob 120 

GilTord, Richord 181 

Gilbert, Harvey 115, 321 

Gilbert, Morgorel Ann 181 

Gildeo, Bill 228, 290 

Gildea, Vincent 300 

Gill, Gordon 169, 177, 305 

Gillen, Bill 306 

Gillespie, Peggy 163, 171, 268 

Gillis, Herbert 155 

Gillis, Paul 116. 180 

Gillis, Peter 116, 176, 180 

Gilly. Pot 228 

Gilmor, Corole 178. 264 

Gilmore, Don 293 

Gimesky. Al 301 

Ginn. John 148, 172 

Ginnings, Robert 289 

Giocondo, Michael 125 

Gist, Virginio 271 

Glodmon, Williom 95, 168 

Gloeser, M 153 

Gloize, Gerald 165 

Close, Peter 102 

Gloser, Borbaro 60. 243, 269 


Glazer, Audrey 276 

Glazer, Dave 299 

Gleason, Philip 159, 243 

Glebas, Charles 116 

Glick, Alan 124 

Glick, Gretchen 122 

Glick, Iris 264 

Glick, R 243 

Glorioso, L 257 

Glotfelty, Mary 157 

Glover, Joy 178 

Goertmiller, Ben 228 

Goetz, Marilyn 172, 271 

Goetze, Ed 305 

Goetze, Ray 305 

Gaffney, George 298 

Goggin, George 83, 125, 305 

Gottlich, Herbert 292 

Gohr, Carl 163 

Going, Sue 265 

Golato, RafFaele 172 

Goldberg, Norma 276 

Gold, Pearl 56, 158, 170 

Goldberg, Barry 198 

Goldberg, Dick 304 

Goldberg, J 250, 259 

Goldberg, Paul 254, 307 

Goldman, Gary 304 

Goldstein, A. E 276 

Goldstein, Harvey 292 

Goldstein, Joseph 301 

Goldstein, Morty 304 

Goldston, Frank 290 

Gonzalez, Richard 121 

Good, Ben 161, 224, 237 

Goodman, Michael 307 

Goodman, Sara 245, 274 

Goodwin, John 155 

Goodyear, Mary Anne 268 

Gordon, Albert 300 

Gordon, Judy 274 

Gordon, N '. 243 

Gordon, Sonde 275 

Gordy, Lee 290 

Gordy, William 287 

Gore, J 247, 277 

Goren, H 250 

Gorman, Edward 150, 259 

Gorrell, Wilson 180, 258 

Garsuch, June 166, 262 

Gosnell, Joan 166, 242 

Gosorn, Mary Lou 171 

Gossage, Sam 119 

Gossom, Dick 305, 308 

Gottlieb, Gil 299 

Goudy, Chester 228 

Goudy, H 258 

Gouge, James R 113, 125 

Gouge, Jim 150, 151 

Gough, Virginia 120 

Gough, Ginny 262 

Gourley, Nancy 163, 273, 322 

Grace, Roni 169, 277 

Graf, Charles R 150 

Gragg, Clarence 322 

Graham, Charlotte 180, 242 

Granducci, Anne 170, 276 

Granger, Louis ...172 

Grant, David 172, 178 

Grant, Robert 118 

Graves, Bill 308 

Graves, Medora 103, 152, 275 

Graves, William 287, 322 

Gray, Frederick 148 

Gray, James 172, 255, 258, 289 

Gray, Laura 322 

Gray, Tom 221 

Green, A 242 

Green, Donald 115 

Green, Harold 118 

Green, Marcia 179, 181, 243 

Green, Stanley 152 

Greenberg, Rheda 118, 322 

Greenberg, Janet 264 

Greenberg, Morton 284 

Greenberg, Rabbi 178 

Greenberg, Rheda 112 

Greenberg, Rita. .110, 119, 274, 322 

Greenberg, Ruth 114 

Greenspun, Gordon 153, 307 

Greenstone, Rita 157, 322 

Greenwell, Robert 322 

Greenwood, Woodrow ......148, 322 

Gregg, Bonnie 243, 255 

Gregory, R 255 

Gribban, Roberta Ruth 322 

Gribbon, Robbin 177 

Grieser, Ann 272 

Griffin, Barbara 275 

Griffith, Bob 198 

Griffith, Charles G 322 

Griffith, Dick 290 

Griffith, Samuel 303, 322 

Grim, Burr 224, 236, 237 

Grimshaw, Susan 277 

Griner, T 254 

Gromonn, Nancy 106 

Groner, Dona 294 

Groner, Ken 159, 254 

Gromer, William E. 1 322 

Gross, John 173 

Gross, Marian 276 

Gross, Peggy 163, 275 

Grossman, Sid 299 

Groueling, M 243 

Grund, Ed 221 

Grude, Deborah 172, 245, 273 

Gude, Elaine 172, 273 

Guho, Alok 155, 164 

Gullace, Salvatore 322 

Gunning, Robert 163, 323 

Gunther, Robert 115, 174 

Giese, Warren 198 

Gutman, Natalie 264 

Guy, Maggie 221, 243 

Gysel, Diane 277 


Haack, Sharon 272 

Hober, Roberta 100, 123, 274 

Habich, Judith 106, 263 

Hobich, Karen 166, 263 

Habley, Barbara 267, 323 

Hock, Louis 151 

Hackett, Jessie 243 

Hacten, Robert 291 

Hadawoy, Michael 302 

Hadoys, Patricia 324 

Haegy, Al 193 

Hogard, Robert 323 

Hager, Noncye ...170, 171, 180, 275 

Hagerton, Jane 267 

Haggerty, Dottie 247, 262 

Hahn, William 117, 174, 323 

Hak, Warren 300 

Hakioglu, Burhan 155, 153, 164 

Hale, Helen 270 

Hall, Carole 267 

Hall, Harvey 302 

Hall, Marjorie 323 

Hall, Nancy 262, 323 

Hall, Paul 255, 258 

Hall, Robert 115, 296, 323 

Hall, Ronald 162, 302 

Hall, William 170 

Holler, Donald 2*1 

Halliday, David 80, 84, 180 

Holliday, John 80 

Hallowoy, V 245 

Halm, Frank 32J 

Holper, David 323 

Hoisted, Elizabeth 104, 181, 243 

Holstead, Julio 289 

Ham, John 115 

Hamberg, Dorothy 121 

Hamburger, Calvin 178, 299 

Homes, Stanley 151, 296 

Hamilton, Fred 1V8, 208 

Hamilton, R 243 

Hommann, Harry 303 

Hammer, M. 255 

Hammer, Ronald 323 

Hammett, J 242 

Hammond, Gerald 

106, 119, 159, 163, 171 

Hammond, Lee 180, 275 

Hampton, Bill 306 

Honauer, Liz 269 

Handman, Richard 307 

Hondwerger, Philip 323 

Honey, John 259, 323 

Hanko, Robert 323 

Honley, Dennis 153, 167, 323 

Honley, Dot 167 

Hanley, Kevin 167 

Honlon, Tom 306 

Honnon, James 309 

Hanover, Harvey 284 

Honrohan, Dianne 170, 267, 323 

Honrahan, Vincent 170, 286 

Hare, More 306 

Hansen, E 243 

Hanson, Fred 159 

Hanson, Mary 178, 243 

Honnan, James 285 

Honulok, Chet 233 

Harbold, G 245 

Harden, Wolly 118 

Hardesty, C 245 

Hardiman, Bob 214, 218 

Hordimon, J 250 

Harding, Emily 266, 323 

Harding, Kay 158, 272 

Hordinghom, Barbara 262 

Hardy, Eleanor... 152, 153, 166, 267 

Hardy, M 247 

Harmon, Edgar 158 

Harms, Carlo 104 

Harnock, Dorlene 163, 169, 277 

Harper, Quillie 174, 286 

Harper, Edward 180 

Harrell, Stanley 150, 323 

Harrington, Anne 265 

Harrington, Richard 115 

Harris, Albert 284 

Harris, Bob 247, 299 

Harris, Charles.. ..167, 170, 172, 285 

Harris, Thomas 323 

Harrison, Francis 323 

Harrison, George 169, 296 

Harrison, John 153 

Harrison, Mary 85, 152, 271 

Harrison, Moe 296 

Harrison, Robert 117, 323 

Harrison, Stan 120 

Harriss, P 259 

Hart, Earle 220 

Hart, Karen 56, 181 

Hortdagen, Jerry.. ..55, 59, i23, 289 

Horten, Glenn 162, 323 

Hartgroves, Pat 266 

Hartley, Clifford 157, 255 

Hartsing, Tyler 151, 323 

Harvey, Ellen 61 

Harvey, A 250 

Hosel, Susie 269 

Hash, William 118, 177 

Hasken, Bob 301 

Hossenpeffer, Vonderek 152 

Hostie, Bob 285 

Hastings, Robin 180 

Hatch, Babbie 269 

Hatch, Bucky 288 

Hatcher, Sue 273 

Hater, H 256 

Hatfield, M 294 

Hauck, Jeanne 163 

Houck, William....191, 239, 301, 323 

Haven, C 247 

Havens, Theodore 296 

Howes, Mary 323 

Howes, Walt 306, 308 

Howkes, Donald 173 

Hawkins, Ralph 198 

Hawkins, Russ 290 

Hoyden, Franklin 113 

Hayes, Margaret 166 

Haymaker, Harriette 262 

Hoyman, William 162, 323 

Hoymes, Stan 84 

Haywood, Sandy 270 

Hazard, Bob 296 

Headlee, Barbara 172, 175, 268 

Heodrick, W 151 

Heogy, Al 228, 230 

Heoly, Don 198 

Heoly, Jock 198 

Heely, Walter 323 

Heeter, Ken 165 

Heflin, Phyllis 168, 262 

Heighom, Lewellyn 289, 323 

Heilmon, Joan 272 

Heilman, John 123 

Heim, Stanley 247, 270 

Heimert, Robert.. ..124 ,162, 258, 324 

Heine, Orville 324 

Heinlein, D 259 

Heintz, Dick 162 

Heisler, Alice 179, 181, 242, 273 

Helfsfein, Don 304 

Heller, Henry 324 

Hellyer, Elizabeth 324 

Helmer, Dawn 178, 274, 324 

Hemler, Joe 237 

Hemming, Anna 118, 242 

Henderson, Bruce 324 

Henderson, D 243 

Henderson, Gail 268, 324 

Henderson, Hugh 102 

Henderson, Jim 180, 255 

Henderson, Mr 106 

Henderson, Rosalea....177, 243, 273 

Hendricks, Roy 180 

Hendrix, Milton 324 

Heneson, Howard 154, 308, 309 

Hennessey, James 191, 234 

Henry, Melda 114 

Hensley, Pot 269 

Henthorne, Loa 324 

Herbert, Bruce 106 

Herbert, Patricia 122, 172, 324 

Herman, Diana 276 

Herman, Jerome 259, 284 

Herzberg, Chouncey 

116, 121, 148, 324 

Hess Marilyn 171, 243, 276 

Hess, Steve 304 

Hessenouer, Jane 262 

Hessick, S 243 

Heterick, Barbara 242, 268 

Hetherington, Robert 324 

Heuring, Ed 198 

Heyboer, Gerald 324 

Heyman, Edward 125 

Heymon, Lawrence 307 

Heyser, Al .•106 

Hiban, Arthur 286 

Hickman, Howard 324 

Hicks, R 258 

Hicks, Thomas 324 

Higgins, William 302 

Hilbish, Sherry 175, 277 

Hilemon, Jane 166, 179 

Hill, Bobs 268 

Hill, Ben 117, 324 

Hill, Patsy 172, 262 

Hill, Richard 106, 306 

Hill Virginia 165 

Hillegeist, Jon 287 

Hincheliffe, Lowell 296 

Hines, Alan 300 

Hinson, Thomas 150 

Hiser, Florence 118, 152, 271 

Hoohmon, Ruth 264 

Hobbs, Donald 298 

Hobernick, Jerome 327 

Hochmon, Ruth 327 

Hochmon, Sonford 324 

HocKreich, Herbert 324 

Hochstein, Herbert 324 

Hockersmith, Wilbur 155 

Hodges, David 116 

Hodges, George 154, 167, 285 

Hodges, Jim 198 

Hodgins, Lawrence 125, 151 

Hoehn, Albert 307 

Hoff, Stanford 71 

Hoff, Stanley 324 

Hoffberger, Sue 264 

Hoffmon, Carl 150 

Hoffman, L 258 

Hoffman, Revonne 114, 274 

Hoffman, Richard 298, 324 

Hoffman, Thomas 296 

Hoffmeyer, William... 1 15, 256, 324 

Hofrichter, Rhodo 247, 276 

Hogon, George 236, 237 

Hogon, Nancy 102, 266, 324 

Hogan, Walter 324 

Hogand, D 250 

Hogg, Charles 169 

Hoke, Julie 269 

Holen, Carolyn 274 

Holland, Bill 120 

Holland, Graham 169 

Holland, Raymond 116, 150 

Holland, Robert 287 

Holliday, Terrell. .123, 152, 155, 178 

Hollowoy, Paula 268 

Holloway, Virginia 120, 324 

Holm, Vic 120 

Holmes, Beth 273 

Holmes, Merrill 294 

Holmes, Richard Ill, 298 

Holpern, Alan 307 

Holt, London 298 

Holt, Mory Lue 266 

Holt, Nancy 277 

Holter, Edward 67 

Holter, Lawrence 114, 151, 257 

Holtzmam, Lenore 324 

Honick, Joseph 83, 125, 324 

Honick, Lawrence 325 

Honisberg, Soul 221 

Hood, Rita 167 

Hood, Suzanne 102, 269 

Hood, Williom 167, 325 

Hooks, Phillip 102, 106 

Hook, William 158 

Hoolcomb, J 258 

Hoover, Patricia 194, 267, 325 

Hopkins, B 257 

Hopkins, P 161 

Hornadoy, Pat 164, 181, 242 

Horner, Donald 296 

Hord, Warner 153, 285 

Horowitz, Stanley 307 

Horsely, Ray 237 

Horsey, Evelyn 56, 175, 242, 325 

Horsley, Richard 325 

Horsmon, Charlotte 325 

Hostetler, Ward 298 

Hostettler, Inez 243, 275 

Hoslettler, Mary 118, 275, 325 

Hottel, Susan 325 

Houck, James 162, 172, 325 

Hough, Richard 159, 173 

Hough, Wayne 159 

Hougson, R 258 

House, Tom 106, 259 

Houston, Nancy 154, 273 

Hovis, Pat 152, 180, 262 

Howard, Kenneth 125, 151, 325 

Howard, Luke 162, 325 

Howard, Shirley 166, 277 

Howard, Shipley 172 

Howell, Mary Lee 325 

Howenstein, Marilyn 159, 179 

Howenstein, Mory 104 

Hower, Paul 115, 237 

Hower, R 254 

Howes, Merle 157 

Hoy, Carol 178, 243, 269 

Hubbard, F 250 

Hubbel, Joan 106, 153, 272 

Hubbert, C 255 

Hubbert, Brooks 180 

Hudok, John 325 

Nudes, Mory Lee 55, 178, 276 

Hughes, Barbara 277 

Hudson, Marge 272 

Huff, Dave 295 

Huffman, Roy 106 

Huges, B 250 

Hughes, Barbara 277 

Hughes, Bess 277, 325 

Hughes, D 245 

Hui, Shut Tong 151 

Hull, D 255 

Hull, Harold 203, 208 

Hulm, C 245 

Hundert, K 250 

Hundert, W 250 

Huner, Edward 239 

Hunley, Charles ..154 

Hunsoker, Pot 267 

Hunter, Diane 270 

Hunter, Horry 220 

Huntley, Frances 103, 166, 245 

Huntley, P 243 

Hunsinger, Hugh 181 

Hunter, Barbara 154, 325 

Hunter, Herbert E 164, 325 

Hunit, Marie 262 

Hur, Bob 293 

Hurlbrink, Robert W., Jr 125 

Hurlburg, Elbridge 116, 117 

Hurley, Brian 173 

Hurley, Jerry 125, 286 


Hurley, Worran 301 

Huisman, Buxz 285 

Hussman, Vernon E 158. 325 

HutcHeion, Marjorie 271 

Mutchini. John 141 

Huiher, Bill 325 

Hutton, Ceorg* 169 

Hyolt, Ston 304 

Human, Marvin S 325 

Hyion, Vernon C 116, 291 


Idiot, A 250 

Imhoff. Poul G 1)3. 155, )«0, 335 

Imirie, P 242. 269 

logle, Stoll 294 

Ingram, Houston 286 

Insley. Prejton E 148. 325 

Inwood, Cissy 275 

Itolon, Robert 309 

Ireland, William 296 

Irvine, Judith 325 

Irvine, Norman 102 

Isoocson, Carol 153 

Isaacson, Louis 113. 114. 325 

Isherwood, William 102 

lihiyoma, Horuko 118. 179. 325 

Isroel, Ronald 299 

Iverson, Carolyn 271 

|y«. Belly 121, 179, 247 


Jack, Borboro 171, 172, 275 

Jockson. Betty Ann«....163, 266, 325 

Jockson, Jack 295, 298 

Jockson, John 300, 325 

Jockson, Martho A 118, 270, 325 

Jockson, Pom 243, 275 

Jackson, Tom 306 

Jocobs, Julion 264 

Jacobs, Madelyn E 325 

Jacobson, Beryl 106 

Jacobson, Carolyn 264 

Jacobson, Eleanor 271 

Jocobson, Shirley 276, 326 

Jocquelto, Anno 110, 112, 161 

Jakubick, Frank 234, 286 

James, Richard 296 

Jomes, Mr. Robert 61 

Jameson, Margorot 68 

Janiszewski, Eleanor 121. 175 

Jonney, John R 176. 180 

Janofsky, Stanley 326 

Jonssons, Joseph 294 

Jonssen, Clara 266 

Jaros, George 170 

Jorrell, Potricio 163, 326 

Jorrell, Tom 60, 180, 308 

Jorrelt, John 115, 167, 326 

Jarvis, Dole 


Jarvis, Marilyn 123 

Jostremskl, J 259 

Jaynes, Mrs 286 

Jenkins, Woodrow 116. 173 

Jent, Martha 267 

Jent, Mory Lou 267. 326 

Jersin, Wayne 116 

Jesuele, J 257 

Jeweler, Jerome 125 

Jewler, Allen J 326 

Jewler, Jerry 78, 85 

Jofle, S 250 

Johnson, Bill 106, 285 

Johnson, Charles 124, 164, 326 

Johnson, Dan 103 

Johnson, Doris 180, 270, 326 

Johnson, E 243 

Johnson, Jock 234 

Johnson, John 295 

Johnson, J 243 

Johnson, Koy 267 

Johnson, lewis 289 

Johnson, Morgoret 163, 243 

Johnson, Marian 68 

Johnson, M. W 158 

Johnson, P 255 

Johnson, Robert 102. 114 

Johnson, T 258 

Johnson, Warren 121 

Josnson, Woyne 303 

Johnson, Wendell 112. 286 

Johnston, Richard 1S7. 173 

Johnstone, Betsy 268 

Johnstone, Wllliom 198, 308 

Jolles, Gobriel 326 

Jolles, Somuel 326 

Jone, Corolyn ..... 265 

Jones, Borboro A 326 

Jones, Dorothy 157, 163. 265 

Jones, Eloine 157, 263 

Jones, Gwynnelh 103. 104. 262 

Jones, Fred 294. 326 

Jones, Jerilyn 262 

Jones, John 220, 265 

Jones, Mariorie 133, 162, 266 

Jones. Ronold 149, 285, 308 

Jones, Richord 326 

Jowers, Bill 106, 258, 385 

Joy, Nancy 152, 172, 273, 326 

Joyce, John 165, 180 

Judd, James 326 

Jugel, Fred 250, 259 

Jung, P 255 

Just, frank 294 

Julem, Richard 114. 115, 326 


Koetzel, Joyce 166 

Kohn, Fred 160, 164 

Kolbfleisch, Al 177 

Kommerer, Donald 191. 239 

Koppe, Dovid S 150 

Kaplan, Louis L 67 

Koplon, S 243 

Koplin, Charles 307 

Koplin, Garry 307 

Koppler, Jim 228. 232 

Korovongelos, Anna 

55, 56, 61, 110, 112, 326 

Korlin, A 259 

Korns, Robert 106. 114. 119, 151 

Karstens, Sue 172 

Kassen, Edword 307 

Kotz, Dovid 292 

Kotz, Thomas 307 

Kouflmon, Jonet 267 

Kaufman, Marty 198 

Koufman, Sandy 274 

Kaufman, Ted 158 

Koufmon, Williom 294 

Koufmann, Bill 75 

Kaurin, Robert 173. 326 

Kawalec, Rene 160 

Koyhoe, Mortho E 326 

Keody, George 106 

Kearney, Rita R 326 

Keorns, Jane 171. 272 

Keoting, James 

29, 228, 232, 255, 258 

Keefer, Douglas 114, 306 

Keefer, Robert W 326 

Keegan. John 173 

Keene, Robert 163 

Keffolo, Peter G 326 

Kehoe, Jim 193, 224, 237 

Keim, Mary 266 

Keislor, F 258 

Keith, Roger 78. Ill 

Kekst, Gershon 174, 326 

Keiser, Al 304 

Kelbough, Timothy 286 

Kellam, W 257 

Keller, Floyd E 326 

Kellerman, Joan 124, 326 

Kellcy, Kilty 171, 247 

Kellcy, Pot 153 

Kelley, Thomas 289, 326 

Kelly, Joseph G 116 

Kelly, Thomas C 116 

Kelly, Arlen 242, 269 

Kelly, D 243 

Kelly, Jonice D 151 

Kelly, Kilty 262 

Kelly, Nancy 122 

Kelly, Sylvio 166, 169 

Kelly, T 255 

Kembers, M 247 

Kemp, Dick 285 

Kemp, Nancy 270 

Kcmpers, Mary Ellen 262 

Kempfer, Deone 265 

Kennard, Dick 305 

Kennedy, Buford 153 

Kennedy, James M 327 

Kennedy, Lee 222 

Kennedy, William 125 

Kennerly, William 295, 308 

Kensler, Ed 198 

Kerin, Corbelt 198 

Kerr, Johonno 267 

Kerr, Sue 267 

Kerzell, H Peter 130 

Kessell, Ernest 123, 163 

Kessler, Bob 214, 216, 217, 218. 219 

Kessler, M 245 

Keta, Toshio 327 

Kelchen, Kerry 306 

Ketchum, Harry W 172 

Kelchun, P 243 

Ketelsen, Bobby 180 

Keuey, W 258 

Khu, Erir 103. 123. 131. 164, 172 

Kiotto, Bob 234 

Kibbe, Eugene 394. 327 

Kichman, Chorlie 198 

Kiester, Frederick 296 

Killingsworth, Pal 

55.77. 119, 112,266,327 

King, Anita 137, 139. 247 

King. Carole 275 

King, Carroll 180 

King, Jacqueline ....178, 273 

King, James 180 

King, Patricio 36. 106. 110, 327 

King, Marlin A 327 

Kinsler, Janice 123. 156, 268 

Kinsey, Waller 158 

Kirby, Ellen 154, 180 

Kirchhonsen, Moflln 309 

Kirchmon. Vickie 247, 268 

Kirk, Charles 114 

Kirk, Wolter W 148. 238, 327 

Kirslein, Lowrence B 327 

Kirtley, Georgia 262 

Kite, Carroll 121 

Klok, Sibyl 153, 180, 267 

Klor, John 300 

Klotl, Robert J 287, 327 

Klein, Eileen 166, 242 

Klein, John 153 

Kley, George E 327 

Kline, George 

163, 171. 176, 180, 301 

Kline, Morgie 270 

Klix, Richard T 116 

Kloise, B 243 

Knoggs, Vincent 152 

Knower, Norma 100 

Knight, Chorles ...106, 169, 253, 296 

Knight, E 254 

Knight H. Kiloh 152, 285, 327 

Knoblo, Judith 179 

Knott, N 247 

Knoll, Richard C 327 

Knox, Dennis 298 

Knox, Elaine 221 

Knox, Lois E 327 

Kobernick, Jerry 304, 308 

Kobren, Lorry 299 

Koch, Corl F 151 

Koelber, Tereso 173 

Koethen, Jane 181 

Koethey, F 245 

Koetzel, J 242 

Kolokolski, Mike 238, 295 

Koloroc, George 198 

Kolodner, Helen 164 

Kolumbon, Steve 103, 123, 179 

Komlo, Bill 198 

Komesoruk, Michael 102 

Kordes, Dorothy H 327 

Koons, C V 71 

Koontz, Howard 306 

Kopet, Ben 228 

Kordes, Dotty 157. 269 

Kork, Jyri 113, 125, 164. 327 

Kornspan, Robert S 327 

Korol, Hal 304 

Kolh, Deon 302 

Kolowski, Joseph 

116. 117. 148. 327 

Kolzin, Eileen 264 

Koutsoukos, Peggy 267 

Kovolch, Gene 150 

Kroch, Kenneth J 123 

Kraft, G 250 

Krohl, Dr. Vernon 61 

Kramer, Belly 245, 264 

Kramer, Horold 292. 308 

Kramer, Howard 191. 220 

Kromer, Poul 234 

Krommerer, Donald 163 

Krantz, Charles 327 

Krolouil, Nancy 275 

Kraus, Carolyn 157. 243, 272 

Krouss, Richard 180, 327 

Krouse, Sully 193 

Kreidor, Marilyn 180, 271 

Kremer, B 259 

Kreuder, Ronald C 116 

Kricher, Mrs. William 71 

Kricker, Caroline 

152, 163. 175, 273. 327 
Kricker, Louise 

154, 157, 163.245. 273 

Krickler, Dove 106 

Kreiger, Iris 274 

KrisofI, Jock 106 

Krohn, Jose 289 

Krolicki, Dole 305 

Krome, Ronny 304 

Krongord, Eve 106, 166 

Krueger, Kothy 163 

Krueger, William D 179 

Krueger, Herbert 292 

Kruger, Belly 274 

Kruger, Kotherine 273 

Kuchorski, Ed 150 

Kudlick, Michael 113, 327 

Kuhn, Dr. Albin 65 

Kuhn, Dove 285, 327 

Kuldo, Nelson 115, 152, 327 

Kunkel, Charlotte 166, 262 

Kunkel, Joe 305 

Kunzig, Buff 271 

Kurtz, G 254 

Kurtz, Morio 104, 243 

Kvech, R 258 

Kyte, Ted 154. 180, 220 


lobonz, William 115. 153, 264 

Lobovitz, Noncy 264 

locey, John 198. 214. 228, 243 

lo Chorily. Sandro 166. 277 

Lackey, Lorry 306 

Locy, Jeon 273 

Lodd, Noncy 172. 273 

Lodd, Nick 295 

lodd, Solly 273 

Lodrido, John 296 

Logno, Fronk 154, 250 

lake, Corol 118 

Lakey, Jomet 294 

lahr, Edward 327 

lamb, Chorlene 265 

Lomborn, 1 247 

lamon. J 258 

lo Mason, Chorlai 305, 308 

lamb, Chorlene 158 

lombert, Ruth 166, 275 

lomborne, Lois 269 

Lombrides. Paul 112, 115, 327 

Lompe, P 243 

Londong, H 258 

Lone, P 257 

Lophom, Robert 289 

Loppin, Robinson 159 

Lord, S 243 

lorke, Christopher 97, 98, 100 

lorkin, lorry 124 

lorkin, Williom 327 

Lormour, Judith 273 

Lorrick, Noncy 277 

Lorrimore, J 243 

lorsen, Betty 153. 265, 328 

Lorson, Delores 163 

Loskey, John 289 

Lolhom, James 165 

lolhon, Edword 328 

Latimer, Ann 275, 328 

Loughery, Bob 198 

Louth, Harold 125 

lovine, Donald 198 

la Voie. Eorl J 295, 328 

lowler, Ben 306 

lowler, Kolhy 275 

Lawrence, Herbert 328 

Lawrence, Robert 328 

Lowson, Wilmer 328 

lowson, Williom 328 

Lowrie, Richard 152 

Layman, Fred 198 

Layton, Irwin 307 

Lazzarino, Joe 198 

lazzell, Peggy 166 

loizell. V 243 

leoch, B 257 

Leory, Donald 291 

Leos, Dove 237 

leather, J 257 

Leotherbury, King 328 

leovilt, Sue 328 

le Beau, Joan 152, 163, 179 

Le Blonc, Dennis 150 

lebowitz, Sarojone 328 

Lee, D 243 

lee, J 255 

Lee, Janet 268 

Lee, John 328 

Lee, Kolhy 177 

Lee, Leslie 328 

Lee, Priscillo 271 

leek, Joyce 166 

lefever. James 328 

Leggilt, Lourence .71 

lehmon, A 250 

Lehman, Ginny 277 

Lehmon, Potricio 265 

lehmonn, Joonna 328 

leibold, Leiond 198 

leibowilz, Bornett 328 

leibowilz. Iris 103, 157 

leigh, Jonel 194 

leightheiser. Bud 239 

Leimboch, George 305 

lejins, Peter 170 

lem, Williom 296 

LeMoy, Vivion 267 

Lemon, Margie 268 

Lemonofi, Evelyn 152, 276 

Lenfesi, Leslie 102, 155 

Leon, Melvin 153 

Leonard, D 243 

Leonord, Patricia 272 

Lermon, Vivian 264 

lescolleel, Tom 

50, 55, 74, 111, 112,296, 328 

Lesser, John 121 

Lesser. Sylvio 164 

lelhbridge. Ann „ 272 

letter, L 256 

leubkert, Robert 289 

Levenstein, Herb 106 

levin, Horry 71 

levin, Judy 194, 264 

levin. Maxwell 292 

Levin, R 245 

Levine, Mark 304 

Levine, Marvin 304 

levitos, Borboro - 276 

lewir, Judy 106 

lewis, A 247 

Lewis, Bert 290 

Lewis, Chorlei 328 

Lewis, D 243 

lewis, Helen 268 

lewis, Judith 259, 328 

Lewis, Lloyd 306 

Lewis, R 243 

lewis, Samuel 328 

Li, Thomas 151 

Liokos, Cut 117, 166. 255. 258 

libov. Morion 171. 307 

liddel. Jerry 181 

Liebmon, Dove 106, 171 

Liedlich, Paul 303 

liedtke, Alfred 163 

light, Keith 303 


Lilly, Austin 290 

Lindgren, Lois 153 

Lindsay, Bob 106 

Lindsay, Lucille 166 

lindsey, Daniel 161, 328 

Lindsey, George 221, 298 

Lindusko, Joanne 175, 262 

Link, Conrad 118 

Linn, Sue 271 

Linscott, Mary Ann 165 

Linsenmayer, Glenn 116 

Lipkey, George 163 

Lipman, Harvey 284 

Lipmon, Shirley 264 

Lipsitz, Joy 307 

Litchfield, John 290 

Littleton, Michael 179 

Litzinger, Jolene 164, 243 

Livingsten, Elaine 276 

Livingstone, Harrison 154 

Livins, Aija 179 

Lloyd, Edmund 237, 298 

Loane, Noncy 268 

LobI, V 243 

Lochner, Elizabeth 328 

Lochte, Albert 165 

Locker, Robert 296 

Lockhort, David 328 

Lockwood, Larry 124 

Loftus, Marty 306 

Logan, Mary Anne 245, 262 

logsdon, Curtis 180 

loizeoux, Peter 179, 228, 328 

Lomos, Charles 165 

Lomos, L 250 

Long, Edgar 66 

Long Joe 268 

Long, Jessica 328 

Long, Marietta....113, 120, 172, 328 

Long, Marvin 115 

Long, Rosemary 159 

Long, Russ 305 

longest, Charles 228, 328 

Longfellow, Ann 269 

Loper, Gerald 181 

lord, Robert 328 

Lord, Wolly 179, 298 

Lore, Barbara 262 

Lore, Billie Jeon 56 

Lott, G 258 

love, Alice 114, 154, 245 

love, John 214 

love, Stan 297 

lovett, Carl 329 

Lowe, Allon 151, 329 

Lowe, John 99, 243, 308 

Lowell, J 99 

lowenberg, Jock 176 

lowrie, D 250 

Lowrie, Richard 329 

Lucas, Mary 121, 175 

Lucas, Vicki 175, 270 

lucey, Morgo 271 

lucker, Joan 269 

Ludeman, Dove 301 

Ludewig, Jean 152 

Ludewig, Joan 277 

Ludy, L. Clarence 179 

Luecking, Mary Lou 262 

luehrmonn, Alan 114 

lundberg, Craig 103 

Lure, B 245 

Lusby, Anne 270 

lusby, Shirley 170, 273 

luscombe, John 305 

luslhaus, Elizabeth 276 

lusthous, E 242 

lutz, Howland 297 

Luxemberg, Edwin — 292 

Lwecking, Mary 329 

Lynn, Rosemary 262 

Lydon, Anne 155 

lynch, Ed 106 

Lynch, Joan 329 

Lynch, John J 295, 329 

lynch, John R 329 

Lynn, Ronald 115, 242 

lynskey, James 295, 329 

Lyons, Esmond 176 

lyfon, A 243 


MacDonald, Bill 79, 150, 177 

MacDonold, Jr., Donald H 329 

Mace, Jean 273 

Mockert, Charles 290 

Mackey, Bernie 161, 295 

Modory, Boyd 

74, 115, 117, 294, 329 

Modary, Read 294, 308 

Modden, Joey 191 

Maddox, Peggy lee 247, 273 

Maddox, Rosalie 179 

Madison, Margaret 103 

Maggos, George 164 

Mognon, Mark W 329 

Magsamen, Bernord 118 

Moholm, Mrs 290 

Moin, Wilber 198 

Molos, Mary 267 

Moloy, Donald 87 

Molimit, Rita 166 

Molkemus, Donald P 329 

Malkus, Louis 286 

Malloliev, Robert 165, 250 

Mallonee, Robert E 300, 329 

Malloy, Conrad 286 

Malmon, Esta 329 

Momgam, B 243 

Monce, Lucille 329 

Monchok, Paul 163 

Mann, John 163 

Monnorelli, Bruce 148 

Manning, M 258 

Monoukian, Paul 152 

Mantoux, Dick 301 

Moroble, Jr., Waller 329 

Morchetti, Vincent 165 

Marchlinus, Gerald 164, 242 

Marden, Tilghmon 294 

Marek, William J 116 

Morgets, Michael 300 

Margolin, Sue 276 

Mariani, T 254 

Morkee, Thurbie 198 

Morks, Ston 106 

Marlowe, Robert 172 

Marr, Joan E 329 

Marrinson, Haskell 102 

Morschot, Helen 266 

Marsh, Ellen Sue 100, 274 

Marsh, Julia 163, 181 

Marsh, Virgil 114, 151 

Marshall, Betty 166, 265 

Marshall, Charles 296 

Marshall, John 297 

Marsholl, Lorelta 167 

Marshall, Robert 167 

Marshall, Russell 306, 309 

Morsheck, Robert 114, 151 

Martel, Robert Joseph 151 

Mortel, William 294 

Martin, Barbara lee 262 

Martin, Burkette 296 

Martin, Carol 166, 247 

Martin, Cecil 102 

Martin, Donald 161, 298, 329 

Martin, Elaine 163, 273 

Mortin, Freda E 121, 175 

Mortin, Gerald 1 329 

Martin, Jim 180 

Martin, Johanna 114, 245 

Martin, Louise 158, 267 

Martin, Luc! 169, 266 

Martin, Richard L 116 

Martin, Robert 103 

Martin, William 180, 198, 259 

Martinez, Pete 150 

Martinsen, Arnold N 329 

Moskell, Carolyn 266 

Masket, Eddie 304 

Mason, Dana 102 

Mason, Nancy 157, 174 

Mason, Thomas 286, 308, 329 

Masseron, Gene 295 

Massey, William S 329 

Mathews, H 255 

Mathis, Margaret 164, 247 

Matson, Dove 106 

Motthews, Gretchen G 329 

Matthews, Herbert 106, 257 

Matthews, Shirley 

55, 118, 163, 262, 329 

Matthews, Thomas 220, 329 

Matthews, William, Jr., 329 

Mattick, Joseph 61 

Mattingly, Don E 329 

Mattingly, Joy 297 

Mattingly, Marie 268 

Mourot, James 152 

Mauser, Daniel 300 

Moust, Edwin E 151 

Max, Beverly 264 

Maxon, Patricia 247, 263 

May, Beverly 266 

May, David 294 

Mays, M 243 

Mozzola, Norman 154, 250 

Mcohan, Adele 275 

McAnallen, Thomas 289 

McCabe, M 247 

McColl, Marilyn 159, 329 

McCann, Joseph 114 

McCardell, Abby 272, 330 

McCauley, Nancy 269, 330 

McCauley, Ray 158 

McCaw, Bob 301 

McCaw, Bonnie 175 

McClung, Bob 168 

McConnel, Dave 301 

McConnel, William 302 

McConnell, Ann 273 

McCordick, Mike 295 

McCormock, Ann 243, 268 

McCormick, Charles 61 

McCormick, J 243 

McCormick, Jeanneane 166, 180 

McCreory, Joseph C 330 

McCrumb, James 173 

McDonald, Andy 220 

McDonald, William 125, 330 

McDuffie, Carole 272 

McElvany, Ward R 330 

McEvoy, David 152, 259 

McEvoy, Rita 164, 330 

McForlond, Harold 162, 289 

McFarlond, Jim 180, 250 

McForland, Maryan 181 

McGeody, G 259 

McGeady, Joseph K 330 

McGee, Charles 159 

McGee, Gerry .224, 237 

McGill, James 152, 301 

McGinnis, Alice 172 

McGinnis, Laura 172 

McGinnis, Wayne 214 

McGirr, John 159 

McGrath, Pot 56 

McGreevey, Raymond 172, 289 

McGuIre, Joy 153, 267 

McHugh, John 222 

Mclnnis, Pat 150, 259 

Mclntire, Eva 263, 330 

Mcintosh, A 245 

Mcintosh, Joseph 287, 309 

McKechnie, John 300 

McKee, Frank 291 

McKenno, Charles 159, 259 

McKenzie, B 259 

McKenzie, Clarence 106 

McKenzie, James 289, 330 

McKenzie, Sonny 162 

McKeown, Charles 

1 20, 302, 308, 330 

McKibben, J 250 

McLaughlin, Andrev/ 85 

McLaughlin, Mary 262, 330 

McLean, Pete 228 

McLendon, John 303, 308 

McLelland, Jo Anne 

163, 171, 270, 330 

McMohon, Mary Ellen 163, 277 

McNaughton, Edna B 157 

McNicholos, Dick 228 

McPhee, G 258 

McPike, Jerry 116 

McSpadden, William 163 

McVearry, Carolyn 

157, 161, 175,263 

McVearry, Eleanor 114, 265 

McVey, Jerry 295 

McVicker, John 198 

Meadow, Joe 60 

Meagher, Pat 220 

Mearig, Nancy 163 

Melsel, Trudy 267, 330 

Meozlish, B 255 

Melcher, Barbara 262 

Meleski, George 291 

Melllts, Allyn 284, 308 

Melton, David 296 

Menchine, Albert 330 

Mendes, Cicero 152, 330 

Menikheim, Rosemary 275, 330 

Merot, Parvin 160 

Meredith, Howard 157 

Merkel, John R 330 

Mermelslein, Rhea 90, 94, 97, 

98, 100, 110, 112, 113, 119, 330 

Memo, James 300 

Memo, Jim 214 

Merriechs, John 198 

Merrilt, Harold 294 

Merryman, Buzz 285 

Merryman, Harry 106 

Messersmith, Bob 237 

Messick, Jim 301 

Mettee, Bradley 179 

Metz, Pol 106, 270 

Metzler, Ted... 85, 117, 150, 177, 330 

Meyer, Will 306 

Meyers, Allen 296 

Meyers, R 258 

Mezey, Beth 152, 266 

Mezey, Virginia 330 

Miles, Donald J 330 

Miles, Ginger 59, 169, 263 

Miles, John D 330 

Millenson, Leslie 175, 274, 330 

Miller, Allan 292 

Miller, Anthony 287 

Miller, August :.,150 

Miller, Bobs 250, 269 

Miller, Dean R 179, 180 

Miller, Earl 148 

Miller, Eddie 235 

Miller, Frank 305 

Miller, Ginny 163 

Miller, Harvey L 66, 255, 258 

Miller, Leonard 284, 307 

Miller, Howard 55, 60 

Miller, Marcel 220 

Miller, Marion 154, 243 

Miller, Michael 116 

Miller, Mrs 298 

Miller, Nancy 163, 275, 330 

Miller, P 245, 264 

Miller, Robert 152, 243, 256, 330 

Miller, Sally 194, 268, 330 

Miller, Shorleen 266 

Miller, Virginia 271 

Miller, Walter A 116, 255 

Miller, William 294 

Mini, Robert 92, 100 

Millicent, Stuart 299 

Mlllikan, Bud 193, 214, 215 

Millison, Marty 299 

Mills, Dick 151, 288 

Milsteod, Wayne 172, 189 

Mindel, Eugene D 330 

Mindel, Joyce 264 

Minken, Stanley 307 

Minor, Robert 148, 301, 330 

Minton, Gayle 153 

Mintz, Theodore 161 

Mitchell, 8 243 

Mitchell, E 242 

Mitchell, Florence E 330 

Mitchell, Freddie 228 

Mitchell, Roe 177, 270 

Mitchell, Robert 298 

Mobley, M 245, 266 

Mock, Dwight 238, 296 

Moedy, Julio 116 

Moehle, F. L. W 179 

Moeller, Marge 277 

MofJet, Richard 118 

Mohn, Bruce C 150 

Mondell, J 250, 299 

Mondon, Linda 167 

Mondon, Pat 167 

Mondon, Philip K. 

113, 152, 167, 331 

Moneyhun, Joseph 168, 331 

Monfred, Leonard A 284, 331 

Monge, Fernando 286 

Monroe, Annette 155 

Monroe, Denis 159 

Monroe, J 257 

Mont, Tommy 198 

Monono, Donald A 124, 286, 331 

Montedonico, Joseph 298 

Monticone, Ronald 164 

Moody, Julio 153, 162, 175 

Mooers, Barbara 160, 268 

Mooers, Betsy 143, 268 

Mook, Dudley G 331 

Mook, Douglas 103, 170 

Mooney, Tom 305 

Mooneyhom, Everett 116 

Moor, Doug ij5 

Moore, Betty 153 

Moore, Bill 234 

Moore, Donald 162,289 

Moore, John 160 

Moore, Kothy 153, 268 

Moore, Mrs 262 

Moore, Nancy 1 331 

Moore, Perry 214 

Moore, Ralph 285, 331 

Moore, Thomas 165 

Moore, Winter 301 

Moron, Robert 191 

Moron, Tom 152, 296 

Morando, Mario J 331 

Moretti, John 122 

Morelond, Pol 306 

Morelond, Peter _ 178 

Morgan, Marilyn 180 

Morgan, Richard 116, 286 

Morgan, Tom 77 , 296 

Morgan, William 296 

Moriconi, Oleyante 294 

Morley, Bruce 123 

Morris, J 245, 267 

Morris, Lollie 267 

Morris, Sarah 71 

Morris, Thomas 291 

Morrison, Edward 153 

Morrison, P 243, 266 

Morrison, Tom 171, 293 

Mortimer, Ronald E 331 

Morton, Marilyn 181, 243 

Moseley, Ruth 267 

Moseley, Thomas 161 

Moss, Morty 304 

Mott, John 161, 180 

Mott, K 242 

Moulthrop, James 173 

Mounts, Thomas 173 

Mowbray, Pat 159, 247 

Mouzon, Betsy 271 

Moyer, Donald 105 

Mover, S 258 

Mrozinski, Marly 162, 170, 302 

Muchnik, Mel 158 

Mudgelt, Gill 262 

Mueller, Fred 240 

Mueller, Martha 154 

Mueller, Marty 277 

Mueller, Oscar 289, 308 

Mueller, Werner N 172 

Muer, Dorothy 100 

Muguevzo, Gloria 56, 164 

MuMon S 243 

Mulloney, C 258 

Muller, Sherry 270 

Mulligan, Janet 265 

Mulligan, Raymond 123 

Mulliken, Janet R 331 

Mollin, Thomas.... 125, 171, 172, 287 

Mullinix, Paul 71 

Mulrenin, Goile ....277 

Mumford, Dotty 161, 168, 270 

Mumford, Elaine L 331 

Mumford, Genevieve....56, 247, 262 

Mumford. Willord R 331 

Munsey, E 247, 262 

Munsie, Ronald W 331 

Munyon, Betly 104 

Murehoke, E 245 

Murphy, James 106, 289 

Murphy, John 290 

Murphy, Nan 180 


Murphy. Thomos D )U, 30). 331 

Murroy. Chorlol 296 

Murroy, David F...n3, 125. 1S2. 331 

Murray. Robert 234. 331 

Murroy. V 257 

Myeri. Allyn H 331 

Myeri. B 256 

My«r». Corel '04 

My«r«. Polly >52, 271 

Myeri. Tom '98 


Nacincik, John 214. 217. 218 

NodiKh. 1 242. 274 

Noill. lillie 1 260. 331 

Nordone. Bob 214 

No»h. Bob 80 

Nosh. Donold I'o 

Noih, Pot 268 

Nou. Chorlel 168, 331 

Noughton. Leomo 179. 268 

Nai. Hamoed 164 

Neol, Borrie 175. 177. 268 

Neol, William A 113. 124. 331 

Nefflin. Ann 266. 331 

Neikirk. Gerald R '51 

Neikirk. James 296 

Neimeisor. Carole 94. 274 

Nelson. Christine 265 

Nelson, James 286 

Nelson, Joanne E 331 

Nemoseck. Al 298 

Nemes. Gracialo P I'O 

Nemes, J. K 170 

Nesehe. W 245 

Ness, Marilyn '23 

Nestle. Morkalee H., Jr 331 

Nestler. Dorleen 168, 170. 262 

Nethken, Penny '75 

Nelhken. Peorlene E 331 

Nettleton. Jerry 296 

Newby. Jane I V.;,/ ,„i 

Newberry. Donald 286. 309 

Newman, lesley 56, 60, 153. 247 

Nicely. C f« 

Nichiporuk. Harry 102 

Nicholos. Ellwood ■'] 

Nichols, Ed 306 

Nichols. Jome. V-iV inn 

Nichols. Koye 171. 300 

Nichols, Mory Barbara 60 

Nichols. Nancy iVi' mA 

Nichols, Thomas 171, 206 

Nicholson. James 165 

Nicoloudis, Audrey 

74, 112, 120, 194. 266, 331 

Nicotro, Andy __ 2" 

Niedermoir, John C, Jr ■>■>< 

Nielson. Nancy '°^ 

Nielonder. Silui 04 

Nieminen. Major ''^ 

Nilong. S 243 

Nilles. Peter iii ??^ 

Nimmo, Kothryn 123. 272 

Niner. Edward 300. 332 

Ningord. Barbara 179. 242 

Nisonger. Rosemary 171 

Nissley. Scott <** 

Nixon. Lonnie --r lli, 

NoHsinger. Ted 306. 332 

Nolond. Conlyn J '6 

Nolond, James 106. 152 

Noll, Nancy 160, 272. 332 

Noll, R "9 

Norrie, Jock 222 

Norton, Ann E I'O 

Norton, Bruce 301 

Norton, Phillip Vio' ,?o 

Norwitz, Daniel 168. 332 

Nott, James 152. 332 

No»ock. Morty 304 

Novok. R 250 

Novolny. Jomet 106 

Nowock. fronk 106 

Nowock. Lorry 180 

Noyes, H. M 123 

Nuesse, Sue 180. 243 

Nunn. Mory 265 

Nusi. Do»« 198. 202 

Nultle. Harry H 67 

Nygren. Leonord J 332 

Nyhort. George 306 

Nystrom. Nancy 106. 273 


O'Brien. Betty Moe 152, 271 

O'Brien, Bob 

214. 215, 217, 218. 300. 332 

O'Bimski. Fronk 302 

O Connoll. Mary 172. 242 

O Conner, Sue 245, 275 

Odgers, Williom 159 

O'Donnell. Ann 272 

Oesterle, C 258 

Ociurkis. Jerry 222. 223 

O Hora. 8 250 

OHoro. Robert D 151 

O'Hora. Terry 301 

Ollff, Corroll 193, 221 

Olinger. Lester 179 

Oliver. Ellyn 263 

O Neil. Lawrence A 125, 151. 332 

Oppenheim. Michoel 307 

Ord. Jomes 291. 332 

Orenstein, L 259 

Ormon. Alon 255. 307 

Orser. U 245 

Osborn, Phyllis 143, 179, 332 

Osborne. Doris 102 

Osbourne, Al 301 

Oihrine, Marsho 124. 274 

Osluy. S 254 

Oosterling. Ellen 175. 273 

OrndorR. Jon 270 

O Toole, Edward 102, 106. 332 

Owings. Russell 306 

Oxiey. Jonice 272 

Oydna. Tunney 164, 332 

Poddock. Ellen 106. 181 

Poddock, Norman 296 

Poge. B 243 

Page. Mary L 332 

Polhine. H 255 

Pollister, Palricia..154, 160, 163. 273 

Palmer. Amos 173 

Palmer, D 180, 250 

Palmer. Mrs 291 

Palms, Francis 103, 105, 150 

Palmer, Ronald L 116. 332 

Poller, Robert 332 

Polling, J 259 

Palumbo, Vince....111, 112, 191, 301 

Poncoff, Charles 102 

Poppos, Nicholos 303 

Porcells. Robert 102 

Pordoe. Pal 172, 263 

Poris, Eloine 158 

Porisios. Phil 224 

Pork. Carmen 78 

Pork. Dick 120 

Porker, David 287 

Parker. J 258 

Parker. Lindo 75, 163, 271 

Porker. Mary Lee 262, 332 

Porker, Robert I... 115, 149. 160. 286 

Parks, Bill 106 

Parks, Douglas, M 332 

Porks, Doug 191, 285 

Porks. Morty 191, 238, 307 

Porra. Enrique 170 

Porrish. Bob 301 

Porro. Dick 198 

Parsons. Jim 198, 204. 228 

Persons, R 250 

Portos, Nothon 284 

Party, Carl 224, 237 

Possen. Sylven 304 

Posquolino, Philip P 170 

Polchon. Michael 150 

Patrick. John B 332 

Patten. John 332 

Patterson. Bill 106, 173 

Pottcrson, Pot 267 

Patterson. Sandy 267 

Potton. Dick 301 

Pollon, Bob 305, 332 

Paul. 1 243 

Paul, Kenneth 296 

Poulus, Joseph S 332 

Poulus, Stanley 306 

Poylcr, Louise 102 

Poyne, Jerry H 332 

Payne, Robert 1 170 

Payne, W 256 

Peoirs, Janice 275, 332 

Peorco. George B 332 

Pearson. L 153 

Pearson. Robert 116, 148, 296 

Pearson. Word 301 

Pechter. Jock 220. 304 

Peckhom. N 243 

Peed. B 243 

Pellegrini, Bob 198, 200, 206 

Pemberton, Robert 296 

Penn, Somuel 299, 309 

Pennington. S 259 

Pepe. Victor 180 

Perolto. J 259 

Perel. Petronio 170 

Perkens. Thurllon 239 

Perlo. Phil 198, 205, 207 

Perrie. Doris 271 

Perrono. Joseph 230, 294, 332 

Perry. Benjomin E 332 

Perry. Gale 153 

Perrygo, Louis 106 

Periion, Morjorl* 114 

Pertonoy, Allen 299 

Peters, August 177 

Peters, George 287. 309 

Peters. James 148, 161, 332 

Peterson. Chorles 57 

Peterson. Floyd L 332 

Peterson, Judith W. 

110, 112, 175, 268, 333 
Peterson, Leonard J 258,333 

Peterson, Norman 300 

Peterson, Richard E 333 

Peterson, Robert B 333 

Peterson, Ruth 153, 163 

Pemnoto. Florence 277 

Pelrello. Fred 198 

Petty, Martha 262 

Pelrino, Gilbert .115, 124, 306. 333 

Petrossion. Rofoyel 164 

Petrushonsky. Honno 124 

Pettit. Chorles 115 

Petty. Marly 154. 247 

Petzold. Richord G 116, 117. 333 

Petiold, Walter 152 

Peverley, Sydney 172, 290 

Pfefferkorn, Peggy 157 

PfeiHer. J 258 

Pfislerer. Mario 102 

Pfisterer. Vincent 102 

Philips. Bob 162 

Phillips. Allen 287 

Phillips. Corthon P 333 

Phillips. Charles 106 

Phillips. Duone 106, 270 

Phillips, Edword 300 

Phillips, Gabriel 112 

Phrllips, James 290 

Phillips, Wilbur M 333 

Physioc, Willis 102 

Picciotti, L 250 

Plcho, Frank 153, 296 

Pickett, B 250 

Pickett, James, W. 

113, 116, 117, 333 

Pierie, R 243 

Pike, Bobs 152, 269 

Pilgrim, Priscillo....50, 113, 273, 333 

Pincus, Arnold H 148, 333 

PinhoUter, Jim 296 

Piper, Cynthia 114, 116, 273 

Piszkin, Stanley 164, 333 

Plockelt, Bob 306 

Plackett, Morjorie 269 

Plante, Bob 295 

Plosse, Mourice 160 

Plosler, Vicki 103 

Plill, Jomes 116, 124. 258 

Plotkin. Allen 307 

Plumhoff. Carol 266 

Plybon. Fred 176, 180 

Pocolka, Sue 170. 333 

Poetimon, Bob 237 

Polalko, S 242 

Poflenberger, Paul 148 

Polinger, Martin 304, 333 

Poinsett, Benjamin 303 

Polltzer, Shirley 274, 333 

Polk, John 333 

Pollack, Rocquel 276 

Pollen, Harold 307, 308 

Polyonski, Stonley J 198, 333 

Ponzo, Joe 198 

Pope, Jomes 161 

Pope, V 243 

Popplelon. 1 243 

Porter, A 2S0 

Porter, Dick 198 

Porter, Q 258 

Porterfceld. Alma 102 

Posner. B 242 

Postman, Bryan T 170 

Potter, Donald 168, 333 

Potter, Joel 306 

Potter. R 250 

Powel. Bill 158 

Powell, Barbara 100, 265, 333 

Powell, Burwell 114, 333 

Powell, Dick 305 

Powell, John 90 

Powell, Joseph Doyle 333 

Powell, Margaret 121, 175, 242 

Powell, Peggy 267 

Powers, Gordon 305 

Powers, L 242 

Pownell, Potricio 152, 160 

Pownall, Phyllis 19J 

Pownall, Patricio 273, 333 

Pronltilo, Anneli 164 

Proslon, Richard 150 

Protesi, Gloria 154 

Prolt, Charlie 234 

Pratt, Douglas M 333 

Press, Arthur 303 

Press, John 303 

Press, Sheldon 162, 307, 333 

Prendergost, Duncan 305 

Prettymon, James 169, 296, 309 

Price. H. W 151 

Price. Jeon 269. 333 

Price, Joanne 274 

Price, Joseph 296 

Price. Margaret 178 

Price. Morloy 269 

Price. Norm 305 

Price. Richord 152 

Prins. Curl 85, 214 

Prior, J 259 

Pritchord, Bill 179 

Prouttila. A 247 

Peopf. Lynn 163. 265 

Propf, Morilyn Ann 333 

Pugh, Richard 157, 161 

Puilen, Lowronc* 148, 334 

Pumpion. Morion 264 

Pumpian. Micki 175 

Purnell. Rolond 295 

Orndott, J 245 

Quortner, Stephen 292 

Quidos, Donold 159 

Quigley, Jim 116 

Quillon. Edword 290 

Qointiy, Potricio 154 

Qtinn, Dixie 245 

Quinn, Michoel 294. 309 

Q;,inn, Ralph 105. 334 

Roboy. Bert 299 

Rochino. Hershel 307 

Rocusin. Sonia 102, 276 

Rodcliffe, B 257 

Rodcliffe, William 298 

Rodlinki, J 247 

Rodzykewycr, George 334 

Roffel, Erwin 307, 334 

Roffel, Jerry 304 

Roichlen, Samuel 71 

Roilo, Amelio E 334 

Roilo, Millie 80, 243 

Rokow, Clarence 237 

Rompeilo, Jomes 159 

Rams, Dove 158, 224 

Randall, B 258 

Randall, Noncy 272 

Randolph, Benjomin 180 

Rank, George 153 

Rankin, David 307 

Ronkin, Sylvan 304 

Rapson, William 298 

Rorio, P 258 

Rossin, Leoh M 162 

Rosmussen, Karen 171, 271 

Rotcliffe, Elizabeth 272 

RatcliRe, Isobelle R 334 

Rolko. Fronk 79, 300 

Rotlif?. Bob 305 

Rouch, E 153, 247 

Rou, Clifton A 116, 300 

Rou, D 259,300 

Rowlings. Noncy Lee 154 

Roymon. Charlie 75, 82 

Roynor, Belly 106, 266 

Roynor, Fohy 272 

Read, Shirley M 113, 334 

Reamer, Robert 299 

Reaves, Sharon 262 

Rebach, Howard M 116 

Reber. Carl 180 

Recher, Jim 179 

Reckson, Richard 299 

Rector, Elizobeth 271, 334 

Redmon, William 125 

Redmon, Jock 306 

Redmon, John R 334 

Redmond. Wendell ISO 

Reed. Anne 271, 334 

Reed, Jerome M 334 

Reed, Joon 271 

Reed, Lloyd A 152, 288, 334 

Reed, Normo 104, 114, 271 

Reeder. Clarence 148 

Reedy, Robert 116, 180 

Rees. Howard D 177 

Regni. Ferrer 173, 334 

Rehme, John 228, 257, 286, 334 

Reiber, Beverly 

156, 170, 176, 180, 262, 334 

Reiblick, Kenneth 71 

Reid. Esther 118. 275. 334 

Reid, Jomes H 61, 113. 117, 166 

Rellly, Edword 116, 150, 168 

Reilly, Norberto 247, 262 

Reilly, Word 234, 291 

Reimherr, Otto 179 

Reimer, G 191, 220. 259. 334 

Reinhord, John C 148. 334 

Roilz. Ado K 334 

Reitz, Arlys 156, 161, 270 

Reilz, Karen 265 

Remington, Elizabeth 103 

Remsberg, Adrion 220, 285 

Rcmsberg, Homer 71 

Remsberg, Moc 149, 191 

Renboum, Morcio 161 

Reppert, Noncy 180, 270 

Resnick, Murray 292 

Reslo, Rodney 152, 289 

Restivo. Jude P 334 

Rellew. Dorii 272 

Revoille, Chorles 300 

Rew, J 255, 258 

Reynolds, B 242 

Reynolds, Chuck. 191, 220, 234, 257 

Reynolds, Clorence M 153, 334 

Reynolds, Cloylon 71 

Reynolds, Fron 275 

Reynolds, John 294, 334 

Reynolds, Sondy 161 

Rhoods, Austim 119 

Rhoods, Judle 106 

Rhoderick, B 137, 245 

Rice, Donold K 334 

Rice, Holt 294 

Rice, Jim 220 

Rice, Lu 266 

Richords, Ed 305 


Richardson, Andrene 

170, 172, 273, 334 
Richardson, Carol H. 

103, 157, 255, 334 

Richardson, Jon 309 

Richmon, Larry - 307 

Richter, Gene 305 

Richter, S 256 

Richter, W 179, 250 

Ricks, Jay 237, 290, 334 

Riddle, June 

153, 161, 163, 181, 243 
Riddlebarger, Samuel 

80, 115, 125, 334 

Ridgeway, Patricia 176, 263, 334 

Riedesel, Stephen 177, 250 

Riegel, Robert 289, 335 

Rietz, Karen 152, 179 

Riffe, Ruth 177 

Riggs, Joyce L 335 

Riggs, S 242 

Righler, Herbert 296 

Rigor, M 245 

Riley, Robert '72 

Rinehart, J 242 

Ring, Abee '58 

Ring, Alice 269 

Ring, Mary 154 

Ringgold, S. Jane 157, 159, 166 

Rippingole, John B 106, 116 

Ripple, James 297, 335 

Ritchie, A 242 

Ritler, Charles D 335 

Rivera, Roy 178 

Rizen, Thomas 106 

Roane, Barbara 266 

Roberts, Libby 175, 270 

Roberts, J 258 

Roberts, Perry 228 

Roberts, Robert 180, 198, 254 

Roberts, W. Pere 191 

Robertson, A 247 

Robertson, William E 148 

Robin, Anne 100, 166, 243 

Robinowitz, Grace 335 

Robinson, 1 335 

Robinson, Kenneth 286 

Robison, Bruce M 152, 335 

Roche, Dorothy... 154, 157, 163, 173 

Roche, George 106, 154, 157 

Rockefeller, William 286 

Rockwell, Dick 172, 180, 258 

Rodner, Bo 299 

Rodriguez, Antonio 170 

Roehrle, Jean 157, 269, 335 

Roeike, E 242, 335 

RofF, D 259 

Rogers, Donald F 160 

Rogers, Frederick 152, 285 

Rogers, Morris 155 

Rogers, R 254 

Roggli, Jon W 335 

Roland, Norman B 123 

Roop, Clayton 297, 335 

Roper, Lee H 150, 179 

Rose, Mary 122 

Rose, T 259 

Rosen, Ronny 304 

Rosenberg, Paul 304 

Rosetto, Pat 175, 272 

Rosky, Madge 274 

Rosnow, Ralph 304 

Rosofsky, N 247 

Ross, J 259 

Ross, Pete 296 

Ross, Sherman 121 

Rothenhoefer, Ann Myrd 

112, 120, 163, 335 

Rothmon, Barbara 56, 243, 276 

Rottenberg, R 166, 243, 274 

Rottenberg, Sandra 274 

Rottman, Silvan 307 

Roush, Jerrold B 181 

Roux, Hector F .....335 

Rovelstad, Howard 66 

Rovin, H 254, 259 

Rowe, Hilary 290 

Rowe, Monk 228 

Rowell, Dick 116, 288, 335 

Roy, Jeanne 153 

Roy, Louis 296 

Royal, Doyle P 69, 193, 220, 239 

Ruark, Frank 228 

Rubbin, Richard S 335 

Rubenstein, Joel 57, 60 

Rubenstein, Lee 299 

Rubin, Gary 299 

Rubin, Muriel 175, 243 

Rubin, Paul 292, 335 

Rubin, Sally 124, 274 

Rubinstein, Lee 152 

Rudasill, Bill 106 

Rudder, Albert 306 

Ruddy, Mike 180 

Rudie, Gail 264 

Rudie, Sheldon 307 

Rudner, Bob 301 

Rudolph, B 247 

Rudow, Dave 55, 112, 304, 335 

Ruehler, Marcia 152 

Ruff, Art 220 

RuRley, Constance 157 

Rulemox, M 150 

Runkles, Ann 271 

Ruoff, Hollis 152, 335 

Rupert, Mary 162, 175 

Rupp, Byron 294 

Rusevlyon, Bob 198 

Rush, Bob 305 

Rush, Shirley 154, 267 

Russ, Eleanor '14 

Russel, Horry 298 

Russell, Ann 113,243, 335 

Russell, Betty 172, 265 

Russell, Stuart 179 

Ryan, Buddy 291 

Ryan, D 242, 335 

Ryan, Howard 177, 259 

Ryan, Owen 100, 335 

Ryan, Patrick J 150 

Rybko, Theodore 159 

Saari, Oiva C 335 

Sachs, B 247 

Saffron, Carolyn 169 

Soger, D 259 

Sohm, Irma 157, 161 

Sakin, Steven 307 

Saks, Samuel 307 

Saks, Steven 272 

Sale, Lyman, Jr 335 

Sales, Robert L 337 

Salganik, Paula 118, 335 

Sallock, J 247 

Salmon, Eleanor L 262, 335 

Salter, Irmo 103 

Solter, 1 243 

Salter, Mike 306 

Solzmon, K 245 

bamuelson, Phyllis 

100, 119, 171, 274, 335 

Sondbeck, John 102 

Sandburg, Monroe R 335 

Sondbower, John 214 

Sanders, Arvey '22 

Sanders, Diane 153, 172, 270 

Sanders, Dolores 277 

Sanders, Marilyn 106, 275 

Sondlerm, Morlene 113, 335 

Sondford, W 225 

Sandusky, Mike 198, 222, 223 

Son Gobino, Manuel 170, 336 

Sonsone, Margo 267 

Sanro, Carole 277 

Santo, Carole 164, 277 

Sopeinte, John 106 

Sopperstein, Barbara Lee.... 100, 274 

Sopperstein, Edward 307, 336 

Sopperstein, Zena 178, 276 

Soppington, Gene 306 

Satish, Manoktala 150 

Souerbrie, Merrill 286 

Sauerwein, Jack 301 

Souerwein, Joe 301 

Souter, T 255 

Savage, Linn 221 

Soxberg, Willott D 123, 179, 258 

Scanlan, Jim 150 

Schoefer, Joyce 118, 177, 270 

Schaefer, Theodore Henry, Jr 336 

Schaeffer, K 257 

Schoffer, Irene 173 

Schaidler, J 243, 268 

Scholch, Joanne 336 

Schoufler, Drew 214 

Scher, David 284 

Scher, Linda 264 

Scheely, Lee 295 

Scheer, 1 247 

Schelm, Dixie 167 

Schelm, Fred 167 

Schelz, Lynn 269 

Scheufler, Sandy 267 

Schiebel, David William 150 

Schiike, Paul 167 

Schiller, Roy 304 

Schindler, Diane 157, 336 

Schinstock, Joseph 292 

Schlotre, Paula 172 

Schlegel, Donaleen 292 

Schlegel, Mino 272, 336 

Schleider, L 250 

Schlimm, Gerard 123, 152, 298 

Schlimme, D. 250 

Schlosser, Marvin -.299 

Schlossberg, Malcolm 292 

Schlutter, V 243 

Schmelzer, Robert 166, 336 

Schmick, Betty Jane 177 

Schmid, Anthony P., Jr 123 

Schmidt, Charles 290 

Schmidt, Jock 221 

Schmidt, John 303 

Schnabel, Robert Emmett 336 

Schneck, Jim 288 

Schneider, Robert 1 336 

Schoenberg, Frances 

113, 118, 274, 336 

Scholl, Gretchen 271 

Schoocraft, Jim 171, 294 

Schramm, Carl 163 

Schroeder, Terrill, F 336 

Schnoll, Jack 307 

Schriner, Gory 76, 172, 296 

Schryver, Judy 271 

Schubert, Virginia 275, 336 

Schulmon, Mike 155 

Schumon, Ethel 157,336 

Schultz, Arthur 292 

Schwab, S 256 

Schwartz, Ann 273 

Schwartz, Irwin 307 

Schwartz, Doris Lee 336 

Schwartz, Joseph 116 

Schwartz, Mel 237 

Schwartz, Richard M 336 

Schwartz, Phillips 257, 298 

Schweitzer, Nathan 292 

Scibilio, William 298 

Scoggins, Richard 336 

Scogna, Robert 165, 258 

Scott, Jean 157, 162 

Scott, J 247 

Scott, Joan 175 

Scott, Richard 

105, 164, 177, 285,336 

Scott, Robert 290 

Scrivener, Thomas 105, 153 

Scroggin, Kay 180, 262 

Scully, Micky 153 

Sealton, Morcio 296 

Sears, Nancy 154, 242 

Sears, Sondy 267 

Sears, Roger 306 

Seoton, Anita 154, 247 

Seaton, William 302 

Seely, Sam 2v6, 336 

Segal, Erwin M 155, 158 

Segal, Martin 151, 336 

Seelman, Frederick 155 

Seioert, Betty 103 

Seidel, Louis 292 

Seidler, Morchal 307 

Seifert, Loren 306 

Selep, Tom 198, 255, 258 

Sellmon, Betty 264 

Senulo, Gerald K 336 

Sereboff, Joel 116, 250, 292 

Severson, B 243 

Seward, Mae 163 

Seward, Micky 263 

Shade, Phillip D 116 

Shofer, Fred 106 

Shaffer, Bruce 294 

Shaffer, Edith 56, 245 

Shaffer, Kay 268 

Shollcross, R 259 

Shank, Margaret 265 

Shanks, James 278 

Shannon, Jean 273 

Shapiro, C 243 

Shapiro, Edward 307 

Shapiro, Ira 304 

Sharp, John 259 

Sharp, Robert 296 

Shorpe, D 255 

Shartsis, Jock 106 

Shottford, M 247 

Shaw, Bill 295 

Show, James 286 

Shaw, Sandra 272 

Shaw, Virginia Lee 163 

Shawe, Chuck 305 

Showver, Audry 161, 173 

Sheaffer, Carol 268 

Scheckells, Cinnie 268, 336 

Sheckels, J 242 

Shenefelt, Arlyn 103, 180 

Shepler, Ronald 116 

Shepherd, Bob 257, 259, 286 

Sheppard, F 257 

Sherer, Patricio 162, 172 

Sherling, Andrew M 170, 336 

Sherman, Ruth 178, 274 

Sherman, Stanley M 226 

Shields, Joan 157, 275, 336 

Shields, Stapler 162 

Shinholser, John 125, 336 

Shinn, Ralph 289, 308 

Shinnick, Richard 57 

Shipley, Burton 193,234 

Shipley, Janet 179 

Shipley, Josephine S 336 

Shipley, John 300 

Shipley, Tom 

102, 106, 111, 112, 119, 336 

Shipway, Virginia 157 

Shir, L 247 

Shirley, Gerald R 167 

Shirley, Janice 167 

Shirley, Jeryl L 167 

Shock, Ronnie 191, 220, 259 

Shockey, Lindley 243, 269 

Shockley, Dick 308 

Shoemaker, Jim 306, 336 

Shook, Justin 306 

Showolter, Rita S 337 

Shreve, John 159 

Shugort, Shirley 271 

Shulmon, Williom 114, 151 

Shore, Ralph 71 

Sichler, Megan 179 

Sidle, Jerry 171, 308 

Sidney, Jeff 307, 308 

Siebert, Betty J 179 

Siegol, Dave 299 

Siegel, Harvey 304 

Slegel, Malcolm 225, 284 

Siegel, Sybil 170 

Siemiotkoski, Joseph W 337 

Siggins, H 114, 151, 250 

Sigley, Dorrilyn 271 

Sigman, N 245 

Silor, Beverly 243, 270 

Silber, Sam 71 

Silverman, Janet 274 

Silverman, Nancy 337 

Silverman, Sheila 276 

Silverman, Stan 304 

Silverstein, Monty 304 

Simi, Robert 152, 337 

Simmers, Paul 162 

Simmons, John 228, 232, 337 

Simmons, Koy 1 14, 154, 266 

Simmons, L. 245 

Simmons, Stan 152 

Simms, James C 113, 220, 337 

Simms, J 258 

Simms, Mick 305 

Simms, Shirley 114, 154, 166 

Simons, Bob 306 

Simons, Lucille 277 

Simpson, Alfred 152 

Simpson, Harold 106 

Sincelle, John 296 

Sine, J. Milton 160 

Singer, Robert 307 

Single, Richard 116 

Singleton, David 94, 97, 98, 

100, 111, 112, 119, 337 

Sisson, John W., Jr 337 

Sitick, Robert 292 

Skoggs, Glenn A 151 

Skordo, Jim 198 

Skelly, G 259 

Skinner, Leroy 220 

Skodo, Ann 166, 263 

Skrobek, Emonuel A 114, 337 

Slan, Mel 299 

Slick, Jock W 158 

Sline, M 242 

Slingluff, Bill Ml 

Slifker, Richard 291 

Sloan, Willis 298 

Sloot, Paulo 163, 171, 268 

Slone, Glory Anne 85, 271 

Slone, Paula K 271 

Slootheer, Cornelis 106 

Small, Bud 308 

Small, Lee 271 

Smolley, Al 301 

Smelkinson, Ernest 292 

Smelkinson, Paul 284, 337 

Smith, Alicia 2/7 

Smith, Al 288, 308, 309 

Smith, B 242 

Smith, Bill 191, 234 

Smith, Burtis D 337 

Smith, Charles 159 

Smith, Dave 234 

Smith, Dede 268 

Smith, Dietrich 125, 291, 337 

Smith, Dixie Lee 180, 270 

Smith, Eleanor 157, 159 

Smith, Eugene V 337 

Smith, E 257 

Smith, Gail 154, 272 

Smith, James 79, 125, 161, 296 

Smith, James C 149 

Smith, Joan 275 

Smith, Leon 102 

Smith, Lewis 161, 168 

Smith, L 255 

Smith, Linda 267 

Smith, Morty 304 

Smith, Murdo 300 

Smith, M 243 

Smith, Madison K 337 

Smith, Mory-Lou 157 

Smith, Mary Pat 151 

Smith, Mrs 180 

Smith, Nancy 153, 159, 166, 267 

Smith, Norman 157 

Smith, N 256 

Smith, P 247 

Smith, Pot 268 

Smith, Rennie 228, 231, 232 

Smith, Richard A 337 

Smith, Robert 163, 254 

Smith, Robert J 150, 151, 337 

Smith, Robert L 337 

Smith, Robert T 337 

Smith, Solly 153, 272 

Smith, Toney 301, 308 

Smith, Warren W 337 

Smith, William 302 

Smithy Dr. William 180 

Smith, William J 337 

Smith, Walton 163, 337 

Smoot, Lloyd D 337 

Snoit, Bud 288 

Sneod, Bob 306 

Sneed, Nancy 114, 245 

Snow, Norman J 337 

Snyder, Alvin J 284, 337 

Snyder, Barbie 277 

Snyder, Betsy 272 

Snyder, Koy 180 

Snyder, James E 116 

Snyder, John 298 

Snyder, Nancy Lee 114 

Snyder, Ronny 304 

Sokolski, K 256, 259 

Sole, J 255 

Solley, Walter 106 

Sollish, Laurie ^.100, 119, 337 


Sokol. Abbey 2M 

Solinj, Roberta 276 

Solomon. Wilhom S 337 

Solomon, C 2^7 

Solomowitz, Rita 

56, 118, 178, 276,337 

Soltil, John ISl, 296 

Somers, K 243 

Sommerkomp, CharUt 163 

Sommers, Linn 294 

Sooner, Allan 304, 309 

Soienson, Robert M 338 

Sowder, Cynthia 271 

Sowder, Sondro L. 

S5, 85, 112, 163,271, 338 

Sowell, Diane 275 

Sowers, Jeonelle 166, 180, 243 

Spongenberg, David B 153, 338 

Spongier, Betty 103, 104, 114 

Sponn. Thomas 286, 308 

Sporkes, Adele 1S3, 271 

Sporkman, Rebecca 103, 104, 170 

Speer, Edward 294, 308. 338 

Soeicher, Dic« 291 

Spencer, Calvin 17 

Spencer, Jean ■ '*u 

Spencer, Judith 56, 100. 180 

Soerry, James 173 

Spicer, Bottul 1*7 

Spicer. Joe 305 

Spicer. Potrieio 'a' 

Spielman, Lee 118,276.337 

Spies. Bill 228 

Spittel. Al 152 

Spitinos, R fS" 

Spotswood, Richord 174 

Spronkle, Pot 273. 338 

Spriggs. G 255 

Springer. Donald 294 

Stock, Frank 'JO 

Stock. Sondro 95, 178. 271 

Stafford, Gordon 170, 338 

Stoggs. D 247 

Stollings. Eugene '^^ 

Stonley. V ^^245 

Stomp, Adele 61. o8 

Stonfield, Richard R 298. 338 

Stonky, Virginia 127 

Starboard, Jim 224 

Stork, Borbara 74, 226 

Storkey, Mary Ellen.. .160, 170, 338 

Starr, Frances M 100. 338 

Stecker. L 255 

Steel. Philip 168, 284, 338 

Stefanowici, Waller 294 

Stcfl, Tom 198 

Stegman, M 242 

Stein. Dick 50. 57, 162, 307, 338 

Steinbauer. Fronces 309 

Steinberg, Al 304 

Steiner, A 242 

Steinhardt, Tom 304 

Steinmiller, Janet 152, 263 

Stephens, Barbora 118, 163, 338 

Stephens. Bettie 269 

Stephens. Frederick 152. 338 

Steppe. Bill 1»8 

Stermon, Allen 338 

Stern, Dodie 266 

Stevens, James 71, 338 

Stevens, J 259, 288, 308, 309 

Stevens, Noncy 169, 266, 267 

Stevens, N ,„, ?»l 

Stevens, Poul 105, 180 

Stewort, James 285 

Stewart, Noncy 243, 269 

Stewort, Robert 298 

Stewart, R 2S7 

Stein, S ™-?i2 

Slillwagen, Fred 300, 308 

Slimson, Edith 102, 106 

St. John, Helen 152, 271 

Stock, Kenneth 287 

Stockbridge, Enos S .67 

Stocketl, Ann •i-,;i-lil 

Stofberg, Nothan 308, 338 

Stogner, Joon 154 

Stokes, Sue 268 

Stone, Noncy 112, 265 

Stone, Sondro 264 

Stoner, Bobbie 267 

Stopo, John 102 

Stottler, Dione 268 

Stottler, Dick 220 

Stouffer, Chorles 164, 338 

Siromski, John 59, 155. 300 

Stroughn. Linda 271 

Strauss. Stonley 237 

Street. Flora 71 

Street. Richard 106 

Streett, Spencer 173 

Strieker, Eugene 264 

Stroesiner, Bob 305 

Stromberg, Lowrence E. 337 

Strott, Jim 226, 228, 229. 231 

Stroup. Phil 237 

Strub, Morilyn 79, 243 

Stuart, Ann 338 

Stubbs, Beverly J. 

55, 106, 112, 270. 338 
Slubin. Ronnie 59. 237. 292 

Study. C 247 

StuffI, Anilo 164, 243 

Stulman, Carole* 264, 336 

Stulman, Ina D 338 

Stumpner, Joyce W 172, 242 

Suchocki, Helen 170. 338 

Subkov, Theodore 307 

Suchy, Bob 198, 228 

Suddath, J 245 

Sugar, Bert 155, 307, 308 

Sulley, W 258 

Sullivan, Mary Jo 267 

Sullivon, Michael 116, 117 

Suls. Donny 304 

Suls. Somuel 170, 338 

Summers, Lynn 270 

Sumner, Neol R 338 

Sumner, Robert L 338 

Sunderland, Lloyd 173 

Sussmon, Gerald ...178, 338 

Sussman, Jules. ... 1 1 1, 112, 125, 339 

Sussmon, Sidney 174. 292 

Swofford. Joe 174 

Swoin, Albert 180 

Swony, N 243 

Swonn, Dovid Vance 296, 339 

Swonson, D 258 

Swonson, Roland 106, 159 

Sweeney, Carol 157 

Sweeney, Charles T 148 

Sweetser, Chorles 300 

Swinnerton, Gerold A 180 

Swinnerton, John R 180 

Swiss, Dot 272, 339 

Symons. Dr. T. B 67 

Szloso. Dick 306 


Tabler, Calvin Scoll 158, 339 

Toffe, D 247 

Tog, David H 118. 257 

Tott. Betsy 163, 181. 243 

Taggart. Judy 60. 181 

Talcott. John V/ 123, 150 

Tollevost, Gale 171, 263 

Talkin, L 245 

Tollou, Gene Gilbert 339 

Tolley. J 243 

Tomburello. Frank 198, 228 

Tordiff. Loretto 339 

Tarkington. Brooke 268 

Tose. Albert 106, 119 

Tosh. Kenneth Robert 339 

Tosh. Sybil 165 

Tote. Geroldine S 339 

latum. James 192, 198, 200 

Taylor. Dove (A. Sigep) 79, 259 

Taylor, Donald B 339 

Taylor. Glenn R 165. 177 

Taylor. John 148, 339 

Toylor, Ken 180. 258 

Taylor, Lois 180, 270 

Taylor. Sue 158, 265 

Taylor. Tom 168, 285 

Toylor, William 290, 339 

Teacher, Jesse 152 

Teogorden. A 259 

Teague. Eddie 198 

Tegges. Charles E 339 

Tepe, Fother 180 

Thorpe. Clyde 153 

Thiemeyer, Marty 269 

Thom, Anton 150 

Thomos. A 172, 242 

Thomas. Aurelio 154 

Thomas. Bob 301 

Thomos. Charles 289 

Thomas, George 289 

Thomos, Jean 269 

Thomos, Joan 180 

Thomas. John R 180 

Thomas. Jack 258 

Thomas. Martha 103 

Thomas, Vivian L 339 

Thomas. V^illiam L 339 

Thompson, Anne 266, 339 

Thompson. FronK 296 

Thompson, Jill 269 

Thompson, Kothryn 270 

Thompson, Shirley 272, 339 

Thomsen, Barbara 154, 247, 266 

Thornthwoite, Dorothy 114 

Thrift, V/ 259 

Throckmorton, S. 243 

Thurston, Robert W 294, 339 

Tice, Robert 116 

Tichnell, Joyce 267 

Tietleboum, Paul 299 

Tiffey, Ed 155 

Timmermon, George.... 103, 115, 153 

Timmons, Ed 106 

Timmons, F 259 

Tinsley, Dorothy 153, 177 

Todaro, Marcus 173 

Todd. L 259 

Tolson, Julius 191. 301 

Tolson. Solly 153. 172. 271 

Tomosello. John 125, 153, 339 

Toms, Potty 271 

Tonotti. Paul 198 

Torossion. Liz 175, 245 

Torossion. M 245 

Toth. Dick 80, 125, 301 

Toth. Emerick 106, 152 

Towner. Diane 269 

Townsend. Carol 260 

Townsend, George 296 

Townsend, Mike 159 

Trades, A 245 

Trandes. Helen 339 

Trotller, Rhono S 50, 276, 339 

Trovis, James 294 

Trovieso, John 125 

Troy, Hoi D 339 

Troynor, B 243 

Treadwoy, Arline 

154, 137, 163, 173, 243 

Triplett, William 71 

Tripp, Marsho 266 

Tripp, Solly 271 

Troche. Richord J 181 

Trocino. Frank 301, 339 

Trost, Bozhono 170 

Tfotmon, Corol 269 

Trotter. Gordon 339 

Troup. Ann .....263 

Troxell, Ken 152, 295, 339 

Truitt, Virginia 71 

Trump, Dorothy 102 

Truschmon, William E 339 

Tucker, Alvin H., Jr 339 

Tucker, Nortie 299 

Tucker, Poul 162 

Tulloi, Fred 198, 339 

TunniclifFe, Grace 268 

Turk, Esther P 137, 339 

Turion, Roffl 155, 164 

Turnbull, Alexander W 121, 340 

Turner, Bill 198, 206 

Turner, Kenneth 121, 340 

Turner. Phyllis 132, 266 

Tussing. John 132 

Tuttle, C. Ewing 67 

Tuttle, Rand 298 

Tutton, Beverly 271 

Twining, Edword A 340 

Tydings, William 290. 309 

Tyrell, Joseph L 340 

Tyrell, Kathleen 263 


Uhler, Marcus H 151 

Uhler. Richord 57. 302 

UhltelHer, David 50, 292, 340 

Ulrich, Homer 102 

Ulrich, Karen 103. 271 

Underhill. Frank 298 

Unverzogt. N 243 

Updike, Ralph 159 

Urban, Ellie 56, 273 

Urbanik, John 214 

Uricoecheo, Gabriel 220 


Volossis. Vlassois 164 

Vonotto. Jerry 259. 340 

Von Der Lindon, Douglas 291 

Vonne, John 288 

Vonous, Zoe 266, 340 

Von Pelt, Sommuel 286 

Von Slyke, Beverly 162, 272, 340 

Von Splinter, Richard 180, 303 

Vorey, Binky 154, 267 

Vomadore, Dottie 155 

Vomer, Carolyn 340 

Vosilyk, Jill 266 

Voughon, Carol 273 

Vouse. Morilyn 103. 159 

Vega. Ramon 170 

Velebny. Robert 340 

Vendrcll, Jose 152 

Vereb. Ed 

198. 201. 203. 204. 208 

Vermillion, Ann 100 

Vickers, Grody 340 

Villalobos, George 340 

Villoret. Carroll 340 

Vincent. Edward 340 

Vilole. Donold 153, 340 

Viigird, Stor 168, 270 

Voight. Ralph 161 

Voleiok. Charles 306. 340 

vonMoyer. Gerald 259 

Voris. Scarlett 134, 175, 267 

Vouch, Stephen 151. 296 

Voiio, Jock 116 


Woths, Sanford 340 

Wochter, Shirley 179 

Wade, Everett 114. 257 

Wade. Louis Ronald....149, 154. 340 

Wode. N 243 

Woddell. Leslie 159. 257 

Woddell, Samuel 100, 159. 340 

Wodleigh. Evelyn 174. 247 

Wodleigh, Frank R 340 

Wodyko, Steve 172 

Woesche, Bud 228 

Woghelstein, J 242, 274 

Wogner, Don 162 

Wogner, Hermonn 301 

Wogner-Jouregg, Hermann 

172, 239 

Wogner, John W 148, 340 

Woibel, Augie 198, 228, 340 

Waike, Williom 153 

Wolbert, Fronk 157 

Waldo, John 133 

Woldron, T 237 

Woligorski, Tony 159, 340 

Wolke, William 294, 340 

Wolker, Bill 198, 202, 234 

Walker, Dook 162 

Wolker, Donold 296 

Walker. Emily 271 

Wolker. M 235 

Wolker. Volerie 340 

Wolker. William 112 

Wall. John R 135, 286 

Wallace. Downey 121 

Wollenstein. Woller 173 

Woller, Ronnie 228, 233 

Walls, E. P 160 

Wollsten, Shirley 266 

Walsh, Frank 228 

Wollher, Charles 240 

Walton, Nancy 137, 180 

Waltz, Joy 172 

Wongner, Charles F 340 

Wontlond, Stan 259 

Wontz. Sherman 173 

Worfield, Bud 290 

Ward, Bob 198, 288 

Word, Chester 71 

Ward, George 303 

Word, J 243 

Ward, Nancy 245 

Ward, Ralph 234 

Word, Ronald 298 

Word. Williom 298 

Worner, Charles 114, 151 

Warner, Jomes 153, 340 

Warner. P 236 

Wornick, P 242 

Warnock. Ronald 298 

Warren. H 258 

Worren. Pat 262 

Wassermon, Larry 162, 307 

Wossermon, Sam 178, 304 

Wasson, Jean 172, 265 

Waters. Jean 198 

Woters, Kate. ...80, 85, 123, 171, 262 

Wotkins. Bob 234 

Wotkins. D 243, 266 

Wotkins. Patricio 340 

Wotkins. Robert 133 

Watson, Solly 273 

Walt, Borboro 172. 245, 262 

Watt. Richard 100, 121, 250, 302 

Wattenberg, Albert 166, 341 

Walts, B 247 

Watts, E 233 

Watts. Leonice 159 

Wolts. Robert 303 

Wear. Morgol 104, 179 

Weost. George E 341 

Weotherly. Ed 222, 298 

Weaver, C 255, 297, 309 

Weaver, Joseph 170 

Weaver, Quinton 298 

Webber, Paul E 130 

Weber, B 247 

Weber, C 243 

Weber, Dick 198 

Weber, Donald 115, 124, 264 

Weber, Donna 341 

Weber, George 66 

Weber, June 146 

Webster, Don 221 

Webster. Milton 161 

Webster, Thomos 341 

Weckesser. Poul 106 

Wehrly. E Jean 120,163,341 

Weidenboum, M 247 

Weigel, Glorio 149, 244 

Weinberg, David 238 

Weinberg, Soro 154, 245 

Weiner, Jock 165, 341 

Weinkom, Dottie 167 

Weinkom, George 167, 289 

Weinroth. Donold 284 

Weinstein, Ellen 114, 243 

Weinstock, Joseph 307, 341 

Weinstock, M 250 

Weisgerber, Ronald.. ..152, 298, 341 

Weismon, David 8 341 

Weiss, Herb 303 

Weiss. Marvin 304 

Weiss, Ralph 304 

Weiss, Robert 191, 234, 259, 298 

Welch, Michael 114, 150, 157 

Welch, Ruth 162, 243 

Wellborn. Bruce 102, 286 

Wellor. Williom C 341 

Wells, D W 172 

Wells. Rollie 239 

Welsh. 8 243 

Welsh. Phil 121 

Welton. Richord..148, 149, 283, 341 

Wendling. Alon 300 

Wenlz, J 254, 284 

Werking. Jomes 341 

Werwinski, Bernard 306 

Weslock. Lorry 304 

Wessel, Don 104 

West, Jock 224 

West, Richord 177. 230 

Westbrook, iock 103. 289 


Westerberg, Steen 106, 159, 257 

Wetzel, Micky 78 

Weyland, Mary 165 

Whaley, C 258 

Wharton, Al 198, 206 

What, A 250 

Wheatley, Wendell 341 

Wheeler, Bob 295 

Wheeler, Carol 275 

Wheeler, Kieth 296 

Whipp, Patricia 177 

Whitaker, Lewis 290 

White, Francisco 341 

White, Frank 341 

White, Mary Kay 180, 270, 277 

White, Nancy 172, 271 

White, Peter 99, 305 

White, William 116 

Whitehurst, Mrs. John 67 

Whiten, Y 243 

Whiteley, Robert 341 

Whitelock, Lee 180 

Whiten, Yvonne 166 

Whitford, Denny 162 

Whiting, Don 150 

Whitlock, Howard 114, 155 

Whitman, Donald 116 

Whittaker, C 243 

Whittle, James 341 

Whybrew, James 151, 341 

Wichie, Thomas J 341 

Wick, Patricia S 341 

Wickord, Charles 

55, 87, 111, 112, 125, 198, 341 

Wicker, Charles 228, 232 

Wicklein, Jake 296 

Wickman, M 250 

Wickre, Herbert 116, 341 

Widener, Gordon 228 

Widenmyer, James P 151, 159 

Widmer, Ruth E 341 

Wiederhold, Anne 

113, 170, 175, 262, 341 

Wiess, Steve 301 

Wigger, Ralph 159 

Wilbur, John 180, 285 

Wilcox, Hal 288 

Wildemann, M 258, 341 

Wiley, T 257 

Wilgus, Austin 285 

Wilkins, Lawrence 

166, 170, 171, 341 

Wilkins, Penny 270 

Wilkinson, Richard 286 

Williams, Ann 92, 97, 98, 100 

Williams, Charles H 341 

Williams, Dorothy 110, 112, 

113, 118, 120, 163, 255, 269, 341 

Williams, Jackie 269 

Willioms. Kate 

59, 76, 118, 163, 194, 273 
Williams, Renick..l67, 181, 291, 342 

Williams, Thomas 286 

Williams, William John 342 

Williams, Wyman 152, 342 

Williamson, Hal 296 

Willim, Donald K 151 

Willis, Hilda 122 

Willis, Suzanne 157, 175, 245 

Willson, James 152, 295, 342 

Wilson, Anita R 342 

Wilson, Ann 270 

Wilson, Bonnie 265 

Wilson, Burke 237 

Wilson, Judy 172, 175, 271 

Wilson, Soc 303 

Wilton, Julian 116 

Wimberly, Ben 305 

Wimklepleck, L 243 

Winont, Marjorie 172, 342 

Windell, Vernon W 342 

Winemon, Betty 159 

Winemon, T 242 

Winemen, David 159 

Winfield, Carl 289 

Winget, Myron M 342 

Winkis, E 257 

Winkler, Carole 100, 243 

Winter, Priscilla 160, 342 

Wirth, Richord 159 

Wise, Charles 150 

Wisemon, Barry 123, 171, 304 

Wishiewski, R 258 

Wister, Jay 165 

Witmer, Fred 114, 151 

Witten, Chet 162 

Wittenburg, Mary 172 

Wittman, Anne 275 

Wolcott, John E 342 

Wohl, Ellie 274 

Wohlfarth, Joy 163, 277 

Wolf, E 245 

Wolf, Roy 173 

Wolfe, Bill 308 

Wolfe, Georgia 178 

Wolfes, Robert L 342 

WolfF, Roger 77, 342 

Wolfinger, Esther 106 

Wolford, Claire 273 

Wolk, Stanley 299 

Wollman, Bob 299 

Wolman, J 243 

Womer, G 258, 259 

Wood, Chester 102 

Wood, Edward 164, 342 

Wood, Penny 103, 121, 265 

Wood, Som 114, 151 

Woodall, Nancy C 342 

Woods, Cissy 

77, 122, 156, 171, 266, 342 

Woods, Robert 178, 342 

Woolley, David 179 

Wooten, Claire 78, 263 

Worden, John 306 

Workman, Jane 171, 271 

Woster, Mary 177, 262 

Wright, Barbara 157, 265, 342 

Wright, Betty 268 

Wright, Deryck 159, 220 

Wright, Ed 174, 298 

Wright, Howord 116, 148 

Wright, John 115, 342 

Wright, S 243 

Wrightson, Frank P 342 

Wu, George 163, 342 

Wylie, Ruth 154 

Wyre, Duke 192 198, 234 


YafFe, Diane 264 

Yager, Robert 121, 302, 342 

Yakowilz, H 250 

Yompaglio, Emil 300 

Yoroszewski, E 258 

Yedinak, Bernard 307 

Yerman, Debbye 245, 264 

Yicer, M 242 

Yienger, Joe 159 

Yoffee, Diane 178 

Yolandt, L 258 

Yolk, Bob 299 

Yolken, Tom 221 

York, Theda 180 

Yorke, Kenneth 300 

Yost, J 247 

Young, Beverly 175, 262 

Young, Diane 163, 342 

Young, Donald T 254, 342 

Young, Eugene 179, 259 

Young, James 237, 298 

Young, Mollie 157 

Younger, Beverly 342 

Yuhas, Joseph W 289, 342 

Zobowa, John J 342 

Zomostny, John 152 

Zompieri, Alejandro 170 

Zone, John 80, 297 

Zapotocky, Joseph 115, 259 

Zoreswitz, Kenneth J 90, 299, 342 

Zeigler, Guy 300 

Zeleny, William B 113, 172, 342 

Zell, Michael 307 

Zerawitz, Nickey 100 

Zerwitz, Norma 95, 274 

Zies, Carol M 170, 262, 343 

Zilber, Bebe J 343 

Zim, E 258 

Zimimerii, Charles 257 

Zimmerman, Joan 247, 264 

Zimmerman, Joseph 159 

Zimmerman, Marvin 307 

Zimmett, Joan 343 

Zindler, Nicholas 294 

Zink, Janeen 271 

Zilo, Joan 243 

Zoller, Joseph 149, 157 

Zucker, Betty 156, 161, 264 

Zupnick, Stanley 299 

Zuppas, Michael 164 


With this last page wc U-avc von in hope iliai \ou have 
enjoyed \our ^i.iphic torn ihroui;h MaiAlatid's imi\trsil\ lile. W'l' are 
indebted lo iiian\ loi iheir in\ahial)le assisiaiu (.-, adxiie and. al)o\e all. 

Oin' sincere titanks can ne\tr he hdl\ ixpressed. l)ui wf wonld like to 
dedicate this pajj[c to these |)ersons. w iihoni whose expert assisiaiue tins hook 
wonld never ha\e hcen (oniplcled. 

\\\' ( lit- ihc Idllow inn and hopt' i1h\ wdl now su h.ii k .nid en)o\ ihesc 
|)agi's di,u lhc\ ha\c lul])cd ni.ike ])ossihle: 

To Ml. Jdiniw Miiiiii\ ol Ri'.I'.Sl'. I'RK.S.S. whose (oundcss nips lo ih(.' 
TERRAPIN oliuf thronnh snow storms and editor's tanti imis has j)atiently 
woiked to jJiodiKe the pi anted paj^es liiat make up (his hook ... to Mi. 
JdiiK's ir. Reese ol RKK.SK PRE.SS for another memory book ol sndi high 
(|nalit\ ... to ilic Kiiii; Biolhris of RKX F.\(.R W'l'RS who <;a\e all that 
anyone (oiild ask lor and more to make the yearbook's engraxings the linest 
possible ... to Ml . DoiKihl hrhllnislt ol REX ENGR.W'FRS. with whom a 
special telephone line was established so we could gel his instant and expert 
advice on the engTa\ing of all halftones ... to Mr. Larry Sidpfi of RIDE- 
OUT AND .ST.APP. wlio sa\ed iis bv lakiiiL; on s|)ecial photographic 
assignmenis to iielp its meet iiiimeions deadlines ... to Mr. .11 Diniegger 
and liis (a|)abli' assistant Mi. Phil ('•i'iiki ol the l'ni\i'rsii\ s Phoio'.4iaphii 
.Se(lion. wiio ga\e the ri'.RR.MMX man\ hours ol their \alii,il)le time lo 
|)rodiice photogTa|)iis ol snperb (|iialii\ ... to Mi. jiiiiics I . ('.nldiiiin ol 
("OLONN.A SrrniOS loi his prompt and ellicieiu service on the senior 
portraits ... to Mr. I'aul A. Sclsnn ,i\ DURAXD ClOX'ER CX)MPAXY 
h)r his aid in designing the aiiradive cover of ihe 1!>.")() TERR.XPIX. 

lo oiii most W'onderlnl and most (omiorting advisor. knov\n to all ol 
lis as Dr. ('arnev. " Mr. Ilohrrl Carey, lor sharing all tin- sleepless honrs. 
Without his biDad siioulders and pcrfcctiv timed himior. wt' would ha\'e 
missed manv deadlines ,md possii)l\ the all impoitant d.ite — the issuing ol 
the I9.')(5 TERRAPIN. 

lo all ol von . . . oiii diepesi ih.niks. 

TUF i'l-.C, i IRR \1'1\ s I \| I 






.1^ ^v^■,■=^»^